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State of Public Affairs. The following are the principal topics pears," say they, « that the enemies which have lately engaged the Legillative of the public welfare had fpeculated on Assemblies of France.

the effect of the Speeches to be pronounced In the fitting of the Council of five from your tribune ; if any judgment may hundred, ist March, Peres du Gers called be formed from the character and number the attention of the Council to fome cruel of the persons who loitered about the and unjust proceedings which had taken avenues to your hall. The Directory do place, in compliance with the 26th article not, however, believe that the obje&t of of the law of the 19th Fructidor. Inha- the repretentatives was to protect great bitants (he faid), even of the city of Paris, criminals, or to serve the purpose of a had been put upon the list of Emigrants party.”-They conclude with informing without their knowledge, and made liable the Council that the flightest modification to be torn from their families, and de- of the law of the 19th Fructidor, would livered up to military execution, before plunge the country into the most serious they could have an opportunity of proving dangers. The Council of five hundred that the inscription of their names on the ordered the message to be printed. Peres, emigrant list was erroneous. He con- the proposer of this question; declared, cluded by moving that a committee should that it was never his intention to defend be appointed to examine whether it may the Emigrants, and that he withdrew his not be convenient to modify the law of motion, as the government by its message the 19 Fructidor. This motion brought guarantied the lives of innocent citizens. on a tumultuous debate ; the order of the The elections for the new third of the day was moved for on one hand ; the Legislative Assemblies, took place in the printing of the motion was called for on beginning of April, and are said to have the other. Tallien strongly contended for proceeded in a manner favourable to the the reference to a committee. “ We are views of the Executive Directory, with a assured," said Tallien, “ that judicial few exceptions. assassinations have been committed, at On the 5th of April the citizens of which every member of this assembly Montebourg, in the department of la ought to blush. I would by no means Manche, amounting to seven-eighths of accuse the military commissions : the law thole entitled to vote, complained to the is precise, and, after identifying the council of five hundred, of their being perfon, they are obliged to condemn to diffolved by an armed force, contrary to death every individual who is brought law, by Aubergier, Commissioner of the before them, whose name is inscribed on Directory: The petitioners demanded: the lift of emigrants. The constitution the annulment of the operations of the requires, and with justice, that the first section of the Primary Affembly: cowardly and perfidious emigrants should Thepetition and vouchers were transmitted never tread the soil of France ; but justice to the Directory. demands that the innocent thould not be The French negociators, by their perconfounded with the guilty.” He moved emptory manner of proceeding, have “ that the speech be printed, and a lately accelerated the business of the message sent to the Directory to fufpend Congress at Rastadt. In the fitting of the execution of the judgment pronounced the 5th of February, it was found that by the military commissions."

they greatly disconcerted the Deputies After a long discussion, the council from the Imperial States, by their firmness referred the motion to a committee, and in adhering to their overtures respecting ordered a message on the subject to be the left banks of the Rhine. In this transmitted to the Directory.

fitting the German Deputies recognized In the sitting of the 6th of March the the necessity of yielding to the severe President announced a message from the declaration demanded of them; but ever Executive Directory in answer to a met- anxious to gain time, they only demanded fage from the Council on the above-men- to know of Treilhard and Bonnier, to tioned subject. The Directory state, that what point on the left banks of the Rhine they had in vain endedvoured to trace the they wished to extend the cession of the origin of the hopes which the emigrants German territory. The paper presented entertain, and which they do not at on this occafion adds, that as soon as there tempt to disguise, till the discussion which shall no longer remain any uncertainty on took place fome days before, in the hall this her!, the paper war thall cease, and of the legislative body, diffipated their the consciences shall continue on the basis doubts, and furnished them with the mot -on which they were cpcned. complete explanation.com". It even ap The French plenipotentiaries in their


State of Public Affairs.

305 answer to the Imperial Deputies, observe, founded upon the relative means of the that the demand made by the Republic, citizens. that the Rhine should be the boundary of The Commissioners of the Treasury the two ftates, is too explicit to want are to be appointed by the Executive explanation. They further obferve, that Power.—Those of the chamber of ac- : it is still less neceifary to inquire what counts by the Legislative Assembly.. The possessions ought to remain to Princes territory of the Republic to be divided who lose their lovereignty. The domains into a suitable number of departments. of Princes who enjoyed the fovereignty A distinct

division of three powers mult, in similar cafes, be considered the the legislative, the executive, and the property of the nation to which the cession judiciary. The right of individual pètiis made. The cession of all that is be-. tion to the citizens. Revision of the yond the Rhine, is the basis of the treaty. constitution after the expiration of the Indemnity on the right banks, is the fifth year.---The oath of hatred to the consequence. The French negociator's government of the Stadtholder, federalism, refer themselves completely to their note aristocracy, and anarchy, to be taken of the 15 Pluviose, and pertist in declar- without exception by all the persons ing the deputations of the empire re- employed by the Republic.--No power spensible for refusing, or making evasions to have the right of interfering with the equivalent to refusing, to agree to a proper banks of circulation in the different and neceffary basis.

towns of the Republic.--Institutions for The Imperial Deputation took this last public instruction in arts and sciences. note into consideration in the sitting of Alliance with the French Republic, the 12th of February, and resolved to

Russia. communicate it to the General Diet of the The public affairs of this vast Empire Empire, and to the Envoys of all the seem at present to remain almost uninterested states, inviting them to manifest affected by the great events which are their opinions upon it,

taking place around them. The Emperor On the 27th of March, the last con has given an extensive tract of land in his clusum of the deputation of the Einpire dominions, as an asylum to Louis the was delivered to the French minifters by 18th of France, and some of his principal the Austrian Plenipotentiary. On the adherents. next day the French ministers returned

Turkey. for answer, that the Imperial deputation The system of innovation and revoluhad already created too much delay in tion, which is making such hafty itrides reviving the unfounded hope of retaining in countries nearer to our own, has proa portion of territory on the other side of the bably diverted the attention of Britoris Rhine; they therefore exhorted them in from the rebellion which is making such the naine of humanity, to waste no more rapid progress in the dominions of the time in vain and useless disputations, but Prophet. Passwan-Oglou, the Buonaparte to return an explicit answer immediately of Greece, is now become so formidable to their former demands respecting the as to threaten the capital of the Grand boundaries,

Seignor. He has been lately reinforced HOLLAND.

by a body of 20,000 men; but his prinThe Constitutional Assembly of the cipal force consists in a few thousand PoBatavian Republic about the 22d of landers under the cominand of General February, laid down the basis of the new Deniske. government. The following are among

EAST INDIES, the principal articles of this balis.

By recent advices from the East it apThe abolition of the division into Pro- pears that Tippoo Sultan, who lately

, vinces.-Separation of Church and State. affumed å menacing aspect, has consulted No corporation or fociety to have rules his better interests in preserving the relacontrary to the laws of the state.--Ex- tions of peace. clufion from the right of voting of all the The adjustment of the differences, adherents of the Orange family:--The which divided the Mahratta States, has formation of a Democratic Representative greatly contributed to this conduct, Government, by the establishment of a Zennius Shaw, having beaten the united legislative body composed of the two armies of the Seiks, entered Lahore, councils, and an Executive Power, con- (their capital), gave it up to plunder, and lifting of five members, having under it put 7000 of the inhabitants to death. the agents of the Executive Power. While waiting, however, at Lahore, for The formation of a new plan of finance, the heavy artillery, necesary to his ex



Funds.-Marriages and Deaths in and near London. pedition against Delhi, he received in- supposed, will tend further to lower the telligence of a rebellion in his dominions. price of stocks. Moraud Shan, a chieftain of reputation,

BANK STOCK, on the 8th ultimo, was at who headed the disaffected party, had 1181; and was yesterday, the 26th, at 116%. imprisoned his family, and assembled a

5 PER CENT. ANN. on the 27th March,

were at 73), and have since gradually fallen mumerous army in the neighbourhood of

to 711 Condobar.

4 PER CENT. ANN. were, the 8th ult.

at 59, and have lince fallen to 581, which PUBLIC FUNDS.

was the price yesterday. Stock-Excbarge, April 27, 1798.

3 PER CENT. CONS. on 27th March, at Since our last the Funds have experienced a 42*; rofe on the ift of April to 50; fell depression of about jį per cent. and the new

again on the 3d to 494, and were yesterday, loan of seventeen millions, it is generally the 27th, at 485.

Marriages and Deaths, in and near London, Married.) At St. George's, Hanover P. O'Hanlon, esq. of Lincoln's-inn, bar. square, Thomas Champion Crespigny, efq. rister, to Miss Smyth, daughter of Thomas to Miss Augusta Thelluflon, youngest daugh- Smyth, esq. of Fenfehouse, in Cheshire. ter of the late Peter Thelluflon, esq. of By special licence, at the house of Lord Brodsworth, Yorkshire.

Boringdon, in Hill-street, the Hon. George Thomas Dyke, jun, esq. of Doctor's Com- Villiers, brother to the Earl of Clarendon, to mons, to Miss Parks, daughter of C ptain the Hon. Miss Parker, daughter to the late Parks, of Lamb's Conduit-place.

and sister to the present Lord Boringdon. At Fulham, Vincent Kennett, esg. of c. J. Robinson, esq. of Hampstead, to Parson's Green, to Miss Herbert, of the same Miss Skurry, of Ilington. place,

Mr. A. Annand, of Aldermanbury, to Miss At St. Peter le Poor, Richard Dann, efq. Sophia Bennett, daughter of the late William of Broal-street, to Miss C. Sharp, of Great Bennett, esq. banker, of Faversham, Kent. Winchester-street.

At Clerkenwell church, Mr. Samuel Fish, Charles Bowland Cotton, esq. of Gower- of Red Lion-street, to Miss Clement, of ftreet, Bedford-square, to Miss Roberts, Blackheath, daughter of Wm. Roberts, efq. of Kingsgate, At St. Stephen's, Wallbrook, Geo, Frankin the isle of Thanet.

lin, esqto Miss Ranson, of Illington, Mr. Buckle, of Great Elbow-lane, to Miss At Hackney, John Merrick, esq. of New Boyd, daughter of William Boyd, esq. of England, to Miss Rebecca Vaughan, of the Paragon, New Kent road,

Hackney. Mr. Allison, surgeon in the Hon. East At Inington, Mr. John Short, jun. of Beds India Company's service, to Miss Burnett, of ford-street, Liquorpond-street, to Miss Sarah Great James's-Atreet, Bedford-row.

Hampton, of the Star and Garter, Illington. Mr. Kay, distiller, of Aldersgate-ftreet, In London, Thomas Byron, esq. to Miss to Miss Dorothy Newman, of Peckham, Harriet Latham, second daughter of Wm.

At Stoke Newington, Mr. Henry A. de la Latham, efq. of Nottingham-place. Chaumette, to Miss Frances Aislabie.

Died] In London, in her both year, the Captain John Drummond, in the service Right Honourable Louisa Lady Willoughby of the Hon. East India Company, to Miss de Broke. Her ladythip was a daughter of Mary Harriet Cridland, daughter of the late Francis, Earl of Guildford, and liter to the Captain Cridland.

present Bishop of Winchester. At Allhallows church, Upper Thames In Devonthire-street, Portland-place, Mrs. itrect, Thomas Willon, jun. erq. of Lad- Mary Liell. lane, to Miss Fanny Allingham, daughter After a severe illness, Michael Downs, esq. of Mr. Allingham, merchant, of Suffolk- of Piccadilly, a justice of the peace for the lune.

city and liberty of Westminster. His conduct At the Mary-le-Bone church, Mr. Richard as a magistrate was uniformly honourable; as a Jellicoe, of Manchester-Iquare, to Miss Har- private gentleman he merited and secured generiet Page.

ral efteem. All his transactions were marked At Hackney, Mr. Joseph Pattison, of with strict integrity; and, what is almost a Thorp Hall, Ellex, to Miss Young, daugh- phænomenon with a man in public life and ter of John Young, esq. of Clapton.

extensive connexions, the invidious tongue of In London, Mr. Richard Stubbs, of Can Sander never reached him. He had the good non-street, to Miss Wetherby, of Cheshunt, will of all mankind. Herts.

At the Magpies, Hounslow Heath, in con At St. George's, bloombury-square, Mr. sequence of a wound received from robbers William Marley, of Drury-Lane, to Miss near that place, John Mellith, esq. of Alber, Brookes, daughter of James Brookes, esq. marle-street, and of Hamells, Herts, Charlotte-Street, Bedford-squar...

Marriages, Deaths, &c. -- Agricultural Report, 307 In Billiter-square, Fenchurch-street, Mr. low fever, Mr. John Perry, midshipman, son Hugh Ingran, merchant.

of Mr. James Perry, proprietor of the MornAt Hendon, Mr. John Willock, father of ing Chronicle. He was a youth of great Mr. Willock, of Golden-square. He was promise, gallant in his disposition, and," by one of the oldest inhabitants of the parish of his early manhood, had conciliated the eso Hendon, had lived with his late wife in unin teem of all the officers on board. terrupted harmony upwards of half a century, At Knightsbridge, after a lingering ill. and, during a life of near fourscore years, ness, Jolin Downes, esq. of Staverton, scarcely knew a day's illness, till within a Northamptonshire, short time previous to his decease.

At INington, in an apoplectic fit, Mr. SaIn Berners-street, Mrs. Cheap.

muel Lightfoot, merchant, aged 38. At his house in Canonbury-row, Illington, Mrs. Gregson, wife of Mr. Gregson, of the Rev. John Williams, LL. D. above forty Apothecaries-hail. years a very useful minister among the dir In Lower Brook-street, Grosvenor-square, senters, and author of several literary works after a hort illness, the Right Hon. George of merit.

Lord Headley, member of parliament for At Chelsea, in his 40th year, after a long, Rippon, Yorkshire. severe, and agonizing illness, which he lui In Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square, Lady tained with a manly firmness and strength of Robert Bertie, relict of the late Lord Robert mind seldom equalled, Samuel Price, esq. of Bertie, uncle of the late Duke of Ancaster. Lincoln's-inn.

In his 73 year, Mr. Robert Parnell, apoAt a very advanced age, Mrs. Staples, wi- thecary, the corner of Hatton-Garden. dow of the late Robert Staples, esq. banker, Mr. Wright, many years alderman of in Cornhill.

Candlewick Ward. Mr. Wright was 50 years In Margaret-street, Cavendish-square, on in partnerihip with the late Mr. Alderman the 13th inst. Matthew Johnson, eiq. late Gill, whom he survived only a fortnight. lieutenant-colonel of the bgth regiment, and In London, aged 31, Mr. William Jengentleman uther of his Majesty's privy- kins, a clerk in the bank. This gentleman chamber.

measured the extraordinary height of seven On Tower-Hill, aged 66, greatly respected feet nine inches; and, from an apprehension by all his connexions, Mr. John March. of his body being stolen for the purposes of

At Chiswick, in his S5th year, Alexis diffection, the corpse was, by permission of Elcock, efq.

the Bank Directors, interred in that part of In Grosvenor-square, Lady Dowager Fran- the garden court of the Bank, which forces Dashwood.

merly constituted an appendage of the churchIn Palace-row, Tottenham-court-road, yard. Captain Wightman, of the royal Surrey Lately, at her brother's, Mr. Shepheard, militia.

Brook's-market, Mrs.' Ann Alger, aged 29 On board the Maidstone frigate, of the yel. years,

MONTHLY AGRICULTURAL REPORT. The strong easterly winds and droughty weather in the beginning of the month retarded

the progress of vegetation very materially, and also threatened the farmer with danger to his early crops ; but the warm and copious rains which have since fallen, have completely removed his apprehension by inducing an unusual appearance of verdure and forwardness. The oats have every where been put into the ground, and barley also, except on very cold foils. The wheats have now got over the most dangerous season, without having received any serious injuries, and in general look favourably. Clover and other artificial gralles seem likewise to have escaped without much injury, and on the whole to put on a promising afpect. Some of our reporters observe, that more really useful agricultural business has been performed during the last three or four months, than has been done at the same season for, many years paít.

With regard to orchard fruits, our reports are also equally favourable. In many districts of South Wales, as well as in. Herefordshire and some other neighbouring counties, the orchards have the most promising appearance of plentiful crops, which must be particularly gratifying, as it is many years since there has been a good cyder crop.

Wheat and oats seem to be rising in price, especially the latter; but barley is much as usual.

WHEAT averages, throughout England and Wales, 51$ iod. per quarter; barley 28s. eid. oats 18s. iod.

CATTLE. Lean cattle are rapidly advancing in price, but fat stock seems to have fallen. considerably, at least in the northern parts of the kingdom. Our reporter fays, beef so much as 14d. or 2d. per lb. in the Edinburgh market. This fall, he however observes, is probably only temporary

SHEEP. Nearly the same as in our last report. Beef fetches in Smithfield market from 35. to 4s. 2d. and mutton from 3s. 6d. to 4s, per stone of $lb. linking the offal.

Hogs continue still low.
HORSES, much as in our laft,


CORRECT List of BANKRUPTCHES and of DIVIDENDS announced between tbe 2016 of March and the 20th of April, exiracted from the London Gazettes.


John Ambrofe, Richmond-place, music-mafter. April 24. (The Sólicitor's names are in Italics.) J. Abraham, Houndidirch, warehoufeinan. May 23.

J. Allured, jun. Yarmouth, upholsterer. May g. W. Auftin; shifoul, Salop, miller. Smart and Reseats, Fur J. Anlell, Edmonton, coruchandler. June 30. 12 val's inn.

b. André, N. Broad-street, merchant, May 15. J. Addison, Tiik, shopkeeper. Marshall, Gray's inn.

Jarnes Beyer, Thayer-itreet, upholder. April 28. J. Adamson, Cateaion-ftreet, factor. Edge, Temple.

John Budden, Southampton, baker. April 28. Š. Bullock, Carenton-treet, factor. A ott, Broad-rect. H. Barnett, Crown-court, merchant. April 24. . Band, Brightlinglea, butcher, Naylor, Great Neuwport-firect.

Tho. Burrell, Wormwood-free', carpenter. May s. N. Berry, York, clothicr. Battre, Chartery-lane.

R. Brown, Newcastle, upholsterer, April 30, G. borry, York, cionnier. Butive, Chancery-lane.

J. Bigiby, Nottingham, wire inerchant. May 15. Mary Birenenough, Saitord, dyer, Edges, Munchifter.

J. Borlate, cxford, cornchandler. May s. W. Bentley and W. Britain, Afton, lamp makers. Kinderly E. Broadbrook, Broad-treet, upholierer. May 5. end Co. Symonds' inn.

John Carrington, Manchester, ialthier. April 21. 'T. Brough, St. Martin's-lane, vintner, Buxton, Great Marl, Peter Clutterbuch, York-fireet, brewer. April 24. boroueftreef

C:ofs, Bayly, Bayly, Bayly and Cross, Bath, bankers. April 3o. 1. Beeston, Manchefter, merchant. Lowten, Temple,

J. Chappe.i and J. Pratten, jun, Gloucester, tanners. May $
J. Ballard, Evcihen, victualler. Jones, Bajin bell-freet. John Cox, Deptford, Maton. April 17.
John Curtis, Waw.ck-ftrect, harnets maker, Ware, Gras's Kichard Cops, Birmingham, winc-merchant. April 17.

H. Catcon, N. Elmhain, grocer, May 7.
E. Cobby, Bright helm one, thopkeeper. Wire, Scutbwark. J. Cooper, St. Michael's ailey, upholterer. May s.
T. Chambers, Newsite-troot, glovci. Peibom, 9. le. John Davidson, Thames-free, feeanan. April 28.
A. Charl, Vinc-treei, feamer manufacturer, Biogir:field, James Dunlop, St. Mary-axe, inerchant. April 23.
Hayd n spiare.

Francis Davenport, Marden, clothier. April 23.
J. Dodd, L.mc-treet, packer. Lloyd, Touvies inn.

David Eliot, Cushion-court, merchant. April 21. J. Coby, Rotary-lane, pawnbroker. Willis, Warnfcrd Jacob Ellivuod and T. Isınay, Brifco, cajico-pruuters. May&

Mies Edwards and T. Edwards, Keut-treet, cotton mangT: Dand, Rickargate, in:.-keeper. H d:foni, Clement's inn. facturers. May s. R. Denbigh, Ciley, lanner. Sykes, New ini.

Geo. Frenc!!, Hurit-green, fhocpkeeper. April 13. W. S. Dix and J. Dix, Exeter, brewers. Sarel, Surry-treet. Jor. Fugil, Bristol, woollen-draper. April 27. J.M.E.V.As. Upper Ground-itreet, Surry, builder. Hinnere, Robert Fairclough, Liverpool, grocer. May I.. Holborn-c urt.

Thoma, Francis, Batteriea, victualer. April 28. B. Prott, Sen. Scarning, Norfolk, dealer. Crif, E. Dereham. w.and C. Faulkner, Manchester, cotton-spinners. May 26. J. Froh, Beeston, Norfolk, grocr. Kind, Lilchon.

Kich, Green, Wolverhainpton, innholder. May 3. T. Grainger, Bricol, cabinet Diaker. Ailen, H xton.

B. Golding and J. S. M'hamara, Queen-ft. merchants. May s. J. Goodail, Nottingham, butcher, Cross and Co. Skinners' T. Godfell, fed. Wapoing, v haitinger. May 12. ball.

J. P. Galtius, Unch-creer, merchani, May 22. S. Goodman, St. Aan's-lane, victualier. Wien, Union-strect. Hugh Hatton and J: MaforiMancheter. April 12. J. Green, Sloane-quare, engine makur. Snio, Vilicy firect. William Horton, Wilverhampton, ironmonger. April 26. W. Heath, Litue Coxwill, brick makci. W. Ivard, jun. Fu J. P. Hokilk, Coleman-itreet, merchant, April 24. ring 07.

W. Harpur and J. Wifon, Budee-row, merchants. May 27. T. Howard, Gorton, shoemaker. Edge, Huer Tepie.

Charles Hughes, Royal.circus, dealer. April 24. W. Hall, Newington-Cauteway, dealer in Statford fire ware. W. Hurt, Birminghway linen draper. April 24. Patten. Cross-trect.

T. Harris, Paul's.court, hofier. May 5.
T. Jones, Cainéiay, victuallo. Berry, Maard's-sireet.

J. Harrifun, Paternote: -row, bookseller. May 22.
W. Jones, Caeitenham, udac.: Prutn, Breud-treet-bill. Ti., Hupe, Neúcaitle, linen draper. June 14,
R. johotin, Old City chambers, merchant. Alcock, Carter. Josian Hanniond, Muncheftet, indikeeper. My 21.

Janus Huviland, Taunton, timber-merchant. May 22. H. and J. Kemp, ion-holders, Chichester, Wilfin, Unim Simon Seakins, G. Knightrider ftreet, cuach-ina er. April 24 fret.

J.R. Jower, Floret, man's mercer. Aprel 21.
DI Lowen, Canterbury, victualer. Grezcry, Clifird's inn. Hi. W. Jones, Malaon, butcher. April 19.
J. Mardon, Moreton, Hainpiteid, ferye-inakci. Dacie and Samuel Johnton, Notingham, grocer. April 3%.
Co, Mark-at'.

George Lucas, Beach-farm, dealer. April 17.
C. Moo:e, szinies, draper. Willis, Warmfurd-court,

Mathew Lowdown, St. George's-helds, tone-mason. April 29. K. Marihall, Adwick upon Street, corn trad r. Broadrick, R, Lou's and J. Hague, Hurtt, Cocon-ipinners. May io. Dofir.

J. Lythal, ien, and R. Lythall, Coventry, woolstaplers. May. T. Mumford, 0:d Mitchell-Areei, victualer, Holloway, Chan Å. Lrgon, Maricho, merchant, May 29. (67"y-lane.

John Muiter, Rucfurit, dealer. April 17.
E. Owen, St. James's-treat, taylor. Binokes, C'fford's inn. Jane Muide, Kucheiter, linen draper. May s.
J. Purchate, Taunton, victualer. Darko, O. B.j.veli-churi. Joi Maude, Helbuck, clutnier. April 25.
W. Powail, W. Suiton, and M. Wald, Lucas, merchanis. W.Mosley, Hare-itreer, brewer. Nay 17.
Scutt, Nounate-jicet.

T. May, Newmarket, carpenter. April 26.
R. l'ope, Cleita, baker. Minthull, Mirhank-freet.

A. and H. Müriiner, Mariborougn, linen drapers, May 8 J. Phillips, bricol, fucer. Sislet, Brijal.

Thomas Newland, Cneapside, grocer. May 23. M. Reynuids and j. Gibney, Erikol, awkers. Wecks, Ely R. Purvis, Cheiter-le-lireet, iniller. April zo. piucc.

G. Painter, Hellion, book Coller. April 30.
Roberts, King's Head, Holborn. Ruine, Scething-lane. John Purethwaite, Livei pool, merchant. April 236
Rogers, Birmingham, fadier. Knferlis and C Symond's R. Parkinfon, Bentley, brewer. May 11.

J. Poriard, Northowram, woolfapler. April 26.
G. F. Sherman, s". Aiban's, musician. Brozone, Bedford-row. E. Pritchett, Worcester, druggirl. My 8.
J. Sarcil, 1orquay, merchar. Prideaux, Diringuib.

Evan Phillips, Fute-lare, allow-chaudler. May 12.
C. Shelton, Nottingham, grocer. Gregg and G", S... nursi-ball, Joh. Reily, Gluucener, fer-baker. April 27.
T. Stephens, Manchoker, fuftian masu: 4cturer, Edes, Muri X. Robinson, Stord, rope-maker. April 25.

R. Ramšten, Scarborough, Wucer, April 23.
J. Smedley, Maiden-lane, hosier. Field, Friday.frcet.

John Radford, Bridgiver, currier, Aprii 20.
J. Sulton, Cheaplile, goldimith. WelchandC). Bedford-firect. Dennis Ryan, Stratton-trect, victualler. April 24.
W. Toplis, feia and jua, C. Toplis, ad C. Jackton, Cuckucy H. Rinder, Leeds, innhol.ter. May 7.

Nits, worked mikers. Rajsani Hall, B jwp-couri, James Simplon, Lambeth, victua lei April 28.
J. R. Tapi, Minchester, innkeeper. Ed, Dine" Tanie. Ricard Swan, Wapping-wail, malt-inaker. April 28.
W.R. Tyridale, Woscheter, grocer. Levis, Inner Turple. J. Siedmin, s. Varuon and T. Vardon, New Bond-areet,
J. Wifuuin, Brigithelmtonc, grocer. bis, 11.1 on Garden. goldsmiths. Aa:1::
W. Winningtun, Thavies inn, hardwareman. Winson, Castle. Sanuel Tolmis, Cicaplide, lisen draper. April 14.

Thomas Tyes Winche-nud, liik broker. April 21.
E. Wuron, Kidbrook, milk dealer. White, G. Prescott-Ireet, Bub. Terry, haalih, mercer. May 2.
G. W.!!ker, Beverley, Dutcher. Lowndes, Red Livi-jquare. John Trunar, jun. Neitpurt, vi&tuallur. May 14.
H. Wilton, Scarborouging taliow chandier. Marjbali, Gray's Davie Veley, wobrirse, loopkeeper. May 11.

Richard Wat:!, fareiiam, brandy-merchant. April 16.
J. Warne, Flushing, Cornwall, mariner. Shepherd and Co. John Wrigley, bankto, malte er. May 3.
Gray's inn.

Richard Wuoi, Stamford-bridge, iniiler: April 25.
W. Wife, Swan and Moop Pavement, victualler. Burslein, Edw. Wett, Darl-house-ane, wine-merchant. April 24.

E. Walker, Kiddermintter, tocmaker. April 25.
W. Weller, Welbeck-ftreet, stock-broker. Catcr, G. James John Watt, katherham, Crucer. May 2.

H. Worral, jun. Shield, grucer. April 30. W. Young, Ramsgate, vintner. Biake, Cork'sacourt.

P. Walace, kdgware-road, carpenter. May 5. ERRATA. in our last, the words « fanatical banners of the cross,” ought to have been marked with inverted commas, as a quotation from the foreign journals. In the letter on China, page 165, note, for “eternal as fincere,” read “ as virtue." Next page, line 16, for só burned," read bijed." In page 15, the initials - I. A.” were omitted as a fignature to the article relative to the death of Mrs. Wright, of Dundee.-In Page 227, column 2, line 65, in the life of Garrat, for “ forward,” read ( formed;" page 228, column 1, line 7, for “ portion," real " proportion;" page 228, column i, line io, omit " an" before « unfrequent.” in a few copies of the last VARIETIES, for “ metallic traitors," read “ metallic tractors."

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