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Hard-favoured, stern-looking, Husband, ill (109), a bad managrim.

ger. Hatches, movable planks which Husbandry (73), thrift, saving of

made a kind of deck in old ships. money. Hatchment, a mark of honour to the dead. (Properly, a lozenge- Ides, March 15 in the old Roman shaped shield with a coat of calendar arms set up at the gate of a dead Imbrue, to dye in blood. nobleman's house.)

Immediate (55, 61), next. Haunch, the end.

Impaired, made less. Havoc (132), 'No quarter!' Impart, to share with, tell. Head, in (65), in a regular army. Impeach (163), to challenge, to Hearse, a coffin or bier.

accuse of treason; so, to proseHearsed, lying in a coffin.

cute for not carrying out the Heart-strings, the nerves or ten- terms of the charter. dons which were formerly sup- Impediment, hindrance. posed to hold and brace the Impenetrable, not to be pierced or heart.

moved (with pity). Heart-whole, sound in heart. Importing, including. Heir-apparent, one whose claim Importunity, a pressing request.

to be the heir is clearly seen and Impugn, to attack, contradict. acknowledged.

Imputation, bringing a charge Hempen, made of hemp, wearing against a man. hempen cloth.

Incapable of (104), not able to Herb that closeth up the wounds feel.

(44), the Cretan dittany, believed Inconstant (70), restless. to drive iron out of the body and Incredulous, distrustful, not ready to staunch wounds.

to believe. Hie, go quickly.

Incur, to run into, expose one's Hight (207), was called.

self to. Hip, to have or catch upon the Indifferently (120), not making (153, 175), to get the hip under any difference between two a man's body in wrestling, and things. throw him.

Indirection, dishonest acts, not His, its (once the common use : straightforward. see 40, l. 105; 53, 1. 64; 120, Indued, best (68), most highly 1. 100; 167, 1. 69).

gifted. Hoboy, the oboe.

Inestimable, not to be valued, Hold, or cut bow-strings (201), beyond reckoning keep the appointment, or never Inexorable, not to be won over, try again (a penalty in old arcb- pitiless. ery if a man failed to come to the Infection (50), the taint of anything butts).

evil. Homespuns, rustics, those who are Infidel, an unbeliever. dressed in coarse home-made Infinite, endless. cloth.

Inflame, to enrage. Honestly (30), honourably, Inform (23), to give life to. Hose (220), covering for the leg Infringe, to trespass upon, violate. down to the ankle.

Infuse, to pour in, introduce. Hospitable, kind to strangers and Inheritor, an heir. guests.

Injurious (36), insolent, outraHumorous (52), (1) damp, (2) full geous. of humours, changeable.

Inkhorn, an inkpot, originally

made of horn, in which writing- what serving on a jury and conink was carried about.

demning a thief means. Innocence (151), childish sim- Jurisdiction (114), the powers, plicity.

legal rights. Innumerable substance (114), Jutty, to jut over, overhang. wealth too great to count. Juvenal, young man. Insatiate, never having enough. Insinuating, creeping into favour. Key (154), tone. Install, to appoint.

Killcow, bully and butcher. Instance, a motive.

Knap, to bite sharply, snap. Instigation, that which stirs a man Knave (31), boy to do wrong:

Knowledge (188), to acknowledge, Integrity, uprightness.

show that you know. Intent, a purpose. Inter, to bury.

Lackey, footman, servant. Intercept, to seize a thing on the

Lading, cargo. way before it gets to the end of Landloper (103), one who runs up its journey.

and down the land, a vagabond. Intercessor, one who prays for Lank-lean, pinched and thin. another.

Lard (219), to fatten. Interest (161), right or title to Large, at (53), in full. property.

Lay (221), took up my position, Interlude, an old comedy, or stood thus. farce.

Leashed in (63), held like dogs in Intermission, a pause, stopping a leash or thong for a time.

Legatine, belonging to the legate Intertissued (76), interwoven (with or Pope's representative. gold and pearls).

Legion, the chief division of the Intolerable, unbearable.

old Roman army. Invective, a speech attacking some- Let blood, be (129), made to bleed, body.

be killed. Inveigle, to lead astray, entice. Lethe (130), death. Inventory, a list of goods or valu- Letters-patent, an open letter for ables.

the king, giving a command or Invest, to clothe.

a right. Investing (72). A difficult word; Levy, to collect. with cheeks' it means • The Liberty (100), special right or serious look on their pinched privilege. faces', but it does not make sense lief, I had as (120), I would as with 'coats'. The line seems to mean, 'As you look at their faces

Liege, lord. and their dress.'

Lieu of, in place of, in return for. Invisible, not to be seen.

Lineal, from father to son, in the Itching palm (140), a hand greedy direct line of the family, for money

Linstock, the stick that held the

gunner's match. Jack (164), knave, scamp.

Lion-fell (209), a lion-skin. Jade, a worthless horse.

List (47), to listen. Jade (113), to make a fool of. List (185), to like. Jealous on, suspicious of.

Livings (160), estates. Jealousy, suspicion.

Lodged (167), fixed, deeply rooted. Jollity, merry-making.

Longstaff (215), having a long Jure ye, lll (218), I'll teach you cudgel.



a mouse.

Lour, threaten, look black at.
Lover (132, 133), friend.
Low alarums (144), a trumpet-

call heard in the distance. Low-crooked court sies (125), low bendings of the knee. Lustre, brightness. Magnifico, a nobleman of Venice. Main of waters (179), the open Malefactor, a wrong-doer. Malt-worm, a tippler. Manifest, clear. Manna (183). See Exodus xvi. 15. Mannerly, polite. Mark (215), a coin worth 135. 4d. Marry, truly, indeed. Mart, to offer in the market, sell to the highest bidder. Masque (204), an amateur performance at court with dances and acting. At first the performers wore masks. Mat, man of (26), man of straw (as if he were made of plaited rushes). May-game, a holiday show and dance, such as was usual on May 1. Mead, a meadow. Mean (129), a means. Mediation, coming in between two

enemies to make them friends. Meditation, deep thought. Medium (148), a middle way. Mercenary, greedy for pay. Merchant-marring, ruining a mer

chant. Mercy-lacking, having no pity. Mere (162), real, unmixed ; and so, thorough, deadly. Merely (118), entirely. Meridian, the highest point of splendour. Mete, to measure. Mettle of your pasture (71), the spirit of the land that reared you. Mew, shut up as in a cage. Mickle, much. Mincing, walking with short steps. Mind, I have a (128, 151), I have an inward feeling.

Mirror of all kings (64), one in whom the virtues of all kings are seen to be reflected. Misbegotten, base-born, low. Miscarry, to go wrong. * Miserable. H. means 'pitiful'. Misgiving, a feeling that things

are wrong. Misproud (185), proud without any reason for it. Mitigate, soften, tone down. Mock-made, made in fun (as you might make a scare-crow). Moe, more. Moiety, a half, or a part. Morris-pike, an old weapon sup

posed to be Moorish. Mote, a speck, atom. Mouse (210), to tear as a cat tears Muckinder, handkerchief. Mural, a wall. Mure, a wall. Mustachio, having a big moustache. Narrow seas (65, 156), the English

Channel. Nest (64), a set, gang. Netherstocks, the lower part of the

hose, stockings. Nice (140), finely calculated, and so, trifling Noble (186), an old English coin

worth 6s. 8d. Nominated, specially mentioned. *Non com. (195). D. means 'a non-plus'; but he has mixed it up with the lawyer's phrase 'non compos'. Non nobis,''Not unto us,' Psalm


Nor ... not (66, 85, 167). Two negatives in older English make one strong negative. Notably discharged (213), remark

ably performed. Note (72), a mark, sign. Note (140), to mark with disgrace. Notorious, well known, talked

about (in a bad sense). Now, this (104, 1, 85), till this moment when. ·Now' in this phrase is a noun.

Nuptial, wedding.
Nursery of arts (41), a university.



Obdurate, hard, unyielding. *Obscenely. B. means obscurely'. Observed, treated with respect. Observingly, attentively. Occasions (150), times of need. *Odorous (194). D. means 'odious'. O'ershot myself (136), defeated my own object. (A man beaten in a shooting-match was said to be

overshot'.) Offend (40), to harm. Offices (52), kind acts, services. Officious, interfering, meddlesome. *Opinioned (197). D.

pinioned'. Orchard, a garden. Order of the course (118), the way

in which the race is run. Order of the funeral (131), course

of the funeral ceremony. Ordnance, cannons. Orisons, prayers, petitions. Ostent (83), glorious display. Outface (222), to force from any one by standing up to him boldly. Outspeak, to express more than. Outvoice, to make more noise

than. Overbear, to overcome. Over-lusty, too cheerful, too con

fident. Overpass, to pass over, not to

mention. Overtaken (184), caught. Overwatched, worn out by being

kept awake. Owe (40), to own.

Palpable, which can be felt, easily Palpable-gross, easily seen to be

coarse and rough. Paly, pale. Parcels, parts. Parlous, perilous, dangerous. Particular (53), item, detail; (110) special feature. Pass not for (45), not to care for. Passion, deep feeling, emotion. Passionate (97), deeply moved. Passions of some difference (118),

strong feelings which pull in opposite directions. Passport, a pass or paper giving

leave to travel. Pavilion, a tent. Pedigree, a family tree, descent. Peer (82), to peep out, come into sight. Pelting, mean, paltry. Penance, suffering, or a punishment which a person submits to to make up for doing wrong. Pent, penned, shut up. Peppered (221), as we say, 'pot

ted'. Peradventure, perhaps. Peremptory, positive, decided. Perfect (36), quite certain. Perforce, of necessity, there being no help for it. Periods (206), full stops. Perjury, false swearing. Perturbation, a cause of grief and


Pageantry, your antic (101), your ridiculous play-acting, making an exhibition of yourself. Palabras (194), few words, cut it

short ! Pale (99), boundary. Pale in (35, 83), to fence off,

enclose. Palm (121), prize. (Boughs or wreaths of palm were a prize with the ancients.)

Phalanx, troops in close formation. Piety (148), love and duty. * Piety (197). D. means 'impiety'. Pilcher, one who wears a leather

jerkin, a common soldier. Pile (30), a funeral pyre, on which a dead body was burnt. Pit, beat us to the (144). A meta

phor from driving wild game. Pitch, the height to which a falcon Plain me (44), complain, Play the English (72), gamble for

the English. Pleasures (139), pleasure-grounds.



Plebeian, one of the ordinary people. Plot (201), a small piece of

ground. Pluck the coats o'er the heads (81), to turn them out of service. When a bad servant was dismissed without a warning, his liverycoat was pulled over his ears. Ply, to keep working upon. Point, to appoint, arrange. Point, grow to a (198), come by and by to the point, to the chief business. Points, stand upon (206), (1) to be very particular, (2) to mind the stops in a sentence. (Both meanings are used here for a joke.) Policy, cunning plan. Poring (72), brooding over the

earth. Port (55), gate. Port (63), bearing, style ; (163)

establishment, retinue. Portage, port-hole, opening. Posset, a drink of hot milk curdled

with wine. Posy, the motto on a ring, gener

ally in verse. Potable (57), drinkable. (Gold was formerly used as a cordial, and still is in India.) Practises, plots. Praemunire, the offence of ac

knowledging in England the authority of a foreign ruler, especially the Pope. Precedent (107, 171), example, especially a case which makes a rule for dealing with similar cases afterwards. Predecessor, one who goes before another, is earlier in time. Predicament, a dangerous or try

ing situation. Pree, I pray you, please. Prefer (125), to present, offer. Premeditated, carefully thought

out beforehand. Preordinance, that which has once

for all been decided on. Preposterously, the wrong way round, perversely.

Presage, to foretell, feel before

hand. Present (202, 72), to act the part

of, represent. Present (45), immediate. Presently, at once. Prest, ready. Prevent (99, 123, 125), to be beforehand, act before the other party. Prevention (69,125), being stopped in time (by being discovered). Pricked (130), ticked-off, specially marked. (In calling over lists of names it was common to prick them off with a pin.) Privates, private men. Privily, secretly. Privy coffer. (175), what we now call the King's privy purse', the money set apart for his own Process (173), manner, course. Proclamation (178), sending the

crier round. Procrastination, delay, putting off

till to-morrow. Procure, to get. Prodigal, wasting money. Prodigality, extravagance. Profane, to make a holy thing

common. Profess myself to all the rout (119), take everybody into my confidence, unbosom myself to all. Prologue, an actor's speech to the

people at the beginning of a play. Proof (122, 151), experience. Proof (94), armour which is proof

against weapons. Propensitude, taking a fancy to. Proper (186, 200), handsome. Proper to myself (118), concerning myself only. Properties, stage furniture.

See Propose (62), to put before your

eyes, suppose. Prostrate, bowed down. Protested (101), declared, open. Protester, one who solemnly assures you, 'I am your friend.' Publican (153). Shylock is a Jew

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