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so, life.

and-we see from this word-a Reek (129), (1) to smoke or steam, Pharisee.

(2) be smeared with fresh blood. Puissance, power.

Refrain from, to abstain from. Puissant, powerful.

Regiment (44), rule. Purblind, dim-sighted, nearly Relation, have (172), to refer to, blind.

apply to. Purchase (215), prize, capture. Remorse, pity. Purchased (58), captured.

Repeal, recall from exile. Purge you, clear yourselves, get Reprieve (103, 226), to let off. rid of.

Requite, to pay back. Purple-in-grain, scarlet dye. Resolved, be (128), be thoroughly Pursue sentence (174), to go on

satisfied. to the sentence.

Respect, of the best (119), most esPursuivant at arms, a messenger teemed, thought most of.

or attendant upon a herald. Respect, there's no (49), no one Quaff, to drink.

Respect, without (179), unless you Quaint (164), ingenious, neatly consider other things with it. turned.

Respective (180), careful of your Qualify, to tone down, lessen the duty, conscientious. strength of.

Respiration (149), breathing, and Quality ( 126, 171), nature, character, special feature.

Retardations, hindrances. Quarter (132), to cut in pieces. Return (96), to send in an official Quell (211), to destroy.

report. Questionless, without doubt. Revels, dances at a court masque. Quick (67), alive.

Rheum, (38) tears; (154) spittle. Quillets (84), very fine distinctions, Ribbed (35), rock-bound. The hair-splitting.

rocks are ribs (1) because they

enclose, (2) because of their Rack (19), clouds flying before the ridged lines. wind.

Rigol, circle; hence crown. Racked (151), strained.

Rigorous, hard, unbending. Radiant, bright.

Ripe (205), quite ready. Ragged (73), beggarly, wretched. Rivage, bank, shore. Rancour, intense spite.

Rive, to tear asunder, Ranging, (132) roaming like a Road (183), roadstead, where ships wild beast in search of prey.

may ride at anchor some distance Rank (129), suffering from over

from the shore. growth, overfull and diseased. Roof (161), the roof of the mouth. Rate, to scold.

Rough-cast, gravel and lime made Rawly (75), hurriedly, unprovided into plaster for an outer wall. for.

Round (123), the rung of a ladder. Raze (214), root.

Rout, mob, rabble. Reave, to take away by violence. Rude (133), uncivilized. Recant, to take back openly, re- Ruffle up, to stir up. tract.

Ruminate, to chew over; and so, * Redemption (197). D. means

think over. damnation'.

Runagate (103), fugitive, one who Redress, (verb) to set right; (noun) runs away from justice. a setting right. Reed voice (164), a squeaking Sack, sherry. voice.

Sad (72, 1. 25), solemn, serious. S


Salutation, greeting, saying 'good

day'. *Salvation (191).

D. means • damnation'. Sanctuary (96), a church or sacred spot to which people could fly for refuge in danger. Sand, sandbank. Sanguine (222), red-faced. Scabbed (26), worthless. Scandal (119), to speak evil of. Scant (180), to cut short. Schedule, paper, Scrip, written document. Scrivener, a writer, especially of

legal documents. Scrubbed, scrubby. Scur, fly, scurry. 'Scuse, excuse. Sealed up (56), fully settled, con

firmed. Secure, securely, free from care. Security, carelessness. Seduce, to mislead, draw away

from the right path. Self (151), same. Self-glorious, boastful. Semblance, likeness, resemblance. Senator, a member of the chief

council. Senses (132), powers of the mind. Sensible (208), having feeling. Sensibly (107), in a way that

touches the feelings. Servile, slavish. Servitude, slavery. Setter (217), a cross between a spaniel and a pointer, trained to mark the position of a bird ; comically said of Bardolph, who has marked the movements of the travellers. Several (139), separate. Shadow (119), reflection, Shaft, arrow. Shotten, that has shed its roe,

Shrewd, spiteful.
Shrewdly, sharply.
Signed, marked.
Significants, signs, tokens.
Signior, Mr.
Singular, standing alone, rare.

Sinister, on the left hand.
Sirrah, you there!
Skirr, scurry.
Sledge, sledge-hammer.
Slighted off, ignored, thrown aside

with contempt. Slips, nooses in which the dogs were held until started for the game. Slovenry, slovenliness. Smatch, smack, taste. Snuff, to be in (210), to be annoyed (because snuff tickles the nose; there is also a joke about the candle). Soft, gently, stop, no hurry! Soil (58, 118), stain, blemish. Solemnize, to carry out in a legal

or religious manner. Solicit, to ask. Sort (180), to put straight, arrange

for the best. Sparkling of the body (23), scattering, breaking up the main body of the troops. 'Spect, to suspect. Spectacle, sight. Spleen, spite. Split, a part to make all (199), a raging and roaring part. (A metaphor for a ship going to pieces in a storm.) Spruce, dashing Squander, to make money ily. Squandered (152), scattered. Stars, O my (42). In old days people thought that the stars acted on their lives and fortunes. We still talk of a ' lucky star', and say that an unlucky man is

ill-starred'. Starting-pole, a loophole, way of

escape. Statue, a statue. * Statues (193). D. means statutes',

the laws of the land.
Staves (92), shafts of spears.
Stead, to help.
Sternage of, to, astern of. (Fol-

low the ships in their course.)
Stock-fish, dried cod.
Stomach (79), appetite.
Straightway, at once.

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Strappado, a military torture: a Tench, stung like a (214). A nonman was hauled to the top of a sense phrase: a 'tench'is a freshbeam by a rope fastened under water fish. his arms, and then let go the Tendance, attention. length of the rope, so as to put Tending to (135), referring to, his shoulder out of joint.

aiming at. Striker (215), a petty thief. Tenement, land or a house held of Subscribe, to agree.

a superior. Subtle, sly, cunning.

Testament, a will. Successively, following in proper Testy, fretful, irritable. order.

That (73, 132), so that. Succour, help.

Theme, a thing to talk about. * Sucking-dove (200). B. is think- Thorough (128), through. ing of a sucking lamb'. Perhaps Thread and thrum (211), good the noise he makes is something and bad together, all alike. between a coo and a bleat.

Thrum is the loose end of a Sue out (105, 226), to apply for weaver's warp, and so any coarse and get. (A law term.)

yarn. Sufferance (154), patience, endur- Threaden, made of thread.

Three-man's song, a song for three Sufferance, by his (66), by your voices. allowing him to go unpunished. Thrids (26), threads his way *Suffigance (195). D. means “suffi- through. sance', or enough.

Thrift, thriving, gain. Supposition, in (152), not actually Thrifty (106), thriving, successful. in hand, only supposed.

All Throng, a packed crowd. right, if they come home safe. 'Tide, betide, happen. Surety, one who is bound for a Tide of times (131), the ebb and debtor, and has to pay if the flow of time, the changing course debtor cannot.

of history. Suspect (49), suspicion.

Tiring-house, actors' dressing* Suspect (197). D. means 're- room. spect'.

TO (19, 1. 75), compared with. Suspire, to breathe.

Tod, bush, clump. Sustenance, food.

* Tolerable, bearable. D. means Swayed, moved.

intolerable'. Swelling (63), growing greater, Tongue-tied, not able to speak

freely. Topless, so high that you cannot

see the top.

Toward (203), ready to begin. Taint (19, 21), to dishonour. Tragedy, a play dealing with the Tale, in a (196), to agree.

ruin of a great man; (48) a king's Tallow-keech, a mass of tallow death. rolled into a lump for the chand- Train, snare, lure. ler.

* Tranquillity (215), quietness. G. Tardy-gaited, moving slowly. means people who live at ease, and Target, small round shield.

do not go in for the excitement of Tarry, wait.

highway robbery; he is trying to Tedious, tiresome.

talk grandly and mysteriously. Teeming, fruitful.

Transgress (25), to disobey. Temporal (171), earthly (the oppo- Transitory, lasting only for a time, site of spiritual' or heavenly). passing away.


Translated (204), changed into

another creature. Trash (19), to handicap. When a hound was too quick and got ahead of the pack, the huntsman tied on its neck a long strap which dragged along the ground and checked the hound's pace. Tretably (225), moderately, not too fast. Tribute (177), something due and given as a token of friendship or gratitude. Triumphant, victorious and rejoicing. With G.'s use (50), compare p. 35, ll. 15–26. B.'s use (203) is nonsensical; he means 'flaring ' 'faunting its red colour'. Trivial, slight, animportant. Trophy, the honour of victory. Troth, truth. Trunk (169), the body without the

head, arms, and legs. Tucket, a slight Aourish on a trumpet. Turmoil, uproar and worry. Umbered (72), dusky yellow in the

firelight. Unblown (33), still in the bud, like a flower which has not opened. Unbreathed, unpractised. Unburthen, to unload, make no secret of. Uncapable of (149, 166), not able

to receive or feel. Unchecked (156), not contradicted. Uncolted (217), without a horse. Undeaf (49), to free from deafness,

make him hear. Underling, an inferior, a slave. Undervalued, nothing (151), not a bit less worthy than. Unguided (52), with no king worthy of the name to lead the people. Unraised (63), dull, not rising to the subject as the 'Muse of fire' would do. Unseasonable, coming at the wrong time.

Unstaia, unsteady.
Untendered, unpaid.
Untruss, to antie the breeches.
Unvalued (89), that cannot be
valued, invaluable.
Upbraid, to reproach.
Upreared, raised up.
Usance, interest on money;
Usher forth (116), to lead out in

state, like a court official intro-
ducing visitors to the king.
Utterance, at (36), to the death.
Vagrom, homeless, vagrant.
Vanity, worthless pleasure.
Varlet, scoundrel.
Vasty, vast.
Vaunt, vaunting, boast.
Vehement, strong, furious.
Vesture, dress.
Videlicet, namely, viz.'
Vigil, the eve of a saint's day.
Vigilant, wide awake.
*Vigitant (193). B. means 'vigi-

lant'. Visitation, visit, especially to the

sick. Vizard, mask. Void, empty. Void (82), to leave empty; (154)

to empty, spit out. Voluntarily, willingly. Vouchsafe, to allow graciously. Wait ye (107), wait upon you, Wanton, playful, sportive. Wantonness for (37), for no real

reason, just to humour their fancy. Ward, guard. War-proof, of, proved in war, tried

soldiers. Warranty, guarantee, security. Watch (92), a guard. Compare Wawling, squalling, caterwauling. Weeds, clothes. Weigh (45), to consider. Well-appointed, well equipped,

fitted out. Well-favoured, good-looking. Welsh hook (42), an old weapon,

attend you.

with a cutting blade, and a hook at the back. What (39, 1. 75), why? Whenas, while all the time, while

on the contrary. Where (166, 1. 21), whereas, where on the contrary, although. Whiffler, an officer who headed a procession to clear the way. While, time. While, God help the (219), God help us meanwhile. Whilom, formerly. Withal, (1) with this, (2) also. Wit's regard (50), what the mind

knows to be right. Wooden (63), the wooden theatre, circular inside.

World to see, it is a (194), a

wonder to see. Worship (190), honour, good position. Wot, to know. Would thee do (64), wishes you 10

do. Wrack, wreck. Wrest, to twist aside, pervert.

Yearn (78), to vex.
Yellow-tressed, with yellow hair.
Yeoman, a freeholder, next in rank
to a gentleman.
Yerk out, to jerk out, lash out.
Yoke (109), to join, couple.
Yoke-devils (68), two devils that
pull together.

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