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motion, descended in profuse soft manners with a familiar simplicity, ringlets from her head, without con- the great charm, and almost inseparcealing a round slender neck, whiter able companion of superior minds. than alabaster. On our young gen- Lalista, though gay and talkative in tleman's name being mentioned, she public, possessed more valuable qualiturned towards him a countenance so ties than a first-sight judge would majestic, illuminated with a smile so have been inclined to allow. Predivinely beautiful, as actually deprived paration for uninterrupted exhibitions, him for some moments of his under which great beauty seems to entail on standing. The conversation was nei- its possessors, left no time for reflecther slow in its commencement nor tion, and concealed her true character progress ; but Aristus was incapable from herself, while her conversation, of throwing in a single remark, all his extempore in the strictest sense, and faculties having retired to his eyes. not unfrequently at variance with the His assistance was not wanted. The cool dictates of a judgment naturally fair enchantress set out with an ani- sound, and a very affectionate bosom, mated encomium on the young Greek rendered it as great a mystery to others. officers, who had done prodigious things The more he discovered of his mistress, during the siege, an event which, the more was Aristus satisfied with the though several years old, was still re- reasonableness of his passion, which garded as very respectable news in the he found it impossible any longer to absence of more recent calamities. She conceal; and he delighted himself enlarged on the superiority of their with the idea of snatching her from manners, courage, and accoutrements, the dissipating whirlpool of fashionto those of her own countrymen, and able life, where the fruit of all her declared herself immensely in love virtues was perishing, from the imwith Alexander, whom she described possibility of their acting for a suffias the most engaging little man she cient length of time in one direction, had ever seen in her life. The other and of maturing the noble princilady, though, as I said, an elderly ples of her nature in the bosom of matron, could, notwithstanding, talk comparative retirement. One day, when as fast as other people, but as both her looks were even more complacent addressed themselves to Aristus, and than usual, and some indistinct susoften at the same time, she did not picion of a certain rival had made him receive all that preference of attention resolve to hasten an explanation, he her superior years and wisdom seemed ventured to declare his love in the to require.

precise language used by ardent young “What a charming lady,"exclaimed men on such occasions. Though his Aristus, as the lovely visitor retired. eyes had expressed the same thing “ Ah,” replied his friend, “ had my a thousand times, and she had long sweet little Helen come, you would wondered at the slow progress his ideas have seen more beauty, and heard less made towards his tongue, Lalista connoise.”-“Who is this then?" for he trived to listen to this avowal as a had all this while supposed the inter- young fawn does to an unexpected esting orphan was before him.--" Her clap of thunder. At first she was name is Lalista,-she is the wealthiest thrown into the most amazing confuward in Sidon.” Though somewhat sion, and frowned with fascinating abashed at this discovery, and chagrined sweetness on the object of her terror. at the sinister interpretation the conduct By and by she began to think meahe had already determined to pursue sures necessary for her safety,-spoke might be subjected to, he went home, seriously of withdrawing, or of calling however, devising schemes to bring in some third person to turn the conabout a second interview. The wards versation on less alarming topics,--and of those times were rather more strictly concluded by permitting him to fold guarded than those of our days. But, her in his arms, and impress his very by securing the confidence of the aunt, soul on her lips. he soon succeeded in enjoying large But this state of matters was too opportunities of access to the precious delicious to continue; for as those jewel she had in her possession. Aris- persons who are acquainted with the tus was a man of fortune, talent, and extravagant temper of fortune know fine accomplishments; and the per assuredly, when that goddess puts on fect integrity of his heart imbued his too smiling an aspect, and prates in

terms of remarkable tenderness and being so, an event which would utterly affection, that she is just on the point deface it, as it was surrounded on all of sousing you in a torrent of abuse. sides but one by cross-grained neighScarcely had they exchanged vows to bours, who, envying her beauty and love each other for an incredible length accomplishments, would not permit of time, when a random visitor was an outlet to be formed for the water announced, on whose approach, ale through their possessions. Leaving most at the same instant with his pro- her to perplex herself a few days with locutor, the lady seemed confused in this dilemma, he returned with the good earnest, and hastily retired.- plan of a monstrous drain he had for. This was no other than Deinus, of merly projected through his own whose proceedings I must now take a grounds to the verge of hers, which, short review.

being carried a little farther, would Deinus had accomplished the pur entirely obviate the dreaded calamity. poses of his embassy with a success The lady was hugely pleased with the that never failed him, and on his re- ingenuity of this expedient, and the turn, proceeded in the road of prefer- lover, pushing his advantage, explained ment with augmented celerity. Hav- the propriety of uniting the estates ing gone, on the death of his father, for ever, hinting intelligibly enough to look after his estates in the coun- at the means by which it might be actry, he discovered a very handsome complished. After a laborious fit of domain contiguous to one of his, for laughter, upon mature reflection, she which he accordingly conceived an could not certainly discover wherein unfeigned attachment; and no sooner lay the absurdity of this proposal ; and understood that it appertained to a though at that time she loved Aristus young heiress of unbounded expecta- with all her strength, she found that tions besides, than he hastened back to something or other had made a powertown to secure his prize. His first re- ful diversion in favour of his rival. ception would not have been very pa- Matters were in this doubtful state latable to the primitive and harmless when the events above mentioned took lovers met with in modern novels. place; and having enlightened the The lady laughed immoderately at his reader on this point, I return to the bandy legs, censured the whole plan of main body of the narrative. his construction, and made all her ac : The two friends saluted very civilly, quaintance merry with stories of her and as they had ever done, with a amorous dwarf. But Deinus was not hearty contempt for each other. Arisà person to allow his centre to be tus was too full of ecstacy to converse shaken by a battery of this sort. He long with an uninspired person, and knew that deformity needs only to be Deinus too glad of his absence to be made familiar to be forgotten; and very eager to detain him. What he that the supposed generosity of this had already learned made him tremact renders the mind so well satisfied ble for his success, and he began to with itself, that a portion of its com- curse the unwarrantable tardiness of placency reverts, by a kind of natural his former operations. Lalista returnjustice, to the object of what now ap- ed, however, but with a countenance pears unreasonable contempt. He pre- which boded him no good. Consented himself, therefore, before her tempt, anger, and disdain, were exas often as he could invent a tenable pressed in every feature. Indeed she pretext, continuing to supply her, at seemed horribly chagrined, and ready a trifling expense to his own pride, to burst into a passion of tears. She with fresh materials for family and evidently came to chide, and if once visiting amusement, till the idea of high words arose, it was hard to guess him was familiarized, and constituted how far she might inflame herself. a part of the furniture of her mind. Deinus, therefore, with the dexterity This point being gained, he seized a of a cunning man on the point of being more advanced post, and proceeded to blown up, drew from his pocket a instruct her regarding the management string of pearls, reserved for such an of her domain, on the sorry state of emergency, so large, so genuine, and which he descanted with great feeling so numerous, that her eyes were inand pathos' A considerable portion stantly dazzled, and before she could of it," he said, if not absolutely over- utter one word good or bad, he hung flowed, was in perpetual danger of them round her neck; saying, with a smile, he had obtained many more for been already made in the exhumation her of superior value, at the court of of a city, that, after having been bqAlexander, which he hoped soon to ried for so many centuries, has arisen have the happiness of presenting to unchanged from the ashes that originher on their wedding-day. No sooner ally overwhelmed it. was the weight of them felt on her As a testimony of the general interbosom, than the whole economy of her est excited by the grand survey now love for Aristus was annihilated, and pursuing for the restoration of this the half-forgotten plan of improve place to its primitive state of existence, ments rushed back on her imagination and of the instructive results that may with tenfold impetuosity. It would be expected from its accomplishment, only insult the penetration of man- as conducive to the elucidation of ankind to suppose it necessary to add, cient customs and habits of society, I that they were married next day, and beg to cite a passage from a highly that a few weeks thereafter, the lady interesting memoir on the subject, commenced a fiend's life of remorse commenced (though I believe never and melancholy.

completed) in a very ably conducted Aristus bore this reverse with less Italian journal. “Una città che da patience than might have been ima- circa diciassette secoli nascosta sorge gined. He eat little for several days, intera sotto i facili sforzi della vanga; and spoke still less. At length he che tali offre monumenti da non las declared himself a man unfit for this ciare alcun dubbio, nè sull' epoca in world, and retired from his native city cui fù da vulcanica eruzione sepolta, to spend the remainder of his life in nè sul grado alto di splendore a cui the philosophic groves of the Academy. era a quell'epoca giunta, è certamenHere his inind soon recovered its na- te un oggetto straordinario di stupore, tural serenity, retaining few visible riserbuto soltanto alle classiche sponde marks of the rude points of society by dell'antica Partenope. In Ercolano which it had been lacerated, though e Pompei veggonsi due intere città he sometimes remarked, that a man fuggite dalle revoluzioni degli anni e should conceal all his good qualities degli uomini, e rimeste tutte ad un from his mistress, observing, at the same tratto, come per una specie di magico time, that her own equivocal ones af- sonno, nello stato medesimo in cui ford the best handles for securing her. furono sorprese, in mezzo a tutti i mo

ti della vita ; l'ultimo giorno di queste città infelici, ci si presenta di nuovo, e quale già fu per gli sventurati loro a

bitanti. Non avvi spettacolo più di ON THE RESEARCHES AT POMPEII.

questo atto a eccitare con forza l’im

maginazione, e senza dubbio, le ri. MR EDITOR,

cerche che hanno per oggetto di farci I OBSERVED, with much satisfac- conoscere dei dettagli a ciò appartetion, in the “ Literary and Scientific nenti saranno accolte con il più vero Intelligence" of your second Number, interesse.” * p. 192, some account of the researches The valuable report from which now making among the ruins of this extract is drawn, contains some Pompeii. Regarding this as one hints towards forming an estimate of of the most interesting scientific the probable extent and disposition of proceedings of the present age, I can- this city, calculated from the dimennot avoid expressing my hopes, that sions of its existing walls and situayou will devote future columns of tion of its gates, with various particuyour journal to similar accounts of the lars relative to the edifices and other progress of this vast undertaking; and relics remaining, as far as yet discovI am hence encouraged to suggest, ered, in a great degree, in their orihow greatly it would tend to enliven ginal magnificence and grandeur. . the interest of such notices, if you

SIMPLEX. were to give a preparatory general May 11, 1817. sketch of the history of these extraordinary relics of former splendour, and, in particular, of the progress that has V. L'Italico, tom. 3tio, p. 60.


Hangs one that gathers samphire ; dreadful MEMORANDUMS OF A VIEW-HUNTER.

No II.

Methinks he seems no bigger than his head.
The fishermen, that walk upon the beach,

Appear like mice; and yon tall anchoring
Shakespeare's Cliff


Diminish'd to her cock; her cock, a buoy, Sallied forth at seven in the morn

Almost too small for sight. The murmur. ing, without giving any warning to my

ing surge, indolent oompanions, who seemed to That on the unnumbered idle pebbles chafes, feel none of the inspiration of the view- Cannot be heard so high. IT look no more, hunting power.

Lest my brain turn, and the deficient sight After looking round the harbour, Topple down headlong." part of which they were busy in re

I was informed, that there is still pairing, pushed on towards ShakesDeare's Cliff.

i one man who occasionally follows the Found the people of all « dreadful trade” of gathering samclasses frank, civil, and willing to give phire by means of a ladder and a rope. information. I attributed this partly

Having now done as much as a to their incomes depending much on

view-hunter could with safety, I was

view. strangers, and partly to the manners

satisfied. As a token of my success, on the other side. I had not yet been

and to amuse my companions, I carried across. Passed the fortifications, which

off the flower of a very large thistle are extensive and strong ; but they that was flourishing on the highest have lost much of their interest, as part of the Cliff, and seemed proud of they now seem useless. Under the

the place where it grew. alarm of invasion, their importance would even have added to their pic

A Breakfast. turesqueness.

Called at the hotel. The mistress The highest part of the Cliff, which

said I had time to go up to the Castle. has been named after a dramatist, the

I took the hint. Peeped into some of first of modern, and superior to any of

the vaults or excavations in the chalk, the ancient times, must be, I should

which are deep and high, and serve think, four or five hundred feet above for storehouses and cellars. Passed the beach. The sea view from hence

the bathing-ground. About half a

the is truly magnificent. The morning


dozen of

dozen of machines. The descent from was clear and calm, and the silver șea the shingle is very steep. The man almost as motionless as a lake. Sever chines are let down by a rope from a al vessels were passing lazily along windlass. Ascended the Castlehill. both ways. The coast of France seem

The road winds round, and up the ed not much farther off than that of

hill, in a very pleasing style. "As I Fife from Musselburgh, but none of

was going to enter through a gate, the objects on it distinct. Examined

about 100 feet lower than the base of this view in all its bearings for some the wall, where there is a battery, a time; and as I looked along the su- little old man came up to me, and told blime winding wall of chalky cliffs, me there was no thoroughfare there ; stretching to the west, which forms but th

$ but that he was one of the under wara part of the southern boundary of the island, I felt emotions which, I trust, whole. I should have been happier to are natural to the British heart.

have followed him as a guide than he After making some prudent slow ad

to have conducted me; but I thought vances, I brought my head to bear

L I had not time; and after wavering un.

had not tin looking down this dizzy height for a

a pleasantly for a minute or two, I forced minute. On retiring a few steps to a myself to plead an excuse for the presafer station, I thought of the minute

sent. He saw my anxiety to enter description of this Cliff given by our

with him, and pressed me the more. dramatist, and which has been the

It would only take a quarter of an cause of its being honoured with his

hour. I could not spare even that. name. « How fearful

To my great annoyance, for I had And dizzy 'tis, to cast one's eyes so low!

a strong desire to comply with his The crows and choughs that wing the mid

d. wishes, this little old under warden way air,

followed me with the perseverance of Show scarce so gross as beetleg. Halfway a French beggar. down .

Distanced him in the ascent. My VOL. I.

3 B

time was waning fast. Posted up the kept at a prudent distance, and then hill. Passed the turnpike gate to get retreated. Met the waiter bringing a view of the contour of the eastern the hot rolls for my breakfast, as I adside of the castle. It is a very exten- vanced to the bar to pay my bill. Had sive old building. The view to the barely time to listen to the civil folk west quite Scottish. The Priory in of the Paris, who hoped I had found the bottom seems to be of considerable myself so comfortable as to recommend extent, of the old buttress kind of their house ; but their civil tone somearchitecture. The dell, looking back what cooled my fervour, and made me into the country, strongly resembles a give them a kind answer. UnfortuScottish glen. Descended, but could nately, at this moment, a lad came for not possibly resist running up and the rest of my things. The fervour passing through the northern gate, returned with this second alarm. I The walls of vast thickness. The hol- posted on to the custom-house, relow just by, which I took at first for solved to take a boat to pursue the the gate, is formed by a building jut- packet, and there I found all things as ting over. In the inner part of the cool and deliberate as any person could gate-arch found a centinel's room. An wish. I learned the vessel would be old invalid civilly asked me if I wished ready to sail in an hour or two. The to see the castle, and said there was a mate advised me to send back the boy gentleman waiting to go round. I with my things to the inn, till he excused myself again. He was not should tell me when it would be nehalf so pressing as the little old under cessary to send them to the packet. warden. Took a peep of the square : Such was the close of this false abetween the ramparts and the castle, larm. I now, however, felt relieved. and then descended as rapidly as I The only thing I regretted, was losing could. Some small bells ringing at the comforts which I had anticipated the side of the road attracted my no-' from my breakfast, after my long and tice. I perceived they were rung all varied morning's hunting on Shakesthe way from the debtor's window. peare's Cliff, and round Dover Castle. I attended to the charitable sound. They are not very particular in ex. The little old under warden made his amining the luggage in leaving Dover, appearance again, but I was out of his as, of course, they don't care how sight instantly.

many contraband articles are carried Reached the hotel a little past nine. to France, with the exception of gold; Found my coinpanions, who had and that at present, from its low price, breakfasted, sallying forth. They al- and the demand for French gold, was arned me with the information that a matter of very little concern; and the packet was on the very point of when people reach good sense on the sailing. At the same time, the mate subject of metal money, it will be of attending to get my luggage, confirm- no concern whatever. Walked to the ed my alarm. To lose a day, and such quay, and saw three horses, with a a day for crossing! The thought was carriage, and one or two gigs, shung not to be borne. Pressed the waiter into our packet. The current of emiand the rest in grand style. A city gration seems to be still decidedly Smart of the first order, too late in stronger towards the Continent. Saw setting out for a review, or to see some a packet come in from Calais. Had other spectacle, could scarcely have only about twenty passengers aboard. done it in a grander. And a dragoon, One of the packets that sailed a few when the enemy is approaching, might days before for 'Calais carried over swallow his breakfast more complete- nearly a hundred. The two currents ly, but he could not more rapidly, will be more equal by-and-by. than I swallowed mine. While I poured out one cup, the waiter poured .

Passage to Calais. another. The first was hot water After waiting for about two hours, scarcely discoloured, the second was we were summoned aboard. TT without sugar, and the third without people kept crowding to the last, as both sugar and milk. Moses, the only one vessel was to sail this ude. money-changer, who had attended this Got under weigh at length. The morning again, with the hope of in

the hope of in- was remarkably fine, and the wind, ducing me to take gold for my paper, what there was of it, being westerly, seeing me in such a furor of hurry, was fair. Though the breeze

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