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467 proceeded in his ninth lecture as far as the in the north riding, and fifth fon of the late book of Job, when his pious meditations were Sir George Cayley, bart. terminated by diffolution,

Aged 61, Mrs. Gott, of Howde clough,

near Birstall. A school has lately been erected without In the 97th year of her age, Mrs. Dods. Walmgate bar, in the city of York, by John worth, widow of the late John Dodsworth, Dodsworth, esq. for the education of leveral esq. of Thornton Waclass, and fifter to Mato poor children, residents of the parishes of thew Hutcon, late archbishop of York, and Walmgate, and that without the bar, whose who was afterwards trandated to the fee of parents are incapable of having them properly Canterbury: instructed. An institucion so laudable, and At Halifax, after a severe and tedious ille replete with the most talutary consequences ness, Miss Bolland. to the rising generation, highly merits the Quite suddenly, in the prime of life, Mr. warmeft commendation.

Mark Bell, of Lecconfield, near Beverley: About three months ago, a ewe belonging one of the most upulent farmers in this to Mr. John Cooke, of East Corting with, county. yeaned two fine lambs, which she brought Likewise suddenly, in his 76th year, the up till the 3d of June, when che ewe died, rev. John Whaley, rector of Huggate. without any apparent cause. On opening the Ai Sandall, near Doncaster, Mr. John animal, she was found to contain another full Martin. grown lamb, in a itate fit for yeaning.

At Worksop, in the prime of life, Mr. Married.) At Leeds, Mr. Thomas Gill, Wilmont, atcorney, of Rotherham. printer and stationer, to Mifs Smith.

Ac Skelcon, near York, Mr. Watterson. At Sheffield, Mr. Palmore, of Doncaster, Ac Knareiborough, after a long indifpofito Mifs Binks, of the former place. Mr. tion, Mr. Richard Tuton, jun. Linen-draper. John Broadhead, grocer, to Mifs Hannah As Pontefra&t, suddenly, Mrs. Coates, wiHooton, daughter of the late Mr. Hobson, , dow of the late Mr. James Coates, wine of Heeley Mill.

merchant. She had on that very day removed At Hull, Captain Konig, of the Dorothea into a new house,' which she had not occuHimburgh trader, to Mifs Georzesienner, pied two hours before the expired. She was daughter of Dr. Georgellenner, of Hull. Mr. deservediy esteemed, and will long be regretForiter, merchant, to Miss Sarah Ker. ced by a numerous acquaintance.

At Knavelborough, Charles Quinter Berry, At the lame place, Mrs. Braham. esq. of the 47th regiment of foot, to Miss At Marton, in the north riding, in his Freeman, of Little Ealing, Middletex. 83d year, the rev. John Grenade, nearly so

At Scarborough, Captain Wilkinson, of che years vicar of that place. He was greatly Leicestershire militia, to Miss Bates, of that beloved and respected by all his parishioners.;

At Pickering, Mr. Thomas Ackinfon. At Bramham church, John Cayley, esq. At Wetherby, Mr. George Dewes. of Brompton, to Mits Stillingfieet, only daughter and heiress of the late rev. Edward About three months ago an inhabitant of Stillingfcet, of Kelfield.

Liverpool had the misturcúne to be bitten by Mr. Thomas Clark, furgeon, of Knotting- a mad dog. As the wound was very ilight ley, near Ferrybridge, co Miss Dickon, of he omitted to employ the necellary precaue Kelfield.

tions in such cases. He continued in perfect At Barton upon Humber, Mr. John Lunn, healch till the 28th of May, when he comof Richmond, to Mifs M. Welbar, of the plained of the head ach and langour. This' former piace.

continued all night and the following day, At Darfield, Mr. Thomas Garland, secon} during which time fome difficulty of diglu-. Con of john Garland, esq. of Wood Hall, to tition was observed, and he grew more and Miss Ann Parkin, of Ardley, near Barnsley. more enfeebled. On the sth he was visited At Peniston, Mr. Charles Gloyne, minister by a medical gentleman, when the fatal

the methodist connexion, to Miss Sarah symptoms of hydrophobia manifesting theme: Hardy, second daughter of Mr. John Hardy, selves, he was immediately taken to the inurgeon and apothecary.

firmary, where every posible allistance was At Ripon, Captain Boyd, to Miss Cattaneo, administered, without etrea.. About four in oungest daughter of the late Mr. Cattaneo, the afternoon death put a period to his mifery. aerchant, of Leeds.

During the whole of his complaint his mind At Newton upon Oure, Mr. N. S. Lunn, was perfectly collected.

Richmond, to Mifs Jane Allen, youngest Married.] At Liverpool, Mr. Jolin aughter of the rev. Thomas Allen, rector of Knowls, merchant, to Miss Dunbabin, Ms. Harburgh, in Lincolnthire.

Richard Debb, merchant, to Miss Stordy, John Eamonfon, esq. paymaster of the 62d Mr. Robert Worrall, painter, to Miss Tusty, •giment of foot, to Miss Wife, only daugh- milliner. Mr. Thomas Chaffers, to Miss :r of Mr. Wile, of Beale, near Ferrybridge. Wynne. Mr. Thomas Athcroft, to Miss

Died.) . At Scarborough, in his sach year, Willoughby. Mr. William Jones, pilot, to 19 rev. Digby Cayley, rectes of Thorgánby, Mifs Briscoe.





Lancajhire.-Chefbirt.-Nottinghamshire. At Manchester, Mr. Turpin, late of York • At Rüthin, Mr. Nicholls, to Mrs. Price theatre, to Miss Smith, of the Manchester Jones. theatre. Mr. James Gaunt, woollen-draper, At Walton, William Nelson, efq. to Miss to Miss Harrop.

Mr. Richard Travis, to Backhouse, of Everton. Miss Turner. Mr. Richard Jones, to Miss Died.] At Chester, in the bloom of Sophia Olbaldifton.

youth, Miss Leadbeater. Mrs. Kennerley. At Lancaster, Mr. Cox, liquor merchant, Mr. Jackson, of the Cross-Foxes publicto Miss Sedgwick.

house. He was in good health at ten at night, At Preston, Mr. Stonor, attorney, of Bol- and a corpse the next morning. Mrs. Frances ton, to Miss Chadwick, of the former place. Hunt. Mr. Daniel Bennett, druggift, and

At Walton, William Nelson, esq. to Miss a member of the Loyal Cheshire volunteers.
Backhouse, of Everton.

At Upton, aged 81, Mr. Robert Ellison.
At Billinge, near Wigan, Mr. William
Gidlow, to Miss Langley.

Married.] Mr. James Dearnally, of HadAt Greenock, Mr. Wm. M'Iver, of Li- field, tó Miss Bretland, of Banker's Hill, verpool, to Miss Anne Clarke, of the former near Mottram, in Longdendale. place.

At Gloflop, Mr. Thomas Winterbottom, At Ulverston, Captain Dawson, in the to Miss Ruth Platt. Dublin trade, to Miss Beck.

At Duffild, Mr. Richard Holden, to Miss At Warrington, Mr. John Leigh, of Man- Turner. chester, toʻMiss P. Grimshaw, of the former Died"] At Derby, aged 69, Mr. William place.

Staneiky, cooper. In her 738 year, Mrs. At Ormskirk, Mr. John Jones, of Burf- Blakewell. cough, to Miss Woods, of Walton.

At Melborne, Mr. John Orme, who had At Kirkby Lonsdale, Mr. Wm. Kew, to been upwards of 53 years master of the enMiss D. Robinson.

dowed school at that place. Died.] At Liverpool, Captain John Ro At Alderwalley bridge, in his 75th year, binfon, late of the Loyalty. Mrs. Kendall. Titus Carline. He was a hardy veteran, and Mrs. Schofield.

the Worksworth volunteer infantry paid him At Manchester, Mr. Robert Gregson. Mr. the compliment of attending his funeral. Edward Molineux. Mr. John Lever. Mr.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, Ralph Kirkham, cotton merchant.

After a Married.] Mr. Sleight, of Wollaton, to short illness, very much regretted, Mrs. Mrs. Towle, of Broxtowe Hall. Heap. Mr. John Upton, timber merchant. At Nottingham, Mr. Shuttleworth, of At Lancaster, Mr. Thomas Bland.

Bristol, to Miss Smith, youngest daughter of At Blackburn, Mr. Robert Ashburner, at Wm. Smith, gent. Major John Grey, to torney, Mr. Edward Wilson, ironmonger. Miss Elizabeth Sophia Boott, youngest daugh- 1 At Preston, Mr. Josiah Thorpe.

ter of Thomas Boott, esq. At Salford, Miss Ann Wroe.


Aged 85; the rev. Thomas At Lea, near Preston, Mr. Richard John-- Wakefield, vicar of East Stoke, in this counfon, maltster:

ty, and of Strubby, in Lincolnshire. At Dean water, Bear Prestbury, Mr. Rich At Cotgrave, much regretted, the rev. ard Barton, fornierly of Manchefter.

Mr. Smith, nearly forty years curate of that At Cornbrook, Mr. Robert Twyford, late place. of Didibury.

At Newstead Abhey, in his 86th year, the At Hungrill, in the parish of Bolton, Juxta Right Hon. Wm. Lord Byron. His Lordship Bolland, at the advanced age of 91, Mrs. was born Nov. 5, 1712, and acceeded to the Shuttleworth, widow of the late Edmund title and estate in August 2d, 1736. His Shuttleworth, efq. of Horrocksforth. mother was Frances, daughter of Wm. Lord Mr. Samuel Travis, of Blackley.

Berkley, of Stratton. The title of Lord At Rochdale, Mifs Holt.

Byron was originally conferred on Sir John At Aspull, near Wigan, Mrs. Law, wife Byron, on the 24th October, 1643, by of Mr. John Law, of Rochdale, tanner. Charles I. His Lordship is fucceeded in his

At Stone Wall, near Manchester, Mr. title and estates by his great nephew, son of Charles Wood.

the late Admiral Byron, now Lord George At Chorley, suddenly, aged 74, Mr. R. Byron, a minor. Platt.

A pauper lately died in Nottingham work

house, who had lived there 16 years, and Married.) At Chester, Philip Humberston, always pared for å man; but who it appeared cfq. to Miss Cotton, eldest daughter of the after his death belonged to the other sex. She dean of Chester. Mr. William Burton, to had formerly figured on the turt, under the Miss E. Shaw. Mr. R. Broad, to Miss Sud name of Jockey Jock. She had been a groom low. Mr. Charles Potts, to Mrs. Kennedy, to the late Sir Harry Harpur, and was efof Manchester. Mr. John Evans, to Miss teemed an excellent rider. Jane Shaw.

At Nantwich, Mr. Coddington, printer, Married ] At Hambleton, Mr. J. Fryer, of Chefter, to Miss Dudley, of the former grazier, to Miss Ann Healey. place.




Leicestershire:-Stafford hire.-Warwickshire, &c.


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At Cafterton, Mr. Waring, farmer, ' to Suddenly, Mrs. Cartwright and Mrs. , Mifs Barron.

Jones. Died.] At Market Overton, Mr. Draycott, At the same place, aged 26, Mr. Travel master of the Horse-thoe public-house. Fuller, ironnionger, of Yarmouth, and one

Also Wm. Necks, efq. many years a cap- of the fraternity denominated quakers. He tain in the Rutlandshire militia.

was making a tour to the north and west of At Greetham, in his 734 year, Mr. Shar. England, accompanied by his wife. man, master of the Crown public-house. At Warwick, in an advanced age, Mrs. At Oakham, Mrs. Pole, draper.


At the college-school in this city, master Married.] At Leicester, Mr. Lemuel Good- Richard Cleaver, youngest fon of the bishop tich to Miss Kirk.

of Chester. At Ashby Magna, the rev. James Bowyer,

Also Mrs. Partington, Mr. Goode, and ́rector of Roche, Cornwall, to Miss Good Mrs. Ward, formerly mistress of the George, acre, daughter of John Goodacre, of the for- inn. mer place.

At Handsworth, after a lingering illness,
Mr. Watts, of Sheepy, to Miss Kettleby.

Arthur D. Banner, efq.
Died.] At Leicester, Mr. Tiptaff, baker. Miss Caroline Hartopp, of Four Oakse,
Mr. Samuel Miles, a gentleman much and

hall, deservedly respected.

At Kibsworth, after a few days illness, in A curious phenomenon, in natural history, his 52d year, Mr. R. Wilson, son of the rev. occurred lately at the table of a lady in Mr. Wilson.

Shrewibury. A pigeon being, among other At Blaby, in the 93d year of his age, and things, served up for supper, was found, on the 50th of his incumbency, the rev. Edw. carving it, to have three hearts. The bird Stockes, 'rector of that parish. Though blind was remarkably large, and of the hearts, one from the age of 9 years, he was not only ad

was very large, the others rather below the mitted into orders, but obtained, in fuccef- ordinary fize. qon, two very good livings in the county of Mrried.] At Ludlow, Mr. John Dyke, Leicester. He loft his light at school, in mercer, to Miss Eliz. Langford. 1714, by a pistol undesignedly discharged by Died.] At Shrewsbury, after a lingering and his own brother. Notwithstanding this mif- painful illness, Mr. Henry Dana, aged 20, fortune, he performed the service of his third son of the rev. Mr. Dana, and nephew church for many years, with only the asin to the Right Hon. Lord Kinnaird. ance of a person to read the lessons. The At the fame place, Mrs. Bennett, of the poor of his parish have to lament in him a

Crown Inn. Mr. Sandford, father of Mr. most liberal benefactor, among whom he Sandford, bookseller. lived to expend nearly the whole of a hand At Whitchurch, Mr. Woolrich. fome private fortune.

Ac Newton, Mr. Buckerton, farmer.

Mr. Smith, of Pitchford Park.
Married.] At Wolverhampton, Mr. Tho. At Dallicore, Mr. William Smith Wilkes.
Pooler, to Miss Mary Langford, of Sheffield.

Died.] At Longbirch, near Wolverhamp Married.] Mr. Richard Pruen, of Chel.
ton, almost suddenly, the right rev. Charles tenham, to Miss Sarah Lellingham, of Powick,
Berington, D. D. and catholic bishop in this near Worcester.
part of the island, a prelate, whore amiable At Areley, the Rev. George Edward Leigh,
virtues gave an impressive charm to the son of John Leigh, eiq. of Oughtrington, to
truths of religion ; a scholar of great clafli Miss Phillips, daughter of John Phillips, esą.
cal tafte ; a man, whose judgment was pro- of Bank.
found, whose manners were peculiarly con At Feckingham, Mr. William Johnson, to
ciliating, and whore hilarity of conversation Mis London. Mr. Francis Chattaway, to
rendered him the delight of society. [A more Miss Day, of Droitwich. Mr. John Baker,
particular account of this eminent person will to Mifs E. Willmore.
be given in our next number. ]

Died.] Ac Worcester, Mrs. Booker.

Aged 81, Mr. Welis, Mr. Griffiths, organist. Married.] At Birmingham, Mr. R. Sherrat, Returning home from Evesham, he fell to Mifs Thornley, of Maríton Hall.

fr m his horfo, fi actured his skull, and exa At Warwick, Mr. Arkerden, to Miss Be- pired the following morning.

A: Feckingham, Mr. Thomas Field, of the Ac Halford-bridge, George Fletcher, M.D. White Hart inn. of Chesterfield, to Miss Caroline Venour, Ac Eveth:m, aged 95, Mr. William New. daughter of the late John Venour, esq. of At Bishop's-Cleeve, Mrs. Pickering: King's-mead.

Ar Crowly, the rev. Richard Harrison, vie At Penkridge, Mr. Webb to Mrs. Wright, car of that place. of the Littleton arms.

Ar B:i.ggorth, the rev. Dr. Thomas Paul, Died.] At Birmingham, the rev. J. Tayo rećior of S: Thomas's Dublin, and formerly : los, lecturer of St. Baribolomew's.

deau of Caici.






470 Herefordfire.

Monmouthshire.-Gloucestershire, &c.

At Hill, near Thornbury, Mr. Hobby, a The apple-trees throughout Herefordshire wealtliy farmer. and Worcefter shire exhibit a very unpromising At Chipping Sodbury, Mrs. Elizabeth Harappearance of fruit; but the crop of pears is well, late of Malmesbury. expected to be very abunlant.

At Stapleton, most deservedly lamented, Died.) At Hereford, at the extraordinary the lady of Charles Jofeph Harford, esq. age of 102, Mrs. Alice Sharpless, a maiden At his house in the Lower Green, Bristol, lady, and daughter of the late rev. Mr. Sharp- the rev: James Brown, precentor of Bristol lers. She retained the full poffeffion of her cathedral, and lecturer of St. Nicholas. The mental faculties to the last hour of her life, partiality of surviving relatives often tempu and walked about till within a few days of her them to exaggerate the merits of their dedeath.

Ceased friends; but in the present instance At Yarkhill, aged go, Mr. Thomas. there is no room for exaggeration. As a

At Yatton, in his 64th year, W. Taylor, man he was scrupulousy just, and his heart gent. His unbounded liberality, procured overflowed with the milk of human kindness bim the blesling of the poor and unfortunate. towards his fellow-creatures. As a minifter

of the gospel, his talents and abilities were Married.] At Pontypool, Mr. Charles fully adequate to the task he undertook, bis William, maltster, to Mrs. Phillips.

natural genius being cultivated by an excel Died.] At Cadoxton, near Monmouth, lent education, and the most studious exer: aged 53, the rev. William Thomas, a justice tions. Religion in him was exemplified, not of the peace for the county of Glamorgan, by gloomy moroseness, or fuperftitious bic and rector of St. Columb Major, in Corn- gotry, bui by a cheerful devotion, and aniwall.

mated piety. He practised faithfully the docGLOUCESTERSHIRE.

trines he laboured to inculcite, and preached The culture of a very useful vegetable, al- the gospel of his great Master in its primitive together unknown in 'England till within purity. His powers and abilities are too these two years, is at length brought to per. well known to stand in need of comment. feâion in and near Bristol. This is the An. As a companion he was cheerful and affable, jou cabbage, perhaps the most profitable and of tbe most unaffected deportment, and the useful leguminous plant that can be raised. most conciliating manners. In his domeftic The seed was supplied by a French emigrant. circle he was a dutiful son, a fond husband, It is so tender that it is diessed in three four a fa:thful friend, and a kind master. No man minutes boiling. It is an excellent food for will die more, few so much respected and recattle, which feed upon it gieedly; and ic gretted ; and his friends have to lament his has the valuable property of occafioning cows early decease in the prime of life, when his to yield abundance of milk, at the fame time talents promised to be of the greatest utility preserving them from declining in flesh. In 10 his fellow-creatures. rapidity of growth, its great bulk, and the At Bristol, Mr. Walters. Mrs. Williams. little culture it requires, this cabbage exceeds Mrs. Hillier. Mr. Isaac Troubridge. Mr. all other of the Brassica species. The falk, I. Phillips, undertaker. Miss Ann Spiring. which is commonly as thick as a man's leg, At the same place, Mr. Benjamin Donne, is uled, when dry, as fuel; and it was a com matter of mechanics to his majesty, and mon saying at Anjou, of which part of France many years teacher of the mathematics and it is a native, that every cabbage was worth, lecturer in philosophy, in this city. (bcfore the late alteration in the value of money) Likewise, Mr. Clarke, schoolmaster. Me. five sols (two pence halfpenny) cach. Though Gingell. Mr. Walter Swayne, ironmonger. the plant is at the present day scarcely kpowa Mr. Weeks. Mrs. Waite. at Paris, yet at Anjou, Poidtou, and Britany, At the Hotwells, Captain Caulfield, of particularly in the former province, the far- the 1st regiment of foot-guards. mers are bound by their leases to plant a cer On Kingsdown, to the unspeakable grief tain number of them, in proportion to the of her friends, and the irreparable loss of the extent of land they occupy, and to leave a numerous poor, who contantly experienced certain number ftanding when they quit :heir her bounty, Mrs. Merlott, widow of the late farms.

Alderman Merlott, of Bristol, Married.] At Bristol, Ms. Joseph Brittan, to Miss Ellison. Mr. Willis, to Mrs. Cun. The Chancellor's prizes, for the present ningham. Mr. John Brown, to Miss Mary

year, have been adjudged to Mr. Phillimore; Ann Jones. Mr. Anrelly, to Miss Juanna A. B. ftudent of Christ church, for the EnGiles. Mr. Sheppard, to Miss Sarah Dow. glish essay on Chivalry; and for the Latin ling. Mr. Charles Partridge, jun. 1o Miss verses on Vis Magnetica, to Mt, Rathbone, Mary Oliver. Mr. Wright, glover, of Wor fellow of New College. cefter, 'to Miss Hyatt, of Brisiol.' Mr. J. Married.] At Oxford, Mr. William FreeJackson, to Miss Maia Ralph. Mr.Wrighten, man, of Lincoln College, to Miss Diana to Mrs. Jones.

Cray: Died. At Tewksbury, afier a lingering Died.] At Oxford, aged 68, Mr Fletcher, illness, Miss Elizabeth Bellingham.

bookseller. Aged So, Mr. Wm. Rought,



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Northamptonshire.-Buckinghamshire.-- Cambridgeshire, &c. 477 who for 60 years paft, has carried on the bu. Died.] At Cambridge, in his 74th year, finess of a painter in this city.

Mr. Joshua Finch, alderman. Mr. Fryer, At Bampton, aged 86, Mrs. Susannah surgeon. Of a consumption, Mr. George Frederick, a maiden lady, by whose death Favell, a member of the Cambridge loyal the name becomes extinct. She has, by her association. will, contributed largely towards the future The rev. Edward Pemberton, A. M. rector comfort and support of the poor of Bampton. of Upwell, in the isle of Ely, and of FoxShe is fucceeded in her estates, which are herde, in Eflex, and formerly of King's colconfiderable, by her relation, Edward Whit. lege. He commenced B. A. 1757, and aker, çfq.

M. A. 1760.

At Baldock, Mr. Joseph Barker, master of Died.] At Northampton, after a very lin the White Horse inn. gering illness, Mrs. Gibson, wife of Mr. Al derman Gibson.

The Norfolk Ham meeting, for'sheep-heare At Harebeech-Hall, of a paralytic disorder, ing and shew of rams, was attended by many on her return from Bath to Yorkshire, Mrs. of the principal gentlemen and yeomanry of Alcock, relict of Archdeacon Alcock, young- 'the county of Norfolk. Much merit is due est daughter of the right rev. Denison Cum to Mr. Coke, for his endeavours to ascertain berland, Lord Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland, the most probable breed of feep, his exterand fifter to Richard Cumberland, esq. the tions in improving the fame, and of renderauthor of several learned and entertaining ing them more general. works.

Married.] At Yarmouth, the rev.


lace, of Braxted, Eflex, to Miss Lucas, only At the general afsembly of the proprietors daughter of the late Gibson Lucas, esq. of of the Grand Junction canal, held at the Fillby, in this county. Mr. John ThornCrown and Anchor Tavern, London, on Tues bury, chemist, to Miss Ann Uiting. day, the 5th day of June, the committee re Mr. Richard Larke, attorney, of Acle, to ported, that the canal was now navigated Miss Palmer, of Elling Mills. from the Thames at Brentford to Two Wa Philip Cafe, esq. of Tefterton, near Fa. ters at Hemel Hempstead, a distance of

29 kenham, to Miss Wythe, of Eye, in Suffolk. miles; that in three weeks it would be com Died.) At Norwich, Mr. Cooke. In his pleted to Berkhamstead, and by Michaelmas Syth year, Mr. Thomas Barber. Miss to Tring and Wendover, amounting in the Mourteney, of the Swan inn. Mrs. Coleby; whole to 47 miles of canal navigation. But she fell down, as she was looking into the the committee called the attention of the af drawers of her bureau, and expired immedisembly to an act of parliament lately passed, ately. Aged 50, Mrs. Hannah Dickerson. enabling the proprietors to supply the me Also Mrs. Dix, aged 72. Mr. Thomas tropolis with good and wholesome water. Weaver. Suddenly, Mrs. Constance; the The bringing the pure waters of the Colne to went to bed in good health, and was found the vicinity of London, having always been dead in the morning. considered a desirable ́acquisition for the con At the Porter's Lodge of the Bishop's paevenience of its inhabitants, and an additional · lace in the above town, at the advanced age security from the dreadful ravages of fire; it of 97, Mrs. Bard. well, widow of Mr. Bardfhas not only been long called for by the pub well, formerly gardener to the palace; the lic, but even engaged the attention of par had refided there during the episcopacies of liament as long ago as the year 1650, (vide seven succeslive bishops. Journels of the House of Commons), though, At Fakenham, Mr. Jefferson Miles, a surfrom various causes, it has never been effect. geon of great respectability; he was an ined.. In attempting to carry this beneficial timate friend of the late celebrated Dr. John plan into execution, the line is found capable Brown, whose system of practice he adopted of being cut on an entire level, and the ba with judgment and success. Repeated attacks fon at the termination, higher than any other of the gout had latterly rendered him incahead of water in the environs of London; and pable of pursuing his profeffion, in which as the advantage resulting to the public, as few men poflefled greater merit. The public well as to the proprietors, was. so manifest, in general, and his friends in particular, have it was determined to prosecute the works with to regret the loss of a skilful and experienced expedition.

practitioner, and a valuable member of lo

ciety Married.] At Cambridge, Mr. Markham, Aged 71, Mrs. Malden, widow of the rev. merchant, to Miss Short. The rev. Thomas "George Malden, vicar of Mundham, SeechFinch, A. M. vicar of Barrington, to Missing, and Felmingham. Sophia Leach, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Barnet Leach, cook of Trinity College. Married. At Sudbury, the rev. Matthew

The rev. Mr. Rose, of Ely, to Miss Wray, Slack, to Mrs. Carter. daughter of the rev. Mr. Wray, of Hadden Mr. David Wade, jun, of Hundon, to Miss ham.

A. Teverton, of Cowlinge. Mr. H. Lyle, of Westley, to Miss Catha Mr. Joseph Stammers, miller, of Malton, fine Hart, of Binkley.

to Miss Mary Ann Ellis, of Tunstall. MONTHLY MAG. No. XXXII.





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