An Essay on the Influence of Welsh Tradition Upon European Literature

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Ibotson and Palmer, 1838 - 75 страница
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Страница 37 - In our forefathers tyme, whan Papistrie, as a standyng poole, couered and ouerflowed all England, fewe bookes were read in our tong, sauyng certaine bookes of Cheualrie, as they sayd, for pastime and pleasure, which, as some say, were made in Monasteries, by idle Monkes or wanton Chanons: as 'one for example, Morte Arthure...
Страница 4 - The world's sweet inn from pain and wearisome turmoil, in which he could shut himself up from the actual, with its shortcomings and failures. The ways through which my weary steps I guide In this delightful land of Faery Are so exceeding spacious and wide, And sprinkled with such sweet variety Of all that pleasant is to ear and eye, That I, nigh ravisht with rare thoughts...
Страница 31 - And Dryden, in immortal strain, Had raised the Table Round again,* But that a ribald King and Court Bade him toil on, to make them sport ; Demanded for their niggard pay, Fit for their souls, a looser lay, Licentious satire, song, and play ; The world defrauded of the high design, Profaned the God-given strength, and marr'd the lofty line.
Страница 50 - In his crystal Ark, Whither sail'd Merlin with his band of Bards, Old Merlin, master of the mystic lore...
Страница 37 - Lamerocke, with the wife of king Lote, that was his own aunte. This is good stuffe, for wise men to laughe at, or honest men to take pleasure at. Yet I know, when Gods Bible was banished the Court, and Morte Arthure receiued into the Princes chamber.
Страница 73 - Cceliano, by Robert Chester. With the true legend of famous King Arthur, the last of the nine Worthies, being the first essay of a new British poet ; collected out of diverse authentical Records.
Страница 28 - ... and forgery which Ritson had preferred against him, and says that the latter's accusations were prompted by his having the axe of a favorite theory to grind. The terms of exoneration which Price employs are worth quoting, as a museum piece of scholarly ineptitude: The fidelity of Geoffrey of Monmouth in the execution of his labours — at least his scrupulous exactness in preparing the reader's mind for any important deviations from, or suppression of, his original — has been so satisfactorily...
Страница 16 - O memorable Bards, of unmixt blood, which still Posteritie shall praise for your so wondrous skill. That in your noble Songs, the long Descents have kept Of your great Heroes, else in Lethe that had slept, With theirs whose ignorant pride your labours have disdain'd; 55 How much from time, and them, how bravelie have you gain'd!
Страница 59 - Phlegra with the heroic race were join'd That fought at Thebes and Ilium, on each side Mix'd with auxiliar gods ; and what resounds In fable or romance of Uther's son, Begirt with British and Armoric knights...
Страница 42 - ... to go to Dublin, to be cured in the country where the venom had been confected. Ysonde, or Ysende, daughter of Angus, accomplished his cure, but had nearly put him to death upon discovering that he was the person who had slain her uncle. Tristrem returned to Cornwall, and spoke so highly in praise of the beautiful Ysonde, that Mark sent him to demand her in marriage. This was a perilous adventure for Sir Tristrem ; but by conquering a dragon, or, as other authorities bear, by assisting King Angus...

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