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the Occupation, Chaplain Elzer Des Jardins Tetreau wrote in his diary: “... I hope no one ever attempts to glorify the work of the chaplains . . . for that would spoil it all. The more we do and the less we say about it, the better it will be (24 January 1919).” In keeping with the spirit of Chaplain Tetreau's modesty, I endeavored to serve as one of a great “cloud of witnesses” to their ministry, and not as a publicity agent. Hopefully, any glory (or discredit) due the chaplains will be self-evident.

Though words generally fall short as an expression of gratitude, I do want to acknowledge those who have assisted me with my project. Special thanks are extended to those five persons who carefully read my manuscript and made helpful critiques: Dr. Edward M. Coffman, Professor of American History, University of Wisconsin; Dr. Robert T. Handy, Professor of Church History and Dean of Graduate Studies, Union Theological Seminary of New York; Chaplain (COL) William E. Paul, Jr., and Chaplain (LTC) James H. Young, U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School; and Dolores F. Stover.

Equally helpful were those angels of light in the researcher's world of darkness, the archivists and librarians, particularly: Dr. Elaine C. Everly and Mr. Richard F. Cox, Jr., Old Military Branch, National Archives and Records Service; Mr. John J. Slonaker, U.S. Army Military History Research Collection; Mrs. Marie T. Capps, Library, U.S. Military Academy; Mr. Constance H. Jacquet and Dr. Irene Jones, Archives and Research Center, National Council of the Churches of Christ in America; and Chaplain (COL) Dick J. Oostenink, USAR, Library, U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School.

Others who were especially helpful in furnishing me with historical documents were: Dr. John A. Carpenter, Fordham University; Mr. Leigh G. DeLay, Nebraska State Historical Society; MAJ William K. Emerson, Fort Belvoir; Major General Richard H. Groves, U.S. Army; Chaplain (MAJ) Wayne C. King, Historical Office, U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School; CPT Byron Price, U.S. Army Military Academy; Mr. Frank N. Schubert, Center of Military History, Department of the Army; Reverend Richard K. Smith, Synod of the Southwest, The United Presbyterian Church; and Mrs. Jean Sugrue and Mrs. Norma J. Turner, Office of the Chief of Chaplains, Department of the Army.

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