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part 1.

New Publications in May.

379 The Layman's Address to the Clergy of The Sorrows of Matilda, by a Lady, 2 vols. England; humbly submitted to the perusalés. fewed.

Lee and Hurst. of every gentleman in the kingdom, by a The Castle of St. Donats, or History of Friend to the church establishment, 8vo. is. Jack Smith, 3 vols. Iợs. 6d. sewed.


Lane and Miller. Observations on the Effects of Oxygen on The New Monk, 3 vols. Ios. 6d. the Animal and Vegetable Systems; with

Lane and Millet. chemical, physiological, pathological and prac Henry Willoughby, 2 vols. 75. Kearsley. tical remarks, and an attempt to prove why Ellinor, or The World as it isg; by Mary some plants are evergreen, and others decidu- Ann Hanway, 4 vols. 18s.

Lane. 945, by Clement Archer, Esq. M. R. I. A. 35. The History of my Father, or how it hape

Dilly. pened that I was Born, a Romance from the An Address to the People of Great Britain, German of Kotzebue, 35. 6d. Treppaís. by George Burges, B. A. Is. Longman. Sadaski, or the Wandering Penitent, 2 vols. Short Animadversion on the prevailing by Thomas Bellamy, 75.

Sael. Abuse of the Established Clergy, 3d. Longman.

POLITICAL ECONOMY. Count Rumford's Effays, experimental, political, economical and philosophical, part 2, A Sermon preached in the Church of Ware essay 7, Is. 6d. Cadell and Davies. mingford and Boxted, on Sunday, April 19th,

Address to the Yeomanry of Great Britain 1798, to persuade the Congregations to forma on the subject of Invasion, by a Seaman. themselves into Military Associations for the

Cadell and Davies. Defence of the Country, by R. A. Ingrams,
B. D. 60,

Maxims of Health, by R. Squirrell, M. D. The Fifth Report of the Society for better-

Murray and Highley. ing the Condition of the Poor, is. Hatchard. Medical Histories and Reflexions, by John The Connection between Industry and ProFerriar, M. D. volume 3d. 55. boards. perty, addressed to the society for bettering

Cadell and Davies. the condition of the poor, 6.
Medical Researches, selected from the

Cadell and Davies. Papers of a private medical aliociation, vol. 1. The Speech of Robert Goodloe Harper,

Cox. Efg. on the foreign intercourse bill, delivered Description and Treatment of Cutaneous to the house of representatives of the AmeDiseales, illustrated with plates, by Robert rican States, March zd, 1798; with notes Willan, M. D. F. A. S. Part I. 4to. 155. by the author, is, 6d.

Wright. Johnson Letters on Finance and National Defence, Obfervations on the Structure, Economy, addrested to those who are inclined to despond and Dileares of the Foot of the Horse, and on at the present posture of affairs, by Foun the Principles and Practice of Shoeing, by Charnock, jun. Is. 6d. :

Faulder. Edward Coleman, Professor of the Veterinary Bell's General Tax-Regulator, complete, College, &c. 4to. 12s. boards. Johnson. price is. and for the accommodation of the

Medical Review, vol. 4, from May 1797 purchasers of the preceding part, tables of the $0 May 1798, ios. halr-bound. Booley. new taxes on houses, windows, horses, &c.

Dr. Underwood on the Disorders of Child- are sold separately at 6d. Bell, Strand. hood, 3 vols. 12mo. 10$.6d. sewed. Matthews. Plan for railing the Supplies during the MILITARY TACTICS, &c.

War, is.

Elmiley and Bremner. The Art of Defence on Foot, with the A correct Detail of the Finances of this broad Sword and Sabre: with Remarks on country, as reported by the Secret Comthe Spadroon, &c. Illustrated with plates, mittee, including an account of the expences 6s. boards.

Egerton. attending this war, and the several remitExercise of the Long Bow and the Pike, by tances to the Emperor of Germany, &c. &c. Richard Oswald Majon, Esq. 35. 6d. Egerton. To which is added an history of the rise, pro

The Soldier's Companion, containing in- gress, and present state of the bank of England, fructions for the manual exercise, 6d. Lane, by Cbarles Hales, Erq. author of the Bank An Appendix to the Monthly Army List, Mirror, Is.

W. Treppaís. containing the Half pay, the Supplementary militia, Provisional cavalry, the Gentlemen The Advantages resulting from the French and Yeomanry cavalry and the Volunteer In- Revolution, and a French Invasion considered. fantry. 1798, Iso Hookhan and Carpenter. Edinburgh printed; London, reprinted for

Vernor and Hood, Is.

Opposition Dangerous, by Thomas Lisler, B. A. IS.

Stockdale. Laura, or The Orphan, by Mrs. Burton,

Prospect of the great Advantages which 2 vols. 75. boards.

Richardson. the Common People of England are likely to The Step-Mother, a domeftic tale from gain by a successful Invasion from the French. real life, by a Lady, 2 vols. 78. boards.

Rivington and Hatchard.
Speculative Picture of Europe, from the






New Publications in May: French of Dumourier, by John Joseph Stock- Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, by the late dale, jun. with charts of Great Bricain, Ire- Thomas Tyrwhitt, Esq. F. R. S. a new edition land, France, Spain and Portugal, 25. 6d. from the Clarendon press, 2 vols. 4to. Il. 185.

Stockdale. small paper, boards—large paper, 41. 8s. Thoughts on the French Invasion of Eng

Elmsley and Brenner. land, by Dumourier, translated from the The Garden, a poem from the French of French, 4to. Is. 60.

Sockdale, the Abbé de Lille. Illustrated with engrava Speech of the Earl of Clare, Lord High ings by Bartolozzi, 4to. 155. Robfon. Chancellor of Ireland, in the House of Lords Poems by Wm. Cowper, a new edition, of Ireland, on a motion made by the Earl of with additions, embellished with plates, Moira, Feb. 19, 1798, recommending con

2 vols. Imall 8vo. 145.

Johnson ciliatory measures to allay discontent in that Henry and Acasto, a moral tale, with country, Is. 6d.

Stockdale, plates, by the Rev. Brian Hill, 5s. boards. The Republican Judge, or the American

Stockdale. Liberty of the Press, as explained and ex- Oberon, a poem from the German of Wieposed in the partial prosecution of William land, by Wm. Sotheby, Elg. 2 vols. izs. boards.. Corbett for a pretended libel against the king

Cadell and Davies. of Spain, with an address to the people of Matriculation, a poem, is.6d. England, by Peter Porçupine, 25. 6d. Wright.

Cadell and Davies. Abridgement of Mr. Harper's Observations Joan of Arc, by Robert Soutbey, 2 vols. 125. on the Dispute between France and America, boards. (12mo edition)

Longman. 3d. or 50 for ros. 6d.

Debrett. An Epistle in Rhyme to M. G. Lewis, Esq. A Letter to a Merchant, Member of the M. P. Author of the Monk, &c. is. Lunn. House of Commons, on his public declara- Malvern Hills, a poem by Joseph Cottle, tion that he sees no business Bishops have in 28. 6d.

Longman. parliament, is.

Bell. Paraphrase of the Messiah, 6d. Rivington. Important Documents which accompanied the Mesfage of the President of the United

THEOLOGY. States to the Congress, 3d April, 1798, refpecting the Differences between France and

Credibility of Chriftianity Vindicated, in America, Is. 60.

Wright. Answer to Mr. Hume's Objections, in two The whole Official Correspondence be- discourses preached before the Univerfity of tween the Envoys of the American States and Cambridge, by the Rev. S. Vince, A. M. the Members of France, on the subject of F. R. S. Is.

Elnsey and Bremner. the Dispute between America and France, 6d. A new and full Method of viewing the

Stockdale. Canonical Authority of the New Testament, The Political State of Europe speculatively by the Rev. Jeremiah Jones. A new edition delineated, by General Dumourier, 13. 6d. from the Clarendon Press, 3 vols. 16s. boards, Richardson.

Elmsley and Bremner. Shall the French Come or Not? Designed The Divine Government, a Ground of Reto state to the common clasies of men the ex. joicing at all Times; and the Tears of Engpectations they may entertain from an inva- land, or a Word in Season to the People; tion, 3d. Rivingtons and Hatchard.

two sermons by W. Hurn, vicar of DebenThree Warnings to John Bull before he ham, Suffolk, Is. 6d.

Chapman. Dies, is. 6d.

Faulder. Reflections in this season of Danger, a A Farewell Warning to my Country before sermon preached at Clapham, April 1798, by the Hour of Danger; with the opinion of John Venn, M. A. rector of Clapham, 6d. Dumourier on the ruinous consequences to the .

Rivingtons. Directory of a perfevering and spirited refift- Remarks on the Signs of the Times, by ance on the part of Great Britain, 2d. Edward King, Esq. F. R. S. A.S. 4to. 2s.6d, Hatchard.

Nicol. Political State of Europe speculatively de- A Sermon preached at the Asylum, 15th lineated in February 1798, by General Duo March 1798, dedicated to the guardians of mourier : illustrated with a map of Europe, that charity, by W.L. Fancourt, is. Rivingtons. Is. 6d.

H. D. Symonds. Sermons on Important Subjects, by John Peace in our Power upon Terms not Un- Young, D. D. minister of the Gospel at Harreasonable, by Charles Buning, Esq. is. wich, 3 parts, is: boards. Vernor and Hood.

Cadell and Davies. Sermons, by I. B. Mafsillon, bifhop of New Lights on Jacobinism, abstracted from Clermont, 3 vols. 18s. boards. Ogilvy and Son. Robison's Proofs of Conspiracy, &c. &c. is. Sermons by the late Rev. David Jardine,

Longman. of Bath, 2 vols. 145. boards. Jacobinism Displayed, in an address to the

Longman and Johnson. people of England, is.

Longman. A Sermon, preached at Lambeth Chapel,

on Sunday, March 4, 1798, at the Confe- .

cration of the Lord Bishop of Chicester, by Effufions of the Heart; poems by Miss Stockdale, 5s. boards,

Jeton Stapleton, D. D. is.



New Publications in May..... Diseases.

301 The Fall of Papal Rome, in a discourse by An Appeal to the Nation on the Subject the Rev. Charles Daubeny, L. L. B. Is. of Matufield's Letter to Wilberforce, to which

Cadell and Davies. are added four Sermons, on important fubArguments, illustrative of the Credibility jects, by G. Hutton, 33. Longman, and Truth of the Christian Religion, adapted Sturm's Reflections abridged, by Jobs to the plainest understanding, Is. 6d. Dilly. Hemet, A. M. 12mo. 5s. Lee and Hurst.

An Help to Divine Communion, consisting A Picture of Christian Philofophy, or an of hymns, poems, and discourses, on several Illustration of the Character of Jesus, in subjects, by the late Rev. John Laskey, A. B. which the genuine christian tenper is con rector of Morleigh, Devonshire, 1s. Treppass. trasted with the benevolent system maintain

Unanimity the best Defence of Religious ed by Mr. Godwin, and with the view of and Civil Liberty, a sermon preached at St. christianity by William Wilberforce, Esq. Andrews, Holborn, 29th April, 1798, by by Robert Fellowes, A. B. 25. 6d. White. Henry George Watkins, Á. M. gd. Anderson. The Danger of Lukewarmness in Religion

Apology for Brotherly Love, and for the considered, and applied to the present State Doctrines of the Church of England, in let- of the Country: a sermon preached at the ters to the Rev. Charles Daubeny;, with a Octagon Chapel, Batlı, 29th April, 1798, vindication of such parts of Mr. Wilberforce’s by 7. Gardiner, D. D. Rector of Brailsford, Practical View, as have been objected to by

Rivingtons, Mr. Daubeny, in his Guide to the Church, Short Account of the Mosaic History of the by Sir Richard Hul, Bart. 55. boards.' Creation, by William Wrighte, M. A. F. A.S. Cadell and Davies. Rector of Wichling.

Rivingtons. A Sermon on the Preservation of Integrity, by James Jobnson, Esq. author of a serious Eleonora, Novelle Morale, scritta sulla Address to the People of England, Is. traccia d'un Poemetto Inglese tradotto dal

Longman. Tedesce, di Mrs. Taylor, 2s. A Selection from Barrow's Sermons, I vol.

Elmsey and Bremner. Svo.

Elmsley and Bremner.



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From the 20th of April to the 20th of May.


No. of Cafes. Ephemera PERIPNEUMONIA NOTHA 3 Mammary Abscess Inflammatory Sore Throat

2 Rhagas Papilla Typhus Mitior

3 Mastodynia Ephemera



3 Aphtha Small Pox 4. Worms


3 Hooping Cough

5 Cough


The subject of the following report beCough and Dyspnea


ing very well known, and the circumHæmoptyfis


stances of the case having passed under the Pulmonary Consumption


eye of teveral medical gentlemen, we Pleurodyne

shall affix his name to it. Ascites

3 Anasarca

Mr. WARNER, apothecary, in Fore.

5 Cephalalgia


street, on Feb. 22, 1797, after an attend. Fluor Albus

3 ance of a few days on a patient, who died Amenorrhea

ī -of a malignant fever, was suddenly seized Chlorofis

4 with a vertiginous affection of the head, Hepatitis Chronica

3 accompanied with fickness at the fto. Dyspepsia

7. mach, and followed by violent vomiting. Enterodynia

4 These symptoms were succeeded by a Procidentia Vagina

fever ; during the continuance of which, Diarrhæa

3 considerable pain was felt in the region of Hæmorrhois

Şthe abdomen, particularly about the left Dysuria

7 Iterus

hypochondrium; and, in a few days after

4 Hypochondrialis

the abatement of the fever, fymptoms of Hysteria


jaundice appeared. The tunica conjunc7

tiva of the eye, and the whole surface of Herpes


the body became of a very deep yellow Tinea

colour; the stools were of a clay-like apChronic Rheumatism

pearance, and the urine was very much






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Diseases...Public Affairs, impregnated with bile, depositing at times this circumstance, it is equally neceffary a considerable sediment. There was a to observe, that the small quantity of the sense of pain and stricture about the præ- kali taken can hardly affećt the conclucordia, accompanied with a considerable Non which may be drawn respecting the degree of tenfion of the abdomen: and advantage of the nitrous acid in this ipthe pain in the left hypochondrium fre- ftance. quently returned.

The breathing was This report will probably bring to the Sometimes very much affected: the heat recollection of the medical reader, the of the skin was increased and seconded by experiments of Mr. WM. Scott, of a desquamation of the cuticle, and such a Bombay, and the conclusion which he degree of itching as proved very trouble- draws concerning the effect of the nitrous fome. The state of the pulse was not acid on the resinous bafe of the bile, and much affected at any stage of the disease. the resemblance of the effects of this mediThese symptoms continued for several cine to those which generally occur in the months, attended with great languor and use of mercurials. debility, an indisposition to motion, to. The Deaths in the Bills of Mortality for gether with considerable anxiety of mind. the last four weeks, are stated as follow:

As in the course of the diseate a variety Abscess of symptoms occurred, so different medi Abortive cines were employed, according to the Aged

73 different circumftances of the case. The Apoplexy

Asthma bowels were kept open by aloes, rhubarb,

Bleeding and soap. Different bitters were em

Bed-ridden ployed : gentian and columbo were fre- Brain Fever quently used. Myrrh and steel were


6 taken with a view to their tonic effect, Child-bed and for the mitigation of pain, opium was Consumption repeatedly administered.


307 Calomel was frequently used, but the Croup ftate of the bowels sometimes rendering Dropsy

69 the use of it improper, mercurial fric- Fever

124 tions were substituted in its room.

French Pox

Gout After the use of various medicines,


Gravel without any important advantage being cra

Grief produced, the nitrous acid was taken in

Hooping Cough

30 the quantity of a dram every day. Dur

Jaundice ing the use of these medicines, the various în Aammation

39 fymptoms gradually abated: the yellow Liver-grown colour of the eye and of the skin grew Lunatic fainter; the tension of the abdomen di- Mealles minished; the pain and stricture about Mortification

19 the præcordia abated; the ftrength gra Pally dually returned, and the appetite was

Pleurisy much improved. No inconvenience arose Rickets to the stomach or bowels from the use of Rupture

Small Pox the acid, till after it had been taken for fome weeks, when the patient felt a

St. Anthony's Fire

Still-born pain in his stomach; for the relief of

Suddenly which, he took a few grains of kali Teeth

36 preparatum, and repeated the dose twice Thrush or thrice in the course of the week, Water in the Head. Whilft it was judged proper to mention Worms


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1 33 Jo


In May, 1798.
N the 23d of April, the Duke of


On the same day, the Chancellor of the his Majesty, to the House of Lords, ac- Exchequer, in a Committee of Supply, quainting their Lordships, that Ireland stated, that it would be necessary, for the required pecuniary alistance, therefore services of the current year, to provide recommending a loan of 2,000,000, for a small augmention of our fea forces, to which the Irish were to pay the intereft, meer the exigencies which extraordingly




State of Public Affairs,

383 events might render inevitable. To the Navy.-By the first budget, in present number he proposed to add 10,000 November

12,531,888 men, making a total of 120,00d men for By the second, in April, 910,000 the service of the present year. He observed, that though the vote of that night

Totai for the navy

13,448,888 went to require an addition of 10,000 men, Army. Stated in Nov, at 10,112,950 yet, as the exigency of last year rendered

Added in April

2,744,365 it necessary to cinploy 6700 inen in addi- Ordnance. ---Stated in Nov. at-1,291,038 tion to the number of 110,000 already Added in April

26. 12, 542 employed, it would only be necesary to

Miscellaneous service, Stated *** raile something less than 4000 more, in November at

573,000 which would effcctually answer every pur- Added in April

9,608 pose. He then moved, that there be

For the discharge of the na-* granted to his Majesty, to defray the ex- tional debt

200,990 , traordinaries of the army for the year 1797, the sum of 1,351,3911. 195. 3d. ;

Total of the supplies 28,490,39 the sum of 70,000l. for 10,000 extra fea- The principal variation

which appeared men and marines, at 71. per man per year, in the two budgets, in the Statement of the To the Governor and Com

ways and means for the year 1998, was pany of the Bank, for so much

in the article of the afleffed taxes, which supplied by them to the com

the minister had estimated, in November, millioners for liquidacing the

at seven millions, but from the various national debt


modifications which had been made, in Money advanced in conse

what was called the Treble Assessment bill, quence of addresses of that

he stated them in April at the sum of four house, and not then provided

millions and a half ! ! for

10,043 16 4 To the African company

Summary of the ways and means for 13,000

the To merchants trading to the

year 1798, Levant

Annual produce of the land and 12,000

malt To the British museum

2,750,000 3,000 For putting the Alien act in

Voluntary contributions


The affefied taxes to execution 2,600 00


A duty upon imports and exOn the 25th of April, in a committee ports, which Mr. Pitt (upof supply, the Secretary at War pre- pored would be faved to the sented several accounts of the army esti. merchant, by a diminution mates, amounting, in the whol, to of the present insurance, in 4,706,7761, 6s, 4 d. which fum was consequence of regulations to voted accordingly,

be made respecting the failThe Chancellor of the Exchequer, on

ing of convoys

1,500,000 the fame day, brought up his second

Advances by the Bank on Exbudget for the current year, By this

chequer bills


The loan, exclusive of two budget he added nearly three millions to

millions for Ireland

15,000,000 the expences of the year above what he

The lottery

200,000 calculated when he opened his first budget in November lait. This excess he

Ways and Means 28,450,000 Itated to be occasioned chiefly by the additional exertions, which the continued lowest bidders on the annuity, were the

Messrs. Boyd and Co. being the preparations and increased activity of the purchasers of the loan, the terms of which enemy had rendered unavoidable, The

were as follow : viz. whole amount of the supplies for the present year, he stated at 28,490,3911, For every 100l. subscribed, the subscriber to The total of the ways and means, at

have 1501 of consols, at 48 value £72 15 o 28,450,000l. Hence arose a deficit of 50 of reduced, at 47 value 23 15 40,00ol. for which Mr. Pitt had not

45. ind. long annuities at made any provision.

13 years

3 3 it Discount

3 ० Summary of the supplies, according to the two budgets *.

102 13 If * See the statement of the first budget, in

As eight millions of the loan were our Magazine for December last, Vol. iv, mortgaged on the gradual produce of the

increased assessed taxes, the permanent ad. MONTHLY Mac. No. XXXI,



page 480.

3 D

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