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EDITOR OF Poetry : A Magazine of Verse


New York

. 1923

All rights reserved

Fallow Norton; from The Singing Man and Harvest Moon, by the late Josephine Preston Peabody; and from The Ride Home, by Florence Wilkinson.

B. W. Huebsch: For poems from Mid-American Chants, by Sherwood Anderson; from Chamber Music, by James Joyce; from Amores and Look We Have Come Through, by D. H. Lawrence; from Poems, by Wilfrid Owen; from The Ghetto and Other Poems, and Sun-up, by Lola Ridge; from Dreams out of Darkness, by Jean Starr Untermeyer; and from The Hesitant Heart, by Winifred Welles.

Mitchell Kennerley: For poems from Interpretations, by Zoë Akins; from Child of the Amazon and Other Poems, by Max Eastman; from Sonnets of a Portrait Painter and The Man on the Hilltop, hy Arthur Davison Ficke; from The Jew to Jesus and Other Poems, by Florence Kiper Frank; from Renascence and Other Poems, and Second April, by Edna St. Vincent Millay; from Man-Song, and The Quest, by John G. Neihardt; from The Pilgrimage, by Yone Noguchi; and from Beyond the Stars and Other Poems, by Charles Hanson Towne.

Alfred A. Knopf: For poems from Punch the Immortal Liar, by Conrad Aiken; from The New World, Grenstone Poems, The Beloved Stranger, and A Canticle of Pan, by Witter Bynner; from Verse, by the late Adelaide Crapsey; from Poems, by T. S. Eliot; from Mushrooms, by Alfred Kreymborg; from Lustra with Earlier Poems, by Ezra Pound; from A Woman of Thirty, by Marjorie Allen Seiffert; from Profiles from China and Body and Raiment, by Eunice Tietjens; and from In American and Finders, by John V. A. Weaver.

John Lane Co.: For poems from Collected Poems, by the late Rupert Brooke; and from On Heaven and Poems Written on Active Service, by Ford Madox Hueffer.

McClure, Phillips & Co.: For poems from A Far Country, by Florence Wilkinson.

Moffat Yard & Co.: For poems from Poems, by Haniel Long.

Pagan Publishing Co.: For poems from Minna and Myself, by Maxwell Bodenheim.

A. M. Robertson: For poems from Beyond the Breakers, by George Sterling.

Charles Scribner's Sons: For poems from Poems, by Alice Meynell; from The Children of the Night, and The Town down the River, by Edwin Arlington Robinson; and from Poems, by the late Alan Seegar.

Thomas Seltzer: For poems from Streets and Other Verses, by Douglas Goldring; from For Eager Lovers, by Genevieve Taggard; and from Collected Poems, by the late Edward Thomas.

Ralph Fletcher Seymour: For poems from The Spinning Woman of the Sky and Red Earth, by Alice Corbin; and from Faces and Open Doors, by Agnes Lee.

Frank Shay: For poems from This Morning, by Hildegarde Flanner; and from Figs from Thistles, by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Sherman, French & Co.: For poems from The Sharing, by Agnes Lee; from The Beloved Adventure and Love and Liberation, by John Hall Wheelock; and from In Vivid Gardens, by Marguerite Wilkinson.

Frederick A. Stokes Co.: For poems from Poems by a Little Girl, by Hilda Conkling; from Ardors and Endurances, by Robert Nichols; and from Collected Poems, by the late Padraic Pearse.

Monroe Wheeler: For poems from The Living Frieze, by Mark Turbyfill; from The Bitterns, by Glenway Westcott; and from The Immobile Wind, by Yvor Winters.

Yale University Press: For poems from The Falconer of God and The Burglar of the Zodiac, by William Rose Benét; and from The Middle Miles, by Lee Wilson Dodd.

To the following magazines also we express our thanks for poems not yet included in books:

The Atlantic Monthly, for a poem by Du Bose Heyward.
The Bookman, for poems by Leonora Speyer.

The Dial, for poems by Padraic Colum, Thomas Hardy, Marianne Moore and W. C. Williams.

Harper's Magazine, for a poem by Robert Frost.
McClure's Magazine, for two poems by Willa Sibert Cather.
The Measure, for a poem by Robert Frost, and one by Leonora Speyer.
The Nation, for a poem by Leonora Speyer.

The New Republic, for a poem by Robert Frost, and one by Ridgeley Torrence.

The Literary Review of the New York Erening Post, for a poem by Winifred Welles.

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