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Desertion ; and for the better Payment period of his having been enlisted, such of the Army and their Quarters.-March person or persons so enlisting shall be forth21.

with discharged and set at liberty in the The number of forces are to be 121,035. presence of such justice or chief magistrate. -Deserters may be transported; and re- Cap. XIII. For the regulating of his turning before expiration of the term limit- Majesty's Royal Marine Forces while on ed shall suffer death.-A deserter enlist. Shore.—March 21. ed for a limited term may be sentenced Cap. XIV. To indemnify such Persons to serve for life, &c. and be adjudged to in the United Kingdom as have omitted to other forfeitures.- Persons receiving enlisto qualify themselves for Offices and Employs ing money deemed to be enlisted.—But, ments, and for extending the T'ime limited when and as often as any person or persons for those purposes respectively, until the shall be enlisted as a soldier or soldiers in 25th day of March 1818; and to permit his Majesty's land service, he or they shall, such Persons in Great Britain as have within four days, but not sooner than omitted to make and file affidavits of the twenty-four hours, after such enlisting res- Execution of Indentures of Clerks to Alpectively, be carried or go with some officer, tornies and Solicitors, to make and file the non-commissioned officer, or private soldier, same on or before the first day of Hilary belonging to the recruiting party by which Term 1818.–March 2i. he shall be enlisted, or with the person em- CAP. XV. To continue, until the 5th ployed on the recraiting service with whom day of July 1818, an Act of the 46th year he shall have enlisted, before some justice of his present Majesty for granting an adof the peace of any county, riding, city, or ditional Bounty on the Exportation of the place, or chief magistrate of any city, or Silk Manufactures of Great Britain.—March town corporate residing or being next to 21. or in the vicinity of the place, and acting CAP. XVI. For raising the Sum of for the division or district where such per Eighteen Millions, by Exchequer Bills, for son or persons shall have been enlisted, the Service of the year 1817.-March 29. and not being an officer in the army, and The Bank of England may advance before such justice or chief magistrate he £12,000,000 on the credit of this Act, or they shall be at liberty, to declare his notwithstanding the Act 5 and 6 Gul. and or their dissent to such enlisting ; and, upon Mariæ. such declaration, and returning the enlist- CAP. XVII. To repeal, during the Com. ing money, and also each person so dissent. tinuance of Peace, so much of an Act of the ing paying the sum of twenty shillings for 9th year of his present Majesty as prohibits the charges expended or laid out upon him, the Exportation of Pig and Bar Iron and together with such full rate allowed by law certain Navol Stores, unless the Pre-emption for the subsistence or diet and small beer thereof be offered to the Commissioners of his furnished to such recruit subsequent to the Majesty's Navy.-- March 29.


JOHN RAFFIELD, of Edward Street, Portman nominates The Sostinente Piano Forte, Feb Square, architect, for certain improvements on,

ruary 1. and additions to, his former patent, for an appara

WILLIAM BUNDY, Pratt Place, Camden tus to be attached to fire-stoves of all descriptions Town, mathematical instrument-maker, for inafor rooms, for the removal of cinders and ashes, chinery for breaking and preparing flax and hemp and for the better prevention of dust arising there, February 1. from, which suid additions may be ased jointly or

JAMES ATKINSON WEST, Crane Court, separately. January 10, 1817

Fleet Street, brass-worker and lamp-manufacturer, To JOSEPH de CAVAILLON, Sambrook Court, for improvements in or on lustres, chandeliers, and London, gentleman, for improvements in the pre- lamps, of various descriptions, and in the manner paring, clarifying, and refining of sugar, and other of conveying gas to the same. February 6. vegetable, animal, and mineral substances, and in WILLIAM CLARK, Bath, Esq. for a contrirthe machinery and utensils used therein. Jan. 23. ance called a safe guard to locks, applicable to locks

ROBERT DICKINSON, Great Queen Street, in general, by which they may be so secured as to Esq. for a method or methods of preparing or pav- defy the attempts

of plunderers using pick-locks of ing streets and roads for horses and carriages, so as false keys. February 8. to render the parts or pavements when so done ROBÉRT HARDY, Worcester, iron-founder, more durable, and ultimately less expensive, than for improvements in the manufacturing of cast iron those in common use, and presenting other impor- bushes or pipe-boxes for chaise, coach, waggon, and tant advantages. January 23,

all other sorts of carriage-wheels. February 20. DANIEL WILSON, Dublin, gentleman, for RICHARD LITHERLAND, Liverpool, watchimprovements in the process of boiling and refining maker, for improvements in, or on, the escapement sugar. January 23.

of watches. February 20. GEORGE MONTAGUE HIGGINSON, of RICHARD HOLDEN, Stafford Street, St Mary. Borey Tracy, Devon, lieutenant in the navy, for le-bone, gentleman, for machines for producing improvements in locks. February, 1.

rotatory and pendulous motion in a new manner. WILLIAM WALL, Wandsworth, watchmaker, February 20. for a horizontal escapement for watches. Febru- DANIEL WHEELER, of Hyde Street, St George, ary 1.

Bloomsbury, Middlesex, colour-maker, for a me ISAAC ROBERT MOTT, Brighton, composer thod of drying and preparing malt. March 28 and teacher of music, for a method of producing, EDWARD NICHOLAS, of Llangattock, Viboa from vibrating substances, a tone or musical sound, Avell, Monmouthshire, farmer, for a plough, for the peculiar powers in the management whereof are the purpose of covering with mould wheat and entirely new, and which musical instrument he de other grain when sown. April 19.

Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue in the Years ending 5th January 1816, and 5th January 1817; and also the Total Produce of the Customs and Excise.

Year ending Year ending

Jan. 5. 1816. Jan. 5. 1817.




Customs, Consolidated,
Ditto, Annual Duties,
Ditto, War Taxes,
Total Produce of Customs,

Excise, Consolidated,
Ditto, Annual Duties,
Ditto, War Taxes,

Total Produce of Excise,
Post Office,
Assessed Taxes,
Property Tax,
Land Taxes,
Pensions, Offices, &c.


595,950 6,614,526 26,662,432 5,865,413 1,548,000 6,214,987 14,318,572 1,079,993 366,867



534,124 4,462,074 22,868,196 5,969,721 1,426,000 5,783,322 11,559,590 1,127,929 241,190


[blocks in formation]


An Account of the Income of, and Charge upon, the Consolidated Fund in the Quarters

ended the 5th January 1816 and 1817, together with the Amount of War Taxes and the Annual Duties, &c. to the same periods.



1817. Customs,

£1,128,120 2 113 £1,317,383 18 117 Excise,

4,526,139 0 0 4,132,724 0 0 Stamps,

1,250,340 20 1,461,325 5 11 Incidents, &c.

3,353,979 80 2,881,795 0 2 Surplus Annuity Duties,

422,397 8 1

361,327 4 8 Exchequer Fees,

24,000 0 0 Tontine Money,

11,810 6 1

11,807 16 33 Interest Ireland,

916,115 19 10 916,760 12 4 War Taxes,

614,035 17 4+ Reserved out of Annuity to Prince of Wales,

5,500 0 0

5,600 0 0 £12.522,438 4 4 £11,118,613 18 41 CHARGE.


1817. Exchequer, &e.

£293,043 8 7

£293,036 2 4 Bank Dividends,

9,627,814 13 21 9,569,050 3 Redemption National Debt,

2,829,2916 8 2,828,746 14 1 Civil List,

257,000 0 0

257,000 0 0

Estimated at Pensions, &c.

120,233 16 0:1 252,166 19 5

£13,127,383 4 5 £13,200,000 0 0 Deficiency,

604,945 o 12 2,081,386 1 7

£12,522,438 4 4 £11,118,613 18 44 WAR TAXES.


1817. Amount of War Taxes,

£4,609,452 1993 £2,447,396 7 11 Deduct War Taxes carried to Consolidated Fund,

614,035 17 41 War Taxes for the Public Service,

4,095,417 257 2,447,396 711 Amount of Duties annually voted to pay off 3 mil. Excheq. Bills, 927,635 0 44 1,211,941 8 8.5 South Sea Duty,

1,642 15 8

743 17 51 41 per cent.

7,6010 9

6,840 16 2 Exchequer, January 4, 1817.



Abstract of the Net Produce of the Consolidated Fund, in the Quarters ended 5th April, APPOINTMENTS, PROMOTIONS, &c.


1815, 1816, and 1817. Quarters ended 5th April, 1815. Ditto, 1816. Ditto, 1817. Customs,

£1,288,038 £1,394,639 £1,719,314 Excise,

4,674,768 4,325,528 3,810,211 Stamps,

1,278,576 1,520,536 1,492,611 Post Office,

411,000 378,000 342,000 Assessed Taxes,

614,861 726,909 868,104 Land Taxes,

104,949 135,227 154,550 Property Tax,

993,493 Miscellaneous,


22,7i2 98,194

£8,430,362 £8,551,551 £9,487,877 Charge upon Consolidated Estimated

8,800,000 Fund this quarter. ? Surplus,


The Customs have increas-
ed in the quarter of this year
shewn in this statement by the
War Taxes made permanent.

The Excise has fallen off to
the extent here shown, chiefly
from the badness of the har-

The whole quarter has increased nearly a million, as compared with last year, by the addition of arrears of Property Tax; the charge in this quarter being £8,800,000.There is a surplus as above of £687,868. vest.



5 D.G. Captain W. Walker, to be Major by puren. vice Ormsby, retires

9th da. Lieut. C. Walker, to be Captain by purch.

vice Walker Cornet J. Watson, to be Lieut. by purch. vice Walker

do. 6 Dr. W. Armstrong, to be Lieut. by purch. vice Linton, prom.

do. Hon, E. S. Pery, froin 16 Dr. to be Cornet, vice Armstrong

do. 7

- H. Visc. Barnard, to be Lieut. by purch. vice Lord Urbridge 24 de H. Lyster, to be Cornet by purch, vice Lord Barnard

th de. 13 W, T. Cockburn, to be Cornet by purch. vice Ryan, prom.

Ted do 16 W. Graham, to be Cornet by purch. Fice Pery, 16 Dr

29th do 19 J. H.' Whitinore, to be Cornet by purch. vice Arnold, prom.

990 do S.C.of C. R. Buckham, to be Cornet by purch, vice Tipping, prom.

5ih June 2 Foot. Ensign F. P. Webber, to be Lieut. vice Perrin, dead

**20 May J. Delany to be Ensign, vice Webber do, 3 Assist. Surg. J. Martin, from 1 W. I Rug;

to be Assist. Surg. vice Heathcote, dezt 11 Gent. Cadet L. B. Wilford, to be En ign by

purch. vice Ancram, retired 5th June 12 Major Hon. Cecil Lowther, from 10 Dr. to

be Lieut. Col. vice Stirke, rct. 20th April 18 Lieut. R. Meares, from 2 L. G. to be (apt.

by purch. vice Maj.Conolly, ret. 21 March 20 Rob. Dodd, to be Ensign by purch. 5 June 22 Lieut. B. Le Sage, to be Captain by purch.

vice Boyd, ret. Ensign R. M'Carthy, to be Lieut. by purch. vice Le Sage

do. Fred. Corfield, to be Ensign by purch. vice M'Carthy

do. 24 Lieut. E.'c. Smith, to be Capt. vice Hed. derwick, dead

2th May Ensign R. Campbell, to be Lieut. vice Sinith

do. A. M‘Kenzie to be Ens. vice Campbell do. 29

Capt. B. Wyld, from h. p. to be paymaster,

vice Humphry, ret. upon h. p. 3th June 51

Ensign W. Johnstone, to be Lieut. by purch. vioe Lintott, 60 F.

29th May G. R. Abercrombie, to be Ensign by purch.

vice Johnstone
Ensign C. Williams, to be Lieut. by purch.

vice Price, proin.
A Campbell, to be Ensign by purch.

do. 55

Ensign s. Roe, from h.p. 111. to be Surg.

vice Sharp, dead 58 Ensign W.'. Baines, from 53 F. to be

Ens. vice Sage, ret. upon h. p. 53 F. do 60 Licut. J. Lintitt, from 51 F. to be Captaia

by purch. vice Baring, rit. 71 Ensign W. Stewart, froin 97 F. to be Ens.

vice Hender:on,' ret. upon h. p. :? F: 77 Assist. Surg. W. F. Bow, from 97 F. to be

Assist. Surg. vice Burke, ret. upon hip:

07 Foot 81

Ensign R. Beadle, to be Lieut. by purch.

vice Home, prom.
J. Badcock, to be Ensign by purch, vice

Capt. J. Knox, to be Major by purch. vice




ooth do.

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21th March

92d May


The dignity of a Baron of the United Kingdom
granted to the Right Hon. Charles Abbot, of Kid.
brooke, co. Sus ex, late Speaker of the House of
Commons, and the heirs male of his body lawfully
begotten, by the name, style, and title of Baron
Colchester, of Colchester, co. Essex.

Sir G. F. Hill, a Mmber of the Privy Council.
J. Becket, Esq. Judge Advocate General.

Lord Strangford, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at the Swedish Court.

The Right Hon. Charles Manners Sutton, Speak. er of the House of Commons, vice Right Hon. Charles Abbot, now Lord Colchester


The Right Hon. Lord Gray has presented the Rev. George Addison, minister of Luchterhouse, to the church and parish of Liff and Bervie, vacant by the death of the Rer. Dr Thoinas Constable.

Vans Hawthorn, Esq. of Garthland, has been pleased to appoint Mr James Anderson, preacher of the gospel, to the church and parish of Stonnykirk, vacant by the death of the Rev. Henry Blair.

The Magistrates and Town Council of Forfar have elected Mr Wm Clugston of Gla gow, preacher, to be minister of that town and parish.

The Town Council of Stirling have presented the Rev. Mr Small of Stair to the second charge of that town and parish, vacant by the death of the Rev. Mr Russel.

The Town Council have presented Mr Clugston, preacher of the Gospel, to that church and parish, vacant by the death of the Rev. Mr Bruce.

Deshon, ret.
Lieut. A. R. Charlton, to be Capt. by purch.

vice Knox
Ensign G. A. Thompson, to be Lieut. by

do. purch. vice Chariton Hon. H. R. Molyneux, to be Ensign by

purch. vice Thompson 35 Assist. Surg. W. G. Thompson, from 62 F:

to be Assist. Surg. vice M'Andrew, ret.

upon h. p. 62 F. 99 G. Hogarth, to be Ensign by purch. vice

Manness, ret. 101 Ensign T. Pigott, to be Licut. by purch.

doa vice Le Couteur, prom.


Brevet Major M. Leggat, 36 F. to be Lieut. Colonel
in the army

21st June 1817
Geo. M‘Leod, R. E to be do. do.
Cha. M'Gregor, 70 F. do. do.
R. Lawson, R. Art. do. do.
James Hughes, 18 Dr. do. do.
P.Bainbridge, Per.A.Q.M.G.do. do.
G. Marlay, h. p. 14 F. do. do.
R Anwyil, 4 €.

do. do.
G.Baron During, lateK.G.L. do. do.
0. G. Fehrzen, 53 F. do. do.
W'm Power, h. p. R. A. do.

K. Snodgrass, h. p. do. do.
W. Balvaird, Rifle Brig. do. do.
Sir J.R.Colleton, S. Cor. do. do,
S. Stretton, 40 F.

do. do.
T.E. Napier, h.p. Chas.Br. do. do.
N. Thorn, 3 F.

W. H. Sewell, 60 F. do. do.
W. Dunbar, 66 F.

do. do.
W.L.Darling, h.p. 2 G.B. do. do.
J Thackwell, 15 Dr. do. do.
A. Macdonald, R. Art. do. do.

H. Dumaresa, h. p. 9 F. do. do.
Capt. G. W. Barnes, h. p. N. F. to be Major
in the army

do. E. T. Fitz Gerald, 12 F. do. do. E. Knox, 51 F.

do. do. W. Moray, 13 Dr.


do. W. Rainey

do. do.
W.C. Holloway, R. Eng. do.

N. Gledstanes, 68 F. do. do.
J. Babington, Dr. do. do.
N. Eckersley, 1 Dr. do. do.
H. S. Blanckley, 23 F. do, do.
T. H. Browne, h. p. 23 F. do. do.
Dan. Bouchier, R. Art. do. do.
H. G. Macleod, h. p. 35 F. do. do.
Sir J. S. Lillie, Kt, 60 F. do. do.
W. Light, h. p. 28 F.

do. D.G. Lieut. T. Ker, from hop 8 Dr. to be Pay. master, vice Arzcott, retires

14th May




1 W.I.R. Assist. Surg. J. Brady, from h. p. 93 F. to Hosp. Assist. Wm Williams, from h. p. to be Hosp. be Assist. Surg. vice Martin, 5 F. 29th do. Assist. do.

13th do. R.W.I.Ran. Lieut. R. S. Gordon, from 6 W. I. R.

N. Gilmour, from h. p. to be Hosp. to be Lieut. vice Archer, ret, upon h. p. Assist do.

do. 6W. I. Regt.

22d do. Assist. Storekeeper Gen. H. Gilbert, to be Dep. Storekeeper Gen. do.

9th do Staff

J. Seaman, to be Assist. Storekeeper Gen. do. do. Staff Surg. C. Ryan, from h. p. to be Surg. to the forces

220 May

General. Lloyd, R. Art.

16 June 1817

Colonel. Robbins, 69 F.

25 Dec. 1816

Margennis, 69 F. 10ct. 1816
White, R. York R. 5 Apr. 1817
Wheeler, 1 Ceyl. R. 21 Nov. 16
Yorke, R. Eng. 2 Sep. 1817

R. J. Shaw, 24 Dr. 28 Nov.1816
Hallilay, 19 F.
Ward, 53 F.

4 Sep. Mulligan, 69 F.

23 Oct. R. Wilson, 80 F.

18 do.

Boggie, 83 F. 2 March 1817
Fordyce, 84 F. 15 Sep. 1816
Considine, h. p. 104 F.
Gordon, 4 W.I. R. 24 Apr. 1817
M.Rae, R. Afr. C. 22 Jan. 1817
Stewart, R. W. I. Ran. 18 March
Hone, 1 Ceylon Regt.
Roberts, 2 do.
Bruel, late Ger. Leg.

12 April
Dennis, R. Art.

3 June
Davies, Inv. B. R. Art.
Tyler, W. Lond. Militia, 1 pr.
Ferguson, Lanark Mil.

24 May
Robertson, do.

I do.

Munns, 1 F. 21 Nov. 1816
Dickens, 24 F.

8 Nov. J.Campbell(drowned), 73F.27Jan Haswall, do. do.

do. Coane, do.

do. do. Dover, 87 F. 10 Dec, 1816

Prentice, E. Norf. Mil. 4 Apr. 17

mssistant Surgeuli.

5 Dec. 1816
Bell, Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. at

6 May 1817

13 May

[blocks in formation]


COLONIAL PRODUCE.-Sugar.-The expected supplies having arrived, and large quantities being brought into the market, prices declined considerably during the first two weeks of last month. These are, however, again improving a little, owing to considerable purchases being made for the Continent, principally for Holland and Belgium. Refined Sugars continue to meet an extensive demand, and parcels are readily sold the moment they are brought into the market. Molasses are also in brisk demand. Considerable sales of Foreign Sugars have been effected, but without any variation in prices.-Rum exceedingly dull, and may be purchased at a reduction of 2d. to 3d. per gallon since our last.- Coffee continues in steady demand, without much variation in prices. -Cotton.Pernambucco has been in considerable request, and nearly the whole in the market has been purchased for exportation ; price 26. to 2s. ld. Other sorts without variation, though in considerable demand- -Spices.-Company's Pepper, of good quality, in considerable request. A parcel was lately withdrawn at 8ļd. Jamaica Ginger is also in demand ; price £14, 118.Tobacco in very limited demand, and without variation.

EUROPEAN PRODUCE.--Hemp, Flax, and Tallow, without much variation in prices, Parcels of Hemp for arrival have been sold at £37 to £37, 155.--Ashes very dull, and prices considerably lower.

We state again, with much pleasure, that our intelligence from the different Manufacturing districts continues favourable. Trade is reviving slowly; and the best proof of it is, that all the workmen are now in employment. Wages have also risen, though, we doubt, not yet in proportion to the prices of provisions. In Glasgow and some other places, we know for a fact, that those charitable establishments which had been formed for distributing soups, &c. have been given up, as no longer necessary.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Aberdeen, Dundee, &c. 15s. Id. to 20s. Africa, 2 gs. American States, 35s. to 40s. Belfast, Cork, Dublin, 15s. 9d. Brazils, 2 gs. Hamburgh, &c. 10s. 6d. to 12s. 6d. Cadiz, Lisbon, Oporto, 20s. to 25s. Canada, 40s to 50s. Cape of Good Hope, 24 gs. Smyrna, &c. 3 gs. East Indies, out and home, 7 gs. France, 10s. 6d. to 15s. Jamaica, 2 gs. to 50s. Leeward Islands, 35s. to 40s. Madeira, 20s. to 258. Malta, Italian States, &c. 2 gs. Malaga, 2 gs. Newfoundland, &c. 30s. Portsmouth, Falmouth, &c. 10s. 6d. River Plate, 3 gs. Stockholm, St Petersburgh, &c. 15s. Id. to 20s.

Course of Exchange, London, July 10.-Amsterdam, 38 : 6 B. 2 U. Agio of the Bank, 2. Paris, 24: 80, 3 days. Hamburgh, 35: 5:24 U. Dublin, 121.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.- Portugal gold, in coin, £3:19:0. New doubloons, £3:15:6. New dollars, £0:5:2. Foreign gold, in bars, £3:19:0. Silver, in bars, stand. £0:5:2.

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