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Warwickshire....Shrapsbire.... Herefordshire. At Martin, near Timberland, Mrs.Stenton. barked at the junction of the coal branch WORCESTERSHIRE.

near Newent, in the first vessel freighted Mr. Richard Southall, jun. of Dudley, with merchandize consigned to Ledbury, to Miss E. Hodgson.

which was followed by three others laden Died.] At Worcester, in her 56th year, with coal. They passed through the tunnel Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Harrison. Miss Mary at Oxenhall, which is ?!92 yards in length, Pritchett. Miss Ann Wall, daughter of in the space of 53 minutes, and were met at Colonel Wall. Suddenly, at her daughter's the extremity by leveral gentlemen, and enhouse, Mrs. Smith, widow of the late Mr. tertained with a cold collation at the Boyce, Smith, soap-boiler. Likewise, suddenly, at the seat of Mr. MOGGERIDGE, one of the the Tyching, near tliis city, in his 77th proprietors of the valuable coal mines recently year, Captain Gardner Bulftrode, of the mac opened at Oxenhall. Both ends of the tunrineș. Suddenly, Mr. Pruen, farmer of the nel, as well as the banks of the canal, were poft-horse duties for this district.

Lined with spectators, who hailed the boats At Hallow Park, Thomas Berwick, esq. , with reiterated acclamations. It is supposed late of Frampton upon Severn.

that upwards of 2000 persons were present on Suddedly, Mr. Spencer, pig jobber, near their arrival at Ledbury (a distance of about Moseley Wake Green.

nine miles), which they reached in four At Witley Court, Mrs. Mary Matthews. houss. A dinner was provided on the occaShe lived successively in the service of four fion at the George Inn, where the greatest Lörd Foleys.

conviviality prevailed,

and several appropriate At Tanwood, near Chaddesley, Mr. toasts were drank. The advantages which Wilkes.

must result from this inland navigation to At Dudley, after a severe and lingering Ledbury and the adjoining country are incalillness, Miss Payton.

culable: In the article of coal, the inha.

bitants of this district will reap an important Married.) At Shrewsbury, Mr. Yale, of benefit by the immediate reduction in price Preston Montford, to Mrs. Richards, of the of at least ten shillings per ton. Coals of the Lea.

first quality are now delivered at the whart At Ruyton of the, Eleven Towns, Mr. ' close to Ledbury, at 13s 6d. whereas the Barken of Whitchurch, to Miss Barnett. common price was formerly 24s. per ton.

Died.] At Shrewsbury, in his 84th year, Married.] At Hereford, Mr. Thomas Mr. John Mitchell, formerly a merchant in Kyrwood, to Miss Wall. very extensive business. In his 65th year, Died.] At Hereford, at the advanced age Ifaac Stephenson, esq. fornierly fteward to of 92, Mrs. Parry. Mrs. Wright. Mr. the Duke of Norfolk, at Holm Lacy. After Knapp, maltfter. a painful illness, borne with exemplary for At Little Hope, near Hereford, aged 70, titude, Mrs. Bright, widow of the late Fulke Mrs. Cole, Bright, gent. of the Endless, near Bishop's At Ledbury, in her 76th year, Mrs. WoodCastle. Mr. Ravenhill, dancing-master. Miss yatt. Jane Walker, second daughter of Mr. John At Walford Court, after a very lingering Walker, mercer, of Kiln-lane. Mr. Phil. illness, Mr. John Elton. He was a gentle lips.

man universally beloved and respected. At Ludlow, aged 81, Mrs. Elizabeth Ed In his 820 year, Mr. Watkin Maddy, of wards, a maiden lady.

the Cwm, in the parish of Dorston. Mrs. Painter, of Inegate, near Shrews. bury.

Died.] At Monmouth, in his both year, At Whitchurch, of an inflammation in his of a mortification in his foot, Mr. Harford bowels, Mr. Edward Jones, surgeon and Jones. apothecary. He polleffed great proteflional At Whitebrook, near Monmouth, Mr skill, and his private character was truly Richard Turner, paper-maker. amiable. After a short, but severe illness, At Piercefield, Miss Charlotte Wood, Miss Burghall, eldest daughter of Major younger daughtest of Colonel Wood. Burghall.

In consequence of excessive gluttony, At the same place, Mrs. Allinson, aged Emanuel Guzman, of Newport, hair-drefier. 73; and a few days after, aged 80, Mr. Tho- . The coroner's jury, after long and mature mas Allinson, her husband. "" Also, Mrs. investigation, returned a verdict of felo de fe, Newne.

and the remains of the wretch were accordo At Farley, aged 87, Mrs. Reynolds, wi- ingly buried in the public road near the spot dow of the late -rev. Mr. Reynolds, of Tuge where he died. ford,


Married.] 'At Bristol, Mr. Charles Wil. TheHerefordshire and Gloucestershire canal, ljans, of Bath, to Miss Mary Ann Weare. from Gloucester to Ledbury, is completed. Mr. Robert Williams," to Miss King. Mr. The opening of this navigation took place on John Jones, to Miss Sarah Cross, of the the 30th of March, when several of the pro- White Hart inn. Mr. William Lewis, to prietors and gentlemen of the committée em- Miss Cooper.


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Oxford-Northamptonshire-Bedfordshire. 315
At Stapleton, Lieut. Col. Way, of the Died.) At Northampton, Mr. John Sole,
Royal Bucks, or King's Own milícia, to Miss keeper of the town gaol.
Marý Smyth, youngest daughter of Thomas At Oundle, aged 24, Mrs. Mogld, wife
Smyth, esq. of Stapleton house.

of Mr. Mould, surgeon.
At Westury, near Bristol, James Mack Miss Carrington, of King's Cliffe.
intosh, esq: barrister, of Lincola's inn, 'to At Rugby, aged 21, Miss Mary Bettey
Miss Allen, daughter of John Bartlett Allen, Chapman.
esq. of Creffelly, in Pemi.rokeshire.

At Cransley, Miss Mary Anne Anderson, At Winchcombe, Mr. Williams, attorney, youngest daughter of the rev. George Anderto Miss Sarah Smith.

ion, yicar of that parish.
At Winterbourne, Samuel Shute, esq. of At Milton, near Northampton, the rev.
Frenchay, to Mifs Ricketts, of London. M. Montgomery:
Died.] At the Hot Wells, Bath, Mifs

At Kislingbury, near Northampton, Mrs Phipps. In his 19th year, Sir Anthony Fitz: Jephcott, wife of the rev. John Jepħcott. herbert, bart. of Tifing:on, in Derby hire. Thomas Taylor, a lad between 12 and 13 Of a decline, Mrs. Blackley, wife of Henry years of age, and fervant to' Mr. William Blackley, esq."his majesty's consul for Mi- Doison, jun. baker, at Peterborough, hanged norca, Majorca, and Yvica.

himself accidentally in his master's millAt Bristol, Mr. Brown, linen-draper, and chamber, by waniorly putting the noofe of partner in the house of Meilrs. Edwards, a rope round his neck, and giving himseif a Brown and Edwards, Mr. Chabas, fencing- sudden check, which caused his immedia ic maiter. Aged 75, Mr. Wheeler. Mrs. death. Hape. Miss Lorymore, haberdafher. Mr. James Kedwards, 'an officer of the customs ac Died.). At Stoney Stratford, Mrs. Pearce, this port. Mr. Charles Archibald Sanders. widow of the late Nathaniel Pearce, erg. of Mr. Gadd. Mr. Robert Taylor, of the Ship Chapel Brompton, nrar Northampton, and Star, Canon's Marth. Mrs. Shady. At High Wycombe, Thomas Shrimpton, Captain Ellis, of the Prince William Henry, esq. in the Cork trade, from this port. Mrs. At Whitchurch, suddenly, Mrs. Mary White. Mrs. Griffiths. Mr. Thomas Men. Baldwin. grove, attorney. In the Lower College Green. Thomas Rothley, esq.

Died.] At Bedford, after a very afflicting At Gloucester, Mr. Abraham Rudhall. illness, Richard Lovesey, esq. formerly an

At Avening, aged 86, Mrs. M. Clutter- eminent attorney, in this town. His private buck, filter to the late Lewis Clutterbuck, virtues and profesional abilities endeared him esq. of Wdidcombe house, near Bath. to a numerous acquaintance, by whom his

The Rev. Mr. Parry, of Honeycombe, loss is fincerely regretted. rector of Tibberton, Worcestershire, and vicar At Steppingley, Mrs. Parker, widow of of Boding, in Kent.

the late John Parker, efq. Ac Bedminster, Mrs. Morgan.

At Stagfden, in consequence of a violent

kick from a horse, which he was endeavonrMarried:] At Oxford, the rev. Robert ing to catch for the purpofe of fetching 2 Wintle, student of Christ church, to Miss midwife to the asistance of his wife, John Morrell, daugiter of James Morrell, ciq. Bird, a labourer in huibandry. The poor man

Died.] At Oxford, suddenly, whilit fit languithed in great agony till the evening of fing in her chair after lupper, Mrs. Robinson. the next day. After a short illness, aged 45, Mr.John Willmot, master of the Cross inn.

The long li:igled caufe between tliis uniAt the fame placé, after a long and severe veráty and the occupiers of the Downing illness, and in his 26th year, Mr. Cullen, , eftate, of which the latter have had possession dancing-maltet.

upwards of 30 years, is finally determined in At Woolvercott, near Oxford, after an favour of the university. The lord chancelillness of a few days, in his 58th year, Mr. lor has accordingly ordered a receiver for the Vincent Ball, a farmer of great respectability. university to be appointed immediately. The

At Shipiton-upon-Sorer, Mr. Hodgkin, a arrears of the estate will be more than suffiyoung man of extensive learning and a very cient to erect the new college, which is to be amiabie ditpoticion.

founded, pursuant to the will of Sir Jaccb At Banbury, Mrs. Lambert, sen. mother Downing, under the title of Downing college. of the rev. John Lambert, A. M.

Married.] At Cambridge, the rev. Dr.

Cory, Master of Emanuel college and Vice-
Married.] At Peterborough, Mr. Wilson, chancellor of the university, to Miss Ann
Glversmith, to Miss Smith. Mr. James Apthorp, third daughter of the rev. Dr. Ap-
Gates, to Miss Dillingham. Mt. Currey, of thorp, Prebendary of Finsbury.
the Oxford Blues, to Mrs. Dechenner, of the Mr. James Custance, of Sutton, in the Ife
Talbot inn.

of Ely, to Miss Dobede, of Soham,
Mr. Pritchard, fadler, of Peterborough, Mr. George Remingto!), of Haddenham,
Miss Bingham.

likewise in the Ine of Ely, to Miss Simonts, of Witcham, - near Ely:

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Norfolk...Suffolk.... Herefordshire...Kent, At Screveton, near Bingham, Mr. Emmett, Mr. Zebedee Tideman, of Stonham, to a wealthy farmer of Thorney, to Miss Ana Miss Berry, organist of Framlingham. Sampey, of the former place.

Died.] At Ipswich, aged 39, Mrs. Gow. Died.] At Cambridge, Mrs. Blackman, ing, wife of Mr. Lionel Gowing, merchant, aged 56. Mr. Clement Knell, cooper, and At an advanced age, Mrs. Tydeman, widow university guager, His Arict probity ren- of the late Commodore Tydeman, who was dered him greatly respected. At the advanced unfortunately drowned on going alhore after age of 91, Mrs. Johnson. After a lingering' the surrender of the Manillas. illness, Mr. Smith,

At Bury, in his 68th year, Mr. Henry At Bingham, aged 36, Mr. Thomas Wright, Leech; and not many days after, Mrs. Leech, farmer.

his wife, aged 66. Mrs. Anderson, of the AtHorningsey, in her 62d year,Mrs. Grain. Ángel inn. Mr. Robert Scott, keeper of the

At Willingham, Mr. John Osborn, a re- gaol in the liberty of Bury St. Edmonds. He Spectable farmer,

acquitted himself in his office with great hu"At Mildenhall, Mrs. Elizabeth Rush- manity towards the unfortunate prisoners brooke, fifter of the late Braham Rushbrooke, entrusted to his care. Mr, Teague, sen. esg. Also Miss Mary Andrews. Aged 93, At Beccles, in his 57th year, Mr. Afley, Mrs. Ewell.

furgeon. Aged $6, Mrs. Reynolds. Mrs. Lee, of Upwell,

At Beighton, aged 86, Mr. Rob. Midson, At Spalding, Mrs. Garton.

farmer, | At Newmarket, aged 36, Mrs. Tilbrook. At Fornham St. Martin, Mrs. Mower.

At Walloken, near Wisbeach, Mr. Henry At Hawstead, near Bury, aged 67, Mr, Long.

Robert Bigsby.

At Woodbridge, Mr. William Goodwyn,
Married.] At Norwich, Mr. William attorney.
Theobald, to Miss Newson.

At Belaugh, Mr. Rob. Archer, to Miss Married.). The rev: John Keet, of HatF. Dewing.

field, to Miss Crawley, of Stockwood, BedMr. George England, of Hindringham, to fordihire. Mifs Mary Buck, of Moríton.

Died.) At Rickmansworth, in his 75th Mr. Cozens, farmer, of North Tuddenham, year, John Parsons, efq. to Miss Petchell, of Mattithall.

At West Dereham, Mr. John Large, an Married.] At Chelmsford, Mr. Grose opulent farmer and grazier, of St. Mary's Overall, to Mrs. Sarah Boosey. Hall, in Marihland, to Miss Sarah Oldman, Charles Sinith, efq. of Sutton, M. P. for of the former placę.

Saltafh, to Miss Augusta Smith, daughter of Died.] At Lynn, Mrs. Crusoe. Miss Joshua Smith, esq. of Stoke Park, in WiltHogg.

shire, and M. P. for Devizes. At Norwich, aged 78, Mrs. Cremer, wi At Barking, Mr. John Price, jun. of dow of the late Rev. Mr. Cremer, formerly Millbank-street, Westminster, to Miss Sarah vicar of Wymondham. Aged 38, Mr. Wm. Wills. Twiddy, formerly of the theatre in this city. Mr. William Going, farmer, of South In a very advanced age, Mrs. Anne L'Estrange, End, to Miss Miller, of North Shorebury. daughter of the late Hamon L'Estrange, esq. At Maldon, Mr. James Barritt, to Mils This lady was the last of the ancient and ho- Mary Everard. nourable house of Hunftanton, who bore the At Writtle, Mr. Hilliard, master of the name of L'Estrange. Aged 62, Mrs. Anne academy in that town, to Miss Charlotte Brett. Suddenly, in a fit of apoplexy, aged King. 59, Mrs. Sharpe. Aged 22, Mr. Robert. At Dagenhan, Mr. Vevers, master of the Clamroch, jun.

Whalebone house academy, near Romford, to At Wymondham, Mr. Samuel Stoughton, Miss Purdue, governess of the Ladies' board, youngest son of Peter Stoughton, gent. ing school in Romford. Aged 35, Mr. Jolin Coggle, wheelwright. At Dedham, Mr. John Swinborne, to

Mr. Garneys, late a surgeon at Yoxford, Miss Lambert, of Blamster's hall, near Great but who had retired from buliness.

Dunmow. At Yarmouth, aged 75, Mrs. Lacon. Died.] At Chelmsford, Lieut. Thomas At Hilgay, Mr. Powers.

Parker, adjutant of the Ayrihire Fencible At Stockton, in consequence of a fall down cavalry, quartered in that town. Mrs. Livestairs, Mrs. Bond.

Aged 86, Mrs. Mące, At Gunthorpe, Mrs. Collyer, wife of At Colchester, after a very afflicting illness, the rev. Charles Collyer.

Mrs. Mary Great. At Kirby, after a short illness, Mrs.Evans. At Prittlewell, the rev. Thomas Ruff head, SUFFOLK.

curate of that place, and son of the late Mr. Married.) At Ipswich, Nicholas Sinnet, Ruff head, compiler of the folio edition of M. D. of Daventry, to Miss Lewis, of the the statutes at large. former place.

At Danbury, after a short indifpofition of At Saffron Walden, Mr. Thomas Smith, scarce an hour, Mr. Bacon, of the Griffin to Miss Mary Bowtell, of Audley End. public house.


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Kunt....Surrey.... Suffex.

317 Mr. William Grubb, formerly an opulent In the isle of Thanet, aged 81, Mr. Ste farmer of Lexden.

phen Jeffard.
At Writtle, Mr. Nathaniel Barlow, an At Folkestone, aged 82, Mrs. Major.
eminent auctioneer of Colchester.

At Eythorne, Mrs. Burwell.
At Maldon, Mrs. Malden.

Mr. John At Herne, after a short illness, Mrs. Cole.
White, collector of the customs.

gate. Aged 60, Mrs. A. Barker, of Thorpe. At Whitstable, Mr. Richard Hayward,

At Brandefton, Mrs. Scott, wife of Captain rope-maker. Aged 56, Mr. John Barton. In Scott, of the Loyal Essex Fencibles.

his 31st year, Mr. Wood, surgeon and mana Mr. Boodle, surgeon, of Chipping Ongar. midwife.

As Lieut. Cooper, of the artillery, at Col-. At Wingham, in his 22d year, James Sanchefter barracks, with a ferjeant, and five ders, only son of Mr. Peter Sanders. privates, of the East Effex militia, were fail At Patrixlbourne, of a decline, aged 23, ing from Harwich to Landguard fort, the Miss Letítia Abbor. boat overset, by which unfortunate accident At Alh, near Sandwich, Mr. John Curling. that valuable officer, three privates, and the In the parish of Northfleet, Lance Tade' waterman, were drowned.

man, efq. At Hempsted, Mr. Charles Cock.

Aged 24, Mrs. Coleman, wife of Mr. Wm. At Rockford, aged 18, Miss Mary Ann Coleman, and governess of the ladies board Davis..

ing-school, at St. Faith's-house, near MaidAt Chignell St. James's, Mrs. Crush. ftone.

At Faversham, in consequence of the burst Married.) At Canterbury, Mr. Spratt, ing of a blood-vessel, Mrs. Lancefield, wife to Miss Sarah Loop.

of Captain Lancefield. Ac Deal, Mr. R. Covill, pilot, to Miss At Maidstone, after a short illness, Mr. Taylor. Mr. Charles Holbrook, to Miss George West, master of the Mitre tavern Rickman, of Walmer. Mr. Richard Hay- and coffee-house, and a jurat of the corpora-' man, jun. to Miss Morris.

tion. Mrs. Ruck, agcd 75. Mrs. Milner, At Faversham, Mr. F. Wilks, of Preston, a maiden lady, and eldest lister of the late Dr. to Miss Mary Ann Pratt, of the former Milner. place.

At Chatham, suddenly, in a very advanced At Sandwich, Mr. William Smith, to age, J. Hamilton, esq. clerk of the surveyor Mrs. Gardener, of the Mermaid public-house. of the dock-yard at this place. Mr. Thomas

At Willeborough, Mr. Thomas Barber, Johnson. Mr. Joseph Pettitt, one of the to Miss Mary Head, of Alhford.

proprietors of the Chatham coaches. At Folkestone, Mr. John Major, to Miss At Dover, Mrs. Pepper. Browning

At Rochester, Mrs. Wilh, sen. Mrs. DurAt Dymchurch, Mr. Nathaniel Hunt, to

ham. At Holy Cross, Westgate, Mr. Richard Married.] At Charley, Captain Dottin, Wilson, to Miss Elizabeth Woggo.

the 2d regiment of life-guards, to Miss Jones. Robert Miles, esq. of Vanburgh Fields, At Ticehurit, the rev. Mr. Kersteman, to Blackheath, to Miss Madox, only daughter Mrs. May, widow of Mr. Thomas May. of Erasmus Madox, efq. of the Phænix Brew Died.] At Lewes, Mrs. Lane, widow of house, Southwark.

the late Thomas Lane, M. D. At Molah, Mr. J. Videan, to Miss Pur Ac Battle, at his new lodgings, which he ton, of Badlesmere.

"had occupied only one week, at the very exAt Mersham, Mr. John Leeds, to Mrs. traordinary age of 117 years, Mr. Ingleby. Durrnah.

At Moresfield, Mrs. Rivett, wife of the Died.] At Canterbury, in a very ad rev. Thomas Rivett, rector of that place. vanced age, Mr. James Hiett. He has left the bulk of a very considerable property to Died.] At Reading, Miss Drewett. his relations; many of whom are in indigent Aged 82, Mr. Davenport. In his 98th year, circumstances. The remainder he bequeathed Abraham Greenwood. He had been an out. to charitable purposes, leaving, among other pensioner of Chelsea hospital since the year legacies, sool. to the Kent and Canterbury 1755; hospital; and 300l. in trust to the mayor of Suddenly, at Burgess farm, near Lamthis city, for the time being, and four eldest bourn, aged 70, in the presence of his workaldermen, to purchase great coats annually, men, Mr. Edmund Seymour, of Inholmes. for aged and infim men.

At Windsor, Mrs. Isherwood. At the same place, suddenly, after spend At Hurly, by a fall from his horse, in ing a cheerful evening with his friends, Mr. Consequence of the breaking of one of his William Wallace, commander of a revenue stirrups, Mr. Richard Lee. He survived the vellel in this port.

accident only a few hours. Ac Woolwich, Major-General Phipps, of Mrs. Webb, wife of Mr. J. Webb, of Beanthe royal engineers. Mrs. Holloway, wife th:af farm. of Captain Holloway, of the same corps, Ac Wallingford, Richard Hunter, esq. a and daughter of Sir William Green, bast.


Miss Joy:



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Hampshire....JViashire.... Dorset fhire...Somerjetnite: juftice of the peace for the county of Berks, Peter Damell, efq. 'of Yeovil, to Miss Anri and fenior alderman of that borough.

Hansford, fecond daughter of Captain HansAt the same place, by a fall froin his horfe, ford, ot'ehe navy. which dislocated his neck, Mr. Burt, carrier. Mr Rixen, of Donhead St. Mary, Wilt

In his 70th year, Mr. Tull, of Southridge, hire, to Mils Matthews, of Gillingham. in the parish of Streatley.

Died.) At Dorchester, on the 30th of

March, greatly regretted by a nomerous acMarried:) At Wincheiter, Mr. Wright, quaintance, and particularly by the poor, to wholesale linen-draper, tv Mifs Pointer, whoni he was a liberal benefa&tress, Mrs. daughter of Mr. Pointcr, maitfter; in the Hawkins, wife of the rev. James Fendall Soke.

Hawkins, vicer of Buckhorn Wefton: At Hound church, near Southampton,

SOMERSETSHIRI. Joseph Sydney Yorke, csg. M. P. Captain Married.) At Bathwick, Mt. Thomas of the Stag, and brother to the earl of Hard Wilson, merchant, of London, to Miss Homwick, to Miss Rattray, daughter of James fray, daugeter of Mr: Thanas Homfray, of Rastray, esg, or Artheritone, Perththirc. Srourton, in Staffordthire. Mr. Franklin, to

At Preston Candover, George Purefoy Jeri Miss Belinda Buck. voise, esq. of Herrard, near Bafingstoko, to At Bath, Mr. Daniel Powney, to Mrs. Miss Hall, daughter of Thomas Hall, esq. Mafters. Sir Richard Steele, bart. of Ireof the former place.

land, to Miss Farances D'Alton, daughter of Edward Isaac, esq. of Brookheath, to Miss the late General Count D'Alton, in the ImWaters.

perial service. Mr. J. Simpson, of London, Died.) At Netley, near Southampton, to Miss Catherine Harper, of Bath. to which place the was recommended for the At Ilminster, Mr. Hine, jun. of Beabenefit of the Sea breeze, being of a consump- minster, to Miss Colum, of Horton. tive habit, Miss Enamett, of Englefield-green, Died.) At Bath, in her 7och ycar, Mrs. Dear Egham, aged 22.

King. Mrs. Gaites. The rev. Johın HunAt Winchester, Miss M. Laventhorp. ter, only com of Dr. Hunter, physician, at At Silchefter, Mrs. Holding.

Bach. Mrs. Seare. Lieutenant John ChapAt Yately, aged 76, Joseph Edgar, efq. pell, of the 7th regiment of foot. Mrs. Date of Weymouth.

Bowreman. Mrs. Blake. Mr. Pritcliard. At Rownham-house, near Romsey, in his Mr. Peterswold. Mr. Stephen Batchelor. goth year, Robert Barton, esą.

At Bathwick, Mr. Richards.

At Shepton Mallet, Mrs. Brown. Married.] At Salilbury, Mr. Edward Joy, At Ilminster, in his 73d year, Mr. Thom jun. to Miss Catherine Newman, of Christ. mas Slater, fen. church.

At Whitelackington, Mr. Richard AbraAt Fisherton, near Salisbury, Mr. G. ham. Kerley, of Wilton, to Miss A. White, of At Yeovill, in his 68th year, the rev. Westbury.

Francis Crane Parsonso A. M. rector of George South, esq. of Donhead, to Miss Lympsham and Rympton, and a justice of Vince, daughter of Colonel Vince, of East the peace for the county of Somerset. He Lavington.

has left a wife and twelve children to lament Dicd.) At Salibury, in her 84th year,

his lois. Mrs. Burbridge. Mr. George Lambourne, painter and glazier. Aged 85, Mr. John Married.] At Exeter, Mr. J. Hedgeland, to Randall.

Miss Nelson Mr. Thomas Tucker, to Miss At the college, in the Clore, in her 69th Dawe. year, Mrs. Mathews, widow of the late rev. At Chard, Mr. Hallert, of Axminster, Matthews, of Fisherton.

wine-merchant, to Mifs Clarke, of the forAt Devizes, in her 19th year, after a long mer place. and severe illness, Miss Ann Bayley, youngest Died.] At Exeter, in an advanced age, daughter of the late Mr. Edward Bayley. Mrs. Parker, Mits Canipbell, youogeit

Ac Marlborough, Mrs. Hope, wife of daughter of Colonel Campbell. After a short Mr. Hope, surgeon.

illness, Christopher Gulleit, esq. formerly At Ramsbury, Mr. Blackman, an eminent an eminent attorney, and niany years deputy{urgeon and apothecary.

clerk of the peace for the county of Devon. At Burbage, the rev. Henry Jenner, A.M. He was a man deservedly respected and berector of Rochampton, Glouce/terhire, vicar loved. of Great Bedwin, and chaplain to the eart of A:Plymouth, Capt. Coie, of his majesty's Aylesbury.

Diip La Revolutionare. After a short illness, Mrs. Bishop, of the At Dartmouth, Mrs, Hoyle, wife of Mr. Green Dragon inn, Barford.

Hoyle, surgeon and apothecary. At Luckington, in her 8gch year, Mrs. At Oktery St. Mary, Mrs. Duke,' Fitz herbert, elict of the late Fowncs Fitz At Marriston, James Mody ford Heywood, herbert, esq.

esq. He served the office of sheriff in 1759, DORSIT SHIRI.

and was formerly in parliament as member Mørried.] Ai Burlon, in this county, for Fowey, in Conwail.



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