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nohen thou shalt hearken to the voice of DRDthy God,to keepe all his Comman nts which I command thee this day, to do which is right in the eyes of the LORD Bod



2 For thou art an holy people *Chap.7.6. to the LORD thy God, and the LORD hath and 26.18. enthee to bee a peculiar people bnto him fe, boue all the nations that are vpon the


C Chou shalt not eate any abominable


These are the beasts which ye shall eate: *Lcuit. 11.2. ope, the theepe, and the goat,

The Dart, and the Roebucke, and the fal

Heb. Difen.

o deere, and the wilde goat,and the Pygarg, or,Bion. the wilde ore, and the chamois. And every beat that parteth the hoofe, and aueth the clift into two clawes, and cheweth cud amongst the beasts: that ye shall eat. Neuerthelelle thefe ye thal not eat, of them at chew the cud, 02 of them that diuide the clo hoofe, as the camel and the hare, and the cofor they chew the cud, but diuide not the


Hele are the Statutes, ments, which yee shall ob doe, in the land which the God of thy fathers giueth pollfelle it, all the dayes that


bpon the earth.



Pee thall vtterly deffroy all the Or inherite, wherein the nations which ye shall || poll ued their gods, vpon the high mountain bpon the hits,and vnder euery greene tre 3. And you thall † ouerthrow their Hebr.breake and beake their pillars, and burne their g with fire, and you shall hew downe the g images of their gods, and destroy the nat them out of that place.



4 Pethall not doe to bnto the LDKE God.

5 But vnto the place which the LOKE 1.Kin.8.29. God thall *chufe out of all your tribes, to p 2.chro.7.12. name there, euen bnto his habitation tha feeke, and thither thou shalt come:

6 And thither yee thall being your burn rings, and your facrifices, and your tithes heaue offerings of your hand, and your bo and your free will offerings,and the firitlin your heards, and of your flocks.

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7 And there ye thall eate before the L your God, and ye shall reioyce in all that yo your hand vnto, ye and your houtholds, wh the LORD thy God hath blelled thee.

8 Pee thall not doe after all the things we doe here this day, euery man whatfoet right in his owne eyes.

9 Foz ye are not as pet come to the rest, a the inheritance which the LORD your Go ueth you.

10 But when ye goe ouer Jordan, and d Your Bouri



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