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Review of the New Musical Publications. 219 pal topics which Mr. DUSSECK has that defect, and imparts a valuable quaselected for imitation, and, in which, for lity to the melody. The glee, which the most part, he has greatly succeeded. closes the collection, is simple and pleaThe ideas are frequently new and strik. sing. It possesses no counter-point, or ing: while, in many places, the com marks of harmonical contrivance, but is binations and modulations are masterly an agreeable melody harmonized. and learned. The road of nature is not

“ The Cottagers;" a Glee for Three Veices, - always kept, yet the bye-paths, however

also a favourite Round, composed by Los intricate and perplexed, have generally Atterbury. Price ss. 6d. the property of bringing back the va

Jones and Holiando grant author to the broad and simple “ The Cottagers” is an ingenious tract; and the whole certainly forms an composition. The parts are disposed excellent practical lesson for the inftru- with judgment, and, considering the ment for which it is professedly composed. general poverty of the choral music of Six favourite German Waltzes, arranged for modern days, are closely wove. The the Piano-Forte. Price is.

round is evidently from the same expePreston and Son. rienced author. Its melody is easy and We find much to admire in these little flowing, and different voices are interpieces. They are, as their character mingled with much dexterity and art. demanded, easy, simple, and short; un 66 In vain we fill the sparkling 1," an commonly pleasing in their style, and

Anacreontic Song, sung by Mr. Burrows, calculated to improve the juvenile prac at Freemason's Hall, composed by T. B. titioner.

Schroeder. Price is. Jones and Holland. A Sonata for the Piano-Forte, with Accom

We find much Bacchanalian spišit in paniments for a Violin and Violoncello, ad this song. The melody, though not libitum, composed by Francesco Tomich, strikingly novel, is free and open, and Price 36. 6d.

Skillern. the introductory and concluding fymphoThis fonata, though not in the first nies, both inspirit and enrich the comrank of piano-forte compofitions, cer- position. tainly poffesses many pleasing passages; No. II. and III. of Apollo & Terpsichore, a and in some places discovers a respectable Collection of the most celebrated Songs, degree of science. The opening, which Duetts, Rondos, &c. adapted for the Pianois an Adagio in common time, is striking, Forte, Violin, Guittar, or German Flute, and excellently preparative to the fuc Is. 6d. each Number.

Rolie ceeding movement. We cannot entirely Many of the airs, dueits, &c. collected approve of modulations so violently di- in this publication, are highly desirabie. gressive, as some which we have met The work.is printed in a convenient porwith; as in page 3 and 4, where 'wan- table size, and cannot but be found extonness and affection seem to usurp the ceedingly convenient to the ainateurs of place of judgment and sober learning. light, ealy, faficnable, and familiar The Andante is very agreeable, and its mulic. We find in the present numbers subject happily relieved by the Minore, the celebrated dance in ** Paul et Virgiwhile the minuet which it introluces is niejustly favourite Swits air---the genteel and elegant, and concludes the well received tric, “ Here's a health to piece with an impression highly favoura- all good laffe3"--and several others in ble to its character,

much eftimation. A Second Collection of Canzoners, and a Glee 56 My Love to the War is gone;" a favourite

for Three Voices, with Accompaniments Ball.id, as sung at the Nubility's Concerts; for the Piano Forte or Harp, composed by composed by Mia Mulu's. Price is. 7. Fifin. Price 75. 6d. Jones and Holland.

Rolfe. We find fix canzoners in this collec This is a pathetic little composition, tion, most of which are conceived in a and does much creiit to the taste of the very engaging ftyle. The subject and author. The fimplicity perfectly accords eat of the words, are not every where at with the subject of the words; and the tended to with that precision which forms accompaniment, which is adapted both the chief feature of all vocal competi- to the ilute and violin, enriches the effect tions, neither are they wholly neglected: of the melody. The bats is, for the most The accent (as in the frit bar of the can part, arpezzis, but not always well chozonet) is sometiines fallely iaid, but the len; particularly the second note in the truth and furce of the emphalis, in gene- third bar of the second part, whickz ral, forms an allowable fet-off, againk hould probably kave been E.

..4 Faserveli


New Publications in March.

“ Farewell the Beams of early Day;" a new justly recommend the composition. But Song written by Peter Pindar, fet to Mufic

we are obliged to observe, that Mr.AMby J. Ambroje. Priče is. Riley.

BROSE, in this song, as well as in some The melody of this song contains some other of his productions, has not been very attractive paffagfs. The modulation fufficiently attentive in the choice of his into the fifth of the original key, at the bass. The latt bar but one of the melody words " And spectres leem to haunt the

now before us, is the only example we fhade," and the introduction of the natu

thall at present point out, of impropriety ral seventh towards the clofė, are iristances in this particular. in proof of much sweetness of fancy, and





The following is offered to the Public as a complete List of all Publications within the Month.- Authors

and Publishers who defire a correct and early Notice of their Works, are intreated to transmic copies of the fame. BIOGRAPHY.

nent in the Mathematics, by T. Leybourn, THE Life of Catherine II. Empress of Ruf- No. V. 2s. 6d.

Glendinning fia; an enlarged translation from the French, by a Gentleman many years resident at The Soldier's Friend; or, the means of prePetersburgh, with seven portraits, 3 vols. 215. serving the health of the military men who

Longman. may be called into the service of their counMemoirs of the Life and Administration' try in the present crisis. By Mr. Blair, A.M. of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford, with surgeon of the Lock Hospital, &c. 25. 6d. original Correspondence, and authentic Pa

Longman. pers, never before published, by W. Coxe, An Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of M. A. F. R. S. F. A.S. 3 vols. 4to. the great Mortality among the Troops of

Cadell and Davis. St. Domingo. By Hector Maclean, M. D. 6s. BOTANY, &c.


Cadell and Davies. Hudson's Flora Angelica, 1os. 6d. boards. A System of Diffection; explaining the

Walker. anatomy of the human body, the manner of

displaying the parts, and their varieties in Reports of the late Mr. John Smeaton, disease. By Charles Bell. Folio. 58. 6d. F. R. S. made on various occafions, in the

Johnson. course of his employment as an engineer,

An Enquiry into the Nature of Mental vol. i. 18s. boards.

Faden. Derangement; comprehending a concise syf

tem of the philofophy and pathology of the Secrets Worth Knowing; a comedy, by hunian mind; and an history of the pasions Thomas Moreton, Esq. 25. Longman.

and their effects. By Alexander Crichton, M.D. physician to the Westminster hospital,

and public lecturer in the theory and pracJuvenile Pieces; designed for the youth tice of physic and chemistry, 2 vols. 125. bds. of both sexes. By John Evans, A. M.

Cadell and Davies. Third edition.

Crosby. Reflections on the Surgeon's Bill, in anThe Newtonian System of Philosophy, ex swer to three pamphlets in defence of that plained by familiar objects, in an entertain

bill. By John Ring, member of the corpoing manner, for the use of young ladies and

ration of surgeons. 45. 6d. bds. gentlemen. By Tom Telescope. is. 6d.

Hookham and Carpenter. Ogilvy and Son.


The Commentary of Hierocles upon the A new Topographical Map of the County Golden Verses of the Pythagoreans; now of Norfolk; surveyed and measured in the first translated from Dr. Warren's edition, by years 1790, 1, 2, 3, and 4, on the scale of William Rayner, A. B. 4s. Longman. cne inch to a mile, and printed on fix sheets Aristotle's Ethics and Politics; comprising of the largest atias paper.


his practical philofophy; translated from the MATHEMATICS, &c.

Greek, and illustrated by introductions and Practical Astronomy; containing the doc notes; the critical history of his life; and a trine of the sphere, with astronomical tables, net analysis of his speculative works. By &c. &c. By Alex. Ewing. 6s. Longman. John Gillies, LL. D. 2 vols. 4to. 21. 25. The Mathematical and Philosophical Re

Cadell and Davies. pository: containing many ingenious and use The Works of Lucian, from the Greek. ful Efiays and Extracis, with a Collection of By J. Carr. vols. 4 and 5. Ios. Longman. Problems aud Solutions, selected from the An Examination of the leading Principle Correspondence of several able. Mathemat- of the new System of Morals, as stated in cians, and the Works of those who are emin Mr. Godwin's Political Justice. Is. 62.





The New Publications in March,








The Rector's Son, by Anne Plumftle, AuReflections suggested by a view of London thor of Antoinette, 3 vols. ios. 60. from off the monument. By John Evans,

Lee and Hurst. A. M. 60.

Croíby. Geraldina, á Novel, founded on a recent Lunn's Catalogue of 5cool. worth of Books. Event, 2 vols. 75. boards. Robinsons,

The Rock, or Alfred and Anna, a Scotish Cuthell's ditto, including the library of Tale, 2 vols. 75.

Lee and Hurft. - Dr. Enfield, &c.

The April Fashions of London and Paris ; Poems, by the Rev. Josiah Relph, of Secontaining seven beautifully coloured figures bergham; with the Life of the Author, emof ladies in the actually prevailing and moit bellished with Picturesque Engravings on favourite dresies of the month: intended for Wood, by T. Bewick, of Newcastle, 35. 6d. the use of milliners, &c. and of ladies of and 5s. quality and private families residing in the Satires, &c. by Jacques, 2s. 62. Miller. country: to be continued moothly, price is.6d. Poenis, by the Rev. Gerald Fitzgerald, per month.

Hookham and Carpenter. D. D. Senior Fellow of Trinity College, and Fobnson's Table Talk; containing aphu- Professor of Hebrew in the University of risms on literature, life and manners; with Dublin, now first collected. 35. 6d. boards. anecdotes of diftinguished persons : selected

Johnson. and arranged from Lofwell's Life of Johnson. The Druriad; or Strictures on the prin6s, bds.

Dilly. cipal Performers of ury-Lane Theatre, The Second Yolume of An Essay on the

Is. 6d.

Richardsons.. Picturesque, &c. containing an efay on the The Egotist, or the Sacred Scroll. A fae banks of artificial water, on decorations near miliar Dialogue between the Author of the the house, and on buildings as connected Pursuits of Literature and Octavius, is 6d. with scenery. By Uvedale Price, Efq. 8vo.

Murray and Highley. Robson. Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Juno, Differtation on the best Means of Mainon the coast of Africa, and of the fingular taining and Employing the Poor in Parish preservation of fourteen of the crew on the Workhouses, published at the request of the wreck without food, during a period of 23 Society of Arts, &c. by John Majon Good, days. By William Mackay, late second officer 12m0. 152 pages, boards.

Morton. of the ship. 25

Debrett. Emigration to America, candidly consiImportance of the Brewery stated.

dered. In a Series of Letters from a Gentle

Longman. man resident there, to his Friend in England. Boosey's Catalogue of French, Italian, and

Rickman. German Books, for 1798, 6d.

NAVAL AND MILITARY AFFAIRS. Letters and Correspondence, Public and For an account of Mr. Blair's Soldiers Private, of the Right Hon. Herry St. John, Friend, see " Medicine.

Lord Viscount Bolingbroke, during the time he Military Observations, in a Tour through was secretary of state to queen Anne; with part of France, French Flanders, and Lux state papers, explanatory notes, and a transembourg, by I. C. Pleydell, efq. 4s. lation of the foreign letters, &c. By Gilbert

Egerton. Parke, of Wadham college, Oxon, chapiain
Remarks on Cavalry. By the Prussian to his royal highness the Prince of Wales.
Major-General Warnery.
Translated from 2 vols. 4to.

the original, illustrated by 30 copper-plates, The same Work in 4 vols. Svo.
Ato. Il. is.

T. Gardiner. An Address of great Importance to the

Natives of England, &c. is. 6d. Longman. The Life and Opinions of Sebaldus Noth A Second Letter to the Earl of Moira on anker, translated from the German of Friedric the Commercial Situation of Ireland, is. 6d. Nicolai, by Thomas Dutton, A, M. 3 vols,

Bell, 135. 60.

Symonds. Unite or Fall, 6d. or 12 for 45. 6d.
Rose Mount Castle, or False Report, by

M. T. Young, 3 vols. ios. 6d. Lane. A Letter to the Landholders of Great Bri-

Derwent Priory, or Memoirs of an Or- tain on the present Important Crifis, with phan, în a series of Letters, 75. boards some interesting Observations to Stockolders, Symonds,

Jordan. Anecdotes of two well-known Families, Bell's Tax Regulator, small size, is. Bell. written by a Descendant, and dedicated to Considerations upon the State of Public the first Female Pen in England, by Mrs. Affairs at the beginning of the Year 1798, Parsons, 2 vols. ios. 6d. Longman. Part I. is. 6d.

Rivington. Ellinor, or the World as it is, by M. A. An Examination of Mr. Wakefield's Reply Hanway, 4 vols. 18s, boards. Lane. to the Bimop of Llandaft's Address, by John Duffeldorff, or the Fratricide, a Romance, Ranby, is. 6d.

Stockdale, by A. M. Mackensie, 3 vols. 1os. 6d. Lane, The Speech of the Earl of Moira in the Laura, or the Prphan, by Mrs. Burton, srish Parliament, 6d.

Jordan. 78. boards. Richardson.





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New Publications in March.


The Speech of the Earl of Clare, in Reply Thoughts on the Novelty, the Excellence, to the Earl of Mçira, 6d.

Wrighe. and the Evidence of the Christian Religion, The Substance of an Address to a Parochial by John Simpson, Is.

Johnson. Meeting at Chiswick, on the Defence of Sermons: chiefly upon Practical Subjects, Great Britain, by Sir C. IV. R. Boughta, is..by the late Rev. Samuel Bishop, A. M. pub

Stock lale. lihed by Thomas Clarke, A. M. 6s. boards. A serious Addrefs to the People of Eng

Cadell and Davies. land on Reform, and on Zeal and Unanimity Reflections on the Clergy of the Eftalin the Defence of the Country, by Jumes lished Church, 13. 6d. Cadell and Davies. Febnjon, Elq. 15. 6d.

Longman. Sanícreet Fragments, or Motes and BrahConfequences of a French Invasiois, by Sir nia compared, by the Author of Indian Antiohn Dalrymple, 15.

Debrett. quities, with an engraving of the Sing AvaThe Progress of Dclufion, or an Address ter, supposed to represent the catastrophe of to all Parties, is. Scatchard. Babel, 25. 60.

T. Gardner. The People's Reply to the Lord Bishop of A Sermon, by W. Gilbert, esq. of Bristol, Landaft, by Joku Hinckley, Is. Jordan.

Longman, A Letter to the Bishop of Landaff, by a Confiderations on the Doctrine of a Future Plebeiun, Is.

Crosby. State and the Resurrection, as revealed, or The State of the Nation with respect to its supposed to be so, in the Scriptures : on the Public Funded Debt, Revenue, and Difburie- inspiration aud authority of Scripture itfelf: ment, as comprized in the Reports of the on fume peculiarities in St. Paul's Epistles: Select Committee on Finance, appointed by on the prophecies of Daniel and St. John, &c. the House of Commons; Part I: 55.

To which are added, fone Strictures on the

Symonds. prophecies of Isaiah. By Richard Amner. 65. The Brazen Trumpet, published in Weekly in boards.

Johnson. Numbers, Price 2d. cach. Thurgood. .

TRAVELS, &c. Sketch of the War in La Vendee, by Geo Tour in Switzerland; or, a view of the beral Beauvais, Commander in Chief of Ar- present state of the government and manners tillery.

Wright. of those cantons, with comparative sketches The Cafe of the People of England, ad of the present state of Paris. By Helen Maria drefled to the Lives and Fortune Men, is. 6d. Williams. 2 vols. Svo. 125. bds. Robinsons. Westley.

BOOKS, Invafion, National Danger, and the Means

Value 5s. and upwards. of Safety, by A. Young, Esq. F. R. S. 15. 63. A third of Mr.Espinasse's Digest of the Law

Richardson. of Actions, 2 vols. 18s.

-Of Sheridan on Elocution, 75.
A Defence of the late National Fast, on LATELY IMPORTED BY T. BOOSE Y. >
Principles of True Religion and found Po Zephire ou le Berceau de Florè, 2s. 6d.
licy, by Thomas Wood.

Law. Jules et Sophie, 2 vols. 5s. A Summary of the Evidences of Christi Confeflion Neuve de Victorine, 2s.6d. anity, by John Fawcett, A. M. Is. . Wills. La Nature et de les Loix, 26. 60

The Constitution and Order of a Gospel La Lyre Republicaine, 25. 6d. Church, by John Fawcett, A. M. 6d. Wills. Nouveau et feconde Voyage autour de

The Poithumous Works of the late Rev. Monde, en 1788-89-90, par De Pages, 3 vols. Fibn Brown, of Haddington, 3s.

8vo. 18s.
Ogilvy and Son. Voyage autour de Ma Chambre, 25.



From the 20th of February to the 20th of March.


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No. of Cafes. Cephalalgia PERIPNEUMONY

3 Opthalmia Catarrh

4 Fluor Albus In flarnmatory Sore Throat

Menorrhagia Typhus Mitior

8 Menorthagia gravidarum CHRONIC DISEASES.

Abortion Cough

6 'Amenorrhea Hoarseness


Chlorofis Cough and Dyspnæa.

19 Gatirodynia Hæmoptysis

3 Dyspepsia Pulmonary Consumption

3 Vomitus Hydrothorax

i Enterodynia Pleurodyne


Worms Ascites

2 Hernia

3 3






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3 3 >

Monthly Report of Diseases.

223 Diarrhea

8 In one of them, which terminated fatally, Hæmorrhois

3 besides the usual symptoms of debility, Dysuria

5 the frequency and weakness of the pulse, Scrophula

2 colliquative sweats and involuntary dif Hypochondriasis

3 charge of urine and fæces, there was an Hysteria Vertigo

unusual degree of subfultus tendinum: this 5

fymptom, indeed, instead of a merely Herpes

7 Prurigo

involuntary twitching of the tendons, Tinea


amounted to a spasmodic contraction of Nephralgia

the muscles, nearly resembling the cona Procidentia Vagina

6 vulsions of epilepsy. Chronic Rheumatism

8 In one of the cases of Ascites, Sciatica

which had long continued, and at first PUERPERAL DISEASES. proved very obftinate, we succeeded, Ephemera

2 beyond our expectation, in obtaining a Puerperal Fever

recovery. This we think may be attris Mastodynia

3 buted to the free use of elaterium. The Rhagas Papillæ INFANTILE DISEASES.

3 drastic operation of this medicine, at Erysipelas Infantile

firit, discouraged the patient; but the Aphtha

large discharge of Auid which followed, Ophthalmia

excited in his mind the hope of a recoOphthalmia Purulenta

Very; fo that in a little time he folicited Since the last medical report, there has a more frequent repetition of it than it been a considerable alteration in the tem was prudent to allow: but upon the perature of the air, and the state of the steady use of it, together with bitters and weather, which has occasioned, in fome chalybeates, to support the vis vitæ, the instances, an aggravation of symptoins most happy confequences ensued. in the different fpecies of pneumonic

The erysipelas infantile, mentioned in the complaints,

list of diseales, terminated fatally. This The number of recent cases, however, is a disease to which new-horn children is smaller than that which occurred du are liable, and under the violent Sympring the time in which the fòrmer report toms of which they frequently fink. It was taken. Fevers have been more fre- attacks different parts of the body ; the quent than in the present month. The fingers and hands are the seat of it when fpecies which has been most prevalent is it is first discovered, though in its prothe Typhus, or what has by some wri- gress it extends over almost every part of ters been called the Nervous Fever. the body. It is distinguished by a numThis disease ufinally commences with ber of livid discolourations, with fame flight chilliness and thiverings, alter- degree of tumour and hardness. In the nating with Aushings of heat unequally present instance, there were several vedidiffuled, very different from the rigors, cations, fimilar in appearance to those and the confequent violent degree of from which an ichorous -discharge proheat which occurs in other fevers, There ceeds in cases of mortification. This is generally great restlessness and anxiety; disease is generally so rapid in its proin fome cases, a confiderable degree of grels, that but little assistance can be depain, and in others, a vertiginous affec- fived from medicine. The free use of the tion of the head. Throughout the dif- bark, with the external application of ca. eale, there is generally a confusion of taplasins, fomentations, and spirituous ideas, and, on some occasion, great

embrocations, are the moft probable hurry of spirits. In some of the calcs means of relief, and in some milder fpereferred to in the list, an insensibility pre

cies of the disease, they have proved efyailed, which made it difficult to obtain fectual remedies. any clear idea of the patient's sensations.

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the tree of liberty. The following is a OME, once the mistress of the world, thort sketch of the principal events at

but often the author of defolation tending this important transaction: and massacre, has experienced another re Soon after the insurrection in Rome, in volution in her güvernment. The fanatic which the French general Duphot was banners of the cross, which have waved killed, the Executive Directory ordered for twelve centuries upon the ruins of the the army of Italy to march against the Roman capitol, have now given place to capital, under the pretext of avenging the MONTALY MAG, No. XXIX.


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