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On his parch'd brows and aching

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got pelf,

When firft bright Sol peeps o'er the

With thee I love to rove,
Inhale the healthy breeze of morn,

And tread the laughing grove;

WHEN mountain billows threat the To view the lark afcending high,

pale.fac'd moon, And hear his matins in the sky. And the proud North, with rage re

doubled, blows ; But chief, by Cynthia's penfive light,

The weary failor on the vessel's fide, What bliss with thee to stray ! Wishes for ease at home, and soft To contemplate the filent night,

repose. And mark the fading day ! O happy lot with thee to walk,'

Through that sweet hope alone, the Enjoy thy smiles, and hear thy talk !

soldier lives,

Encount'ring noisome damps and When Spring in all his glory shines,

sultry heats ; Or Summer pours his fervid ray; When, in the toillome march, the midWhen Autumn lifts his mantling vines,

Or Winter Teds his gloomy day; If Delia but a smile beltow,

forehead beats. I know no care, I feel oo woe.


Content! for which whole flores of ill-
Thé pride of wealth, are sacrific'd in

vain ; On the Death of LIEUT. JOHN Cochran, of the 39th Regiment of Can e'er thy Nay one single hour ob

Not all the riches of the proffer'd East Foot, who was kilied at Guadaloupe,

tain. Sept. 1794.

Not all the pomp of pow'r can drive THE sympathising ligh my forrows feek,


[breast; The heart that weeps to hear another

Care and disquiet from the had man's (urn ; Nor case the throbbings of a guilty

mind, O'er a far distant friend's untimely

Or dictate to the wounded conscience, And with sweet soothing dries the streaming cheek.

peace. My fighs lament a youth who is no more,

A CHARADE. Whose gentle heart was fraught with

ev'ry grace, With virtue's ardour beam'd his

MY Fitft to many a British heart

Of late las forrow giv'n ;
beauteous face

My Second, prudence will not uie,
Ah! lovely was the form I now deplore ! It scarce can be forgiv'n.
Ye pensive strangers, wand'ring near
his bier,

My whole is never call'd to view, .

Where all is reft and peace ; Oh! with fad pity's tears bedew his grave !

[to save,

But when brought out it seldom fails Think that he fell, his country's weal

To make dillur bacce cease. Where his pale corse is tomu'd, alone

PHILETUS. and drcar.



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Genoa, Jan. 14.

every motion of the inhabitants of

Warsaw. WE learn that the Toulon fleet is to Immediately after the late arrests,

fail with the firft favourable wind the Russian government issued a public -chat it will be accompanied by a paper by the sound of trumpet, &c. to Bumber of transports with troops on quiet the minds of the people, afluring, board, which snews that the French them that the persons arrifted were have an important expedition in view. not apprehended on account of any Some think they will attack Barcelona, 1 part of their conduct previous, hut subothers CorGca, and others think the sequent to the capture of Warsaw. illand of Spezzia is the object of this The general renewed the promiscs of expedition. We are however con general Suwarrow, alluring the citi. vinced that the English fleet is watcb- zens, that with respect to the salety of ing their movements.

their perfons, the articles of capitulaWarsaw, Jan. 16. A courier ar. tion should be abided by with the most rived here with dispatches to the Rul- fcrupulous attention. Meat is again to fian minister, baron Asch, and the be had at Warfaw at a moderate price. governor of this city, count Bux- Madrid, Jan. 17. The mail arrived hoyden, containing a letter in the hand. yesterday from America, brought the writing of the emprefs, in which the account of a conspiracy having bean recommends to the king of Poland, discovered at Mexico towards the end for his security in the present critical of August last. fituation of affairs, to remove to Grod- The plot, by which it was designed Do, and alligns him 10,000 ducats for to murder the vice-roy and his fainis, the expences of the journey. His ma- to take possession of the royal and archia jesty had returned an answer, in which episcopal palaces, the mint, inquitihe says, that though his age, and the tion, and other public buildings, and infirm fare of his bealth, make such the principal private houses, and to let a journey very disagreeable to him, and fire to and deliver over the city to the even hazardous at the prelent season of plunder of the populace and disconthe year, he shall always be ready to tented - Indians of fome neighiouring comply in every respect with the towns, was conducted by two Frenchwishes of the empress. The pope's men, who had succeeded in feducing nuncio and the English envoy follow leveral Spanish inhabitants to their inies him to Grodno.

reit, and were to be affilted in the exeOn the 2cth another courier arrived; cution of their plan by a number of their and immediately after, thirty-two per- countrymen, who, contrary to the ge. fons were arrested, as principal leaders neral practice of this government, had in the revolution in Poland, and on the been suffered to remain in Mexico after 24th conveyed under a strong guard of the commencement of the war. Cossacks into the Russian territories. Nearly about the same time, a limi. Among these are count Ignatius Polar explosion was to have taken place at tocki, Tate minister for foreign affairs, Santa Fé, the capital of the new king,

Zackrzewsky, the former dom of Granada, in all its circunprefident of Warsaw, M. Mollow. Atances similar to the preceding, but it ki, Kilinski, Kapoftas, and Leduchov- was likewise prevented by discovery the ху.

very day before it was to happen. Count Buxhoyden has likewise re- Luviltin, Fan. 17. Terror and c07. ceived ftrict orders attentively to watch leraation are here "the crúce of the





day." The surrender of Utrecht, the hostilities. On Saturday laft at nooni
event of the fanguinary engagements of 800 French took possession of Utrecht.
the oth, the capture of Thiel, Heur- That city having thus capitulated
den, &c. the continuance of the frost, to the victorious arms of the French
which facilitates the progress of the republic, it was not to be doubted but
eremy, all concur in deciding the fate that Amsterdam would speedily follow
of Holland. The wretched emigrants its example, and negociate. Accord Ü
are flying before the enemy with the ingly, yetterday morning a French offi-
umolt precipitation. At this place cer, escorted by a detachment of the
110 waggons are put in aisition, to troops of Byland, entered this city, and
convey the remnant of their effects to

repaired to the house of the prefident Hambro', Amsterdam, &c.

burgomaster. In the evening, several The greater number hope to find an pertons mounted in their hats ihe triasylum in the bishopric of Munster, and coloured cockade, making the air rehave directed their rout to that quarter.

found with « Vive la Nation !»' this Haerlen, Jan. 16. The English continued during the night, but without troops which occupied Buren, Leer. any interruption to public repose. This dam, 2:10 Cuilenbourg, abandoned morning a detachment of French hurthose places early in the morning of fars entered the city, and posted themthe 12th, and ricreated to this fide the selves before the maison de ville, where Leck. Buren, on this, was

the tree of liberty was planted. Two diately surrounded by the enemy. A tri-colours now float on the tower, and finall party of Duth toidiers remained the greater part of the citizens display at Leerdain ; and on the 13th they were the same colours. reinforcer by detachments from the Near 40,000 men have entered this bar:alions of Hohnioe and Lonnun. capital and the adjacent cities, and there, The iarne day allo, the regiinent of we understand, are only the van of Orange Vaflaul, wird: tume huftara, ar- the French army, as the whole number tillery, and light hole, advanced 10- of the troops defined for these provinces, wards Cuilenliourg, in order to take amou:il to 100,000 men. Haerlem, poklon of a barrery which had been Leyden, c. after the example of this abandoned on the Spoel, about a mile city, were before hand with the victors, on this lide that place.

and have all fubmitted. Betoe the English troops evacuated Fluhrg, Feb. 1. The French sumCuilenbourg, they let fire io the ship- moned Bergen op Zoom, the garrifon piring which lay in the river, and the of which consisted of 4000 men, iniame precaution was taken on the cluding the 87th British regiment, the Vaart, which is about fix iniles from numbers of which might be estimated Cuilenbourg:

at about 500. This celebrated fortress The trons which left Leerdam, was at that period in the most perfect amounting to remen, reached Utrecht Date of defence, not only with respect on the 12th, where they yet continue. to troops, but also as to provisions and

Hugue 10%. 19. drivice has been military stores. But general le Maire, received tere that Hleuiden, one of the who commanded the French army be. liomter places of the province of Ilol- fore it, having sent to the g vernor 2 land, after iraving fullained for several proclamation which had been issued by days a heavy canonade, has been The States General, requiring in their forced to capitulate, and that the names all the garrison towns of the French are now engaged in the attack United Provinces, to surrender themof Gertruyelenberg.

selves to the French; articles were 810lerria:n, Ju. 19. The States of immediately proposed by the goveroof, Utrecht, tinding the inicives nearly de- which were 'as readily acceded to by prived of the means of defending their the commander of the French torces, province, font a deputation from their with ibe exception of one, which was oun Indy, to the commander in chief

proposed for permitting the British of the French armies, for the purpose iroops to return to England, of negociating, and to protect their province, as inucle as posible, from


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Plymouth Dock, Jan. 15. order, to be landed, and to be secured

in warehouses, under the joint locks of ARRIVED the Diamond frigate from his majesty and of the proprietors, at the

of and went off express to London. The there to remain in safe custody, for the Preach fleet is still at sea. In the even benefit of the proprietors thereof, until ing an American vessel arrived from the the due provision shall be made by law same port, having on board lady Ann to enable such proprietors to re-export, Fitzroy, the purser of the Alexander, or otherwise dispose of the fame. And admiral Bligh's dor, and captain Yer- the right hon. the lords commissioners combe, of the L foon packet, that was' of his majesty's treasury are to give taken by the French in the beginning the necellary directions herein accordof last year. They were only fixteen ingly hours on their passage. They confirm

W. FAWKENER. the intelligence of the French fleét being 17. Mr. Westley, brother to the at sea, with thirty-four fail of the line, earl of Mornington, landed a few days besides frigates. Their treatment they fince at Magav fley, in Cornwall, hav. describe as the most horrid: their food ing e!caped with fome other prisoners confifted of two potatoes a day, and from Breit--We understand that lady bread unfit for human being to partake | Anne Fitzroy, his lifter, had with all of. Their continement was close, and the other English women and children, in every respect disagreeable ; and ma- been liberated some days before Mr. ny of the leamen died in consequence Wesley's escape, by a decree of the of this harsh treatment. Admiral Bligh : Convention; and that lady Anne had and major Tench were well on Saturday taken her passage on board a neutral morning last; the admiral was on board tip. the American veffel, previous to her i 18. The Gazette of this day contains failing, to see his son, by whom he has a proclamation, enjoining that a public sent dispatches to the Admiralty.

fast and humiliation be observed through16. His majesty, judging it expe- out England and Wales, on Wednesday dient, under the present circumstances, the 25th of February next; and in all to admit into the ports of this kingdom, parts of Scotland on Thursday the 26th all goods, wares, merchandizes, and following: effedis belonging to the subjects or in- 21. The princess of Orange (confort bitants of the United Provinces, or to of the Stadtholder) and the hereditary soy of his majesty's subjects who may princess (wife of the prince) with her have goods, wares, merchandizes, or child, arrived at Yarmouth on Monday, effects in the said United Provinces, in and are expected in town this day : order that the fame may be preserved twenty fail of Durch vessels, laden with in safe custody, is pleased, by and with fugitives, arrived in Yarmouth Roads the advice of his privy council, to order, at the same time. in 1 it is hereby ordered, That all goods, Our government are exerting them. wares, merchandizes, and effects what. selves in giving the fugitive Hollanders fuever coming directly from any of the every possible affiftance it this moment ports of the United Provinces to any of of their general distrels; for this

pur. the ports of this kingdom, in the vessels pose two frong squadrons of frigates of any country, and navigated in any have just failed for ihe North Seas, one marder, be permitted, upril further of which is gone immediately to the



Texel, while the other is destined to governor, made a short speech to hiç keep the heavy privateers in check be- excellency suitable to the occasion. kenging to the ports of Onend and At a quarter after ten o'clock the Dunkirk; and thus to secure the retreat conducting earl and the master of the of such inhabitants of the United Pro. ceremonies arrived at the college, when vinces as are not criminal, but unfor. the earl of Jersey made his majesty's tunate.

compliment to the ambassador, and the It was yesterday reported, that ad- company sat down to breakfast ; and vices had been received from captain about eleven the procession to St. James's Scank, of the navy, ftating, that he began in the following order : had, in conjunction with admiral Kingf. bergen, been able to cut out several Six of the knight marshal's men on of the Dutch men of war, which they

horseback, to clear the way. had rigged with jury malls, and enter- The master of the ceremonies coach, rained great hopes of being able to with fix horses. The conducting bring them off. A squadron of frigates earl's coach, with six horses, in which has been ordered from Sheerness do co. went the marshal of the ceremonies. operate with them, and to keep the ene- One of the ambassador's ecuyers, on ' my's cruizers in check

horseback, followed by some fine St. James's, Jan. 29. His majesty Turkish horses, bror zhi over by the having been pleated to appoint Thurf- ambassador as a prelent to his majefplay the 29th of January for the cere- ty, From the grand signor, very richmony of the public entry and public ly caparisoned, and led by Turkish audience of his excellency Yulsuf Ad- grooins. jiali Efenili, ambassador from the sub A flate coach of his Dajesty, in which Jime Porte, the earl of Jersey (the con- went the amballador, the conducting dueting card appointed by his majesty) earl, the matter of the ceremonies, and fir Clement Cottrell Dormer, knt. and Signor Persianai, filt interpreter matter of the ceremonies, proceeded in to the Ottoman embally ; eight of one of his majetty's coaches, with fix the ambassadør's footmen walking, horses, aítended by fix gentlemen of the four on each fide the carriage. privy chamber in others of the royal A leading coach of his majesty, with fix coaches, to the Royal college at Chel. horfes, in which went Mahmoud fea, the place from whence his majesty Raif Effendi, secretary to the embarhad thought fit that the procession fy, bearing the amballador's letter of hould begin, where Field-Marhal Sir credence, in a rich bag; and Mr. George Howard, K. B. the governor, Lusignan, his majeity's interpeler ; not only allotted the grand apartment four of the ambasador's footmen, for the use of the ambasador, on this walking, tovo on each lide the car'occasion, and provided an elegant coid riage. collation for his entertainment ; but in A leading coach of her majesty, with farther compliment ro the ambassador, fix horfes, in which went aree of the repaired io the college early in the gentlemen of the privy chamber, ap. morning, to be ready to receive the pointed to attend the audience amballidor in person.

A leading coach of his royal highness About ten o'clock the ainballador the prince of Wales with fix horses, and his suite arrived at the Royal Col- in which went the three other genlege at Chefca, in his excellency's own tleren of the privy chamber. corches, where the royal Nandard was A lçading coach of his royal highnea displayed, and his excellency was re- the duke of York with fix horles. teive with all military honours. A leading coach of his royal highness

Alghing from his carriage, his ex- the duke of Clarence with fix horses. cellency was met by William Bulkeley, A leading coach of his royal highness eq. major of the Royal College, and the duke of Gloceser, with fix hortcs. oiners, the military officers belonging The acesafador's coach, with fix to the ellablithment, and conducted to horses, in which went three of the the grand apartment, where Field. principal persons belonging to his Marshal fir George Howard, K. B. the

excellency's fuit.


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