Laws and Ordinances Governing the City of Chicago, January 1, 1866: With an Appendix Containing the Former Legislation Relating to the City, and Notes of Decisions of the Supreme Court of Illinois, Relating to Corporations

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E. B. Myers and Chandler, 1866 - 700 страница

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Страница 6 - Persons elected to the different offices named in this section shall hold their respective offices for the term of two years, and until their successors are elected and qualified.
Страница 569 - To require every merchant, retailer, trader and dealer in merchandise or property of any description which is sold by measure or weight, to cause their weights and measures to be sealed by the city sealer, and to be subject to his inspection ; the standard of which weights and measures shall be conformable to those now established by law.
Страница 380 - All the corporate powers of, said corporation shall be vested in and exercised by a board of directors, and such officers and agents as said board shall appoint.
Страница 15 - Governor, and if he approve, he shall sign it; if not, he shall return it with his objections to the house, in which it shall have originated, which shall enter the objections at large on its journals, and proceed to reconsider it.
Страница 312 - ... in the discretion of the court before whom such conviction shall be had...
Страница 542 - ... make an additional pro rata assessment to supply the deficiency, and in case a larger amount shall have been collected than was necessary, the excess shall be refunded ratably to those by whom it was paid.
Страница 43 - Department, shall convert to his own use, in any way whatever, or shall use, by way of investment in any kind of property...
Страница 596 - President be, and he is hereby, authorized, as soon as may be after the passage of this Act, and...
Страница 563 - Michigan, or any county or township thereof, and any person shall be considered a defaulter who has refused or neglected, or may hereafter refuse or neglect for thirty days after demand made, to account for and pay over to the party authorized to receive the same, any public...
Страница 119 - To prevent the dangerous construction and condition of chimneys, fire-places, hearths, stoves, stove-pipes, ovens, boilers and apparatus used in and about any building or manufactory, and to cause the same to be removed or placed in a safe condition...

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