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At Wolsinglam, in the 71st year of his Married.] At Newcastle, lieutenant Wm. age, Mr. John Peart. Rex, of the East Middlesex militia, to Miss At Berwick, Mrs. Darling. Charlotte Kinlock. Mr. Anthony Scott, of Ai North Charlton, near Alnwick, aged Southwick, to Miss Pearfon. Mr. Leaviss, 82, Mr. George Rochester, to Miss A. Atkinson.

At Monkwearmouth Shore, Miss Mary At Chollerton, Thos. Clennell, efq. of Lee.. Harbottle Castle, to Mifs Sarah Reed, of Suddenly, at East Shaftoe, county of NorChipchafe.

thumberland, Shaftoe Vaughan, esq. At Shap, on Easter Monday, Mr. Thomas At Morpeth, in her 71st year, Mrs. WilBryham, of Hegdale, to Miss Sarah Proctor, Ton. of Hackthorpe, near Lowther. The bride At Stockton, in an advanced age, Mrs. groom weighs little more than eight stone, the Robinson. bride about eighteen. She has been employed On the ist instant, at Darlington, the day lately in the capacity of cook-maid in Lord previous to the completion of his 77th year, Lonsdale's kitchen, at Lowther Hall.

James Backhouse, banker, one of the people Died.] At Newcastle, in the prime of life, called Quakers. He was a man generally Mrs. Keenlyfide, wife of Mr. Richard Keen- respected, on account of the many laudable lyside, surgeon. Walter Saunders, efq. late qualities he poflefied; and which, from bis a captain and paymaster in the East Middlesex fituation in life, he had frequent opportunia militia, quartered in this town. Mrs. Mur- ties of rendering conspicuous. Easy and ray, widow of the late Mr. James Murray, affable in his manners, he gained the love minister of the Highbridge meeting-house in and esteem of a very large circle of acquaintthis town, and author of the “ Lecture on the ance: humane and benevolent in disposition, Revelations.” Mr. David Laws, master of the he dispensed his liberality to the poor, by Twins. Mr. David Hamilton. Suddenly, whom he was regarded as their friend and Mr. Joseph Fothergill. He had lived up- kind benefactor: just and upright in all his wards of 40 years in the employ of Mesirs. concerns, his opinion was consulted, and adDoubleday and Easterby.

vice reforted to, in a variety of instances; At Durham, after a few hours illness, and cften, through his mediation, were difGeorge Pearson, efq. attorney, and clerk offerences and disputes brought to an amicable the peace for the county of Durham, receiver- adjustment. In his domestic relations, he general for the Lord Bishop of Durham, and was á tender husband, an affectionate parent, deputy registrar of the court of chancery in a kind and generous master.

At her seat at Felton Park, in Northum Married.] At Cockermouth, Mr. George berland, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Rid- Pennington, to Miss Stoddart. dell, reiiet of the late Thomas Riddell, esq. At Camerton, Mr. Jonathan Longmire, of Swinburn Castle. She was the last de- cooper, of Cockermouth, to l.liss Agnes fcendant, from the male line, of the ancient Walton, of Seacon works. and honourable family of the Widdringtons. At Kendal, Mr. Lazarus Threlfall, of LanThe suavity of her manners, the invariable caster, to Miss Greenhow, of the fornier equanimity of her temper, her condescension place. and extenlive charities to the poor, will long At Ulverton, Mr. Robert Brily, to Miss fender her memory sacred.

Eleanor Wilson. At Stockton, Mr. Chaloner, son of the Died.) At Carlisle, suddenly, Mrs. Relate Captain Chaloner, and nephew to Mrs. becca Scott. Mr. R. Skelton. Chaloner, of Guilborough, Yorkshire. Also, At Whitehaven, in her 64th year, Mrs. Mr. Michael Heavisides, captain in the mer Hall. Aged 86, Thomas Lowther. In the chant service. Mrs. Scaniford. Mrs. Beck- 746h ycar of her age, Mrs. Margaret Mandell. with.

Age: 66, Mrs. Elizabeth Christian. At Berwick upon Tweed, in a very advan Ai Brampton, in the Soth year of her 258, sed age, Mrs Proctor.

Mrs. Armitrong. Few perfons can boast a Ht Hetherickshank, near Newcastle, Mr. more amiable and respectable character. William Goldburn.

At Moor-rigys, near Lowther, aged 70, At Old Bewick, in his 84th year, Mr. Mr. W. Powley. William Shell, He filled the office of church At Nook, in the parish of Cleator, aged Warden vpwards of go years:

85, Mrs. Dinah Nicholson. Mr. William Hilton, or Gateshead. His At Appleby, after a long and painful ille poctical talents, strict integrity, and manly nefs, Mrs. Wade. resignation under accumulatedmisfortunes,pro A: Briscoe, in his 74th year, Mr. Jonam cured him the esteem of a numerous and very than Horn, fen. land-surveyor, and teacher respectable acquaintance. Mr. John Sharp. of the mathematics,

At Darlington, in his 77th year, Mr. James In West Strand, Mr. John Dowlon. Backhouse.

At Kendal, Mrs. Cleme:T).

this city




York]hire....Chefbire. At Penrith, Mrs. Raincock, formerly of

At the same place, much regretted, in her Hampton, Middlesex.

84th year, Mrs. Elizabeth Gibson. Mr. At Rydall, aged 52, Mr. Danl. Daulby. Lewis Johnson, brother of the late Peter

At Seaton, near Workington, in an ad. Johnson, esq. recorder of this city. vanced age, Mr. Christopher Holiday. He At Leeds, Mr. J. Simpson, merchant. In employed himself in working in his garden the his 76th year, Mr. Thomas Wroe, formerly preceding day, partook of Come boiled milk a merchant in this city, and a native of Jerfor supper, and retired to rest at his usual sey. hour, apparently in good health.

At Hull, aged 38, the rev. Thomas Cara At Penrith, Mr. Felix Simfon, collector ter, late minister of the Ebenezer chapel, of excise, of Whitehaven, to Mrs. Hodgson, Dagger-lane. of the former place.

At Sunny Bank, near Leeds, Mr. Mann, The rev. Wm. Monkhouse, of Roughton- formerly an attorney in Leeds; but who had Head, to Miss Relph, of Wigton.

for some years past retired from business. At Uldale, Mr. Craghill, of Horsemoor At Doncaster, aged 69, Mr. Robt. Crowle, Hill, to Miss Mary Thwaites, of Murkholm. Iate of Fryíton, near Ferrybridge. Allo,

Mrs. Cave. Married.] At York, Mr. Charles Watson, At his father's house, in Rippor, aged 24, of Wakefield, to Miis Mary Ann Cripps, fe- Mr. John Roy, one of the musicians in the cond daughter of the late rev. Thomas Cripps, king's opera-house. At the same place, in of Cheadle, Cheshire.

his goth year, Mr. John Terry', alderman, At Leeds, Mr. William Wood, merchant, and father of the corporation. He served of York, to Miss Frances Strother, daughter the office of mayor three several times in reof Mr. Frances Strother, of Park-lane. gular rotation.

At Hull, Captain Samuel Standigde Stork, In Acomb, Mr. William Kay. to Mifs Tong, after a courtship of fix weeks, In his 830 year, Mr. John Simpson, of the exact time since the decease of his former Wilberfoss. wife. Mr. Umpleby, to Mrs. Green.

At Pontefract, in an advanced age, Mrs. Mr. John Sutcliffe, of Stonelhaw-gate, Harrison. near Halifax, to Miss Greenwood, only daugh At Oulton, near Leeds, Mr. Marmaduke ter of the late Mr. George Greenwood, Vavafour, tanner. of Móor-house, near Haworth.

At the White Lion inn, Halifax, Mr. At Ledsham, Mr. Joseph Wigglesworth, Michael Dillon, merchant, of Dublin. His of Hurn-house, near Leeds, to Mrs. Prince, death was occasioned by a violent fever, widow of the late Mr. George Prince, of which seized him as he was preparing to reHull.

turn to Ireland. At Berkin, near Ferry-bridge, Mr. Acroyd, At Sheffield, the rev. John Harmer, dirof Burghwallis, to Miss Loftus, of Temple senting minister. He was suddenly seized Hirit.

with a fit of apoplexy, denominated the Mr. Martin Hinde, of Leeds, to Miss angina pectoris, in the shop of Mesirs. Ridgard Charlotte Greenway, of Didsbury, Lancashire. and Bennet, booksellers, and expired without

At Richmond, Lieutenant Moore, of the a struggle. 65th regiment, to Miss Craggs.

At Giggleswick, near Settle, in his 47th At Cottingham, Mr. Benjamin Blaydes, year, Mr. Starkie, brother to the rev. Mr jun. of Hull, to Miss Knowley, of the Starkie, vicar of that parish. former place.

At Bradford, Mr. Jonas Bower. Mr. Cornelius, of Newland, to Miss Ann Near Bradford, in the 67th year of her Cross, of Hull, daughter of the late rev. Mr. age, Mrs. Rookes, relict of the late William Cross, of Pattrington.

Rookes, esq. of Etholt Hall. At Kirby Moortide, Mr. William Cole, of At Askham, near York, aged 20, Miss Wrelcon, to Mifs Atkinion, of the former Ann Clarke. place.

At Scarborough, Mr. Edmund Day. In At Halifıx, Mr. James Crossley, to Miss her 86th year, Mrs. Williamton, relict of the Ann Greshup.

late Mr. John Williamson, fhip-owner. Died.] At York, in the 66th year of his At Clayton, at the advanced age of 95, age, Mr. William Bluitt, alderman. Mr. Mrs. Allott. B. served the office of lord mayor for this At Sedberg, aged 64, the rev. Wm. Caw. city in 1788. His benevolence and uniform thorp, A. M. vicar of that place, and fellow integrity procured him the respect and love of Trinity college, Cambridge, uf all who had an opportunity of knowing At Ellinthorpe, near Boroughbriuge, aged him. By his death society has loit an excel 23, Miss Clarki lent individual in private character, and a public magiftrate of great ability, inflexible Married.] At Chester, Mr. Jones, a very probity, and indefatigable diligence in the respectable tanner, of Trefnaney, Montgoduties of his office.

merythire, to Miss Catherine Fiuglies, of In her 738 year, Mrs. Scroor; widow of the former place. Mr. john Roberts, bookthe late S. Scroop, eiq. of Danby.

Telier, to Misäeliy.


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At Chester, Mr. R. Huxley. Mr. low-chandler, of Carlisle, to Mifs Martin, Thomas Smith. In her g6th year, Mrs. of Liverpool. Lloyd, of the ancient family of Hendre, in At Manchefter, Mr. N. Clough, to the county of Merioneth. Mr. William Miss Gibson. Mr. Matley,

Mrs. Bingley, grocer. Aged 93, Mrs. Mary Ann Dickenson, matron of the ManWetenhall. Mrs. Barnston, reliet of the late chefter infirmary. Mr. Samuel Thomas, Trafford Barnston, esq. and aunt of Roger merchant, to Miss Susan Bullock, of Bury. Barnston, esq. late lieutenant-colonel of the At the same place, Ralph Little, ta Janc Cheshire militia. Her amiable character ren- sidebotham. They lived in the service of dered her universally beloved and respected Mr. Milne's family, the bridegroom 14, and while living, and her loss equally regretted. the bride nearly 30 years.

At the same place, Mr. Amery, jun. son At Salford, Mr. Thomas Gorft, jun. of of Mr. Alderman Amery.

Sealand, near Chester, to Miss Pritchard, of Mr. Charles Wilbraham, of the Green the former place. Walls, farmer,

At Hallingden, Mr. Minshull, late house. Mr. Owen Maddock, a respectable farmer, surgeon and apothecary, and now visiting of the Corn Hill, near Hanmore.

apothecary of the Liverpool infirmary, to At Cheadle, greatly respected, Mr. Isaac Miss Lonsdale, daughter of the late Mr. Lonfo Wood, late a corr-dealer in Manchefter. dale, of Hallingden, merchant.

Ac Middlewich, aged 81, Mr. John Sea At Wigan, Mr. Lewis, one of the unders man.

takers of the Lancaster canal, to Mrs. Fog, Mr. Paul Dutton, of Grafton Hall. of the Roebuck inn, at Wigan, At Malpas, Mr. William Weaver.

Died.] At Liverpoool, in his Soth year, Ac Great Boughton, Mr. Richard Ed. Mr. James Appleton. Mr. John Altass, aged ward, of the Red Lion, to Miss Susannah 30. Mr. Joseph Berry:, In his 65th year, Hussey.

Mr. John Pars, gunsmith. After a long and At Atbury, near Congleton, Mr. Pedley, painful illness, borne with exemplary fortiof Eaton, maltīter, to Miss Steele, of Con- tude, Mr. Richardson, jun. Mr. Peter Lawgleton.


Mr. James Ashcroft, draper. Mr.. LANCASHIRE.

Titherington. Mrs. Gerard, widow of the A curious antique helmet and mask, late Mr. Richard Gerard, who served the discovered some time since at Ribchester, in office of mayor for this borough in 1780. this county, were lately exhibited at the Miss Nunes. meeting of the society of antiquarians, where At Manchester, Mr. Holden. Mr. John they excited so much admiration, that their Lingard. Mr. William Usher, master of the draftman, Mr. Underwood, was ordered to collegiate church school. Mr.' Nelson, ate make correct drawings of them for the use of torney. Mr. Patrick Callaghan. Mr. John the society. The helmet is Roman, and ap- Rogers, gardener, late of Chester, Mr. pears to have been executed between the Seddon, bookseller. Mr. Richard Radford. reigns of Septimus Severus and Constantine. Mrs. Howard. Mr. Samuel Hough, The design of the figures which decorate it is At Lancaster, Mrs. Mary Whitefield, of very grand, and superior to the execution. the Cross Keys inn. Mrs. Lawson. -The mask which was found attached to the James Ripley, of the Three Tuns. Mrs. helmet is of the firfc Grecian workmanship, Elizabeth Walmsley, fister to the late Mr. and is probably the production of the age of Thomas Walmley, ironmonger, Alexander the Great. The cognoscenti are At Blackburn, Mrs. Kelly. Mr. James not agreed as to its character, some taking it Hindle, of the Three Legs public-house. for a Bacchus, others for a Medusa; but all Mr. L. Percy, hatter and hosier. concur in pronouncing it one of the finest pie At Nova Scotia, near Blackburn, Mrs. ces of antique sculpture ever discovered in Haworth, of the Weaver's Arms publica this or any other country. These valuable house. reliques were found by mere accident; a boy Mrs. Morvill, of Cottingley Bridge, near Diding down a bank, part of the earth gave Bingley, way, and led to the important discovery. At Bolton, in his 78th year, Mr. Seth Other antiques, of less value, have been Flitcroft, yeoman. He was the father of subsequently dug up in the same place: a thirty children by two wives; five by a forstandard, and some intruments for sacrifice, mer, and twenty-five by his present widow. They seem to have been depofited with great Mrs. Rädgway. cares a cube of about eight feet of the natu At Prescott, Mrs, Kidd. ral soil Having been cleared away, and the At Ormskirk, Mrs. Halsall. space filled with dry fand, with the various At Chorley, Mrs. Threlfall, wife of Mr. articles in the middle. These reliques now John Thelfoli. enrich the magnificent collection of antiqui At Wavetree, Mr. Wm. Nowell Lickbar ties belonging to Charles Townley, esg.

Aged 82, Mr. William Fleming,
Married.) At Liverpool, Capt. William gardener.
Simon, to "Miss Elizabeth Bell. Mo, Peter Mr. John Andrew, of Crumpfail, neas
Wright, to Mrs. Sarrate. Mr. Baxter, tale Manchestet.



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312 Derbyshire Nottinghamshire.... Rutlandsbire... Leicestershire.

At Wigan, by falling into the river, as he

NOTTINGHAMSHIR L. was returning home, Mr. James Finch, Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. Burton, brass-founder,

late of the George and Dragon, on the LongAt Winstanley, near Wigan, Mrs. Banks. Row, to Mrs. Simpfon, of Radford.

At Prestwich, Mr. Thomas Bradshaw, cam At Wilford, Mr. Willerton, of Coventry, lito-printer.

to Miss Carver, of the former place. At Preston, Miss Mayor. Mrs. Wilkin. Died.] At Nottingham, aged 64, Mr. lon. Mr. John Mitton, auctioneer. Mrs. Buchan, hofier. In his 64th year, Ms. Gregars, innkeeper. In an advanced age, Bestwick, butcher. Mrs. Merrin, wife of Mrs. Hornby, a lady much and grcatly. Mr. Merrin, rope-maker. Mr. Goff, flour. esteemed by all who had the pleasure of her seller. The rev. Mr. Parker, vicar of Hawacquaintance.

ton, near Newark. Mr. W. Hoyles, of the At Walton-le- Dale, near Preston, Mr. Dog and Bear public-house. Thomas Woud, cotton manufacturer, to Miss At the same place, in consequence of excef. Carter.

fsve drinking, Jonathan Spring, At Kightey, Mr, Lay.cock, to Miss Mary At Wilford, near Nottingham, in her Craven, of Walk Mill.

89th year, Mrs. Leeson, a widow lady. Aged At Salford, Mr.Crompton Livefey, paper 24, Miss Elizabeth Gill, eldest daughter of manufacturer, to Miss Crompton.

the rev. William Gill. The rev. Mr. Shewe!), minister of Bida At Wollaton, in his 75th year, the rev. fton, to Miss Bifhop.

Ifaac Pickthall, rector of that place and of Mr. R. Howard, of Straines, near Difley, Trowelt. to Miss Phebe Rider, of Manchester.

At Mansfield, Miss Mary Senior, daughter At Chetham, Mr. Ogden, to Miss Mary of Mr. J. Senior, hosier. Berwick, of Hulmu.

Mr. William Shaw, eldest son of Mr. J. At Uffington, Mr. R. Price Puleston, to Shaw, of Trowell-Moor. Miss Corbett, of Sundorn.

At Blasford, in his 4 ist year, Mr. Thomas At Childerall, Mr. Fletcher Hayes, of Milnes, bleacher. tlie Wavetree coffee-house, to Mrs. Strick At Bafingfield, near Nottingham, Mr. land, of Wavetree.

Singleton, formerly a maltiter on the Long At Lancaster, Miss Lydia Rawlinfon, one Row. of the daughters of the late Thomas Hutton At Colgrave, after a lingering illness, Mre Rawlinson, efq., and lifter of Abram Raw- Harris, wife of Mr. John Harris, of Nottinglinfon, esq. formerly member of parliament · ham. for Lancaster. Her amiable difpofition and At Retford, aged 28, much regretted, Mr. conciliating manners endeared her to a nume. O. S. Bradsford, printer, of Newark. rous and refpectable circle of friends, who At Sandy fane, near Arnold, in the Sotha will long regret her loss. Her bounties,

year of his age, Mr. Jonathan Sturtivant. though extensive, were not the mere impulse At Laneham, Mr. Minnitt, an opulent of the moment, but' were guided by judg- farmer. ment, and the discharge of those offices of At Sneinton, near Nottingham, in her benevolence, which her fortune enabled her '64th year, Mrs. Morley. to perform, constituted at once her duty and After a short indisposition, at the family her pleasure.

mansion of the right hon. earl Howe, at At the same place, Miss Sharp.

Langor, near Bingham, Mr. Hall, who, for

upwards of 30 years, had acted with great Married.] At Derby, Mr. Butler, pro- integrity, in the capacity of teward to that prietor of the Newcastle and Nottingham nobleman. fociable, to Mrs. Emery, of Ellvall.

At Markfield Wood-house, Mr. Samuel Mr. Henshaw, of Weston upon Trent, to Frith, an opulent farmer and maltfter. Miss Storer, lifter to Mr. Storer, grocer, of At Radford, Mr. Bennett. Derby.

Died.] At Derby, aged 52, the rev. Na Died.] At his seat at Exton, the Right ghaniel Phillips, minister of the dissenting Hon. Henry Noel, earl of Gainsborough, congregation in the Friar-gate. Aged 17, viscount Campden of Campden, baron Noel Mr. John Wright, eldett son of the late Jo- of Redlington, baron Hicks of Ilmington, feph Wright, efq.

baron Noel of Titchfield, and Baronet. His At Ripley, Matthew Bowler, by the fall. lordship was born in 1745, and became fixth ing in of the roof of one of the coal-pits of earl of Gainsborough on the decease of liis

brother, baptist Noel, who died at Geneva, At Dronfield, near Derby, Mrs. Ockley, in May, 1759. The earldom is now extinct. daughter of Dr. Ockley, the celebrated Arabic profeffor at Cambridge about the com Married.] At Leicester, Mr. James Malmencement of the prefent century. This let, hofier, to Miss Blakelley, niece of Mr. lady lived to the advanced age of 95, and by Blakefiey, banker. Dr. T. Arnold, physician, her virtues, benevolence, and charity, con to Mifs Thompron, of Stamford. Mr. D. A. ciliated the affection and eteen of all who Ross, hotier, to Mifs A, Clayton, daugliter knew her.



that place.







of the rev. Mr. Clayton, vicar of Belgrave, At Drayton Bassett, Mr. William Smith, and rector of Norton by Twycross.

jun. of Hints, to Miss Maria Smith, only Mr. Farnell, holier, to Mrs. Varnam, of daughter of Mr. James Smith, an emineiro Snarestone,

armer, of Bangley, in Staffordshire. Died.] At Leicester, Mr. Lambert, for Died.] At Warwick, in his 74th year, merly keeper of the county Bridewell. Sud- Mr. John Weale, an eminent surgeon and denly, Mrs. Reynolds, wife of Mr. Reynolds, apethecary. Hilversmith. Mr. Loseby, heel-maker. Mrs. At Coventry, Mr. Toone. Wright, of the Marquis of Granby. Mrs. At Willington, after a long and fevere Fancote, of the Black Swan inn.

illness, Mr. Gastrell Snow. At the same place, after a very affli&ting In a very advanced age, Sir Theophilas illness, Miss A. F. Coleman, youngest daugh- Biddulph, bart. of Birdingbury. ter of the late Henry Coleman, Esq. She was At Scourport, Joseph Heeley, csq. many a lovely, amiable, and highly accomplished Sears à captain in the Warwickihire militia. young lady, and scarcely had the morning of At Hagley Row, Mrs. Cambden, widow of her life begun to dawn, before death deprived Mr. Cambden, formerly of the Castle Tavern, society of one of its brightest ornaments, and in Birmingham. her connexions of an affectionate relation and Aged 84, Mrs. Hincks, of Wellenhall. a fincere friend.

At Little Sutton, aged 80, Mrs. Elizabeth At Barrow upon Soar, aged 69, Mr. T. Wilson; and a few days after, aged 77, Mt. Beaumont. His loss is deservedly regretted William Wilson, her husband. This patrie by a numerous circle of friends and acquaint- archal couple had lived together in uninter

rupted harmony upwards of 50 years. STAFFORDSHIR E.

At Birmingham, Mr. Thomas May, many Married.] At Wolverhampton, liente- years beadle of St. Paul's chapel. After á sunt Richard Chapman, of the 38th 'regiment Thort, but very severe illness, Mrs. Robinof foot, to Miss Bond, only daughter of Mr. Son. In his 75th year, Mr. Matthew KitWilliam Bond.

chin. Mr. Thomas Cooper, cabinet-makac. At the Pottery, John Curzon, aged 14, Mrs. Williams. Aged7i, Mrs. Pallett. to Miss Brammer, aged 13. The bride car At Barrowden, aged 64, Mrs. Chamberlain. ried to church a prominent evidence of her At Wing, Mrs. Enbroy. Womanhood.

At Empingham, aged 37, Mrs. Brewster. Died.] At Stafford, Mr. Joseph Griffin, ferjeant at mace.

Married.] At Stamford, Mr. VenneAt Litchfield, Mr. Samuel Harrison, one mere, to Mrs. Tomlin, of King's Cliffc. of the aldermen of that city.

At Boston, Mr. Plummer, of Newark, Mrs. Martha Cary, wife of William Cary, to Mifs Stelling, of the former place. gent, of Cannock. Her great virtues and Sir John Trollope, bart. of Cafwick, near amiable manners render her loss deeply re- Stamford, to Mifs Thorold, of Lincoln. gretted

Mr. Christopher Taylor, of Reston, to At Aldersley, near Wolverhampton, after Miss Kimes, of Holbeach. very afflicting and long illness, Mrs. How After an uninterrupted courtship of several ard, wife of Corbet Howard, esq. late of years, Mr. Benson, of Halton, aged 62, to Whitchurch, Shropshire, and youngeft Miss Winn, of Eastby, aged 30. daughter of the late Mr. Moore, of Wrotter Died.] At Lincoln, Mr. Edward Wilson, ley-park.

miller. Mrs. Hooker, of the Rein Deer At Tettenhall, Mrs. Hollyoake, widow public-house. of the late F. Hollyoake, esq.

At Stamford, Mrs. Afkren. Mrs. Henfon. At Swanmere, near Hixon, aged 54. Mr. At Boston, aged 82, Mrs. A yre. John Benjamin Bond, farmer.

Robinfon, many years driver of the mailAt Dynton, near Stafford, Mr. R. Merry, coach from Bolton to London: Aged: 76, WARWICXHIRL.

Mrs. Stevens. Married.] Ac Birmingham, Mr. Henry Ai Grantham, Mrs. Cartier. Dale, merchant, of Hamburgh, to Miss At Braceborough, near Stamford, aged Mariden, of Kiddlestone Bath, Derbyshire. 78, Mr. Thomas Green, farmer, Mr. W. Shore, to Miss Susannah Brunner. At West Deeping, Mr. Barber. Mr. James Upton, to Mrs. Thompson. Mr. At Bourn, aged 76, Mr. Charles Watts, John Grieft, aged 19, to Miss M. Swindler, watch-maker. aged 45. Mr. Joseph Dutton, to Miss Barns. At Whaplode, Mr. Abraham Congreve, Mr. James Heptinstall, to Mifs Coney, of an opulent grazier. London. Mr. Downes, drawing-master, to Miss Carrington, of King's Coffe vorba Miss Bull, of Smethwick. Mr. G. S: Why At West Keal, after a lingering i Hadis, ley, chymitt, of Dritand, to Miss E. Bower, Mifs Jane Bonner, only daughter of Mr.

Birmingham Mr. Hickman, to Mrs. Robert Bonner, miller. Healey.

At Harrington, Mrs. Robinfon. – 6.* : At Coventry, Mr. Macread, to Miss Bul. At Louth, aged 86, Edward Bennett, ļer, of Kidderminster.




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