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access to some of these works, such as Brodhead's History of New York, O'Callaghan's History of New Netherland, and the Manual for the Use of the Legislature of the State of New York, usually called the "Legislative Manual." It is important that the school library contain some edition of the general laws and statutes of the State. The only official publication of these laws consists of the Revised Statutes of 1827-1828 (which have been practically superseded by later legislation), and the Session Laws published each year. The compilation of the "General Laws" of the State, made by the Statutory Revision Commission, are scattered through the Session Laws; but these are not readily accessible to the ordinary student. There are, however, several valuable unofficial collections of the general laws and statutes, any one of which would serve the purpose of the student. The most important of these compilations are: Heydecker's General Laws and Revised Statutes of the State of New York, revised edition, 5 vols., 1901; Cummings and Gilbert's General Laws and Other General Statutes of the State of New York, 3 vols., 1901; Birdseye's Revised Statutes, Codes, and General Laws of the State of New York, third edition, 3 vols., 1901. The recent reports of the most important administrative departments should be consulted, if special attention is given to the administrative work of the State.

The limited scope of this volume prevents the introduction of a great amount of illustrative material; but the few tables, synopses, and excerpts from historical documents, collected in the Appendices, may prove beneficial to those who have not access to more complete sources

of information. The teacher can do much to make the study of civil government real and interesting by calling attention to current political questions. This should be done, of course, not in a partisan spirit, but to show how such questions are related to the general interests of the community, and to develop in the mind of the pupil some concern for the common good.

This volume is intended to be, not simply a text-book for pupils in school, but a guide-book for all who wish a comprehensive survey of our State institutions and suggestions for a more thorough study of the subject. The author wishes to express his appreciation of the interest shown by the publishers of this series in the cause of political education; and also of the suggestions given by the general editor in the preparation of this volume.

W. C. M.



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