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Publications of the Government received, etc.--Continued.





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Annual Report for

1896-97. Volume 1..

1896-97. Volume 2..
Annual reports for prior years.
Annual reports unbound.
Annual Statement of Commissioner of Education, 1898
Annual statements for prior years.
Introduction of Reindeer into Alaska.
Education in Alaska, 1897–98..
Money Appropriated for Education in Alaska.
History of Higher Education in-

New Hamps

Rhode Island..

History of Education in


History of College of William and Mary.
Education in-

Southwestern Virginia...
Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines

Italy and Greece..
Educational Tours in France
Educational Values..
Education and Patho-Social Studies
Educational Exhibit at International Centennial Exposition, 1876.
Experimental Study of Children..
Physical Training
Public, Society, and School Libraries
Public, Society, and School Libraries in United States
Promotions and Examinations in Graded Schools..
Report on Art and Industry:

Part 2
Part 3.

Part 4..
Reports on Schools of Science.
Report of the Department of Superintendents, N. E. A., 1874
Report on Sunday Schools
Report of Educational Congress, Columbian Exposition...
Report of World's Library Congress, Columbian Exposition
Report on Logal Education
Report on Spelling Reform
Report on School Architecture and Plans for Graded Schools.
Review of Reports of British Royal Commission on Technical Education, with

Rise and Growth of the Normal School Idea.
Rules for a Dictionary Catalogue
National Bureau of Education, its History, Work, and Limitations.
National Aid to Education
Needs of the Bureau of Education.
What is Education
World's Columbian Exposition :

Circular No.2...

Circular No. 4..
Statistics of National Aid to Education..
Suggestions about the Educational Exposition, New Orleans, 1884–85.
Schedule for Student's Work for Centennial, 1876..
Schools in British India..
Construction of Library Buildings.
Coeducation of the Sexes in Public Schools, United States.
City School Systems in the United States
Instruction in Chemistry and Physics in United States.
Instruction in Morals and Civil Government.
International Conference on Education, Philadelphia, 1876.
Medical Instruction in United States, 1776-1876....
Outlines for a Museum of Anatomny..
Biological Teaching in Colleges of United States..
Bulletin on Belgium, etc....
Elementary Education in London
Analytical Index to Barnard's Journal of Education.
Honorary Degrees Conferred in American Colleges..

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Eighteenth Annual Report:

Volume 2
Volume 3
Separates :

The Triassic Formation of Connecticut
Geology of Portious of the Edwards Plateau and Rio Grande Plain Ad.

jacent to San Antonio, Tex...
Table of North American Tertiary Horizons
Glaciers of Mount Rainier
The White Limestone Area of Franklin, Sussex County, N.J.
Geology of San Clemente Island, California
Geology of Cape Cod, Massachusetts ..
Recent Earth Movement in the Great Lakes Region
Geology of the Yukon Gold District, Alaska
Some Coal Fields of Puget Sound
Geology and Mineral Resources of the Judith Mountains of Montana
The Mining Districts of Idaho Basin and Boise Ridge, Idaho

Preliminary Report on Mining Industries of Telluride Quadrangle..
Nineteenth Annual Report:
Director's Report...

Volume 1
Volume 4
Volume 6
Volume 6-continued

Appendix to Director's Report

Iron Ores
Chromic Iron Oro..
Gold and Silver..
Lead and Zino
Manganese Ores
Nickel and Cobalt..
Natural Gas
Statistics of Clay-working Industries in the United States.
Kavlins and Fire Clays of Europe and Clay.working Industry of United

100 100 125 200 300 100 500 100 500

300 3, 100



100 100 125 200 300

90 410

89 427

196 3, 100


Precious Stones..
Abrasive Materials
Phosphate Rock.
Sulphur and Pyrites.
Fluorspar and Cryolite
Mineral Paints
Fuller's Earth


150 6, 072

100 9. 000

700 1,300

133 5,770

62 8, 612

1, 000

100 700 200 200 100 800 100 250 300 100

938 100 598 171 200

83 625

76 214 228 75

Libraries, institutions, and newspapers supplied with sets of Reports of the Eleventh


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New Orleans.



The Manufacturer.

University Library
Watterson Club

Public School Library

Ludlow. Public School Library.. Madisonville. County Teachers' Library. Marion. Public Library.

Do. County Teachers' Library. Mayfield. Janie Walsh Institute. Middleburg Public School Library Morganfield. Public School Library. Mount Sterling. County clerk's office Newcastle. Law Library

Newport. Odd Fellows' Library.

Do. Public School Library.

Do. Public Female School Li Owensboro.

brary. Public School Library

Do. Connty Teachers' Library. Paducah. County clerk's office

Paris. County Teachers' Library Princeton. Caldwell High School Li. Richmond.

brary. Central University.

Do. Madison Female Institute Do. Bethel College..

Russellvill. Logan College

Do. Bethlehem Academy St. John. College Library.

St. Joseph. College Library.

St. Mary. Academy Library

Scottsville. Graded School Library Smithland. Public School Library

Uniontown. County clerk's office

Versailles. Academy Library

Williamsburg Institute Library.

Do. Wesleyau College


Orleans Parish Medical

Society. Soule Commercial College

and Literary Institute. State Board of Health Stock Exchange. Sugar Exchange. Athene Louisianaise. The Picayune The Times Democrat Young Men's Christian

Association. High School Library. Bank Library College Library. Industrial Institute Public School Library The Times..... Sugar Planters' Associa


Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do. Do.

Patterson. Plaquemine. Ruston.

Do. Shreveport.

Do. Thibodaux.



Office of clerk of the court. Abbeville.
High School Library. Bastrop
Stato Experiment Station Baton Rouge.
Jefferson College

Convent. Merchants' Exchange Donaldsonville. Sugar Planters' Associa- Do.

tion. Masonic College ..

Fort Joseph. Sugar Planters' Associa- Franklin.

tion. High School Library Harrisonburg. College Library

Homer. High School Library

Do. Centenary College

Jackson. High School Library

Jena College Library

Keatchie. Board of Trade.

Lake Charles. Female College.

Mansfield. City High School Library.. Monroe. Public Library

Do. College Library.

Mount Lebanon. Ballot Reform Leaguo New Orleans. Board of Trade

Do. Boston Club

Do. Boys' High School Library. Do. Chamber of Commerce..

Do. Chess, Checkers, and Do.

Whist Club. Commercial Club

Do. Cotton Exchange.

Do. Crescent Democratic Club Do. Educational Association: Do. Fiske Free and Public Li- Do.

brary. Jefferson Democratic Club. Do. Jesuits College

Do. Leland University.

Do. Merchants, Dealers, and Do.

Lumber Exchange.

Public Library

Andover. Androscoggin County Law Auburn.

Library. Public Library

Do. Lithgow Library

Augusta. Natural History and Anti- Do.

quarian Society. State Board of Bealth..

Do. High School Library Bangor. Theological Seminary.

Young Men's Christian Do.

Patten Library Associa- Bath,

Public Library

Do. Free Library

Belfast. The Republican Journal.. Do. Public Library

Bethel. Public Library

Biddeford. Ridge Library

Bridgton. Bowdoin College (refer. Brunswick.

ence department). Public Library Association. Do. East Maine Conference Bucksport.

Seminary Public Library

Calais. St. Croix Library.

Do. Library Association

Caribou. Norinal School Library Castine. Town Library

Dexter. Public Library

Dover, Washington #cademy. East Machias. Public Library

East port. City Library

Ellsworth. The American.

Do. Public Library

Farmington. The Chronicle

Do. Training School Library Fort Kent. Academy Library:

Foxcroft. Library Association Gardiner. The Home Journal.

Do. Library Association Gorham. Social Library

Hallowell. Academy Library.

Hampden. Academy Library.

Hebron. Ricker Classical Institute. Houlton. Wesleyan Seminary.

Kents Hill Rice Public Library Kittery. Manufactures and Mechan Lewision.

ical Library. The Daily Journal.

Do. Washburn Memorial Li. Livermore.

brary. Public Library.

Machias. Shaw Library.

Mercer. Academy Library.





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Final reports-Continued.
Vital and Social Statistics--

Part 1. Analysis and Rate Tables
Part 2. Cities of 100,000 Population and over
Part 3. Statistics of Deaths...

Part 4, Statistics of Deaths
Wealth, Debt, and Taxation--

Part 1. Public Debt..

Part 2. Valuation and Taxation

Agriculture by Irrigation..
Electrical Industries in the State of New York
Occupations of the Population..
Social Statistics of Cities
Textile Industries
Transportation on the Pacific Coast..
Vital Statistics for the Six Years 1884-1890-

Boston and Philadelphia..
District of Columbia and Baltimore.

New York and Brooklyn..
The Compendium-

Parti. Population..
Part 2. Population, and Miscellaneous Statistics

Part 3. Population, and Miscellaneous Statistics
The Abstract-

First edition

Second edition The Statistical Atlas

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The following facts regarding this series of Government publications may be of interest: The aggregate number of copies of the several volumes issued, including the usual number” edition, is 150,000 octavo, 538,778 quarto, and 11,682 folio. The number of printed pages aggregates 41,850,000 octavo, 491,626,332 quarto, and 806,058 folio, and the number of plates 10,951,680 quarto, and 735,966 folio, making a grand total of 700,460 volumes, 534,282,390 printed pages, and 11,687,616 plates.

The first volume of the series published was the report on Mineral Industries, which was received from the Government Printing Office October 25, 1892. The last issued was the Statistical Atlas, the deliv. ery of which by the Government Printing Office was completed June 17, 1898.

This atlas is a notable example of cartographic work, enabling one almost at a glance to comprehend the general results of the census as they are presented in the several most skillfully adapted charts which form the volume.

The following list, submitted in compliance with the provisions of law authorizing their publication and distribution, shows the libraries and newspapers to which complete sets of the final volumes, the Compendium, and the Abstract have been sent, in addition to the libraries, about 500 in number, which are designated depositaries of public documents and are supplied with these publications from the leather-bound edition:

Libraries, institutions, and newspapers supplied with sets of Reports of the Eleventh



MASSACHUSETTS—cont'd. Public Library.

Holyoke. Public Library

Hopedale. Public Library

Young Men's Republican Hydepark.

Public Library

Bussey Institution

Jamaica Plain. Lane Town Library Lancaster Public Library

Lawrence. Public Library

Leicester. Carey Library

Lexington. Public Library

Lincoln. City Library

Lowell. Public Library.

Malden. Young Men's Christian Do.

Association. Public Library.

Mansfield. Public Library

Marblehead. Public Library

Medford. Public Library

Melrose. Nevins Memorial Library. Methuen. Public Library.

Middleboro. Public Library.

Milford. Higl School Library.

Milton. Public Library.

Do. School Library.

Mount Hermon. Public Library.

Morse Institute.

Swain Free School Library New Bedford.
Parker Veterans' Club Newburyport.
Public Library

Free Library

Newton. School Seminary.

Newton Center. Public Library

North Adams. Forbes Library.

Northampton Public Library.

Do. Smitl College

Do. Public Library

North Andover. Ames Free Library

North Easton Free Public Library Orange. Public Library

Plymouth. Public Library

Provincetown. High School Library Quincy. Thomas Crane Library

Do. Turner Free Library Randolph. Public Library

Reading Public Library

Revere. Public Library.

Rockland. High School Library Roxbury. Public Library

Salem Public Library

Sharon. Arms Academy

Shelburne Falls, Public Library

Branch of Boston Public South Boston.

School for the Blind

Thayer Academy.

South Braintree. Thayer Public Library

Free Public Library Southbridge.
Free Public Library Spencer.
City Library Association.. Springfield.
The Republican

Public Library

Stoneham. Public Library

Stoughton. Randall Library

Good now Library

Board of Trade.

Tufts College..

Tufts College.
Beebe Town Library

Public Library

Waltham. Young Men's Library As

Ware. sociation. Public Library

Warren. Public Library

Watertown. Free Public Library. Wayland. College Library

Wellesley. Free Public Library. Westboro. Athenaum Library Westtield.

Adrian College

Adrian. Public Library

Do. Albion College...

Albion. McWilliam Chemical Li.

brary. Literary and Library Asso Allegan.

ciation. The Gazette

Do. The Journal

Do. Alma College.

Alma. Public School Library

Do. Public Library

Laboratory of Hygiene of Ann Arbor.

Tappan Presbyterian As- Do.
University of Michigan Do.

(reference department).
High School Library Badaxe.
Adventists' College Battlecreek.
Business Men's Associa Bay City.

Summer University Li Bayview.

brary: Public Library

Benton Harbor. Grand Traverse College Benzonia. Public School Library Big Rapids. Ladies' Library Associa- Birmingham.

Public School Library Cadillac.
High School Library Calumet.
Public School Library Caro.
Public Library

Catholic School Library Centerline.
Public Library

Charlotte. Public Library

Cheboygan. Public Library

Cold water. Public Library

Constantine. Bar Library

Detroit. Board of Trade

Do. College of Medicine

Do. Light Infantry Library.

Do. Medical and Library Asso- Do.

ciation. Merchants and Manufac- Do.

turers' Exchange.
Michigan Club
The Critic

The Michigan Farmer
The Tribune..

Ladies' Library Associa Dryden.

tion. Public School Library Escanaba. Public Library

Flint. Public School Library Fremont. Public Library

Gaylord. Public School Library Glenhaven. Public Library

Grand Haven. Board of Trade

Grand Rapids. Builders' Exchange.

Do. Masonic Home Library

Do. Peninsular Club


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