An Impartial and Succinct History of the Rise, Declension and Revival of the Church of Christ: From the Birth of Our Saviour to the Present Time with Faithfull Characters of the Principal Personages, Ancient and Modern, Том 2

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Страница 394 - For the elect's sake, therefore, these doctrines are to be preached, that the chosen of God, being humbled by the knowledge of His truths, self-emptied and sunk, as it were, into nothing in His presence, may be saved in Christ with eternal glory. This, then, is one inducement to the publication...
Страница 393 - God himself teaches it, and commands us to teach it ; and that is answer enough. We are not to arraign the Deity, and bring the motives of his will to the test of human scrutiny ; but simply to revere both him and it. He, who alone is...
Страница 392 - ... to lie open to all, and thus genuine humility and the practical fear of God would be kicked out of doors. This would be a pretty way, indeed, of stopping up the gap Erasmus complains of!
Страница 389 - What can be more useless than to publish this paradox to the world, — namely, that whatever we do, is done, not by virtue of our own free will, but in a way of necessity ? &c.
Страница 394 - On the contrary, whoever is truly convinced that the whole work depends singly and absolutely on the will of God, who alone is the author and finisher of...
Страница 500 - And though they occupy feparate communions, and aflemble not in the fame places, or with the fame forms of worfhip, yet all who love our Lord Jefus Chrift in fincerity, will love one another out of a pure heart fervently. In a better world we fhall be ftill more clofely united, and be one fold under one Shepherd.
Страница 351 - His faculties were fingularly 'great ; his memory prodigious ; his mind fraught with the richeft florcs of ancient wifdom and literature, to which he had addicted himfelf; but above all he was deeply read in the oracles of God, and converfant with the beft of the fathers and their writings, particularly St. Auguftin, the patron of his order. His natural temper was ftrong and irafcible ; his courage invincible ; his eloquence powerful as his vcice ; and darting the lightnings of his arguments on his...
Страница 390 - In that case, your arguments affect not me ; for there is no person now living in the world who is a more avowed enemy to the doctrines of men than myself. But, if you believe the doctrines in debate between us to be (as indeed they are) the doctrines of God ; you must have bid adieu to all sense of shame and decency thus to oppose them.
Страница 390 - I will not ask, whither is the modesty of Erasmus fled ? But, which is much more important, where, alas ! are your fear and reverence of the Deity, when you roundly declare, that this branch of truth, which he has revealed from heaven, is at best useless, and unnecessary to be known...
Страница iii - An Impartial and Succinct History of the Rise, Declension, and Revival of the Church of Christ; from the birth of our Saviour to the present time, with faithful characters of the principal personages, 1800.

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