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234 Gloucestershire...,Oxfordshire...,Northamptonshire, &c.

Pinnell, formerly fellow of Magdalen col. Married.] At Uley, Mr. John Dimery, lege, Oxford, and rector of Duckington, in dyer, to Miss Mary Jackson.

which parish he resided upwards of 51 years, Died.]: At Gloucester, by, a fall from his His character cannot, perhaps, be better horse, Mr. Abraham Davis, jun. wcolstapler. traced than in the following words spoken by.

At the Horwells, aged 21, John Marsh, the earl of Harcourt, when he fuld his estata esq. late captain in the 44th regiment of and manor of Dycklington to its present profoot, and third son of the late Samuel Marih, prietor: “ and for a pastor you will find an efq. of Bellmont, near Uxbridge. Mrs. Blan- Israelite indeed.” Mr. Pinpell was likewire chey, wife of H. S. Blanthey, efq. consul of upwards of 50 years prebendary of Chichester, Minorca. Allo Ivīrs. Baker, wite of T. and rector of Burton and Coates, in Sussex. Baker, ship-joiner. Miss Mary Dumbell,

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. At Bristol, Mrs. Bradley, who had been Married.] At Northampton, Mr. Samuel a fchool-mistress in that city upwards of 30 Hallock, aged 74, to Martha Lucas, age. years. Mr. David Solomon. In her 89th 20. year, Mrs. Lambert, mother of Mr. J. Lam At Peterborough, Mr, Royston, of Newbert, of Pen Park. Mrs. Punter. After a porţ Pagnell, to Miss Cole, of the former fort illness, Mr. James Thatcher, principal place. Mr. Richard Hill, to Miss Russel. clerk in Meffis.Stevens and Co.'s glass-manu At Etton, Mr. Large, surgeon, of Har. factory: Mr. Rowland Williams.

borough, to Miss Bellars, daughter of Mr. At the same place, Mrs. Robbins. Mr. Bellars, of Woodcroft House, and great niece, Shaddy. Mits Tiley: Master John Matching of the late Thomas Peach, efq. of Dingley. Mrs. Erowne, wife of Mr. Browne, stationer, Mr. William Shelton, of Seaton, to Miss on the Tolzey. Mr. Hannan. Mrs. Eliza- Ogden, of Caldicot, Rutland. beth Kitley. Mr. Bateman. In the 734 Died.] At Northampton, Mrs. James. Mr, year of his age, Mş. Matthew Worgan, Teeton, many years sexton of All Saints clock and watchmaker.

church: he was father and grandfather to 54 Mrs. Booth, widow of the late Montagu children. In her 22d year, Mrs. E. Gilbert, Booth, esq;

mantua-maker. Mrs. Brown, a maiden lady, At Clifton, Mrs. Skey.

At the same place, on the ist instant, Mifs At Thornbury, in his 73d year, the Eleanor Douglas, a maiden lady, in her-95th William Howell, B. D. formerly of Christ year, Notwithstanding her great age, the church, Oxford, and chaplain in ordinary to never made use of spectacles; and, but 4 the king: For the last forty years of his life few days previous to her death, remarked to he was vicar of Thornbury, and upwards of a friend, that she could not recollect having 30 years a justice of the peace for the county been ill a single week during her whole life. of Glouceiter.

She was sister to the present bishop of Salisz At Moorend, near Hambrook, Mrs. Nangle. bury, and also to fir W. H. Douglas, of At Brockware, Mr. Thomas Compton. Springwood-park, in this county: At Blaisdon, the rey. Mr. Archer, rector At Boddicot, aged 70, Mrs. Anna Rebecca of that parish.

Burford. At Melktham, Mrs. Moxham.

At Hanwell, Mrs. Salmon, reli&t of the At Frampton-upon-Seyern, Mr. Şamuel late, and mother of the present, Mr. SalPearce, excise-officer for the Pontypoul dif- mon, of Hardwick-house. trict.

At Kettering, at the advanced age of 84, In his 8oth year, the Rev. Thomas Green, Mrs. Jane Iliff, relict of the late rev. Wm. A. M. 44 years rector of Keiston.

Iliff, formerly vicar of Stanford, She en

dured a long and afflicting illness with un, Married.] At Oxford, Mr. Charles Lea common fortitude and refignation. ver, of South Morton, to Miss Charlotte Aged 73, Mr. Cheesman, formerly of Tuckwell, of Wallingford, Berks.

Apthore-lodge. At Woodstock, Pryse Lovedon, efq. to the hon. Mrs. Agar, sister to Lord Viscount Married.] At High Wycombe, James Athbroke.

Lansdown, cío. of Portland-place, Bristol,, Dred.) At Oxford, after a short illness, to Miss Mary Eliza Biddle, of the former in his 4.8th year, Mr. John Honour, poul- town. terer, and parish-clerk, of St. Giles's. Miss Died.) At Little Horwood, suddenly, Mr, Caroline Lock. After a very short illness, Joseph White. Mr. John Pepall, formerly a builder in extenfive bufiness, but from which he had re Married.] At Huntingdon, Mr. Hames, tired for some years.

to Miss Buckley, The rev. H. Powell, rector of Minster Lovell.

Died.] At Cambridge, Mr. Hogg SudAt Witney, Mr. Wm. Woods, auctioneer. denly, Ms. White. Mr. Jackson, apothe

At Ifley, near Oxford, of a consumption, cary. In the 59th year of his age, after a in his 32d ycar, Mr. John Clark Wootten, long and very añiating illness, Mr. Nicholas apothecary.

Werwood. Mr. Hunter. In the &gth year of his age, the rev. John Aged 66, Mr. Richard Brown, of St.








Norfolk.... Suffolk....Hertfordshire....Efex.

235 Martin's at Qak. He was the first man that He was a man who uniformly supported an raised the tenor of St. Peter's bells, for excellent character in life. which reason the ringers gave an excellent funeral peal on the day of his interment. Married.] At Ipswich, Mr. Richard Porn

At Tuddenham, in the prime of youth, ter, to Miss Smith, of Thornham. Mr. Denjamin Wilson.

At Bury, Mr. Bacon, to Miss Willey. Mrs. Mumby, of Sutton Marsh.

At Framlingham, the rev. Wm. B. CraAt Southrepps, in the 47th year of his thern, difienting minister, of Desham, to age, the rev, Erasmus Druery. It is nst the Mrs. Margaret Linsted, of Woodbridge. usual echo of panegyric, but strict justice to Mr. James Custance, of Sutton, to Miss add, that he was, throughout the whole Dobide, of Soham. tenor of his life, a father to the poor and Mr. Morley, farmer, of Chevington, to fatherless; and that he defended the cause of Miss Felton. the widow, and of him that had no helper. Died.] At Ipswich, aged 62, Mr. Joseph

Quilter. A telegraph is shortly to be erected at Yar At Beccles, aged 23, Mrs. Ward. mouth, to communicate with the Nore. At Cranmer Green, Mrs. Wink.

Married.] At Norwich, Mr. John Stew At Long Melford, at the advanced age of ard, attorney, to Miss N. Richards, of 82, Mrs. Wink. Woodton.

Mr. F. Noverre, to Miss H. Mrs. Negus, wife of H. Negus, esq. of Brunton, third daughter of Mr. John Brun- Bungay. ton, manager of the Norwich theatre.

At Gazely, Mr. Thomas Rogers. At Yarmouth, Mr. Thomas Gooda, to Aged 81, Mrs. Manning, of Hawstead. Miss Fairweather, of Aldeby. Mr. Robert At Aldham Hall, Mrs. Kersey. She had Pokle, to Miss Loose. Mr. Thomas Pool, been blind several years, and approaching too of London, to Miss Lucy Hall, of Yarmouth. near the fire, she was burned in such a dread

Mr. John Kerrich, of Harleston, to Missful manner, that she foon after .expired. E. Freinfield, of Norwich.

At Melford, Mr. Daniel Mills, of the Died] At Norwich, aged 82, Mrs. Ifa- George inn. bella Pearson, widow of Mr. Charles Pear Aged 24, Mr. Robert Walgrave Brewster, lon, a comedian of facecious memory in the of Bevington-house, Belchamp. Norwich theatre. . In hiş 44th year, Mr. At Mildenhall, Mrs. E. Ruhbrooke. Miss Charles Wrigát, hatter and holier. Aged 72, Mary Andrews. Aged 93, M:s. Ewelt. Mr. Joseph English, wool-comber. Aged At Haverhill, George Howland, esq. u1l65, Mr. William Lane, stone-mason; and á cle of Sir George Howland, bart. few days after, Mrs. Lane, his wife,' In his At Woodbridge, aged 94, Mrs, Thompbyth year, Mr. Richard Aspin, late master of fon, widow. the Blackfriar's public-house, in St. George's, Colegate. Aged 76, Mr. James Derefley. Married.] At Wormley, Mr. Charles Mr. Robert Punchard. Miss Eliz. Flowers. Walstead, of the custom-house, to Miss In his 77th year, Mr. Daniel Ritso, collec- Porter, of Enfield. tor of the excise. Mro. Ebbetts.

At 'Gravely, Mr. John Selford, of AlderAt Nayland, Mrs. Ifabella Juliana Hare manbury, Blackwell-hall factor, to Miss rold, wife of Mr. Harrold, surgeon, and Saliibury, daughter of the rev. T. Salisbury, youngeit daughter of Peter Le Neve, esq. of of the former place. Norwich.

Died.] At Watford, universally respected Io the 87th year of his age, Charles Wes- whilst living, and as greatly regretted at his ton, esq. alderman of Mancroft-ward, one of decease, Mr. Hawthorne. His benevolence bis majesty's justices of the peace for the to the poor was unbounded. county of Norfolk, and fellow of the Anti At Berkhamsted, universally lamented, quarian society. The firft bank established Mrs. Smith, more than 20 years governess

Norfolk was under “his direction, and of the ladies' boarding-school in that town. opened in 1756.

At Baldock, aged 66, Thomas Barnes, At Holt, in her 88th year, Mrs. Catherine gent. son of the late rev. Robert. Barnes, of Spurgin.

Camerton, near Workington. Ai Hargham, Mrs. Bowles.

Francis Hammond, esq. of Potter's-bar. At Alactan, in her 734 year, Mrs. Elizabeth Utting, widow of the late Mr. John A dreadful fire lately broke out at ChifUtting, surgeon.

well, in this county, which entirely conAt Besthorpe, Mr. Stanley, a wealthy sumed 37 dwelling-houses, and reduced upfarmer.

wards of 50 families to the necessity of seekAs Mr. Gooch, of Stratton Strawless, was ing refuge in barns, stables, and other outreturning from Coltishall corn market, he houses. The loss is estimated at above was killed by a fall from his horse. He ap- 10,000l. peared to have been dragged to a considerable Married.) At Great Clacton, Captain Hill, distance, and was found in a very mangled 'of Hull, to Miss Deborah Sadler, of the fora Kate, with his foot hanging in the stirrup mer place.




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Esex.... Kent. At Crefling, Mr. William Brewster, of At Ramsgate, after a very severe illness, White Notley Hall, to Miss Elizabeth Grim Mr. Wm. Curling. wood, cldest daughter of Mr. Jeffery Grim At East Malling, Miss Catherine Popham, wood, an opulent farmer of Creiling Temple. Sister-in-law to major-general Popham.

Mr. Thomas French Marsh, farmer of At Athford, in his 73d year, the rev. Toppesfield, to Mais Darley, of Little Wal- Philip Hawkins, A. M. rector of Kingstham.

nortli. Of a decline, in her 19th year, Mr. M. Harvey, of Great Totham, to Miss Alderfon, eldest daughter of Mr. AlderMiss Horton, of Félited.

Ton, master of the English academy in that At Maldon, Mr. Everard, to Mifs Elizabeth town. Neville.

At Smarden, in her 93d year, Mrs Petter. Died.) At the Rookery, in Colchester, She lived to see the fifth generation of her John Bosworth, esq. a justice of the peace race, in the grand-children of her grandfor the county of Effex.

daughter, At Snarerook, William Quarrill, esq. At Teston, aged 80, Mrs. Twyfden, justice of the peace for the county of Mid At Wilmington, Mrs. Mumford, widow dlerex,

of John Mumford, esq. late of Sutton-place. At Boreham, in the 20th year of her age, At Gravesend, Mr. George Cooper, surMiss Nancy Hurrell.

geon. In her 4th year, Jane Bruntwick. At Belchamp Orten, Mr. Robert Walgrave At Greenwich, Henry Taylor, esq. late Brewher.

in the service of the East-India company, at At Fobbing, Mr. Hill.

Bengal. At Colchester, Mrs. Ruth.

At Sandwich, in his 84th year, Mr. RichAt Chelmsford, Mrs. Dixon.

ard Harvey.

At Whitstable, aged 60, Mrs. Gilcs. Married.] At Canterbury, Mr. Williams, At St. Laurence, in Thanet, Mr. Smith, of the East Suffolk regiment of militia, to of the Red Lion public-house. Miss Mary Wation, daughter of Capt. Wat At Lady Wootten's Green, Johnson fon, Dover.

Macaree, eiq. captain and adjutant of the At Rochester, Mr. Thompson, jun. to east Kent regiment of militia. Mifs Stevens, daughter of Mr. Alderman

Suddenly, at Milton, Mrs. Lydia Hull. Stevens, brewer.

At Tenterden, aged 48, Mrs. Sawyer, On the rith instant, Mr. Bath, surgeon, At Charing, in an advanced age, Mr. of London, to Mrs. C. Bryant, of the for- George Harrison, grazier. per place.

At Smarden, at the advanced age of go, At Chatham, Mr. Thomas Spencer, or Mr. James Fuller. gapist, to Miss Hill.

At Malling, Mr. Wm. Holden, shoeAt Cranbrook, Mr. Clarke, surgeon, to maker. He was drawing a bucket of water, Miss M. Tress.

and fell into the well, and pitching against At Clapham, Jolin Cocks, esq. of Totten the stones, his head was literally dashed to ham, to Miss Heile, lifter to C. L. Hesle,

pieces. He has left a young widow, to Pruflian consul at Hamburgh.

whom he had been married only five weeks. Henry Deacon, esq. of the royal artillery,

At Canterbury, aged 77, Mr. Samuel to Miss Lill, grand-daughter of the late lir Abrahams. Mrs. Walesby, mother of the Francis Lill, bart. of Hermitage.

rev. Dr. Walesby, one of the prebendaries of At Hearn, Mr. James Taylor, of Sturry, the cathedral. In her 65th year, Mrs. to Miss Gooding, of the former place.

Reeves. At Milton, near Gravelend, Mr. Pack, At Maidstone, Mrs. Nightingale. Sudtanner, to Miss Willett.

denly, aged 68, Mr. Wm. Elgar, sen. an At Woolwich, John Vision, esq. of the eminent grocer of this place, and one of the royal regiment of artillery, to Miss Adye, proprietors of the Maiditone bank. He went daughter of the late lieut. col. Adye, and to bed apparently in good health, after niece to John Willett Willett, esq. M P. spending a convivial evening with his friends,

At Beaksbourne, Mr. Richard Holtum, to At Deal, aged 51, Mrs. Rammell, In Miss Southee.

his 58th year, Mr. John Lamb, pilot. At Selling, Mr. Wm. Hogben, miller, to At Chatham, Mr. Isaac Twynam, ropeMrs. Athow.

maker. Likewise Mrs. Weeks. At Norington, Mr. Sadoe, farmer, of Ick At Folkestone, aged 50, Mrs. Kennet. ham, to Miss Ann Gillam, of the former In her 56th year, Mrs. Per.fold. place.

At Brompton, Mr. Daniel Adams, many Died.) At Margate, Mrs. Sarah Oldfield, years a quarterman of thiphrights in Chatmother of M:. Oldfield, author of the hittory ham dock-yard. cf parliaments. In his 70th year, Mr. Wm. The rev. Edward Penny, vicar of Bapchild. Stone, formerly a rope-maker in that town. At his scat at Vinteis, near Maidstone, James

At Dover, Mr. King, apothecary. Mr. Whatman, csq. Henry Mofes. Aged 28, Mr. Thomas John Lilly, a Chelsea pensioner, put an Sharp, grocer.

end to his existence, by hanging himself in

Surrey... Sulsex....Berkshire....Hampshire, &c.






an out-house belonging to an inn in Win- J. Footner, of the White Horse inn. Mr. cheap, near Canterbury.

Young, hofier. In his goth year, Mr.

Harding. At the same age, Mrs. Long, Died.) At Richmond, Miss Vanneck, At Downton, Mr. Shield, many years daughter of the late Sir Joshua Vanneck, and à respectable surgeon of that place. He fifter to Lord Huntingfield. She was a lady was a very eccentric character, and, among of extensive liberality and benevolence. other singularities, was never known to cat a At Leatherhead, Mrs. Roberdeau.

mortel of bread. In his will, he gave direc

tions to be buried in his own garden; and At a very advanced age, Mr. Long, one of when his favourite horse'dies, it is to be the oldest graziers in Romney marsh, and fa- laid in the same grave with its master, ther of Mr. Long, surgeon, at Heultham. Mr. Bound, a farmer at South Damerham,

At Horsham, in her 99th year, Mrs. put an end to his existence, by hanging himHowes.

self in his stable. At Cuckfield, after a short illness, Mr. At Maddington, Mr. John Gibbs. Chatfield, surgeon.

At Maiden Bradley, suddenly, Mr. Hyett, Lately, much lamented, Miss Tier,, of a very respectable farmer, to whom a preChichefter.

mium was adjudged at the last annual meet

ing of the Bath Agricultural Society, for an Married.] At Reading, Mr. W. Swallow, improved winnowing machine. nurseryman, to Miss Dredge.

At Great Somerford, Miss Smith. Died.] At Yattendon, after a short illness, At Sulton, after a short but severe illness, Mr. Robert States.

Mr. William Cole, gent. At Stanford, Mr. Larkom, maltīter.

At Trowbridge, Mrs. Primrose. At Speenhamland, Mr. Philip Smallbone, At Winterbourn Stoke, in his 16th year, of the Coach and Horses.

Mr. Charles Collier Chalk.
Aged 60, Mr. William Shackle, of Earley
Court Farm.

On Thursday, the 20th inst. Henry RedMrs. Jacques, of Caversham,

head Yorke, esg. was liberated from DorHAMPSHIRE.

chester Castle, after an imprisonment of A: Winchester aflizes, J. Caflel, a brewer's four years. He has paid a fine of 200l. and servant, was tried and convicted on a charge entered into fureties for 2000l. When the of aiding and abetting prisoners of war to sheriff brought the welcome intelligence of escape out of Porchester castle. It was his release, he exclaimed, in the language proved, that he had conveyed two French of Virgil: captains, inclosed in two caiks, out of the Libertas, que sera tamen refpcxit inertem, prison, on his dray, by which means they Respexit tamen et longo pof} tempore venit. effected their escape. He was sentenced to Pikes, for arming the peasantry, in the Tix months imprisonment.

event of an invasion, have been deposited in Died.] At Southampton, Miss Milne, the barracks at Weymouth, Dorchester, daughter of Mr. Milne, surveyor and archi- Bridport, Wareham, and other places" bortect. Aged 95, Mrs. Soley.

dering on the southern coast. At Lee, near Romsey, Mr. Jackman. Married.) At Dorchester, Mr. T. Curme,

Suddenly, Mr. Thomas Webb, an eminent builder, to Miss Jane Fouracres. farmer, of Balsam farm, near Highclere in At Blandford, Quartermaster Pickwick,

of the 2d dragoon guards, to Miss Barfoot. At Crawley, near Winchester, Mr. Wil Mr. Samuel Vallis, of Poole, to Mrs. Deliam Pern.

horah Morris. WILTSHIRE.

At Gillingham, Mr. Burt, to Miss Sarah Married.] At Salisbury, Mr. Edward Mead. Keele, of the White Hart Inn, to Mrs. Died.] At Dorchester, in confequence of Penny, of Lymington.

excessive drinking, Mir. Bartlett, baker. For Mr. Jacob Jacob, fariner, of Amport, near the last fix weeks he had not a sober interval. Andover, to Miss Ann Robins, of Wincan At Gillingham, Mr. Read. Besides a

confiderable fortune left to his relations and At Chippenham, Mr. Benjamin Edwards, fervants, he has bequeathed the sum of to Miss Preston, of Harnigh House. Mr. 4ocul. to establish a fund for the support of Abraham Lloyd Edridge, to Miss Langhorne, the aged poor in the parish of Gillingliam. of Monkton House.

At Cerne Abbas, Mr. James Davis. Mr. Joseph Gundry, of Calne, to Miss At Netherbery, Mr. John Shire. Martha Naish; of Congresbury.

At Straiton, near Dorcheiter, at the great The rev. Mr. Smith, vicar of Norton Ba- age of 101, Ann Ingram. She retained the vant, to Miss Thring, of Warminster. use of her faculties to the lait hour of her

Mr. Barnes, farmer, of Chute, to Miss life. Doling, of Longstock.

Mr. Mackrell, a very wealthy farmer of At Warminster, Mr. Henry Coombs, of Minchington, near Blandford, lately hung Stapleford, to Miss Butt, of the former place. himself in his cart-house.

He had lately Died.] At Salisbury, Mrs. Wyche. Mr. given many proofs of mental derangement;

this county

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Somersetshire... Devonshire.... Cornivall

. in consequence of which, the jury brought At Horlington, F. B. Reafton, cro. of the in a verdia of lunacy. He was a bachelor Temple, London, to Mifs Doddington, only far advanced in years, but had some time past daughter of Mr. Samuel Doddington, of paid his addresses to a widow lady in business; Horfington.. and after the day of marriage was agreed on, Mr. James Poole, printer and bookfeller, and the lady had quitted her ihop, Nr. of Bridgwater, to Miss Allen, of Stogumber. Mackrell suddenly changed his intentions, At Churchill, Mr. Jeremiali Doord, graTo prevent a lawiuit it was referred to arbi- zier, of Elden, to Miss Richardson, of the trators, to give a proper satisfaction to the former place. disappointed lady, who awarded her 2001. Mr. John Parker, of Wrington, to Miss Though this fum could be no great obje& to Mary Dyer, of Claverham. â man of Mr. M.'s wealth, he fufered the cir At Churchill, Miss Martham. cumstance to prey upon his mind, till he was At Froome, Mr. William Palmer, painter, at length induced to the raih ađ of terminat Mr. John Allen, clothier. ing his existence.

On the first of March, the Rev. Henry

Newman, upwards of 40 years rector of the The magistrates of Bath have at length parishes of Shepton Beauchamp, and Sparks adopted the proposition of Mr. Wood, of ford. Shrewsbury, for incorporating the different

DEVONSHIRE. parishes and constituting a house of industry, Married. I 'At Exeter, the Reverend on the plan of that in Shrewsbury. Some be- Henry Nicholas Astley, son of fir Edward neficial consequences may be expected to re- Astley, bart. of Norfolk, to Miss Pitman, sult from these establishments, provided due only daughter of the late Samuel Pitman, esg. care is taken to prevent the poor from being of Exeter. Mr. John Hill, to Miss Cherry oppressed by an abuse of the authority of the Sweetland. conductors,

At Tiverton, Mr. Henry Dunsford, jun. As some labourers were at work upon the mercer, to Miss Pulling: . Mr. Thomas Bath road, the driver of a waggon, in which Owen, wine-merchant, to Miss Patch. were several casks of spirits, invited them to At Enma Place, Plymouth, by special drink, having contrived to tap the casks, by licence, Capt. James Newman, of the navy, introducing a reed. This offer was accepted to Miss Brace, of Bennet-(treet, St. James's, with avidity, and so greedily did the men London, drink, that two of them died, and three Mr. Cartwright, master of the White Hard more are in a very dangerous state, with little inn, Okehanipton, to Miss Hockin, daugh. hopes of recovery

ter of the late rev. Mr. Hockin, Married.] At Bath, the Rev. Jofeph Died.) At Exeter, suddenly, Mr. John Legg, of Market Lavington, Wilts, to Miss Pierce. Miss Harriet Cossarat. C. Tresler, of the former place." Mr. Ban At his house in the royal hospital, Plynet, auctioneer, to Mrs. Hodgfon, of Woot- mouth, suddenly after supper, F. Geach, ton-under-edge, Gloucestershire. John Shake- M. D. F. R. S. senior surgeon to this hospispear, efq. to Miss Fletcher, of Lee House, tal nearly 30 years. Hants, Mr. W. Smith, of Amesbury, to At Stoke, near Plymouth, aged 18, Mifs Harding, of Wincanton. Mr. Midlane, Lieut. Wm. Fleming, of the 25th regiment co Miss Jones. Benjamin Morgan, esq. of of foot. Gwernthlenwhethe, Glamorganshire, to Miss At Moreton, Mr. Petherbridge, serges Lucy Gregory, of Bath.

maker. · Mr. James Fownės. Died.] At Bath, Mr. Wilkie, of the beef-. At Taunton, Miss Mary Bovet. Mrs. Spil, Ateak house in the market, the oldest musician ler. Mrs Colman. in the pump-room. John Saxon, esq. Aged At Kingsteignton, the 'rev, Christopher 76, Mr. Thomas Orpin, musician. Mr. Beeke, He had been vicar of that place upAbbot. In her 28th yezy, Miss Mary John- 'wards of 60 years. ston, daughter of the late general Johnston, As Mr. James Bath was returning to his of Wefton House. Mr. Hooper. Mr. Rich house, at the Double Lock, near Exeter, he ard Wilkinson, of Newcastle. Mr. Thomas fell into a pond and was drowned. Millington. Mr. Smith, fruiterer.

At the fame place, Mrs. Juliana Mack Dred.] At Pencarrow, fir William Molerworth, fitter to the late fir Herbert Mack- worth, bart. representative for the county of worth, Bart. of Groll Castle, Glamorgan- Monmouth in two parliaments. He was fhire. Her death was occafioned by a severe formerly of St. John's college, Cambridge, contufion, which the received in consequence and took his degree as honorary master of arta of a fall from the vineyard, on her return in 1779.

At Lawhitton, near Launceston, the rev, At Holloway, near Bath, fuddenly, Mr. Roger Mafiey, formerly of St. John's college, Edwards.

Cambridge, and archdeacon of Barnstapley At Wells, Mr. Champion to Miss Palmer. rector of Lawhitton, Cornwall, and Chariton

At Stowey, Mr. Charles Holcombe, of Bishop, Devon, and of the prebendaries of $t. Decuman's, near Watchet, to Mifs Gadd. Exeter Cathedral. Mr. M. commenced A. B, At Frome, MF, J. Lyon; to Miss Liebmam. in 1783, and A, M. in 1786.

[For Agricultural Report, jie page 228.]


from chapel.

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