The Library Of Original Sources: 1800-1833

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Oliver J. Thatcher
The Minerva Group, Inc., 2004 - 468 страница
CONTENTS Franklin To Those Who Would Remove to America Winterbotham The Prospects and Advantages of an European Settler in the United States Hamilton The Powers of the Supreme Court The Policy of Protection The Kentucky Resolutions 1798 The Virginia Resolutions 1798 Kentucky Resolution of 1799 The Treaty Ceding Louisiana Jefferson on the Louisiana Purchase Marshall on the Constitutionality of Expansion Quincy Against the Admission of Louisiana The Hartford Convention. Report Clay The American Policy of Internal Improvement Marshall The Supreme Court Superior to State Legislatures National Law Superior to State Law. The Doctrine of Implied Powers The Supreme Court the Final Judge of the Construction of the Constitution Benton The Revision of the Tariff of 1828 and the Rise of the Doctrine of Nullification Calhoun Address on the Relation of the States and the General Government 1831 Hayne The Doctrine of Nullification Webster The Supreme Court the Final Arbiter The Nullification Ordinance. Ordinance Jackson Proclamation Against Nullification Clay The Compromise of 1833 Monroe The Monroe Doctrine 1823 Malthus An Essay on the Principle of Population Ricardo Theory of Rent Fichte Outlines of the Doctrine of Knowledge Schelling and Hegel Hegel, The Development of Spirit Schopenhauer The Will in Nature Comte The Positive Philosophy Davy The Decomposition of the Alkalies by Electrolysis Dalton On the Constitution of Bodies On Chemical Synthesis Gay-Lussac Memoir on the Combination of Gaseous Substances with Each Other Avogadro The Molecules in Gases Proportional to the Volumes Faraday On Fluid Chlorine Bichat The Doctrine of Tissues Jennek An Inquiry (The Theory of Vaccination) Lamarck Evolution by Use Cuvier The Mutual Relations of Forms in Organized Beings Bell On the Nervous Circle Count Rumford The Nature of Heat Young On the Interference of Light

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