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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Important Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases commented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

Aetna Life Insurance Co. v. Dunn (U. S. C. C. of App.. Eighth Circuit) Accident Insurance-What Constitutes an Abandonment of an Occupation, R D. 402.

Barnewell v. Stephens (Ala.) Unlawful Detainer-Notice. R. D. 145.

Beckley v. Riegert (Pa.) Wills-Construction of Term Dying Without Issue Living at Time of Death, R. D. 322.

Bowdish v. Metzger (Kan.) Power of a Court of Equity to Compel a Defendant to Make Disclosures as to Source of Title and to Grant Relief upon such Disclosures, R. D. 163.

Brady v. District Court (Iowa) Legislative and Judicial Encroachments on Constitutional Provisions, Ed. 181.

Burrie. In re (Cal.) An Attorney Disbarred Reinstated Under What Circumstances. R. D. 343.

Calkins v. Calkins (III.) The Meaning of the Word "Attest" in the Illinois Statutes Relating to Wills, Ed. 241.

Canton Coal Co. v. Perlin & Orendorff Co. (II.) Accord and Satisfaction-Acceptance of Sum Tendered in Full of Account-Waiver of Conditions of Tender, R. D. 105.

Cavalier v. Pope (English) Landlord-Liability for Injury Through Nonrepair, R. D. 263. Chapman v. Tyson (Wash.) Deeds-Use of Assumed Names as Grantor and Grantee, ann. case, 390.

Cross v. Johnston (Ark.) Specific PerformancePart Performance Entitles Party to, When, R. D. 363.

Cunnius v. Reading School District (U. S. S. C.) Decedents-Administration of Estates of Absent Persons, R. D. 202.

D'Agastino v. Pennsylvania R. Co. (N. J.) Negligence-Right of Workman Putting Himself in a Place of Danger to Expect a Customary Warning, R. D. 182.

Edwards v. Edwards (N. J.) Divorce-Duty to Effect Reconciliation, When, R. D. 342;

ann. case, 452.

Everett v. Barse Live Stock Commission Company (Mo.) Agister's Lien-Necessity of Express Agreement at Common Law, R. D. 122.

Farrell v. Hawley (Conn.) Extradition-Necessity for Hearing by Governor, R. D. 223. Filkins v. Severin (Iowa) Wills-Trusts Void by Failure to Designate Beneficiary, R. D. 285.

Forseyth v. City of Oswego (N. Y.) Municipal Corporations-Notice of Injury and Its Sufficiency. ann. case, 409.

Friedman v. Snare & Triest Co. (N. J.)


Question of Negligence from Leaving Building Materials in the Street and Injury to Child in Consequence, ann. case, 189.

Gardiner v. Boss (S. Dak.) Judgment-Collateral Attack in Supplemental Proceedings. ann. case, 210.

Glover v. Manila Gold Min. & Mill. Co. (S. Dak) Corporations-Relief Granted Minority Stockholders on Ground of Fraud, ann. case,


Hemsley v. Marlborough House Co. (N.
Deed-Construction of Restrictions in
Deed, R. D. 482.


Jersey Island Packing Co., In re (U. S. C. C. of App., Ninth Circuit) Corporations-Trust Deeds Passing Property to Trustee in Bankruptcy Foreclosure and Injunction, R. D. 164.

Jomsland V. Wallace (Wash.) Statute of Frauds Giving of Possession is Sufficient to Enforce Verbal Contract for Sale of Real Estate, R. D. 424.

Judd v. Walker (Mo.) Fraud and Deceit-Land Sales--Caveat Emptor, ann. case, 327. Kingsley v. Wheeler (Minn.) Real Estate Agent Purchasing of Principal Having Already Arranged to Sell to Third Party. R. D. 342. Konkle v. Haven (Mich.) Libel-Letters of Laymen Concerning Pastor as Privileged Communications, ann. case, 134.

Long y McDaniel (Ark.) Statute of FraudsPromise to Pay Debt of Another When not Within the Statute, P. D. 404.

Lusk v. Smith (Kan.) Usury-What Does not
Constitute. R. D. 302.

McClelland v. Builis (Colo.) Equity-Effect of a
Failure to Object to a trial by Jury in a
Suit in Equity. R. D. 445.
Marshalltown Light, Power & Ry. Co. v. City
of Marshalltown (Iowa) Constitutional Law
-Impairment of Obligation of Contract-
Reservation of Power to Change Franchise
Conditions by Municipal Corporation---
Street Paving-Liability, ann. case, 170.
Mason v. Geo. H. Copeland & Co. (R. I.) Ac-
tions--Although the Acts of two Parties
Contributed to an Injury. the Acts being
Independent of Each Other, Cannot be
Joined, R. D. 322.

Melbourne v. Arnold Electric Power & Station
Co. (Mich.) Master and Servant-Assumed
Risk in Riding on Outside of Car, ann.
case. 347.

Mohr V.

Williams (Minn.) Assault-Surgical Operation Unauthorized, R. D. 242. Myers v. Mutual Life Insurance Co. (Ind.) Receivers What Attorney's Fees Constitute Expenses of Receivership. R. D. 223. Nashville. C. & St. L. Ry. Co. v. Flake (Tenn.) Injury to a Passenger from Accidental Discharge of Pistol in Hands of Third Party, R. D. 142.

Noyes v. Douglass (Wash.) Adverse Possession -Abandonment. R. D. 243.

O'Hair v. O'Hair (Ark.) Husband and WifeWhen the Presumption of Gift Arises Between Them, R. D. 383.

Pabst Brewing Company, v. G. Y. Crenshaw (U. S. S. C.) Commerce in Intoxicating Liquors-Validity of State Inspection Law, ann. case, 270.

Pakas v. Hollingshead (N. Y.) Where There is a Breach of a Contract, which may be Regarded as Total. is the Injured Party Prevented from Recovering Future Damages, by Bringing an Action only for Past Damages, where the Time for Full Performance has not Arrived, Ed. 281.

Peckham v. Fox (Cal.) Mechanics' Liens-Attorney's Fees Made Part of Lien, R. D. 405. People v. Ivis (11.) Juvenile Court-Chancery Controlling Miñors, ann. case, 289.

Perley & Hays, In re (U. S. D. C., E. D. Mo.)
Bankruptcy-When Partnership and Individ-
ual Assets More Than Debts Petition Dis-
missed, R. D 264.

Peterson V. Creason

(Oreg.) Evidence-Oral
Agreement to Indemnify not Within the
Statute of Frauds, as a General Rule, R.
D. 303.

Philadelphia, B. & W. R. Co. v. Devers (Pa.)

Master and Servant-Changing Flagman's

Box during his Absence for Repairs, being
Replaced too Near Track, Struck by Train
-Flagman Injured, R. D. 166.

Porter v. Brook (U. S. D. C.) The Devolution
of Indian Lands to non-citizen relations by
marriage, Ed. 261.

Powell v. Nevada, etc., R. R. Co. (Nev.) Dis-

tinction between Locomotive Whistles and

Whistles on Stationary Engines. as to Lia-

bility for Frightening Horses, Ed. 381, R.

D. 382.

Reynolds v. Buck (Iowa) Master and Servant-
Liability of Owner of Automobile for Dam-
ages Resulting from its Operation by An-
other, R. D. 203.

Sawyer v. Sanderson (Mo.) The Legal Effect

of the Transfer of a License to Sell Liquor,

ann. case, 108.

Smith v. Proctor (N. Car.) Trusts-Application

of Rule in Shelley's Case to Cases where

Particular "Heirs" are Designated, R. D.


Southwest Missouri Electric Ry. Co.

V. Fry

(Kan.) Street Railroad-Injury to Child on
Track, ann. case, 149.

State v. Byrd (S. Car.) Homicide-Resisting
Arrest, ann. case, 230.

State v. St. Mary's Franco-American Petroleum
Co. (W. Va.) Constitutional Law-Service
on Corporations by Service on Public Offi-
cial, ann. case; 468.

State v. Shattuck (Minn.) Game-Prohibition of
Sale-Constitutionality, ann. case, 496.
Stephens v. Phoenix Bridge Co. (U. S. C. C.
of App.. Second Circuit) Building Con-

tracts-Damages for Breach-Stipulations
for Penalty. ann. case, 372, R. D. 423.

Texas Pacific Ry. Co. V. Dashiell (U. S. S.
C.) The General Words of a Release from
Injuries in a Railroad Accident, R. D. 143.
Theobold v. St. Louis Transit Co. (Mo.) Is it
Error to Compel a Litigant to Exhaust his
Peremptory Challenges in Order to Remove
a Juror where such Litigant Proceeds to

Trial with the Jury Finally Selected, Ed.


Thorp v. White (Mass.) A Person who Signs a

Negotiable Instrument in Blank before De-

livery is Liable as an Indorser, R. D. 304.

Tift v. Southern Ry. Co. (U. s. c. C., W. D.
Ga.) Carriers-Regulation of Freight Rates,
ann. case, 428.
R. Co.

Walter v. Alabama Great Southern

(Ala.) Connecting Carriers-Loss of Goods

-Delivering Carrier Responsible, ann. case,


Ward v. Anderson (Pa.)


tion of the Status Quo, R. D. 182.

Wright v. Glen Telephone Co. (N. Y.) Tele-

phone Service-Contract as to Rates to Citi-

zens Where City Grants Franchise in Con-
sideration Thereof, R. D. 443.

Yeaton v. Boston & M. R. R. (N. H.) Con-
tributory Negligence-Last Chance. R. D.

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