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of the ash, leads to the conclusion: "For general manufacturing and heating purposes, in which most of the fuel is used, the coal of North Dakota is well adapted." Therefore"the coal of North Dakota is of inestimable value to the people of the State."

26. North Dakota is abundantly supplied with a variety of clays, such as brick clay, fire clay, stoneware and white earthenware clays. A natural hydraulic cement clay has been found in the Pembina Mountain district and in Cavalier county. The proximity of the coal deposits to the finer clays will facilitate their utilization.

27. The remarkable development of this State in the short time of its occupancy by white men is due to the fertility of the soil, to the ease with which the wild land of the prairie can be turned into fruitful fields, to the excellent quality of wheat which the soil and the climate produce, and to the facilities for transportation afforded by two transcontinental lines of railroads crossing the State and sending out branches in every direction.

28. The intelligence, the enterprise, and the moral earnestness of the people utilize all these conditions of success, and have imprinted the stamp of progressive civilization on the character of the State. Valuable additions to the citizenship of our State have been made from States farther south, notably from Missouri, Kentucky, and Virginia. Generous contributions have been made by Canada and by the Scandinavian countries. Germany, England, and Ireland are well represented.

29. The public-school system of the State is excellent and is constantly improving. Opportunity for securing the advantages of a higher education is offered in the University of North Dakota at Grand Forks; in the Agricultural College at Fargo; in the normal schools at Mayville and Valley City; in the scientific school at Wahpeton; and in the industrial school for manual training at Ellendale. Graded and high schools are organized in the cities



and larger towns, and common schools are within the reach of all.



In addition to these there are denominational colleges and private schools, among which may be found Fargo

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College, a Congregational institution at Fargo; the Presbyterian College at Jamestown; and Red River Valley Uni

versity, a Methodist institution at Wahpeton. The Roman Catholics have a convent and school at Fargo and at Bismarck, and an academy at Grand Forks.

These institutions have a solid basis and substantial support; connected with them are professors and teachers who are graduates of the best universities and colleges in



the United States, and some of whom have availed themselves of the advantages furnished by the leading institutions of Europe.

30. In accordance with the true American idea, the church accompanies the school. Vigorous churches of all denominations and an able ministry are keeping step with other forces which are rapidly developing the character of the State.

31. The people of North Dakota have a just and grateful pride in the results already attained in their new State, the character of which they are building on the home, the school, and the church. "Intelligence and virtue" are the only sure foundations of a republican government.

Capability and trustworthiness should be the only qualifications for office. If government is "of the people, by

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the people, and for the people," the people must be right, or all will be wrong. If public opinion is sound and right, the government of the people of North Dakota will secure the ends of justice and righteousness. The future of the State depends on the coming and succeeding generations.

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