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Northumberland and Durbans

149 went with Borda and General Dabovile to all the resources of art, and carried him preFere, to affift at experiments of a new spe- maturely to the grave, in the flower of his cies of gunpowder. The duties of this ap- age, at the age of 36. In Pelletier science pointment rendering it neceffary for him to has lost one of her most able cultivators, and pass great part of the day exposed to the in the community an useful member, for whom clemencies of the atmosphere during a very it will not be easy to find an equal substitute. cold and damp season, his conftitution, which He poffeffed that dignified expansion, that was naturally delicate, fustained a sentible indefatigable activity of mind, which are injury. His health was not fully re-esta- indispensibly requisite to arrive at superlative blished, when he again experienced a very excellence. As a literary character, his Darrow escape from falling a victim to the reputation was unstained with reproach; and zeal with which he cultivated his favou- in private life, his strict prebitý, exemplary rite science, being nearly suffocated by virtue, and unimpeachable morals, rendered inhaling oxyanated muriatic. A violent him an object more easily admired than asthmatic complaint was the consequence of imitated. this unfortunate circumitance, which baffled

PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES. Ivkuding Accounts of all Improvements relating to the Agriculture, the Commerce, the Economy, tbé

Police, &c. of every part of the Kingdom ; with Notices of eminent Marriages, and of all the Deaths recorded in the Provincial Prints ; to which are added, Biographical Anecdotes of remarkable and difiinguished Characters.

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. having occurred of eight ships having been THE bridge at the foot of Hampeth-Bank, stranded on the Herd Sands at a time) is cal

near Low Newton, upon the turnpike- culated at 69931. road leading from Cow Cawsey to Buckton Married.] At Newcastle, Lieut. Boger, Burn, in the county of Northumberland, is of the Royal Horse Artillery, to Miss Burto be rebuilt without delay.

don, daughter of George Burdon, esq. of The Duke of Northumberland having been Newcastle. informed of the practical benefit derivedto the Mr. M‘Leod, jun. brewer, in Gateshead, community, by the institution of the South to Miss Addison, of Newcastle. Also Mr. Shields Cork or Life Boat, by which the lives · Bentley M‘Leod, to Miss Hawkes, daughof many hundred ship-wrecked mariners have ter of Mr. Wm. Hawkes, of New Green been saved, has made a voluntary offer to the wich, near Newcastle. ship-owners and merchants of North Shields, At Billingham, near Stockton, Mr. Robt. of a boat, on a similar construction, to be White, of Saltholm, to Miss Blackburn, of kept, for the same benevolent and humane the same place. purpose, on the north side ; and his further Died.] At Newcastle, aged 52, Mr.

ubicribed twenty pounds annually towards Gilfrid Ward. Mr. Thomas Smoult. Aged the other expences attending the establish- 61, Mrs. Ann Fenwick. Miss Bates. ment.

Near Newcastle, at the advanced age of It has been determined, at a meeting of 100, James Palmer, commonly known by the principal gentlemen of the county of the denomination of Doctor Palmer. For Northumberland, to erect an iron bridge over the last thirty years of his life he never the Tweed, at Kelso, in lieu of that lately went to bed sober. He served as a private in wa hed down.

the royal army in the year 1715, and at the A very alarming fire broke out in New age of 73, with only five shillings in his castle on the 25th of last month, which for pocket, walked from Newcastle to London, want of a timely supply of water, nearly and back again, in the short space of eleven two hours elaphing from the first ringing of days, one of which he spent in the metropothe fire bell, till any water could be procur lis. The appellation of Doctor was confered from the pipes, did considerable damage ; red upon him, from the circumstance of liis and but for the unremitted exertions of the vending nostrums and quack medicines of his inhabitants, would probably have reduced own preparing. the whole south-west side of Moiley-street to At Durham, Mrs. Sharp, relict of the aihes. This shameful neglect, in the con late Dr. Sharp, Prebendary of Durham Caduct of chose who have been instructed to thedral. Tupply the town with water, calls for the At Newhouse, near Elk, Durham, in the levereft animadversion.

104th year of his age, and the 73d of his A subscription is now open for carrying ministry, the Rev. Ferdinand. Ashmall, a into effect the proposed Tunnel from North Roman Catholic clergyman. to South Shields. The expence of this use At Barker House, in the 78th year of his ful undertaking, which will effeciually be age, Mr. T. Ord, formerly an eminent surnefit the purposes of navigation, and even geon in Hexham, but who had for several Idaily save many hundred lives, (infances years retired from business.




Cukrland and Westmoreland... Lancashire. At Darwenthaugh, aged eighty, Mrs. Da At Carlisle, aged 34, Mr. David Graham, venport, wife of Mr. James Davenport, of attorney. In her 41st year, Mrs. Martha Newcastle.

Howgill. Mrs. Fox. "At' Milbank, in the parish of Lamesley, At Kendal, Mrs. Swainson, Mr. Baxter, Mrs. Margaret Farrington.

a fenior alderman. At Callerton; in his 78th year, Mr. Tho At Allonby, aged 77, Mr. William Litt. Bas Bonner.

At Maryport, Mr. John Nelson. CUMBERLAND AND 'WESTMORELAND. At Bankend, near Maryport, in her 85th A most alarming and deftructive fire broke" year, Mrs. Mary 'Thornthwaite. out on the 30th of last month, in the extenfive-cotton manufactory of Meffrs. Wood and A very liberal subscription has been set on Bothwell, in Carlisle. The recent disaster foot in Liverpool, for establishing a library experienced in this town, owing to the want and reading-room in that town. Not less of a fire engine, was not, it feems, fufficient than 300 persons have subscribed 10 guineas to convince the inhabitants of the necessity each to carry this useful inftitution into of this means of precaution against the ruin- effect. ous ravages of fire. For want of this falu In consequence of a letter inserted some tary preventive, the whole of the premises, time since in the Courier, signed Philanthrotogether with the valuable ftock in trade, pos, stating that the French prisoners of war was.consumed in the inort fpace of three hours. were treated with great inhunianity, fed A strong wall fortunately prevented the new upon offals, and confined in dungeons, a brewery from sharing the fame fate. A very deputation of the mayor and magistrates have small fire engine, belonging to the castle, examined into the actual state of the prison. was all the amistance that could be procured. From their report it appears, that every atWhat adds to the calamity; upwards of 200 tention is paid to the health, the comfort people have been thrown out of employment and accommodation of the captives, and that by this terrible disaster. It gives us fatis- the assertions advanced by Philanthropos have faction to hear, that a subscription is now on no foundation in truth. too, for furnishing the town of Carlisle with Married.] At Liverpool, Mr, Daniel two fire engines.

Doran to Mrs. Gardner, widow of the late Married. At Whitehaven, Capt. Simp- Capt. Gardner. Capt. John Crosby to Miis son to Mrs. Kennell.

Allman. At Cockermouth, Mr. Joseph Irvin, jun. At the same place, Mr. Jolly, merchant, clerk of Setmurthy chapel, to-Miss Frances to Miss Sparrow. The following Tuesday, Younghusband.

the bridegroom died, by which circumstance Ar Dean, Mr. William Sharpe, of Dif- the reciprocal joy of the two families was, fington, to Miss Mary Carter, of the former converted into grief and mourning, place:

At Manchester, Mr. C. Wheeler, printer At Diffington, Captain John Garret, óf of the Manchester Chronicle, to Mrs. SpenMaryporty to Miss Ann Frear, of the former cer. Mr. Wilson Leigh to Miss Alice Dean. place..

Mr. George Slack to Miss Mary Trevett. At Wigton, Mr. Hayton, of Workington, Mr. Joseph Cantrell to Mrs. Betty Charters. to:Mifs Furnass, of the former place. Mr. T. M. Ray to Miss Ann Joule. Mr.

At Workington, Mr. John Barnes, to Hinde, of the 'Ile of Man, to Miss Sarah Mifs: Margaret Wedgwood.

Shaw. At Orton, Mr. William Smith, of Alk At Warrington, Mr. Wright to Miss rigg, to Miss Holme, of Rownthwaite. Phillips.

At Beckermont, near Whitehaven, Mr. At Aldingham, James Losh, esq. barrister James Fisher to Mrs. Grayson.

at law, to Miss Cecilia Baldwin, youngest At Lindale, Mr. Haac Hooley to Mrs. daughter of the Rev. Dr. Baldwin, of that Eleanor Bell.

place. Died.] At Diffington, in her 8zd year, At Wigan, Mr. Richard Walker, checkMrs. Ann Plafket.

manufacturer, to Miss Esther Kenyon. At Gilgorron, near Diffington, at the ad Mr. Hodson, of Bullock Smithy, attorvanced age of 91, Mr. Jeremiah Wilkinson. ney, to Miss Elizabeth Bowden, youngest

At Woodhouses, in the parish of Orton, daughter of Mr. Lucas Bowden, of Marple. in her 47th year, Mrs. Twentyman: - At Otley, Mr. Moore to Miss Walker,

At Harrington, aged 24, Mifs-Ann San Died.] At Liverpool, Mr. John Greive. derfon.

In his 67th year, Mr. William James. Mrs. At Workingtony aged 46, Mrs. Aun Mairs. Isabella Hayes, Mr. Philip Pillson, Mrs. In an advanced age, Mr. Richard Robinfon.** 'Byrne. Mr. Peter Wright: Aged 90, Mrs.

At Calda Hall, near Workington, in the Mary Bispham. Mifs Penelope Arkle. In prinie of life, Ms. Henry Forster.

her 811t year, Mrs. Blundel, relict of the At Whitehaven, in the prime of life, late Robert Blundel, esą: of Ince. Mrs. Miss Golphin.: Mrs.-Frazer, wife of Capt. Wilson. Fruzer, of the George. ' In her 24th year, · At Manchester, aged 84, Mr. James Alifs Yowart.

Smith. Aged 78, Mrs. Ann Thomas. In

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his 28th year, Mr: Thomas Mitchell. He is supposed that a confiderable part of the was a ftrenuous advocate for rational liberty {pire will be obliged to be taken down. and parlian,entary reform. In his 85th year, Married.] At York, Mr. Allinfon, to Miss Mr. James Smith.

Mary Bacon, of Selby. Mr. Andrew Meek, At Blackburn, Mr. James Foulds, of the of Paradife-house, near Dalton, to Mrs. Shoulder of Mutton public house. Mr. Watson, of Craven. Thomas Airey.

At Hull, John C. Cankreen, efq. to Miss At Lancaster, aged 80, Mr. Tho. Hinde. Kerr, daughter of the late Hugh Kerr, esq. Suddenly, Mrs. Rawlinson.

Mr. John Leedhanı, to Miss Pinkerton. At Prescot, Miss P. Leaf.

At Leeds, Sir Francis Lindley Wood, bart. At Hulme, Miss Mary Wright, fifter-in- of Bowling Hall, to Miss Buck, eldest law to the Rev. R. Dallas, curate of St. John's. daughter of Samuel Buck, efq.. of New At Warrington, Mrs. Wilson.

Grange, near Leeds. Major Henry Zouch, At Salford, aged 75, Mr. Miles Dixon. to Miss H. Smith. Aged 84, Mrs. Makin. After a severe and At Doncaster, Mr. Mitchell, of Bawtry, lingering illness, Mrs. Loxham. Mr. John to Miss Sarah Ainley, of the former place. Leach. His death was occasioned by his At Bulmer, near Castle Howard, Mr. chaise breaking down.

Willianı Haddlesey, .of Souti Duffield, near At Alport, Mrs. Dutton, mother of Mr. Selby, to Miss Snowball, of New Malton. Dutton, surgeon.

At Pocklington, Grant Robinson, efq. to At Bradford, Mr. John Atkinson, of the Miss Cautley, daughter of the Rev. William Unicorn inn.

Cautiey, of Bishop Wilton: At Blakeley, Miss Hannah Taylor.

At Beverley, by special licence, Launces

lot Cooper, eiq. to Miss Waite, daughter of Between Tadcaster and York there is a the late Mr. J. Waite, of Hull. neat little cottage, contiguous to the road, At Market Weighton, Mr. John Revis, and about a mile distant from the former of Hull, to Miss Mary Smith, youngest town: the builder and owner, Britton Ab daughter of Robert Smith, esq. of the forbott, is now in the 68th year of his age: he mer place. has been inured to labour in husbandry from At Scarborough, Mr. William Holtby, of his infancy, and, notwithstanding his age, Hull, to Miss Mary Hawfoa, of tue former is so strong, robust, healthy, and industrious, town. that he earns from 12 to 18 shillings per At Northallerton, Mr. Robinson, drugweek, by what is called talk-work. He gift, to Miss Smith. married, when twenty-two, a woman near At Halifax, Mr. James Thompson, attorhis own age, who is still living. About 33 ney, to Miss Barnes. years ago, in consequence of the inclosure Died.] At York, Mrs. Owram, aged 59: at Poppleton, he was, with fix helpless chil. Mr. R. Batty. In his 40th year, Mr. Wm. dren, and his wife ready to lie in of the fe- Bell. Mr. Thompton. Miis Richmond. venth, under the neceility of quitting his At his house at Ciefton, near York, in the habitation. In the midst of his difficulties, 87th year of his age, Mr. Elias Ellis. he applied to a gentleman in the neighbour Mr. Rawcliffe, proprietor of the stage hood for a piece of waste ground by the road waggons between York and Hull; and a fide; and his character, on enquiry, being few days after, his only fon. The death of found unimpeachable, he obtained the hip of the latter was occasioned by the breaking of land he now occupies ; where, by the aslift a blood-vefsel. ance of his neighbours in the carriage of ma At the same place, a poor man, named terials, he built the cottage which he inha. William Umpleby, well known as a liste bits. The land, though no more than a rood crier. His death was occafioned by his being in extent, produces, by his care and skilful run over by a brewer's dray. management, about 40 bushels of potatoes The Rev. Solomon Robinson, M. A. late annually, besides other vegetables, and of St. John's College, Cambridge, hasad fruits; the sale of which brings him, on an matter of the free grammar-School, Ripon, average, four pounds per annum. Thus, by and vicar of Bracewell. persevering industry, is a man, who other At Doncaster, Mr. J. Waftell. wise must have been a tenant in a poor-house, At Castle Hill, near Harewood, Mrs. Ram. enabled to provide for a large family, with fhaw, wife of che Rev. C. Raznihaw. out the least assistance from the parish.

At Buiby Hall, Miss Constable, daughter On the ist instant an alarming thunder of the late Rev. Thomas Conftable, of Sina ftorm came on in the vicinity of York, ac- gleithorne, near Beverley. companied with snow and hail. The light At Selby, Mr. W. P. Watson, linen. ring was extremely awful, and one great Hash draper. in particular was instantaneously succeeded At Snaith, aged 84, Mr. Robert Laverack. by the most tremendous peal of thunder ever At Pickering, William Horniey, who had heard by the oldest inhabitant of the town. lived nearly 50 years in the service of J. The lightning ftruck the top of the beautiful Piper, eig. of that place. spire of St. Mary's church, Cattlegate, At his house, without Boocham Bar, which it damaged very considerably; and it George Bebb, elg,


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TS2 Lincolnshire...Northamptonshire...Nottinghamshire, &c.

*At Pontefract, Mrs. Perfect, wife of Mr. Africa, of a bilious fever, Mr. Charles Los Grosvenor Perfest.

cock, surgeon to the African Company at At Northallerton, aged 22, Mr. Edward that settlement, and son to the late Mr. Lo. Dawson, Welbank. He was a gentleman cock, of Northampton. "highly respected by all his numerous acquaintarce.


At Nottingham, Mr. RiAHalifax, Mr. Joab Crabtree.

chard Hardley, of the Cross Keys, to Miss At Whitby, at the advanced age of 96, Brightmore. Mr. Thomas Br sell, an eminent white At Newark, Mr. Curtis, to Miss Barnsfaith, and ingenious mechanic. His name dale. has long been well knowri in most of the At Little Leake; Mr. Bryan Marshall, to posts of England, particularly in thole trad. Miss Mary Clarke. ing to the Baltic and Greenland feas, for the At Averham, by special licence, John peculiar excellence of his screws and har. Sutton, esq. eldest son of Sir Richard Sutton, pcons. Long before the birth of Mr. Moore, bart. of Norwood Park, to Miss Sophia of Chtailide, Brignell, in conjunction with Claplin, youngest daughter of the late Charles a Mr. Wilson, another mechanic of the fame Claplin, efq. of Tothwell; Lincolnshire. place, constructed a carriage to travel without At Kinolton, Mr. Timfon, of Homblehorfes. "This invention, atter being admired ton, near Uppingham, to Miss Mary Pockfor some time, was at length neglected, and lington, of the former place. experiented the ordinary fate of those inven Died.] 'At Nottingham, aged 78, Thorions, where utility is not the offspring and mas Frost, esq. He was nephew to the late concomitant of ingenuity.

Archbishop Secker, and one of the registers

of the province of Derbyshire. Also, Mrs. Married.] At Hogsthorpe, Mr. Samuel Smedley. Raithby, aged 78, to Mrs Tabitha Holines, Mr. Francis Bird, frame-work knitter: aged 77:

He had long laboured under a mental deDied.) At Lincoln, aged 50, Mr. Tho- rangement, originally occasioned by a violent mas Scott.

fever, and got out of bed in his shirt, went At Stamford, aged 82, Mrs. Wright. Mrs. up stairs into a part of the house which overYeoman, and a few days after her eldest looks the Narrow Marth in this town, and daughter, Miss Elizabeth Yeoman.

from thence threw himself down. But not At Stainfield, near Lincoln, aged 20, Miss being instantly killed, he crawled into a place Hearley

kept for the reception of filth, where he Ao Saxilby, near Lincoln, in his 79th was suffocated. year, Mr. James Raynor. He went to bed At the same place, Mr. Dickoffon, warein good health, and was found dead in the houseman in the house of Mefirs. Hall and morning,

Joseph Sharpe, a poor labouring man, of In Wheelergate, aged 76, Samuel ReyWaihingboroughi, near Lincoln, was killed, nolds, -gent. as he was at work in a pit, by the earth At East Bridgford, near Bingham, Mr. alling in upon him.

John Wilkinson, an opulent farmer. Mr. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE,

Nathaniel Callands. Married.). At Northampton, Mr. Tho At Oriton, Mrs. Plumbe. mas, Turgeon, to Miss Hollis. The rev. At Newark, Mrs. Norton. W. C. Cumming, of Epping, Efox, tellow At Toton, near Nottingham, Mr. John of Trinity College, Cambridge, to Miss Jowiti, a very opulent farnier. Peniberton, of the former place.

At Wensley, Miss Radford.. Mr. Brockfon, of Portland, to Miss At Rutford, Mrs. Parkinson, Turne:, or Eairfield, near Peicrborough. At Southwell, Mirs. Clay.

Mr. john Newton Goghail, of Welling At Bradmore, Mr. Marriott, butcher. His borough, to Miss Mary Mather.

death was occafioned by his horle taking Mr. Norton, of the Haycock inn, Wanf- fright, as he was returning in his cart from ford, to Miss Norton, his cousin.

Nottingham market. Mr. Marriot and his Died.) At Northampton, in an advanced wife were both thrown out, and the wheel age, Mrs. Beesley.

going over the former, he expired in less At Hinckley, after a painful and lingering than an hour. illness, Mrs. James. A: Wellingborough, Mr. Burcham.

Married.) At Derby, Mr. Thomas Earpe, At Tamworth, Mr. Robert Nevil, fen. to Miss Cockayne, of Holland. attorney::

At Eckington, Mr. Mullins, of Ford, near At Maidwell, Mrs. Buller, widow of the that place, to Miss Haneforthy of Sload-lane. late J. J. Buller, ufq. one of the Lords Com Mr. Thomas Watts, of the Leopard -inn, miffioners of the Treasury.

Darley Dale, to Miss Jenny Taylor, of At Etton, in his 35th year, Mr. John Wentley. The new married pair gave a Chamberlain, farmer.

general invitation to their friends and relaAt fort Anna Bona, upon the coaf of tiors, to the number of 370. There was






Cheshire.... Shropshire.... Leicestershire.... Gambridgeshire, &c. IS3 plenty of good cheer, with the elegant Mr. Parkinson, of Quorn, to Miss Jowett, amutement of two bear baitings, and a ball of Draycote Derbyshire. at night.

Mr.Billings, grazięt, of Ilson on the Hill, Died.] At Derby, Mr. Joseph Evans. coMiss Baker, Aged 62, Mrs. Rose. In his 63d year, Mr. Died.). At Leicester, M. Lpleby, keep Cartwright, of the Dog and Partridge public er of the town gaol. house. Mrs. Sadler,

At the same place, Mrs. Paget, wife of At Stanion, suddenly, Mr, Francis Brewin Mr. Paget, an eminent surgeon. She was Davenport.

the daughter of Mr. Oldknow, linen-drapet, At Clapwell, in the 82d year of his age, of Nottingham, and is deteryedly regreited Brabazon Hallows, efq. a justice of the peace by a large circle of friends, not more for her for this county.

many amiable and endearing, qualities, than At Shottle, aged 83, Mr. Richard Sta as being cut off in the prime of life, when tham.

her domeftic usefulness was become indispen.

qıble as a wife and mother, Married.) At Chester, Şir Thomas Hel.

At Quorn, the rev. Thomas Hudsen, keth, bart. of Rufford, in Lancashire, to At Stretfon, Mrs. Walker, wife of the Miss Hinde, daughter of the rev. Mr. Hinde, rev. Dr. Walker, of the former town. Mr. William Seller, At Great Glenn, aged 81, George Cooper, to Mrs. Aft'le.

gent. At Whitehurch, Mr. George Brereton, to At Thornton, the rey, Mr, Abboş, vicar Miss Dutton. Also, Mr. Dutton to Miss of that place... Brereton.

At Mold, Mr. David Williams to Miss Married.] At Cambridge, Mr. Prigg te Elizabeth Evans.

Miss Frances Leach. At Stockport, Mr, Turner, to Miss Da Mr. Wedd William Nash, attorney, of venport.

Royston, to Miss Hollick, only child of At Thornton, Mr. William Leigh, to Mr. William Hollick, of Whittlesford, Miss Kate Robinfon.

At INeham, Mr. Thomas Sharp, farmer, Died.] At Chester, aged 83, Mrs. Ca to Miss Potter,

of the Ram inn, Newmarket. sey. Mr. William Tonna, formerly an Dred.] At Cambridge, Mr. Peachey, eminent merchant in this city. Mrs, Moff Af Chesterton; near Cambridge, Mrs. tyn. Mr. Sherratt. Mrs. Johnson, wife of Chettoe. the rev. Mr. Johnson, of Abbey-street. Af At Sohani, Mrs. Peachey, aged 69. Ms ter a long ană severe illness, Mr. Alderman John Lyleş, farmer. Being intoxicated, he Ellames. After a short indisposition of but fell into a ditch, and was tuffocated. one day, Bukeley Panton, esq. late a lieu At INeham, Mr. Godfrey. tenant in the 59th regiment of foot. Mrs. Taylor.

Married.)Ac. Oxford, che Rev. John Mrs. Clark, reliet of the late John Clark, Parsons, A. M, fellow of Baliul college, and efq. of the Hough.

rector of All Saints and St. Leonard's in ColAt Boughton, Mrs. Maddock..

chester, co Miss Parsons, a distanc relation, At Ecclefhall, Mr. Marih, of the Blue Mr. John Smithco Miss Slatter. "Mr. B. Bell inn.

Carter to Mis A. Smith. At Staignton, Mr. George Fairclough, Mr. Benjamin Tanner, of Fairford; to

Miss Wane. Married.] At Shrewlbury, Mr. Hum Died.] At Oxford, in her Gift year, Mrs. phries to Miss Hodges. Mr. Watkin Wat- Cooke, wise of Mr. William Cooke, butler kins, of Shotton, to Mifs Ann Eddowes. of Magdalen college.. Mrs. Benfield, IchoolMr. Afterley, attorney, to Miss Mary Tay- mistress, of Caversham, lor.

At Woodstock, ayed 70, Mr. Richard Died.] At Shrewsbury, Miss Bourne. Bartholomew, alderinan of that town, forMr. Hallem Leake.

merly an eminent surgeon and apothecary,but Mrs. Lowe, of Ruckley, near Acton who had retired from business for some years. Burnel.

At the same place, in the 76th year of In Frankwell, Mr. John Fowke, printer. her age, Mrs. Pryse, widow of Lewis Pryte, Miss Woodruffe, of the Wyle-Cop. esq. and one of the daughters and coheireiles

The Rev. Mr. Wylde, rector of Glazeley of Edward Ryves, esq. Her powers of doing and Røddington, in this county.

good were extensive, but not more abundant At Hordley, after a fhort-illness, Miss than her charities : and her lors will be reCureton.

verely felt by the neighbouring poor.'. In the 59th year of his age, after a very The Rev. H. Powell, rector of Minstes afflicting illness, Mr. Thomas Newletes, of Lovell, in this county: Dawley Bank

At Boddicott, in her 7 ist year, Mrs. Bur

ford, relict of Dr. Burford, late of Banbury. Married.] At Leicester, Mr. Cort, iron, At Inip, in consequence of excelüve drink monger, to Miss Ann Robinson, siccond ing, Thomas Smith. He drank off' a bottle daughter of the rev. Mr. Robinson,




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