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o the Rev. George Brown, minister of Glenmuick, 2 Ft. Ensign T. Armstrong, to be Lieut. vice presbytery of Kincardine O'Neil.

Wood, prom.

do. do. Lord Archibald Hamilton has appointed, by George Campbell, to be Ensign, vice Armmandate, the Rev. Russell to be assistant and

do. do. successor to the Rev. James Craig, minister of 78 Ensign W. J. Cockburne, to be Lieut. vice Dalserf, presbytery of Hamilt n.

Sutherland, dead.

do, do, The Prince Regent has presented the Rev. Peter

V. H. Mairis, to be Ensign, vice Cockburne. Chalmers to the second charge of the church and 83 J. F. Vane, to be Ensign by purchase, Vice parish of Dunfermline, vacant by the death of the

Cochrane, retires. 20th Mar. 1817. kev. John Fornie.

90 Lieut. J. Taylor, from h. p. 91 F. to be The Marquis of Abercorn has presented the Rev.

Lieut. vice Hind, dead

do, do. Peter Brewster to the second charge of the abbey 5C. R. 2d Lieut. Alexander Scott, from 4 Ceylon parish of Paisley, vacant by the death of the Rev.

Regt. to be 2d Lieut. 25th April 1817 Mr Smith.

R. Art. Brevet Lieut. Col. J. S. Williamson, to be Lieut. General Campbell of Lochnell, M. P. has

Lt. Col. vice Foy, dead. 24th Mar. 1817. presented the Rev. Hugh Fraser of Oban, to the

Brevet Major J. Caddy, to be Major, vice church and parish of Ardehattan, vacant by the


do. do. death of the Rev. George Campbell.

2d Capt. C. Bridge, to be Capt. vice Caddy. The Duke of Gordon has presented Mr W. Cowie,

do. do. preacher of the gospel, to the church and parish of

1st Lieut. W. Duncan, to be ad Captain.. Cabrach, presbytery of Alford, vacant by the death

vice Conroy, appointed Adjut. ilih do. of the Rev. Mr Gordon.

- P. V. England, to be 2d Captain, The Town Council of Stirling has presented

vice Close, ditto.

do. do. the Rer. George Wright of Markinch, to the first

W. D. Patten, to be 2d Captain, charge of that town and parish, vacant by the death

vice Blackley, ditto.

do. do of the Rev. Dr Somerville.

J. E. Maunsell, to be 2d Captain. The Earl of Hopetown has appointed Mr James

24ih do. Macfarlan to be assistant and successor to the Rev.

W. K. Rains, to be 2d Captain Henry Sangster, minister of Humbie.

vice Terrell, dead.

25th do. On Monday, the 17th March, the associate con

2d Cap. John Conroy, to be Adjutant to the gregation of Kinkell gave an unanimous call to Mr

Corps of Artillery Drivers. 11th do. John Craig, preacher of the gospel, to be their

Charles Clase, to be ditto. do. do. minister.

B. Blackley, ditto ditto. do. do On Sunday, April 6th, the members of the second congregation of l'resbyterians in Belfast, gave an

Exchanges. unanimous call to the Rev. Mr M‘Ewen of Kille

Brevet Lieut. Colonel Reynett, from 54 Foot, with leagh, to be their pastor, in room of the Rev.

Lieut. Colonel Mein, h. p. 52 Foot. De H. Drummond, who was some time ago called Captain Sanderson, from 46 Foot, with Captain to Dublin.

Otway, h. p. 101 Foot.
Lieut. Hon. O. Blaquiere, from 1 Dragoon Guards

with Lieut. Slocock, h. p. 14 Foot.

21 Lieut. Walsh, fron Rifle Brigade, with Ensiga Brevet Capt. J. Belches, h. p. 59 F. to be major in Fenpell, h. p. 30 Foot. the Army; 26th Mar. 1817.

Resignations and Retirements.
W. Reid, Royal Eng. to be Major in
the Army.

do. do.

Lieutenant Harrison, 20 Dragoons. 15 Dr.

Charles Jones, from h. p. to be Cap: Ensign Cochrane, 85 Foot. tain, vice Buckley, h. p.

25th do.

Superseded. 20 Cornet William Webster, to be Lieut. by Ensign Murray, 30 pot.

purchase, vice Harrison, retires. 20th do.


Major General. Haviland Smith, late of 97 Foot.

Lieut. Colonets. Foy, Royal Art.

23 Mar. 1817. De Belleville, late For. Vet. Bn.

Williams, 86 Foot.
Peddie, Capt. 12 Foot.

Juxon, 3 Foot. 14 Mar. 1817.
Moir, 22 Foot. 1 April.
May, 35 Foot.

Nealson, 60 Foot. 28 Jan.
Schroen, do. 31 Dec. 1816.
Thome, 80 Foot. 8 April 1817.
Terrell, Royal Art.

Haworth, 17 Dr. 11 Aug. 1816.

Grant, 2 Foot.
H. Beaver, 19 Foot. 13 April.
F. Fitzgerald, 20 F. 6 Mar. 1817.
Murkland, 33 Foot. 1 April.
G. M. Elís, 34 Foot.
Whitney, 66 F. 3 June 1816.

4 Sept.
M'Lennon, R.Y.Rang. Ja. 1817.
Newman, York L. I. V. 1 Jan.
Wynn, Roy. Art. 10 do.
W: H. Tyler, West London

4 April.

Thornton, 19 F. 6 Sept. 1816.
C. Smith, 60 F. 16 Jan. 1817.
Lurting, . York Rang. Jan.

Cor. Carey, 17 Dr. 25 Sep. 1816.

Ens. Curtis, 60 F. 30 Jan. 1817.

Quarter Masters
Harman, late of Coldstream Foot

25 Mar. 1817. Fitton, 35 F.

2 Jan. M'Donald, 66 F. 17 April 1816.

Korb, h. p. 49 F.
Jones, Royal York Rangers.
Tomlinson, h. p. 1 Gar. Bat.

Assistant Surroun.
Payne, 3 W. 1. Reg. 19 Feb. 1817

Dr Wray, Phys. to the Forees.
E. O'Reilly, Surgeon to do.
G. M. Seares, Dep. Purs. do.

Superannualed Rear Admiral,
Richard Dacres

Captain, Henry Collins Deacon


William N. Glasscock
Granville Thompson
Thorgas Penberthy
W. P. Croke
William Smail

Revenue Cruiserse
John Little
John James Hough
Alfred Matthews

*d Lieut. William Cupples


Thomas Wentworth Buller James M'Kerrow

Thomas Edye



Ganymede James Allan

Thomas Webb

Richard Cubison

William Smith (2)

Henry Jackson

James Crawford


Assistant Surgeons.
David Gellatlie

John M'Kinley

Michael Quin



COLONIAL PRODUCE. Sugars. The quantity of sugars lately arrived is very incon. siderable, and though the stock of old is understood to be much reduced, yet prices continue to decline, and the inarket is very dull. In Refined there has been little variation during the month ; of late some holders have shewn a disposition to reduce their prices, as the demand continues limited. Molasses heavy and declining. A public sale of East India Sugars was brought forward the 29th April ; low white, or fine yellow, all withdrawn at 15s. to 463. ; much above the market price. Some Brazil Sugars, of uncommon fine quality, have been shown by private contract ; for fine white, very strong grain, 59s. was offered and refused. Coffee has been and continues in considerable demand, and large sales have been made, principally for exportation. Cotton. In this article very extensive. sales have been lately effected, and inquiries for exportation continue to be made. What appears a little singular is, whilst the raw material meets a demnand exceeding that of any former period, and maintains a price nearly double its fair growing value, compared with that of every other production of the soil, the manufactured articles remain at prices unprecedentedly low. Indigo.-An extensive sale, by the East India Company, took place the end of last month; the prices not generally so high as anticipated, but, on van. average, may be rated at 9d. to 15d. per lb. above the previous sale. The quantity taken in, however, for account of the proprietors, was considerable, nearly a half of the whole sale. Tobacco.—The contract advertised by the French government has excited much attention, and so soon as the particulars are more fully known, an advance in the price of this article is expected. Rum.-A very extensive transaction has taken place in this article, about 3000 puncheons of the strongest Jamaica, and of favourite marks, usually taken for home consumption, having been contracted for, to be taken on arrival. The particulars of the sale have not transpired, but prices are reported to be from 45. to 45. 3d. --This extensive quantity, withdrawn from the market, with a short import, may proba. by affect the prices. Rice continues to decline, and is offered at very low prices.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE. Hemp, Flax, and Tallow. In these articles little variation, and the demand very limited. Oils-Fish still scarce, and prices supported.Cod has been sold at £32.—Olive very dull. Provisions.--Irish continue to go off readily; pork in considerable request. 17,000 Edam Cheeses, (round Dutch) lately brought forward for sale, went of at 40s. to 52s. chiefly 49s. to 50s. In British Manufactures the demand still continues such as to produce little improvement in prices. In a few parts of the country, we are, however, glad to hear, there is some appearance of revival. The come merce of the port of Newcastle is stated to have materially improved during the last two months, and very considerable exportations of manufactured goods are said to have taken place, not as formerly, upon speculation, but in execution of real orders from the Con. tinent. We also learn from Staffordshire, that its trade and manufactories have revived very considerably of late, particularly the Iron works.

Premiums of Insurance. There has been little variation during last month at Lloyd's ; the continental risks may however be stated a little lower; to Holland, the immediate coast of France, and to Hamburgh, &c. 10s. 6d. to 12s 8d. per cent.

Prices of Bullion-Gold in bars, £3:18:6. New doubloons, £3: 15:6. Silver in bars, 5s. 11d. per oz.

Course of Exchange, 2d May 1817.-Amsterdam, 38: 6 B. 2 U. Hamburgh, 35:5:24 U. Paris,

24 : 90 : 2 U. Madrid, 351, effect. Cadiz, 35 effect. Naples, 397 Lisbon, 58. Dublin. 104 per cept.

Weekly Price of Stocks from 1st to 30th April 1817.
1 st.


788. pm.

Bank Stockmann

shut. 257, 256 2554, 255 251, 2514 251, 2514 3 per cent. reduced.

shut. 721, 713 723, 713 713, 714 719, 71 3 per cent. consols, 724, 714 731, 72 733, 723 72, 72 723, 72 4 per cent. consols, shut. 914, 893 90, 894

89, 88

884, 873 5 per cent navy ann...more 1007, 1001 1033, 102 1031, 1024 1024, 1023 1027, 1025 Imperial 3 per cent. ann. shut. shut. shut. shut.

shut. India stock,

shut. shut. 208., 207) 208! shut. bonds,

43, 42pm. 66, 65pm. 62, 60pm. 71, 72pm. Exchequer bills, 24d. p. day 6, 5pm. 13, 11pm. 13, 10pm. 11, 13pin. 13, 10pm.

3d. p. day 13, 11pm. 23, 21 pm. 20, 18pm. 21, 20pm. 20, 18pın.

3d.p.day 13, 5pm, 24, 14pm. 20, 12pm. | 14, 21pm. 20pm. Omnium naturama. Consols for acc. napomenem

73, 713 735, 724

74, 73 73], 72

723, 727 American 3 per cent. conamora

61 -new loan, 6p.cent.

101, 101: French 5 per cents. --



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2012 11 987 9390 SoonOC PRICES CURRENT,


Prices for Board a British
Herborg JOB

Home Con. Ship for Expor

duty paid. tation. SUGAR_Double refined loaves 209.70 141 a 1545. 92 a 105s. Hambro and Turkey do.

112 a 125 J68 a 83 Single and powder loaves

106 a 118 65 a 77 Good and fine lumps

108 a 11767 a 76 Brown and middling ditto Muscovado sugars pay a duty of 102 a 106

62 a 65 la Crushed lumps ad 27s. per cwt. and clayed 32s. per

63 a 6708 cwt. for refining or home conBrown candy sumption; and for exportation

13d. 8 a 10d. Molasses the refined receive a bounty, and 27 a 28s.

he the raw and clayed a drawback Moscovadoes-Fine Jam.

76 a 83 50 a 57.ua equal to the full duty paid for Good do. of other islands home consumption.

73 a 81 49 a 54 Brown and middling

65 a 74 38 a 48 Fine clayed

65 a 70 East India-White and fine

East India Sugars pay 37s per 85 a 102 48 a 70
Brown and yellow
cwt. duty.

72 a 81 32 a 44 Havannah_Fine white

59 a 69a Brown and Yellow These are only imported for re

42 a 55 exportation. Being the growth Brazil-White and fine of foreign plantations, they are

50 a 60 Brown and yellow subject to such heavy duties as

38 a 44 COFFEE_St Dom. mid. & fine

are equal to a prohibition for
home consumption.

70 a 76 Do. ordinary and good

69 a 70 Porto Rico, Hav. and Brazil

66 a 72 Cheribon, Java, and Bourbon

1025. 8d. per cwt.

72 a 76 Mocha

100 a 110 Demerara, Dominica, &c. fine

72s. 4d.

85 a 90 Do. ordinary, mid. and good

68 a 76 Jamaica, fine

90 a 100 Do. ordinary, mid. and good

66 a 80 RUM-Jamaica

11s. 7d. per gal.

2s 10d a 3s10d. Other Islands

2s. 3d. a 2s. 7d. PIMENTO

9ļd. per lb.

7 a PEPPER-Company's black

1s. 104d.

174 2 7 Privilege and light do.

7 a TOBACCO_Fine Virginia

10 a 121 Do. Maryland

3s. 2d.

9 a 12 Ordinary qualities

5 a WINE-Port

£52 10
per pipe of 138 gal.

33. a 501.
48 0


25 a 56 Madeira 09:42 5

55 a 75 Lisbon


38 a 40 Spanish red 490

126 Claret

per hhd. of 60

10 a 12 RICE_Carolina

36s. & 40s.13 East India Duty free.

26 a 28 COTTON WOOL-Permambu.

1s. 11d. a 2s. Od. Maranham and Bahia 8s. 7d. per 100 lbs.

1 10 a 1105 West India, Demerara, &c. imported in British,

17 & 20 Fine Sea Island Portugtiese, or A

4a 28 New Orleans merican ships, and

20 a 22 Bowed Georgia 25s. 6d. in others.

20 Bengal, Surat, and Smyrna

15 SPICES_Cloves

5s. 7 d.

38 a 4 3 Mace

9s. 2d.

7. O a 102 Cinnamon


8 10 a 120 Nutmegs

5s. 5d.

4 3 a 5 9 Cassia

£14 per cwt.

101. a 126. 105. TEA-Bohea and com. Congou

2s.6d. a 2s. 9d. Congou, middling and good

2 10 a 35 Souchong do. 96 per cent on the

3 10 a 4 6 Twankay PLAN sale price.

2 11 a Hyson Skin or Bloom

2 10 a 44
Hyson, good and fine
TALLOW_St Peter. yel. cand. 35. 2d. duty per cut. percwt. 52s. a 53s. 1.Loosdo
Do. white and soap do. import. in a British

51 a 52

30 South American

ship, and3s.ld.For.

52 a 53 HEMP--Riga, Rhine, & St Peter. £9 2 1 BS per ton 407. a 42 321. a 317. clean & half clean & outshot 10 5 10 FS

39 a 38 29 a 30 Flax PDR. and PTR.

0 7 11 BS

63 a 67 63 A 67 St Petersburg 12 head

0 11 10 SF

52 a 55 52 a 55

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ALPHABETICAL LIST of ENGLISH BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

30th April 1817, extracted from the London Gazette. Alder, S. J. & J. Liverpool, merchants

Jones, J. Bla kman Street, London, merchant Arkwright, J. Liverpool, woolle draper

Jame, Ricard, Hamptstead, broker Blackmoor, J. & 7. Helmsley, Biackinoor, grocers Jackson, Richard, John Grahain, jun. Carlisle, Batidy, W. Maybank, walinetmaker

cotton Bell, J. North Shielas, brwer

James, Miners

ard, Bristol, timber merchant Bell, J. Baildon, wursted manufacturer

King, J. Yeovil, Book eller Bigland, G. Bigland-hall, iron-master

Knott, J. Manchester, manufacturer Blundell, N. W. Liverpool, merchant

Lecount, P. Charles Place, London, watchmaker Boardman, J. jun.& 6. Alop, Manchester, dealeto Leenmg, R. Wrs, shop-keeper Brown, Ti & Co. Muscovy Court, Loudon, mer- Lecs, J. Whitehall, Stafford, timber merchant chants

Levin, W. L. Jewin Street, London, merchant Brownson, R. Manchester, calico-manufacturer Little, J. Bales, furmur Burridge. S. G. Deptforl, victualler

Lovu, W. Huddersfield, shop-keeper Burrows. E. & W. Leeks, millers

Lovegrove, R. Arbertield, farmer Butler, S. Bristol, tallon-chandler

Lilley, Edward, Biriningham, gilt-toy maker and Biggs, Michael, Maiden Lane, Wood Street, Lon- jeweller don, hosier

Lawton, W. Wilmslow, Cheshire, shop-koeper Bower, Warburton, Wilmslow, Chester, cotton- Major, T. Ostend, merchant spinner

Makins, W. Southwell, tlax-dresser Bosworth, Joseph, Old Court, Hereford, dealer in Manks, J. Leods, cloth merchant cattle

baude, W. & E. Otley, bankers Burghart, Claus, Rosemary Lane, East Smithfield, Milbourne, S. Skeme, flax-spinner London, sugar refiner

Manis, Benj. Bishopsgate, London, upholstcrer Booth, W. Hall Bri'ge, York, merchant

Mudford, Nixon, ihe younger, Strand, London, Boume, Edward, Burslem, Stafford, manufacturer umbrella manufacturer of earthen ware

Maun, Joseph, the younger, Temple Sowerby, tanClarke, T. & C. Gray, Keswick, nurserymen

ner Clarke, W Peinard, cheese-dealer

Matthewman, John, Qucen Street, Cheapside, LonClay, C. Aston, coachinaker

don, merchant Cohen, E. Brond Street, London, merchant

Neale, J. Wapping, anchor-smith Collet, J. Bishops.cate Street, London, merchant Newbold, D. Birmingham, tinplate worker Connard, J. jun: Broomsgrove, necdle-maker Newman, 20. Allan, Newgate Street, London, Cooper, H. Purisea, printseller

print r Cooper, J. H. Lamb's Conduit Street, London, Orme, J. H. Liverpool, brewer jeweller

Parker, R. Manchester, victualler Coppin, W. North Shields, ship-owner

Parsley, J.G. Great Yarmouth, baker Crockett, H. Hampton-in-Arden, farmer

Peet, T. Nottingham, linen draper Cull, J. Wareham, brewer

Pendray, W. Bodmin, mercer Cunlifte, J, Manchester, merchant

Penniston, R. & J. Horncastle, brickmakers Corran, R. Pickinore, Liverpool, cooper

Perry, S. C. Birmingham, coal-dealer Dark, S. Heddington, farmer

Phillips, J. Llangattock, Vivon Abel, tunber inetDavy, W. Norwich, gunmaker

chant Dow, M. Aston-furnace, papermaker

Piper, W. Hammersmith, barge-builder Dodd, Tho. Stanhope, Durham, grocer and linen- Purday, T. Margate, stationer draper

Pullan, Richard, Leeds, inerchant Eady, s. P. Gerrard Street, London, druggist Ratcliffe, E. Cambridge, shop-keeper Elland, R. Islington, coach-master

Reilly, J. Manchester, merchant Elmito, W. Peterborough, draper

Ridley, H. Ovington, woodmonger Entwisle, Tho. Manchester, fustian manufacturer Rimmer, J. Liverpool, brewer Enfiehl, Wm & John Browne, Norwich, bombazeen Roads, Wiliam, Oxford, grocer and cotton manufacturers

Rhodes, John, Stockport, Cheshire, cotton mam. Farrant, W. Strand, London, tailor

Farrenden, J. Chichester, tiaber merchant Sadler, F. Wilmslow, calico manufacturer.
Featherstonhaugh, G. Sishop Wear mouth, coalfitter Saunders, W. Manchester, mercer
Fraser, Win, Sloane Street, Chelsea, haberdasher Shaw, J. Pendleton, cotton merchant
Grey, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, ship-owner

Slack, J. Salford, printer
Griffith, J. Tryfan, woollen manufacturer

Shaw, J. Bond Street, London, carpet manufacturer Grubb, G. Manchester, tailor

Smith, D. jun. and J. Hampshire, Kirkburton, Grunhough, J. Bolton yarn manufacturer

Scribbling, millers Gauni, Jeremiah, Gildersome Street, Batley, York, Solomon, H. Charing Cross, silversmith merehant

Sornersall, J. & G. Walsall, awl-biade makers Greenwood, Robert, Todmorden and Walsden, Lan- Steel, J. Sheffield, grocer cashire, cotton manufacturer

Steward, T. Brandon, grocer Hagedorn, J. P. H. Old Broad Street, London, Suple, J. B. Bridgewater, linen draper merchant

Sinith, Justin, Bath, broker Hall, T. i J. Malkin, Compton, coachmakers Sayer, Thom is, Huntsham, Devon, lime-bumer Harnbling, W. Woten Vaderedge, clothier Stoneham, Jesse, Beckford Row, Surrey, cheesaHankes, J. Snaith, biady merchant

monger Hatfield, R. Dewsbury, dealer

Tarn, M. & S. Leamington, millers Henry, A. Haydon Square, London, merchant Teascale, R. Cumberland, sheep-dealer Heywood, J. Rusholme, shop-keeper

Thomas, G. Bristol, tu pentine distiller
Hodgson, G. H. Watung Street, London, inerchant Thomas, T. Hoxton, merchant
Hopcott, E. Dlingswick, evler in wool

Thoinpson, J. Over, salt manufacturer
Horder, J. Haydon Square, London, music-seller Tomkins, S. Plymouth, draper
Heynes, Stokes, Cheltenhamn, wine merchant Trathan, J. J. Falmouth, stationer
Homan, Wm, Barking, Essex, sınack-owner and Uhr, A. R. Swan Lane, London, inerchant

Verdenholin, Gen. William, White's Yard, Rose-
Harvey, W. Wymondham, Norfolk, manufacturer mary Lane, London, sugar-refiner
Hawkins, W. Bicknell, Warwick, farmer

Wibberley, J. Manchester, draper Holmes, Tbomas, Long Acr., London, coachmaker Wright, H. C. Portsea, merchant Hopkinson, Jo cpb, Liverpool, merchant

Williams, J. Morgan, Dowgate Hill, London, and Hick, John, Hillhouse, Huddersfield, dry salter Amsterdam, merchant Hunt, Joho, Bishops Sutton, maltster and baker Wilson, Jolin, late of Gibraltar, now of Sydrey Jackson, R. Stockport, druggist

Street, Goswell Street Road, London, merchant Jenkins, A. Marshfield, chemist

White, James, Exeter, veterinary surgeon Johnson, J. jun. Hayden, corn-dealer

Young, W. Boston, victualtor Jones, G. Aston, gurunaker

ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between 1st and 30th

April 1817, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

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Cowan, T. jun. Craigmill. Fifeshire, corn merchant Ross, John, Balblair, Ross-shire, distiller Donalds »n, George, Edinburgh, linen and woollen Swanston, Joha & Co. Glasgow, merchants and draper

grocers Duguid, William, Aberdeen, manufacturer Stuart, Arthur & Co. Leven Printfield and GlasGemunel, Thomas, Kilmarnock, grocer, nursery and gow, calico-printers and merchants seedsman

Wright, Peter, Glasgow, manufacturer Halket, Sarnuel, Canongate, Edinburgh, brewer Wallace, Robert, Kilmarnock, leather-dealer and Leggat, James, Edinburgh, china merchant

shoonaker Laurie, Joseph & Benjamin, Edinburgh, stocking Wingate, John & Sons, Glasgow, merchants

manufacturers and hosiers Laird, James & Co. Murthill, mill-spinners

DIVIDENDS. Lainont. Peter, Steilaig. Argyleshire, grazier and cat:le-dealer

James Burman, Mill, of Nextyle, payable by WikMackenzie, Alexander, Thomastown of Auchter. liam Bett, banker in ('upar- Ingus, 22d May less, fariner and cattle-dealer

Alex, Batley, Broomend, payable by Williain Bett, M.Lellan, John & Andrew, Lochurnheadl, Glenelg, bruker in Cupar-angus, 17th May wood merchants

James Callum, Auchenblae, merchant, payable by Moore, Alexander, Langholm, merchant and sta- the Trustee, 18th June. tioner

David Jobson,

senior, Dundee, merchant, payable Morton, Moses, Arbroath, merchant

by William Bisset, merchant, Dundet, 29 May. Munn, Niel, Glasgow, vintner and horse-setter William Smith, West Pans, pottar, payable by Rob Mackenzie, George, of Leckmelm, parish of Loch- ert Strachan, W.s. Edinburgh, 16th May.

brooin, Ross.shire, fish-curer, merchant, and Joha Sivalu & Co. Leith, merchants, payable at eattle-clealer

the office of James Duncan, merchant, Leith, Ross, Peter, Airdrie, vintner

29th May


SINCE our last Report the weather has been remarkably favourable to field-work of every kind ; and the seed was never put into the ground with a better prospect of an early and vigorous vegetation. This, however, was much retarded by the want of rain ; and until the 12th instant, when we had plentiful showers, such of the grain-plants as had appeared above ground shewed symptoms of feebleness in many instances, and later sown fields in general were thinly and irregularly planted. It is well known, that, in this part of the island, wheat suffered more than any other kind of corn last year ; yet there is reason to fear, that oats, even when not deficient in weight or in meal, have suffered in such a degree as to impair their vegetative powers. It is oertain, at least, that where a comparison has been made between the oats of 1815 and 1816, by sowing both on different portions of the same field, the plants from the seed of the former year are by far the most close and vigorous. There has been a gradual fall in the prices of all sorts of grain for some weeks, particularly of inferior samples; though in the London market, and throughout the whole of England if we may judge from the weekly averages, they have not given way so much as in Scotland, into which very large importations have been made since the beginning of this month. ---Cattle, in forward condition, find purchasers ; and grazing lands have been let for the season at the rates of last year, or somewhat more.- Wool is expected to improve in value, the import of that article of late not having been so large as formerly. The apprehensions which were once entertained of a great scarcity must now have subsided, for there is no doubt whatever of our having enough of corn to carry us forward to another harvest. Prices, indeed, cannot be low;- but it deserves to be remarked, that if Government had interfered as on former occasions, by bounties and pro hibitions, and thus sounded the alarm all over Europe, the price of wheat, in particular, would have been higher this year in Britain than it has ever been in the memory of man.



Pease & Beans. Ist....... 48s. Od. Ist.......36s. Od. 1st,.......36s. Od. Ist.......34s. Od. 2d, ......42s. Od. 2d, .......32s. Od. 2d, ......33s. Od. 2d, ......31s. Od. 3d, ......30s. Od. 3d, ...... 275. Od. 3d, ...... 28s. Od. 3d,......278. Od.

Average of wheat, £1:14: 7:8-12ths per boll.



Beans. 1st,......45s. Od. Isto......40s. Od 1st......36s. Od. 1st,...35s. Od. Ist, .....355. Oit. 2d,......38s. Od. | 2d,.. ..36s. Od. 2d, ......30s. Od. | 2d,

......30s. Od. 2d.......30s. Od. .... 258. Od. 3d, ......34s. Od. 31.

...... 26s. Od. 3d, ......27s. Od. 30.......27s. Ou.

Average of wheat, £1:14:10: 4-12ths. Note. The boll of wheat, beans, and pease, is about 4 per cent. more than half a quarter, or 4 Winchester bushels ; that of barley and oats nearly 6 Winchester bushels.


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