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6. A tonnage duty is levied on Ameri- seem, that the French refugees renounce can vessels arriving from foreign ports, the hope of ever returning to the Contiunless two-thirds of the crew be citizens nent of Europe, since they spend their of the United States.

whole fortunes in fixing themselves in so Boston, May 12.-Despatches have magnificent a manner in America.” just been received from Mr Serjeant by The National Intelligencer states the the governor of the national bank. We terms on which the bank of the United understand they state he has succeeded States obtained its specie in England, viz. in obtaining ten millions of dollars for -“The specie to be delivered in the the new bank at Philadelphia, and this United States at 4s. 8d. Sterling per too without difficulty in England. What dollar, within six months from January a country of wealth and poverty! The last, the time the contract was made; Venice has arrived with 300,000 dollars; the payment secured by a deposite of the the Solon, the Emily, and the Electra, United States' stock at par, redeemable with much more.

January 1819, or at an earlier period, After the 14th of July next, the Ame- giving two months notice, interest at five rican national flag will consist of thirteen per cent commencing at the date of the stripes and twenty stars. The thirteen contract."

From the same paper we stripes are to be permanent, and one star learn, that the mania for emigration is to is to be added whenever a new state is be found even in the United States. A received into the union. The facts are company of young men was forming at published at this time for the benefit of New York, for the purpose of proceeding ship-owners, &c.

to some parts of South America, there to By the Courier arrived from Boston in form a settlement. Each adventurer was nineteen days, and the Canton, with se. to advance a certain sum to purchase a veral other vessels, from New York in vessel and the necessary stores. twenty-one days, Boston papers to the Extract of a letter from St Francis. 20th of May, New York to the 17th of ville (L. A.) dated May 5th 1817.md that month, and New Orleans to the 16th very serious and distressing accident of April, have been received. Cobbett happened nearly opposite this place.has given notice, in a letter addressed to Yesterday morning, about eight o'clock, the people of America, that he will re- the steam-boat, Constitution (formerly the sume his labours in that country.—A ship Oliver Evans), passing down the river arrived at Boston from Pernambuco fur: from Natchez to New Orleans, burst her nishes intelligence to the 9th of April. boiler, and every person in the cabin, The new Government appeared well esta- eleven in number, was scalded to death; blished, and was making every necessary some lived two or three hours, some five preparation for defence. So far do the or six, and two or three lived about twenAnti-Portuguese rulers consider them. ty hours. The captain of the boat, the selves settled, that they have sent out his engineer, and one or two sailors that were Excellency Don Antonio Gonsalvo de in the afterpart of the boat, were the Cruz as Ambassador to the United States. only persons that escaped uninjured.

A letter from Washington, dated the In an American paper, a remarkable 2d May, states, that the American Go. advertisement appears from the Navy vernment have lately sold 100,000 acres Board in Washington. It is for proposals of land on the Tinibechy, in the Missis for supplying the machinery for three sippi territory, to a French company, at steam batteries, each to be equal to 120 two dollars per acre, payable in fourteen horse power, to be completed in one years, without interest, upon condition of month. their planting the vine and olive. About 300 French emigrants have gone to reside on those newly-purchased lands. At the In the House of Assembly in Lower head of these people are Lakanal, Pen. Canada, the Speaker notified to the House, nienes, Garnier de Saintes, the two L'Al. on the 21st February, that he had the lemands, Desnouettes, Clausel, and others, same morning signed warrants for the with a crowd of artisans and mechanics. imprisonment of S. W. Monk, Esq. con.

Joseph Bonaparte's New Town. The formably to the order of the House ; after Dutch mail supplies the following account which, the deputy serjeant at arms at the of the Ex-King of Spain's colony in the bar informed the House, that, in obeUnited States. _ Joseph Bonaparte is dience to its orders, he had lodged S. W. building a town near Baltimore, which Monk, Esq. in the common gaol of the none but French are permitted to inhabit. district. It is to be capable of containing for the On the 1st of March, the Legislative present i2.000 inhabitants. The art of Council of Lower Canada came to a resothe most

sublime architecture is employed lution, that an address be presented to his to embellish the edifices. Thus it should Royal Highness the Prince Regent, buin.


bly beseeching his Royal Highness not to vered to the Marquis de Aguilar, the King inflict any punishment on the honourable of Portugal's minister for foreign affairs, Louis Charles Foucher, Esq. one of the a note, dated Paris, 16th March, in which puisne judges of the Court of King's Bench they express their surprise at the occufor the district of Montreal, in eonse- pation of a part of the Spanish possesquence of the articles of complaint exhi- sions on the river Plate, by the Portu, bited against him by the Asssembly of that guese troops of Brazil ; and, announcing province, until such articles of complaint their intention to take cognizance and should be submitted to the consideration part in this affair, in consequence of an of the Legislative Council, and they application made to them by the Court of should have concurred therein, or until Spain, they call upon his most faithful such articles of complaint shall have been majesty to explain his views, and to take heard and determined on by such a tri- the most prompt and proper measures bunal as his Royal Highness should ap- to dissipate the just alarms which his point.

invasion of the Spanish possessions has April 20.-James Stuart, Esq. arrived occasioned. on Sunday the 16th at Quebec, and of A great sensation has been excited in course would take his seat in the House Europe, by the accounts lately received next day. What is called the great ques. of a formidable insurrection having broken tion was set down for the 19th inst. that out in Brazil on the 6th of March. Acis, Whether farther proceedings shall be cording to the reports first received, seven had against the two chief justices. It is provinces of this extensive empire had reunderstood at Quebec that the govern. volted from the house of Braganza, and ment at home had given directions to declared for independence, liberty of condissolve the Parliament, if the House of science, and a federal government. By. Assembly proceeded farther in this mat- later accounts, however, it appears, that ter. Judge Monk expected to be dis- the revolt had not as yet extended becharged on bail; but the Court, on hear yond the provinces of Pernambuco, and ing his counsel, who urged that the war. that an attempt to subvert the royal gorant of the Speaker of the House of As- vernment at Babia had failed, and the sembly was informal, had come to the conspirators been apprehended. decision, that the warrant was without The revolution in the Brazils is not objection; he was in consequence re- the only great event that has taken place manded to prison. He had transmitted in the new world. By the Colonel Allan, a petition to the House of Assembly, in Captain M.Lennon, arrived from the which he states, that he did not wish to North West Company's settlement, on throw any impediment in the way of the the river Columbia, and last from Buenos committee, who were investigating the Ayres, letters and gazettes to 16th March case of the chief justice Foucher. He had have been received, which state, that the refused to give up some official docu. Buenos Ayres army, commanded by Ge. ments, but their contents were open to neral San Martin, and destined to free the inspection of the committee ; but his Chili from its Spanish oppressors, has duty to the government would not war. met with most complete success. rant his giving up the possession of official the 12th February, the patriots met the documents.

royalists near Chabuco, defeated them in In the Court of King's Bench of Mon- a general action, and the result of this treal, bills of indictment were found by victory was the complete downfall of the grand jury against Duncan Cameron, Spanish power in this interesting portion and John Dugald Cameron, partners of of the South American Continent. A the North West Company; and against new form of government was instantly Cuthbert Grant, William Shaw, and Pe. organised in the capital of Santiago, and ter Pangman, clerks of the said Company; the supreme directorship confided to and against George Campbell and'others, Don Barnard O'Higgins, who issued a for the felonious seizure, in 1816, of the proclamation, congratulatory of the event, cannon sent from England for the defence to the people of Chili. On the 13th of of the colony of Red River.

March, three of the enemy's standards, two taken on the coast of Valpariso, and

the other at Llamparaes in Upper Peru, About 30,000 stand of arms had ar. reached Buenos Ayres. The former Sparived at St Thomas's, from Bordeaux, ac- nish governor of Chili, Marco del Pont, companied by several of Bonaparte's had been taken by the patriots. The officers, and an aid-de-camp of Murat ; brave army of the Andes, with General all of whom, it is asserted, intend joining San Martin at its head, had covered the insurgents of South America. itself with glory, and was expected to

The ministers of Austria, France, Great recross the mountains before the winBritain, Prussia, and Russia, have deli. ter closed them, with a large body of




Chilenian auxiliaries, to fall on the rear that number of women and children, te of the royalist army acting in Peru.- the sword. Such a succession of important events had given fresh life and tone to every thing at Buenos Ayres, from whence all

Asia. the Portuguese had been banished to Luxan.

EAST INDIES. Accounts from Buenos Ayres of the On the 5th November, the Frances 14th April state, that General S. Martin Charlotte, with a detachment of the 78th was to set out in a few days from thence regiment on board, struck on a reef off to join his army in Lima, and that he the desert Island of Preparis, which lies would have 10,000 men organised and about half-way between Cape Nigrais, ready to act against Peru, when the sea. on the coast of Pegue, and the Anda. son for operation commenced. The dif

On the 10th, Captain Weatherall

, ferences between the government of of the Prince Blucher, on nearing the Buenos Ayres and the Portuguese at island, fell in with some boats belonging Monte Video had been amicably settled. to the Frances Charlotte, and took on The Portuguese governor having apolo- board the crews, who had been several gised for the offensive part of his mani. days without food.

Learning that the festo, Artigas had, about the middle of rest of the seamen and troops, with a March, surprised the out-posts of the number of women and children, had got Portuguese army in the vicinity of Monte on shore on the island, he next day sent Video, and driven away 4000 head of his boats to fetch the women and chil

. cattle, upon which the Portuguese army dren, and as many men as possible. Da took the field in pursuit of them; but the 12th they returned with Major Mac. falling into an ambuscade, in which they pherson and his Lady, Mrs Macqueen, had lost nearly 600 men, they had re. the wife of Captain Macqueen, Dr and treated to Monte Video, followed by Ar. Mrs Brown, Lieutenants Mackenzie and tigas, who, when the last accounts came M‘Crummen, with a number of Lascars away, had possession of the mount, and and soldiers' wives and children. A the Portuguese had no footing beyond storm coming on, frustrated an attempt the reach of their guns. The Portuguese to get off the remainder next day. Caparmy did not exceed 5500 effective men, tain Weatherall then made sail for Caland it was supposed they would evacuate cutta, where he arrived on the 26th, the place.

Next day the Nautilus cruiser was sent Some of the accounts state, that in the off with a supply of provisions for the immediate vicinity of Buenos Ayres, sufferers on the island, which it was sup, the Portuguese bad ceased to excite the posed she would reach in six days; and slightest alarm. The troops at Monte to guard against any unfavourable occur• Video were greatly tainted with insubor- rence, another vessel was ordered to prodination. The Brazilian 'militia incorpo. ceed for the same destination from Chitrated with the other troops had turned to tagong. There were left on the island the right about, and retired to their homes. six officers, ninety privates, and forty The regular government troops remained Lascars. There are several fine springs behind; but in order to obtain supplies in the island, and the coast furnishes with the greater facility, they were o- shell-fish in abundance; there is also bliged to be encamped in small divisions plenty of wood. Hopes were of course at considerable distances from each other. entertained, that they would be able to

The Caraccas Gazette of the 18th hold out until the arrival of relief.April, publishes the official detailed ac- About ten soldiers and Lascars were lost count of the recapture of Barcelona by in quitting the wreck, in consequence of the Spanish royalists, during the absence loading themselves top heavily with money of Bolivar and his troops. The siege, and other articles. however confined as to the scale of ope, The following is a sketch of the mirations, was rendered memorable by a litary strength of the powers bordering display of mutual animosity unknown to on the British dominions, according to civil war. It appears that the defenders letters from Calcutta, dated November of Barcelona were enthusiastic in their 6:resistance to the besieging force--that the Spanish commander summoned them country; their tribes are headed by Run

1. The Seikhs possess a large track of to surrender at discrétion—that on his jeet Sing, a warlike and ambitious leader

. summons being rejected, he renewed the Their usual military establishment may attack, and having prevailed at the close be estimated at 28,000. The Seiklos of a tremepdous conflict, put 700 men, under our protection can bring into the the remnant of the garrison, with half field about 17,000 soldiers.

2. Scindiah has about 40,000 soldiers ; also speak of the death of the Rajah of he is said to be in close alliance with the Nepaul. On his funeral pile one of his Rajah of Berar, and with the Bhurtpoor Queens, one of his concubines, and five Rajah. He has acquired much strength female attendants, resigned themselves since the Mahratta war, by bringing the to the flames, as a voluntary sacrifice in feudatory states under bis immediate con- honour of his memory. trol.

Batavia, March 3.-Conceiving that 3. Ameer Khan may have 28,000 sol the annexed intelligence may be interdiers ; Mahomed Shah and Lall Sing, esting, it is forwarded to you, and may who generally act with him, can bring be depended upon.-His Majesty's ship 20,000 more into the field. Ameer Khan Alceste was wrecked in the Straits of is generally much in want of money ; Gaspar, on the 18th of February. The and when his troops become mutinous officers, crew, and passengers were all from being kept in arrears, he gives them saved, and landed safely in Middle Island. perhaps half their pay, with authority His Excellency Lord Amherst, and his to plunder to the amount of what is still lordships suite, arrived at Batavia on the due to them.

22d of February, in open boats, and it 4. Holkar is poor, and has only 17,000 happening that some British vessels were men-Ameer Khan, Mahomed Shah, and then lying in the roads, ready for sea, Lall Sing, are nominally his generals. they were despatched the following morn

5. The Pindarees are a tribe of milie ing to Middle Island to bring away the tary adventurers, who, having followed officers and crew of his Majesty's ship the standards of different chiefs, and, from Alceste from thence. It is hoped that a the present tranquil state of Hindoostan, considerable part of the baggage and probeing out of employ, have joined with perty may be saved from the wreck. His other vagrants, and have cemented them- Lordship and the gentlemen of his suite selves into one great body of 40,000 sol. are in good health, and will to return diers. These hardy troops infext the to England by the first ships expected neighbouring provinces for plunder, and on their homeward-bound passage from will fight under any chief who will best China. The return of the vessels sent pay them.

to Middle Island for the officers and On the 4th December, Mr Gordon Ror. crew of his Majesty's ship Alceste is daily bes and Colonel Loveday delivered over expected. the French settlement of Chạndernagore to the Commissioners appointed to receive it by Louis XVIII. A proclama- The following statistical account of tion was issued, and Te Deum performed this immense empire may perhaps at the on hoisting the French flag, and the present moment excite some interest :English and French functionaries partook Extent of empire in sq. miles, 1,297,990 of an entertainment, at which the healths The same in acres, 830,719,360 of the Kings of France and England, Number of inhabitants, 333,000,000 and of the Governor-General of India, Revenues in sterling, £12,140.625 were drunk with every demonstration of This gives 256 persons to a square respect.

mile, or 24 acres to each, which is full The Bombay Courier, of the 4th Janu- one-balf more in proportion than the poary, contains Major Lushington's ac- pulation of England. count to the resident at Poonah (Mr The revenues amount to 8 d. a-year Elphinstone) of his successful and per. each ; so that as the British revenue severing pursuit of the Pindarees on the stood in 1815, before the abolition of the 26th and 27th of December. The major income-tax, one person in England paid is stated to have conducted the expedi- as much as 180 in China. tion with very great skill and address, Industry in China is, nevertheless, carand deserves the greatest credit. Only ried to the highest degree; and there are one British officer was killed, Captain not to be found in China either idle perDarke, of the 4th regiment of light ca- sons or beggars. Every small piece of valry; no officers were wounded. The ground is cultivated, and produces some. principal object of the Pindarrees in en- thing useful; and all sorts of grain are tering the Concan was to seize a large planted, not sowed, by which more seed quantity of kincob (silks) which was ex. is saved than would supply all the inhaported from Bombay to Chowal for the bitants of Britain and Ireland. interior; this they succeeded in, and it In that country every one labours, and was their intention to sweep the coast as even rocks are covered with earth, and far as Surat.

made to produce. The sides of mounLetters from Calcutta, of the 20th of tains are cultivated, and irrigation is very January, mention, that the cotton har general, and conducted with great art vest was expected to be very bad. They and care. Cloth and paper are made


from various vegetables, which in Eu. the Leiou-Kieou islands, where they met rope are thrown aside as useless.

with an harbour equally as capacious as In one word, they neither waste time, that of Port Mahon, in Minorca, expenor space, nor materials, and pay scarcely riencing from the poor but kind hearted any taxes; nevertheless they are so poor, inhabitants of those places the most that is, they enjoy so few of the neces. friendly reception. saries of life, that the law permits the stilling of new-born children, when the parents have not the means of bringing

africa. thein up!

This account is said to be from the AFRICAN EXPEDITION -- Sierra Leone, best authorities, and affords abundance May 12.-It is feared that all communi. of materials for thinking to our specula- cation between Captain Campbell and tive economists; but if any thing were Sierra Leone is cut off, by the following wanting to complete the strange result circumstance :-Colonel M.Carthy, goof such a population and so much indus- vernor of Sierra Leone, had received try, it is, that the Chinese despise all intelligence of two vessels, supposed other nations, but most of all commer- Americans, under Spanish colours, taking cial ones, and that they have always as in slaves, up the river Rio Noonez, at much as possible insisted on having gold the town, whose chief has always been or silver in exchange for what they sell considered as a staunch friend of the Eng. to strangers.

lish and the abolition, and the very man Lord Amherst and suite arrived at by whose means all correspondence be. Canton on the 1st of January. The tween us and the expedition has hitherto failure of the embassy is known to have been kept up: he is a powerful chief, arisen from the demand of the Chinese and a well informed man, having been of the abject ceremony of prostration, educated in England, and always been which Lord Amherst resisted, not only in the English pay; that is, receiving on general principles of national dig. valuable presents from time to time from nity, but on the precedent established the governor. The Colonial brig was by Lord Macartney. The embassy, though sent to ascertain whether it was so. On not admitted to the Emperor's presence, her arrival, finding it was the case, a was, however, treated in its way back message was sent to this chief, requesting with great and indeed unexampled at. his assistance, if necessary, in capturing tention, and the persons of the suite these vessels (a brig and schooner, wel enjoyed a degree of personal freedom manned and armed,) who apparently greater than was ever before enjoyed by seemed determined to make a desperate any foreigners.


He not only refused, but The last despatches from Captain Max. sent word to say, that if attacked, he well of the Alceste frigate, at Canton, would protect them to the utmost of his communicate very important geographic power. Notwithstanding, they were atcal information. It appears, that after tacked the same evening, and carried in the ships under his direction quitted the the most gallant manner.

On gaining Gulf of Pe-iche-lie, they stood across possession, the vessels lying nearly alongthe Gulf of Leatong, saw the great wall side the bank of the river, the comman: winding up one side of the steep moun. der of the Colonial brig finding himself tains and descending the other, down completely exposed to the natives, who into the gulf, and instead of meeting assailed him on all sides with musketry, with the eastern coast of Corea, in the arrows, &c. was obliged, in his own de situation assigned it in the several charts, fence, to turn the guns of the vessels they fell in with an archipelago, consist upon them. The consequence was, that ing of at least one thousand islands, in the morning the banks of the river amongst which were the most commo- were covered with dead. The vessels dious and magnificent harbours ; and the have since arrived at Sierra Leone. This real coast of the Corean peninsula they unfortunate occurrence taking place befound situate at least 120 miles farther fore the expedition is out of his territoto the eastward. Captain Maxwell from ries, he no doubt will avenge himself bị hence proceeded with the other ships to annoying them we are all afraid so."

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