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NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. with his native goodness of heart, the lis

Several Roman coins, altars, and other berality and philanthropy, which uniformly relics, have lately been found at the Law characterized his conduct,, rendered him uniHouse, South Shields, the property of N. verfally beloved, and his death was fincerely Fairless, esq. The following are the de- lamented by all who knew him. feriptions of two of the coins : 1. Imp. At Norton, near Stockton, Mrs. Sipling. Claudius Aug. (caput Claudii Gothici) Marti At Benwell, Mrs. Dodds. Pacifero. Figura militaris ftans, dextra ra At Marham, near Bedale, Mrs. Charnock. mum oleae portendens, finiftra haitam-cir At Hebron, near Morpeth, Mr. William citer A. D. 268-Q. D. N. Valentinianus P. Taylor. F. Aug. (caput Valentiniani) gloria Roma At Greatham, Mrs. Margaret Perkin, norum. Figura militaris, dextra captivum Mrs. Harper. cinibus trahens, finiftra labarum tenens--circiter A. D. 371.---The base of this Roman After a series of long and anxious attempts, ftatue at the mouth of the river Tyne, has attended with an immense expence to the the appearance of having occupied several proprietor, (Mr. Curwen) the inhabitants of

Workington were highly gratified on the From the plan and estimate given in for night of the 19th instant, by the announceconstructing the iron bridge over the Tweed, ment, with ringing of the bells, of coal beat Kelso, it appears, that it is to consist of ing got at Vizion pit, at the depth of 58 faone iron arch of 200 feet span, and two small thoms. · This shift has been sunk with great ftone arches on the north side.

difficulty, to communicate with Chapel-Bank Married.] At Newcastle, Mr. Robert colliery, but to the eastward of a dyke hiScott, of Walls-end, to Miss Lamb, only therto unexplored. The accomplishment of daughter of Joseph Lamb, esq. of Ryton. this grand object opens a fair prospect to an

At Durham, Mr. Nicholas Collingwood, incalculable increase of trade and prosperity to Miss A. Storey.

to this town;' and the extraordinary exerAt Gatehead, Mr. William Losh, of New- tions of the workmen strongly mark their castle, to Miss Wilkinson.

sense of its valt importance. From motives At Bishop Auckland, Mr. Thomas Fea-' of respect to the day, which produced an therston, of Newcastle, to Miss Jane Earl, event, that, in its consequences, must prove of Lintzgarth.

beneficial to thousands, as well as in compliMr. Samuel Walker Parker, of New ment to the lifter kingdom, which occasions castie, to Miss Catharine Roberts, of Long- fo great a consumption of the article, the next wood-house.

Thaft that is sunk in this colliery will bear the At Longhorsley, the Rev. Mr. Oliphant, name of Patrick's fhaft. to Mrs. Batey.

A plan has been adapted for making very At Painshaw, Mr. William Pearson, to great improvemenis in the town of WorkMiss Ranson.

ington. There is to be one principal street, At Eglingham, Mr. John Anderson, of fixteen yards in breadth, flagged on each side Elford, to Miss Embleton, of Branton. to the depth of fix feet, for the convenience

Died.] At Newcastle, on the 7th of of foot passengers." , Several cross streets are March, in the 74th year of his age, James to be formed, to communicate, at suitable Hubbald, esq. lieutenant-colonel of the east- distances, with the present streets. Such is ern battalion of Middlesex militia, the present ipirit of building in this towny quartered in that town.

Mr. Hubbald was that three considerable plots of ground, ala gentleman highly respected, valued, and loted for the above purposes, have been beloved, by every officer of the regiment, as rented with an avidity bordering on rivalship. well as by every individual who had the Married.] At Heveríham, near Kendal, pleasure of his acquaintance. He was in the Mr. Christopher Askew, to Miss Watson, of Commission of the peace, and a deputy lieu- Park-house. tenant for the county of Middlesex, and had The reverend Mr. Dodi, of Aspabeen lieutenant-colonel of the above regi- tria, in Cumberland, to Miss Mary Carment upwards of 25 years.

rick. At Newcastle, in the 82d year of his age, At Harrington, Mr. Henry Eisbeck, mae Mr. Edward Moseley, one of the aidermen son, to Miss Miller. Mr. William Cooke, of the corporation: As a magistrate, he was mariner, to Miss Margaret Glaiiter. equally beloved and respected, and the gene Died.) At Whitehaven, in the prime of ral terror of his life was such, as to render life, Capt. Joseph Bell.

In her 58ch year, his lors universally regretted.

Mrs. Jane Wouds. Suddenly, in a very adAt the same place, Mrs. Purvis. Mrs. vanced age, Mr.

David Carlvie. Mrs. Swinturn. Aged 63, Mr. Robert Coulter, Whitelock. merchant. Mrs. Maxwell. Mrs. Weather At Papcattle, near Cockermouth, in the by, mistress of the Butcher's Arms public 220 year of her age, Miss Sarah Hicks. house. Mr, Thomas Reed. Mr. John lley, At Workington, Mrs. Fanney Raven. merchant.

At Scaw, near Harrington, Mrs. ThompLikewise at Newcastle, Peter Rothe, efg. fon. of the royal navy, and regulating captain of At Carlisle, suddenly, in the prime the impress service in that port. Though of life, Mis. Hewit. In 211 advanced senzanged in a line of duty, which ill accorded




Cumberland and Westmoreland....Yorkshire. age, Mrs. Hannah Harrison. Aged 94, Mr. berland militia, when first raised; was in the Thomas Dennison. In her 68th year, Mrs, cammission of the peace 40 years ; served the Pringle, of the Grapes inn. Mr. Norman, office of theriff in 1767 ; a&ted as a deputy hat-manufacturer. In the prime of life, Mr. lieutenant till nearly four-score ; ferved John Atkinson.

many years as a trustee of the harbours and At the same place, in the 67th year of turnpikes, and neglected no opportunity of his age, Mr. Joseph Strong. This very fin- rendering himself useful to his country. In gular man, whose extraordinary talents have private life, he was mild, affable, and hubeen long the theme of admiration, was blind mane; and a generous, though not oftentafrom his infancy; yet notwithstanding this tious benefactor to the poor, natural defe&, he distinguished himself by a At Linstock, near Carline, aged 27, Mr, wonderful proficiency in mechanics. Ať a John Donald. very early age, he constructed an organ, with At Workington, Mrs. Isabella Dickinson. out any other knowledge of this instrument At Sunderland, in the 31st year of his than what he acquired by secreting himself age, Mr. Robert Clark, surgeon. in the cathedral after evening service; and At Tallingtire, aged 75, Mrs. Ann Dodge afiereby getting an opportunity of examining con, the mechanism. His first production in this At Hensingbam,, aged 72, Mr. Thomas line, though imperfect, was a work truly Wylie, Surprising for a blind artist. It was originally

YORKSHIRE. purchased by a merchant at Douglas, in the Married.] At York, Mr. Michael Bell, Ile of Man, and is now in the possession of a to Miss Coupland. Lieutenant Blackwood, gentleman in Dublin, who preserves it as a of the 46th regiment of foot, to Miss Fairvaluable curiolity. Having disposed of his burn. Mr. Hawker, of the 12th regiment organ, he made another, upon which he was of light dragoons, to Miss Frances Crips. accustomed to play. By the time he was At Leeds, Mr. Charles Clapham, to Miss twenty years of age, he had made himself Pike. Mr. William Smith, to Miss Elizaalmost every article of dress. The first pair beth Dickson, Mr, Thomas Benyon, to of shoes he ever finished was for the purpose Miss Daltera, of walking to London, to visit the celebrated At Hull, William Dent, efq. of the Nor. Mr. Stanley, organist of the Temple church. thumberland militia, to Miss Bamford, of the

This visit he actually paid, and was highly George inn, Mr. Bulmer, ship-builder, to gratified with his excursion, Heindulged his Miss Mabb. watural predilection to the mechanical arts, in At Norton, near Shefñeld, Mr, Anders making a great variety of miniature figures ton, to Miss Thompion, eideft daughter and machines, besides almost every article of of Mr. Thompson, at the Saracen's Head, household furniture. These amusements, Newark, however, did not prevent his following, with By special licence, at the seat of the earl great atsiduity, the business of a weaver, in of Scarborough, Winchecombe Henry Hartwhich he was an excellent workman. The ley, esq. barrister at law, to the right hon, powers of his mind were amazingly strong, lady Louisa Lumley. and had his genius been properly cultivated in Dicd.] At York, aged 74, Mr. Christoearly life, it is more than probable, that he plier Bearpack. Mrs. Scott. Mr. Robert would have ranked among the foremost of Taylor. Mr. Bell, of the Duke's-Head thofe, who, deprived of the inestimable sense coffee-house, of vifion, have nevertheless soared with eagle At Leeds, Mr, Richard Crossland, master wing, “ beyond the visible diurnal sphere." of the Leeds hotel. Mr. Daniel Smith, forTill within a few months of his decease, he merly a respectable bookseller in this town. was a constant attendant at the cathedral ; but At the same place, Mr. Hienry Smithion. not being able to accompany the choir in At Hull, suddenly, in the 75t year of his chanting the psalms, he composed several age, Mr. Ralph Darling, an alderman of the hymns, in a measure which corresponded corporation. As a magiftrate, he was equally with the mufic, and which he substituted, as diftinguished by his probity, and his active an act of private devotion, during the per attention to the duties of his office. formance of that part of the public service. At Hull, Mr. Francis Jackson, an under. We do not know whether any person was at writer. Mr. Eaton, Surgeon. Also the in. tentive enough to copy these pious effufions, fant son and heir of Mr. C. E. Broadley. which were certainly respectable, from the At Urgang, near Whitby, on the 13th of intention which dictated them; and for the March, the man usually employed at the obtaining of which he afforded ample oppor- lime-kiln, was found dead in bed, at the side tunity, as they generally constituted a part of his breathless wife, in whose arms was of his music performances before strangers, laid a fine child, seemingly in the attitude of and indeed that part upon which he set the imploring afìistance from its unhappy mother, greatest value. He married at the age of 25, In the adjoinining room their daughter, a and had several children, some of whom are girl about 11 years of age, was found lifeless, still living

This lamentable accident is attributed to the At Whitehaven, Mrs. Dorothy Hodgson. peftiferous vapours arising from the kiln. Also, aged 83, Thomas Lutwidge, esq. He By the oversetting of a boat, belonging ta accepted the grenadier company in the Cum- the Agamemnon man of war, lying in White



Lancashire.... Cheshire...Derbyshire.

231 Booth roads, Mr. Joseph Lemon, midshipman, Appleton. Aged 91, Mrs. Kendall. Mrs. and Mr. Wm. Chambers, coxswain.

Wright. Mr. John Atlas. At Bradford, in an apoplectic fit, Mr. At Manchester, the rev. Maurice Griffith, James Coufen, formerly a considerable cloth- D.D. senior fellow of Christ-church college, dresser and woollen-draper.

rector of St. Mary's church, and rural dean At Howden, aged 64, Mr. William Locke; of Manchester. He commenced A. M. bookseller. Mr. Thomas Scholefield, at- 1748, and was admitted to the degree of torney.

D. D. 1763. At Hemsworth, near Pontefract, Mrs. At the same place, Mrs. Kinder. Mrs. Allott.

Shaw. Mr. I. Linley, a coachi-proprietor. At Aldborough, near Masham, James Mr. John Thyer. Hutton, efq.

Ac Preston, in an advanced age, Mr. At Sheffield, a young man, who served in Henry Gardner. the thop of Mr. Cæsar Jones, druggist, in the At Walton-le-Dale, Mr. Joseph Hilton High-itreet. He was engaged in making ex- innkeeper. periments with oil of vitriol, when heating

At Pitts in the Moor, in her 94th year, the bottle to a great degree, it suddenly burst, Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor. and the inflammable spirit instantly fet fire to At Salford, Miss Kirkman. Mrs. Gregory. his clothes. After he had in vain attempted Likewise, within three hours of each to extinguish the flames, he ran into the other, a venerable pair, who had been wedded ftreet; but, notwithstanding immediate af- 'upwards of forty years. Being in poor cirfiftance was administered, his limbs were fo cumstances, the expence of the funeral was dreadfully scorched by the intense heat of the generously defrayed by some of the neighflames, that he expired in the most excruci- bours. ating agonies.

At Cheetham Hill, Mr. E. Lord.

At Whalley, after a short illness, in het An unfortunate dispute, on politics, lately 35th year, Miss Mercer. took place at Preston, between a printer, a Suddenly, Mr. Alexander, of Colne. He book-binder, and three cotton-fpinners, which fell down on the road, and instantly expired, was not terminated till the printer and one of as he was returning from Carr Hall." the cotton-spinners were killed, by being At Knutsford, Miss Isherwood. ftabbed with a sharp knife. The affalfin has At Lomahaw, in an apoplectic fit, at a been committed to Lancaster cafle, to take very advanced age, Mr. Richard Acroyd. his trial for the murder.

At Huyton Hall, near Chorley, of a conA fair for horned cattle, to be continued sumption, in the prime of life, Mr. Phillip annually, will commence for the firit tine, Lewis Rees, son of the rev. Dr. Rees, of at Great Eccleston, ten miles north of Prer Hackney. ton, on the 14th day of April.

At Middlewich, Mrs. Armistead, wife of Married.] At Liverpool, George Brew the rev. John' Armistead. Crump, esq. to Miss Ann Zuill, eldest daughter of Mr. John Zuill, njerchant. Mr. John Married.] At Nefton, captain Salisbury, Murphy, to Miss Kelly. Mr. John Ed of Tranmore, to Mifs Ryland, of Moorlide. mondfon, to Miss Anne Bonney. Mr. Den Died.] At Chester, Mr. Pattison Ellames. ton, to Miss Brownbill. Captain Mullion, Miss Colley. Mrs. Harrison, widow of the of the Amaçree, to Miss Maria Kendall. late Mr. Job Harrison, surgeon. Aged 75%

Ar Manchester, Mr. Thomas Fildes, to Mr. John Newell. Mr. James Broadhurst, Miss E. Wood. Mr. E. Thompson, to Miss one of the alderen for the city of Chefter. Mary Anderson. Mr. James Jackson, to


able, 'active, and upright Miss Hulme, of Hambleton, Mr. W. Nat- magistrate. trafs, to Miss Ann Owen. Mr. Thomas At Aldford, Mr. Lightfoot. Blackden, of Sandbach, to Miss Barker, of At Congleron, aged 64, Mr. Garside, an Manchester Mr. John Bradley, 'to Miss alderman of the corporation, and one of the Skinner., Mr. George Pecl, to Miss Re- acting justices? becca Barlow

At Tenterday, Major Parry, of the MontDied.] At Liverpool, in his 20th year, 'gomeryshire militia. Mr. Robert Kewley, jun. a volunteer in At Golden-Nook, Mr. Steele. in Captain Earle's company. Mrs. Mitchell. At Nantwich, in his both year, Samuel After a long and severe illness, borne with 'ex- Barrow, rely. a justice of the peace for the emplary fortitude, Miss Sarah Owen, daugh- county of Chester. ter of the late rev. Richard Owen, rector of Mits Coiley, of Churton Heath. Rhoseolyn, Anglefea. Aged 60, Mis. Grey. In her 35th year, Mrs. Alder. Aged 76, Married.] At Derby, Mr. Hopkinson, to Mr. William Coulthirit, formerly an eminent Miss Adkins. builder. In the 26th year of his age, Mr. Mr. G. Hutchinson, jun. of Tieknail, to John Malley. Aged 2.4, Miis Clayton. Af- Miss Guaddy, of Ingleby, both in this county. ter a very aifliệting illness, Mifs Sarah Oliver. At Quarn, near Derby, the rev. John In her 67th year, Mrs. Mary Crank. Sud- Smith, 4. M. Fellow of Emanuel College, denly, Mr. Thompson, dock-matter of the Cambridge, to Miss Milnes, daughter of the King's dock. In his 80th year, Mr. James late William Milne, of Aldercar Park. MONTH. MAG. No. XXIX.








232 Nottinghamshire... Lincolnsiire.... Rutlandshire....Leicestershire, &c.

At Chesterfield, the rev. F. Foxlow, of He was eminently diftinguished by his liteStayeley, to Miss Jane Slater, of the former rary attainments. place.

At Timberland Thorpe, in his 47th year, At Abourne, Mr. Jurnes Bishop, hofier, Mr. John Clifton, an opulent farmer and of Nottingham, to Miss Pidcock, of the for- grazier: mer place.

At Ticknal, Mr. T. Cope, to Miss Orton, Died.] 'At Uppingham, Mr. Aris, watchof Derly

maker. Died.] At Derby, aged 73, Mrs. Homlay. At Oakham, Miss Berry. After a short

In Derby workhoute, aged 104, Henry illness, Mr. Smith, woolstapler. Wilson.

At Morcot, Mr. William Rudkin, farmer. At Norton, at the extraordinary age of Mrs. Laxton. 103, Mr. T. Jackson. At Risley, Mrs. Cocker.

Married.] At Quorn, Mr. Parkinson, to NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

Mits Jowett, of Draycote. Married.] At Newark, Mr. R. Franks, At Ravenstone, N. Burslem, esq. major to Miss Ann Wright. Mr. John Clark, to of brigade, to Miss Brooke. Miss Green, of Bennington, Lincolnshire. At Luttleworth, Mr. Smith, of Leicester,

Died.] At Nottingham, Mr. Marlow, to Miss E. M. Corral, of the former place. hosier. After a lingering illness, Mr. Mil At Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Mr. James Calkin, ner, cabinet-maker,

of Stafford, to Miss Mary Ellis, of the forAged 74, Joseph Sikes, efq. one of his mer place. majesty's justices of the peace for the county At Wymondham, Mr. Eley, to Miss E. of Northampton, and senior alderman of the Robinson. Mr. James Richards, to Miss corporation of Newark. He served the office Leeder. of mayor three several times, with the gene Died.] At Leicester, Mr. T. Watchorn. ral approbation of his fellow-citizens; viz. Mr, T. Brown, woolcomber. Mr. Robert in the years 1756, 1767, and 1780.

Lester, officer of excise. At Newark, after a long and severe ill At Rearlby, Mr. Kilby, an opulent graness, which he bore with manly fortitude zier. and resignation, William Handly, esq. capt. At Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Mr. Wm. Hardy, of the volunteer infantry of that town. Few carpenter. gentlemen ever evinced such a zealous atten At Bottesford, Mr. Moggs, a wealthy tion to the poor; and his house may truly be farmer. said to have been an asylum for the distrefted. He was remarkable for ciegance of manners, Married.] At Stafford, Mr. Wakeman, and the most delicate refinement.

musician, to Mrs. R. Stanton, of the StafLINCOLNSHISE.

ford company of comedians. Married.] At Beckingham, after a court Mr. Thomas Smith, farmer, of Stanton, ship of two hours, Mr. Robert Smith, aged to Miss Thompson. 63, to Miss Ann Lamb, aged 68. Also, Died.) At Stafford, aged 53, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Gibbons Southerington, aged 51, to

wife of Francis Lee, gent. Eleanor Marshall, aged 21.

At Wolverhampton, Mr. William Wad, At Stamford, Mr. Wm. Henryson, to Miss dams, Charlotte Stourton, only daughter of the rev. Robert Stourton.

Married.] At Birning ham, Mr. William Died.] At Lincoli, in his 67th year, Spender to Miss Bratt. Mr. William Mayne, Mr. John Stainfield. Aged 36, Mr. John of Great Barr, to Miss Sarah Clark. Mr. Spalding, mafier of the Angel inn, Above- George Cockle to Mifs Hiat. Mr. Higgins hill.

to Mrs. Underill. Mr. Bartholomew Rod. At Stamford, Mrs. Morgan. In his 75th fem. jun. to Miss Ann Cotterill. year, Mr. Simeon Taylor.

Mr. Webfifter, of Atherstone, to Miss At Wragby, aged 63, after a lingering Columbell, of Derby. and paintul illness, Mrs. Rogerson.

At Handsworth, Mr. William Miles, of At Swincthorpe, near Lincoln, aged 39, Little Aiton, to Miss Vickers, of the forMr. John Nort, of Bennington. His death mer place. Mr. Abraham Robert, gimbletwas occafioned by a fall from a ladder. maker, to Miss Nancy Woodcock.

In his 8th year, the rev. Mr. Reynolds, Diil.] At Birmingham, in her 58th year, rector of Barnoak, near Stamford.

Mrs. Mary Porter, a very aniable maiden lady. At Wanfleet, aged 58, Mrs. Elizabeth Mr. Thomas Beddoes. Mrs. Duplan. Mr. Eland.

Edward Freeman. In her 76th year, Mrs. At Leake, aged 66, Mr. Robert Evifon, Ann Cope. Mr. Thomas Cresswell, clerk an eininent grazier and auctioneer.

to Mr. Holland. At Holbech; age 56, Chritopher John At the same place, in her 78th year, Mrs.

lfabulla Millar, widow of the late Mr. James At Grantham, aged 59, Mr. Thomas Raw- Millar, and mother of the present Mr. J. Tinson.

Millar, limner and historical painter. At Allenthorpe, near Pucklington, the Ai Coventry, aged 78, Mr. George Lilley, Rev. William Layton), vicar of that place. Mrs. Hoy wood wile of Mr. D. S. Hogwood,



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fon, gent.





Shropshire....Worcestershire.... Herefordshire... Monmouthshire. 233 late master of St. Michael's workouse, in Wales, in the midst of his embarrassments, this city. At the great age of 100, Mrs, the unexpected and happy intelligence, that Carter. Mrs. Adcock.

a relation of Mrs. Powell had died suddenly, After a lingering illness, borne with ex without a will, in Manchester, and had left emplary fortitude, in his 21st year, Mr. his wife heir to a fortune of 11,000l. Thus Charles Leabon, jun. of Perry-mill. He was once more restored to affluence and indepena young man of very promising abilities, and dence, he took his final leave of the stage, his loss is deservedly regretted by all his and retired to enjoy otium cum dignitate, in the friends and acquaintance,

vicinity of Worcelter. At Digbeth, Mrs. Parkes, wife of Mr. At Pershore, greatly lamented, in his 2. Parkes, malt-mill maker. After a short 75th year, John Langley, esq. formerly an illness, Mr. William Kendrick, jun. eminent attorney at Bridgnorth. In his pro

Mr. William Griffiths, master of the Shep- feslional capacity he was able, just, and liberd and Shepherdess, at Saltiey.

beral; in his private character, an aifectiAt Hales Owen, Mr. Peale, late of Bir onate husband, a tender parent, and a faithmingham.

ful friend. Mr. Spencer, pig-jobber, near Mosely. At Tenbury, Mr. John Evans. Wake Green.

At Worcester, suddenly, Mr. Silvester, Aged 72, Mr. John Wilcox, of Knowle. apothecary. After a very severe and lingering

illness, Mrs. Siminonds. Married.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. Afterley, Ai Kidderminster, Mr. Alderman Pardoe, attorney, to Miss Mary Taylor, Mr. Stirrop, one of the most eminent carpet-manufacironmonger, to Miss Morris.

turers in the kingdom. At St. Chad's, Mr. William Evans, to At Dudley, Mr. Gibbons, sen. of the Mrs. Powell, of Mardol.

Bull's Head inn. At Drayton, Mr. Nonelly, surgeon, to Mr. Joseph Higgs, timber-merchant, of Miss Steele.

Hartlebury. Died.] Mr. George Pardoe, of Nash

Married.] At Yarkhill, Mr. Duppa Hill, Mr. Williamson, of Exmore-green, near of Westhide, to Miss Hollins, of the forCondover.

mer place. At Roden, in a very advanced age, Mrs. Died.] At Hereford, after a lingering Swanwick.

illness, in his 74th year, Mr. Benjamin At Mardol, Mrs. Chapman.

Maddy, wine-merchant, and a member of

the corporation.' Mrs. Burton, wife of Mr. Married.] At Evesham, Mr. Joseph Harper, Burton, baker. of Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire, to Miss At Ross, in his 75th year, Mr. Thomas Cooper, only daughter of the Rev. Mr. Cuo- Prichard. He was formerly a tanner in per, vicar of Evelhain.

Hereford, but had for several years past reAt Bromsgrove, Mr. Westwood, of Stour- tired from business. His charities were very bridge, to Mrs. Tomkins, of the former extensive, and must of consequence render place.

his decease a very fevere loss to the neighDied.] At Tything, near Worcester, fud- bouring poor. denly, in the 58th year of his age, Mr. At Tuplley, near Hereford, in his 68th Thomas Powell

. Mr. P. was a native of year, Mr. Philip Lewis, late an opulent York, and made his first appearance on the farmer at the Dyffrin. York stage, in 1767. The preceding year At Nant-y-Glaiter, near the Hay, aged he played with a Mr. Wocdcock's company,

54, Mrs. Blashfield. at Wolverhampton, from which town he in the 90th year of her age, Mrs. Prifeloped with, and married Mifs Dolly Steward, cilla Frere, widow of the late Mr. Anthony first coufin to Miss Elizabeth Wrottesley, Frere, of Westhide Court, and fister to the (niece to the duchess of Bedford and the mar- late John Carwardine, efq. of Preston Wynne. quis of Stafford) who, in 1769, married the At Hinton, near Hereford, by the sudduke of Grafton. Mrs. Powell, in coníe- den falling of a tree, 'whilft hewing timber, quence of this imprudent alliance, was dif- a poor labourer, named Baskerville. carded by her relations, and died at Huil, in

MONMOUTHSHIRE. 1973. In 1775 Mr. Powell quitted the Died.) At Llanwenarth great house, JoYork stage and came to Mancheiter, where shua Morgan, esq. lately appointed high he married a lady with a considerable fortune. sheriff of Monmouthshire. He then commenced manager, and formed a At Monmouth, suddenly, Mr. John Hey, circuit of country towns, but became so over merchant. whelmed with difficulties and misfortunes, At Chepatow, aged 86, Mrs. Elizabeth that he was confined for debt. On his .en- Jennings, relict of Mr. John Jennings, latest largement, he was involved in such diftress, of Lidney, Gloucestershire. that he was glad to perform any menial bu Samuel Bringley, 'groom to John Jones, liness of the itage, at Birmingham. In May, efq. of Lanarth-court, was lately found 1789, he received at Swansea, in Scuth drowned in the canal at Lanarth.



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