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Retrospect of German Literature.--Divinity. [Sup. designed as a repository for promoting a fyftem of dogmatism, at least, from the more extensive investigation, and a more protestant schools. It is not our proaccurate analyfis of the laws by which vince to decry either the one or the animal bodies act. “ The Outlines of a other of the prevailing systems; but it Syftem of Nofology," by Dr. W. G. will afford pleasure to every friend of PLOUSQUET, deferie to be read with at- science, when he learns, that man no tention by every medical student. The longer submits to be ruled by myfterious author of his book is well known in the ana arbitrary doctrines, which are neiliterary world, by his “ Repertorium Me- ther calculated to make him happier, dico-Proklicum,” which is now near irs wiser, or better. Ler the terrorist and conclufion, as the gh volume of it, in alarmist keep up the bue and

cry quarto, is in the press, and another vo. against reajon, as long as they may ; this lume will probably conclude it. “On powerful goddess will ultimately prevail. the Consultations of Physicians at the Pa. It is not philosopby, as they are pleased to zients Bed, and upon their relative Du- fiyle it, which produces infidelity, anar ties in general,” by J. STIEGLITZ. is an chy, and confusion; it is a false system of ingenivu: ard well-written creauife But philosophy, that converts man into a senthe curious phenomenon on the German sual and felfith being, To return to the horizon, is, “ Įhe Examination of the subject of Theology, we cannot help Brunonian Synem of Medicine, by the remarking, that, within these few years, Test of Exérience, at the Bed-side of the German divines breathe a very difPatients,” edited by Dr. A. F. MARCUS, ferent spirit from that lately manifested Erst physician in the infirmary at Bam• in Great Britain. Religious persecution berg. We purposely refrain from saying is every where derelied, and their pulany thing for or against the application of pits are not profaned by political digrefBruno's paradı zical teners to the prac.

sions. Religion, a Concern of Man," Liec of medicine ; we shall, however, is a late production of the venerable zemark, that the Germans look upon SPALDING, consistory · counsellor at every new discovery or invention, pro- Berlin, and now 84 years of age. We ceeding from this country, with much do not remember to have ever found so seneration, which leems, as it were, to much vivacity, and knowledge of man. fetter their inquifive minds, and make kind, cambined in an individual of Mr. them the dupes of our vold adventurers. S's age, and, at the same time, such a It is further worthy of notice, that the variety of important matter concentrated la fi publication by Dr. M. is of a peri. within the compass of a few sheets. His edical kind, and that he proposes to con- language is perspicuous and energetic, tinue it every three months. The last and his sentiments are exprcfied in a medical rublication we shall mention, is most animated manner. Dr. ' A. H. nou lefs deserving of notice : “ The Me- NIEMEYER'S “ Letters, addressed to the dical National Gazette of Germany,”. Profeffors of the Christian Religion,' begun in January last, and supported by display much ingenuity and recondite a great number of respectatłe physicians; learning, and ought to be studied by all this paper is intended as a vehicle, or those who wish to become more intipoint of union, through s hich medical mately acquainted with the present state men may have a fair and constant oppors of the two oppofite fyftems, Critical funity of communicating their reciprocal, and Hifiorical Theology " The Maopinions. A's speculative matters form nual, containing the Literature of B b. no part of the editor's plan, there is no lical Criticism and Exegesis,” by E, F. doubt but a work of this nature will be K. ROSENMÜLLER, professor of the of real and extensive utility.

Arabic language, in the university at DIVINITY.

Leipzig, is a laborious undertaking, inFormerly this was a flouriming branch afmuch as the editor not merely points of ftudy among the Germans ; but it is cut every work belonging to biblicallinow in a rapid decline, if we except bib- terature, but likewise states the design lical criticism and exegesis. Controversial, of every author, in what degree he has and particularly, fymbolical writings, attained it, and for what particular peare almost exploded by the more capri- riod and subject his book has been, or is, varing (though not less abstruse) inqui- useful. Among the inexhaustiblé fock ries, carrying on with great vigour by the of “ Sermons," which appear in Germany,

Critical Philojojbers. With the hoary as well as in every other country, we Professor Kant at their head, they have shall point out the latest and most ponearly expelled the arrogant and 'odious pular...The Sermons on the prevailing


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nity, &c.


Vol. V.) Retrospea of German Literature.-Polite Literature, &c. 321
Errors and Exigencies of the present bestowed due attention upon historical
Age,” in one volume, octavo, by an ano criticism relative to heroic romances.
nymous author, are not only written in “ Outlines of the Theory of the Art of
correct and beautiful language, but thé Acting, with an Analysis of the comic
sentiments do honor to the author. and tragic Parts of Shakspeare's Falstaf
« Sermons,” by G. W.C. STARKE, con- and Hamlet,” abound with excellent re-
fift of seven of the best in the German marks, and both characters are comment-
language, not inferior to those of the ce- ed upon with uncommon critical faga-
lebrated ZOLLIKOFER, whose name city. This pamphlet is considered as an
stands as high among his countrymen, as introduction to an elementary work, on
that of Blair in this country. Of V. this subject, of greater extent : its author
C. VeiLLODTER's “ Sermons on the is understood to be the Chamberlain Von
Epistes of the Sundays and Holydays of 'EINSIEDEL, of Weimar.-In the de-
the whole Year” we cannot speak with partment of
a similar degree of praife. - The Mu.

seum for Preachers,” by I.R. G. BEYER, we are obliged to be concise ; for, as our
contains useful sketches of fermons, essays limits will not admit of any more than the
on important subjects of theology, ac- bare titles of the books, we have been at
counts of the ecclefiaftical conftitution in some pains of selecting the most popular
the protestant and catholic parts of Ger- which have lately appeared : and, with a
many, reviews of new books on divi- view of affording the reader fome oppor-

tunity of ascertaining their relative va

lue, we shall place those of superior exUnder this head, we meet with a very cellence at the head of the list; though, large catalogue of publications of various in respect to ibe wbole of this retrospekt, merit, from which we have selected the the publications are to be considered as following :-F.MATHISSON's “Poems” being above mediocrity; viz. “ Family deserve the attention of every lover of Stories," by A. LAFONTAINE, vol. i. rural poetry, as the author possesses pe- pp. 509, vol. i. pp. 495, vol. iii. pp. 494, culiar powers of defcriprion, and is not 8vo. 1798 ; each volume embellished with only a happy painter of rural scenes, but a plate and vignette. “ The Calendar equally successful in delineating their of Romances,” for the year 1798, with effects upon the mind. Thar the Ger- fix plates, edited by K. REINHARD. mans are susceptible of the beauties con “ Pocket-book, devoted to the Friends tained in this little volume, is sufficiently of Mirth and Satire," edited by. I. D. obvious, from the circumstance that four FALK, pp. 323, pocket-size, for the year double editions :* have been printed of it 1798. « Man, and the Heroes;” two fince 1794, that is, of two different sizes. satirical poems, by the same author, 1798, Mr. M. may be justly compared to the pp. 172, pocket-lize. “Julia Grünthal;' British THOMSON, whofe “ Seasons" with title-plates, and vignettes. will be read as long as there shall be ad- youngest Productions of his Muse," by mirers of the fimplicity of nature.- A. V. KOTZEBUE, vol. vi. pp. 290, 8vo. Prof. NASSER, of Kiel, has just published “The Hobgoblins, or short Narratives the first volume of his “ Lectures on the from the Empire of Truth,” by s. C. History of German Poetry;" a work re. WAGNER, part i. 24, and 400, pp. 8vo. plete with judicious criticisin, and much “ The Quarry,” a story, by the author interesting matter : the second volume of of Jacobina, pp. 334, 8vo. Are all these lectures, the ingenious author pro- works of singular merit. poles to publish in September next.is Alix, Countess of Toulouse, a Trae is now conducted in Germany upon a gedy, in five Acts ; with a Preface more rational plan than it was in the

the present chivalric Romances,” times of LEIBNITZ, WOLF, Gott. is better calculated to exhibit the.re. SCHED, and even GELLERT. Since fined taste and just sentiments of the Pedagogical Lectures,” by Prof. author, than to convince us, that he has KANT, were first delivered in the uni

versity of Königsberg, as a regular semes* Editions of Books in Germany do not ge

trial course, many excellent systematic nerally exceed those of bouks in England. or treatises have, from time to time, apworks of moderate fale, a fair edition is about peared, by various authors; the venerable 1000; works of standard sale extend, in each founder of the Critical System, however, edition, from 3, to 5,000 ; the established pe- has not yet published his own original riodical works run from 3, to 6, and" 8,009. ideas upon this important subject. One


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Retrospect of Spanijh Literature.

[Sup. of the most valuable works, in the period the Hamburgh Society, for the Promo. of our retrospect, is “ The Moral Sciences, tion of the Arts and useful Trades," à Book of Instruction on Ethics, Reli- four volumes, 8vo. with 17 plates, and gion, and Jurisprudence," by F. H. C. double.indexes, from 1792 to 1797. SCHWARZ, paltor in the Hesse Darm- Atreinpt towards a Systematic Encycloftadt dominions, part the first. The pedia of the Sciences," by W.T. KRUG, Catechism of Reason.” “ A complete doctor of philosophy, &c. part i. pp. 174, Elementary Bock for Schools and Adults part ii. pp. 242, and part iii. is in the prels. designed for the Improvement of the « The German Magazine,” edited by Hear and Understanding." Another Profeffor von EGGERS, in monthly nummore recent work of considerable merit is bers, since the year 1793, containing • The Catechism of the Moral Doc- seven sheets every month, with plates trine of Religion, consonant to the Prin- and Music, " An Address to the Geciples of the Sacred Writ." .

nius of the departing Century, relative MISCELLANIES.

to the Extirpation of the Small-pox” Under this head, we might fill several (a poem), 32 pp. 8vo. and “ MAKROpages with the bare titles of the books THYMIA, or Essays on the Improve. which, within these few months, have ment of the Human Race,” No. i. 208 pp. appeared. For want of room, however, 8vo. In the third class, we enumerate the we must proceed upon a similar plan, to following works : '“ The Magazine dethat which we adopted in the article of voted to the Friends of Natural Philoso· Novels and Romances. In the first class, phy and Natural History,” edited by C. we shall mention : “The Attic Museum,” E. Weigel, four volumes, 8vo. “Doedited by C. M. WIELAND, of which kimion, or a practical Essay on the actual no more than three numbers have yet Relation sublisting between the Spirits of appeared. “ The Graces” (or, in Ger- the Deceased and those of their living man, Die Horen), by F. SCHILLER, Friends,” in two parts, by G. E. Deof which a number has appeared every DEKIND; a whimsical production indeed! month, fince January, 1795,

66 Mil.

“ Interesting Scenes, selected from the cellaneous Philofophical Essays, relative Htory of Mankind.” The Fruits of to Theology, Politics, Religion, and Mo- Reading," in two parts, alphabetically rals," by L. H. JAKOB, professor of arranged by Mr. M. DENIS); and philosophy, at Halle. “The Göttingen“ Rhapsodies," selected from the papers Journal of Natural History, and Natural of a solitary philosopher, edited by K. Philosophy, edited by J. F. GMELIN; L. M. Müller. and - The Leaves of Miscellaneous Con We have thus explored the extensive tents,” published at Oldenburg, fix vo- regions of German literature. It is such lumes, 8vo. from the year 1786 to 1797. a rapid glance, as is made by many modern In the second class, we place the follow. travellers. The object, however, is per. ing : « The Geographical, Statiftical, fectiy new, and, doubtless, will be cuand Historical Magazine,” edited by J.C. rious and interesting to the English obFabri, professor of philosophy, three server. In the future Supplements the volumes, 8vo. 6. The Pocket-book, for article will be continued; and, as the the Lover of Nature and Gardening, for fources of information will be multiplied, the Year 1798,” with designs, and other it may be expected to furnith additional plates.

“ Transactions and Writings of gratification.




(To be continued in or future Supplements.)

premier, the Prince of Peace, while by the overbearing influence of a foreign every branch of public and private wealth power, and the domestic dissentions of the severely suffered in Spain, from the gene- parties of Alcudia, Saavedra, Azzara, &c. sal ftagnation of navigation and trade; and while a general discontent prepared


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Vol. V.] Retrospea of Spanish Literature. Theology, &c. 323 and foreboded the downfall of the envied contienen sus principales Obligaciones escrito, favourite, LITERATURE alone flourished por el Padié Antonio Codorniu, &c. The under his powerful protection. That, good Soldier, armed with a Catechism, within so short a period, theology should and fix Discourses, containing his princihave divested itself of monkith bigotry pal Dities, by F. Antonio Codorniu, &c. and prejudices, will hardly be expected, 6. Embriología sucrada ó Tratado de la but in every other department of science Obligacion, que tienen los Curus, Confefores, and learning, stronger and purer lights Médicos, Comadres y otras personas, de cowere rapidly diffused throughout the operar a la Salvacion de los Ninos que aun no country. The stock of medical and histori. Þan nacido, &c. Sacred Embryology,'or cal knowledge was considerably increased; a Treatise on the Duty of Curates, Conin the department of natural history, and fessors, Physicians, and Midwives, to coof the arts, works were published, which operate for the Salyation of Children, yet would do honour to a country in the very unborn. zenith of its prosperity; and novels and

MEDICINE. romances, which, in our romantic era, 1. Tratados Médicos en dos tomos, &c. spread themselves with wild luxuriancy por el Dr. D. Antonio Mendal y Villalba, over the licerary soil, kept within bounds, Academico de la Real Academia Medica which circumstance bears an honourable Matritense, 35. Medical Tracts, in two testimony to the prosperous state of useful volumes, &c. by Dr. Antonio Mendal y literature in Spain.

Villalba, Fellow of the Royal Academy As vouchers for the truth of these re of Physic, at Madrid, &c. marks, we fhall lay before our readers the The author treats, first, on the inflamfollowing selections from the Madrid-Ga- mations of the throat, and the most prozette, which form a pretty correct table per and easy means of curing them ; feof the literary productions of Spain, within condly, on the power of nature, and the the last six months of the year 1797. most rational mode of curing all sorts

There being no critical work published of diseases; and thirdly, on the medical in Spain, on the plan of the English and use of the waters of "Graena, which he German reviews, this retrospect forms analyzes, and points out the cases, wherein rather a catalogue raisonné than a critical they may be either useful or hurtful. fynopsis, such as we have given of the 2. Pharmacoppia Hispana, editio altera ; literature of England and Germany, Regis jullie et inpensa. Matriti ex typo

graphia Ibarriana, un tomo en 4to.' The 1. Escuela del Salvador, &c. The Spanith Difpenfatory, or Pharmacopeia; School of our Saviour, &c. Extracted the fecond edition by the King's comfrom the works of Santa Teresa de Jesus, inand, and at his expençe, at Madrid ; and other mystic authors:

printed by Ibarro, i vol. 410. sold by Mar2. Meditaciones sobre los Novijimos, re uinez, struer de las Carretas, partidos por los Dias del Mes con la Regla por The first edition of this Pharmacopeia, vivir bien, por el P. Pinamonte, &c. published in 1794, being entirely exhauftMeditations on the last Things, adapted ed, the Royal College of Physicians caused to the Days of the Month, with the it to be reprinted, enriched with several Rule for living a virtuous Life, by Father improvements and additions, which have Pinamonte, &c.

been printed separately, for the accummo3. Disertacion de Disciplina eclefiaftica dation of those who possess the first edisobre la asistencia de los Fieles à la Misa tion, anú to whom they are delivered

Parroquial, y à oir la Explicacion del Evan- gratis by the above booksellers. gelio de Baca de su Parroco, por D. Donmigó 3. Guia Veterinaria yriginal: dividida Ugena, Presbitera. A Differtation of Ec

en 4 tomos, &c, por

D. Alonjo y D. Francisco clefiaftical Discipline, the Presence of the de Rus Garcıá. The original Guide to Faithful at the Mess, and to hear the Ex- the Veterinary Art, divided into 4 vols. &c. planation of the Gospel, from the Lips of The authors treat on the principal distheir Curate, by D. Domingo Ugena, cases of cattle, expose the errors committed Presbiter.

in the cure of them, point out the most 4. Prontuario praélico de las Exequias proper method for curing the different Funtrales, &c. por el Dr. Antonio Civity diseases, and conclude with a table of Nadal. A practical Repofitory of Fune- veterinary aphorisms, for the use of the ral Rites, &c. by Dr. Antonio Civit y beginners in this art, and the owners of Nadal.

cattle. 5. El buen Soldado de Dios y del Rey, ar 4. Disertacion fifico.cbímica, y Analysis de mado de un Catecismo, y seis praticas, que las Aguas Minerales de la Villa de Albama


3 X 2


324 Retrospect of Spanish Literature.-Law. [Sup: en el Regno de Murcia, por D. Agustin Juan males; Obra dada á luz en Itnliano, por el y Poveda, Profesos de Botanica, &c. A ubate Lázaro Spalarzani, Profe or de HijPhysico-chemical Dissertation on the Mi- 'toria Natural, en la Universidad de Pavia, neral Waters of the Town of Alhama, in traducida al Frances por Juan Senibier, the Kingdom of Murcia, with an Analy- Bibliotecario de la Republ.ca de Ginebra, y fis thereof, by D. Augustin Juan y Po- al Cafellano, con muchas aditiones imporveda, Profeffor of Botany, &c.

tantes, recogidas de varios efíritos, por el 5. Tratado Medico teoretico practico, com- Lib. D. Joseph Boniile. Experimerts on puesto por el Dr. D. Antonio Corvella y Digestion in Man, as well as in divers Fondevila, Profesor de Medicina y Cirugia, Species of Animals; a work published in retirado, &c un tomo en 8vo. A Medical the Italian language, by the Abbé Lázaro Treatise, Theoretico-practical, composed Spalanzani, Professor of Natural Histo. by Dr. Antonio Corvella y Fondevila, Ex- ry in the University of Pavia, translared professor of Physic and Surgery, &c. 1 into French by Jean Senebier, Librarian vol. 8vo.

of the Republic of Geneva, and into SpaThe author, who has dedicated his pith, with a great variety of imfortani adwork to the Prince of Peace, treats on the ditions, Jelected from several authors, by D. distempers of the bowels, gives an anato- Joseph Bonillo, B.A. mical description of the celophagus, and 10. Tratado Fisico-médico de las Enfirthe other digestive organs, and concludes medades de las Oidos, escrito por D. Žr'an with pointing out the most proper means Naval, Medico de Familia de S. M A for curing each peculiar disorder.

Physico-medical Treatise on the Diseases 6. Noticia de les Aguas Minerales de la of the Organs of Hearing, by D. Juan fuente de Solun de Cabras, en la Sierra de Naval, Physician to the Royal Family. Cuenca, escrita por D Juan Pablo Forner, The author sets out with a physiologi. &c. Account of the Mineral Waters of cal and anatomical description of the cro Solan de Cabras, in the Mountains of gans of hearing, then proceeds to an en. Cuenca, written by D. Juan Pablo For- quiry into the most proper methods for

curing deafness, and concludes with an This work contains, besides the ana account of several instruments, invented lysis of the waters of Solan de Cabras, an with a view of increasing the sensibility analytical description of the waters of Be- of the organ, and rendering deafness less tea, made by order of the Spanish go-. irklome to the persons afflicted with this vernment, by Dr. Domingo Garcia Fer- difeale. nandez.

11. Elementos de Veierinaria, que fe ban 7. Tratado de las Enfermedades de la de enfener á los Alumnos de la Real Escuela Boca sobre todas las Partes del Arte del Den- de esta Corte : tomo 1. por D. Scgimundo tista : escrito por D. Francisco Antonio Malats, primer Director de dicba Elcula. Pelaez, Cirujano en esta Corte, y Dentista de Elements of the Veterinary Art, wherein los Reales Hospitales. A Treatise on the are to be instructed the Students of the Diseases of the Mouth, throughout every Royal School in this Place ; vol. ift. by Branch of the Art of the Dentist, by D. D. Sigismundo Malats, chief Director of Francisco Antonio Pelaez, Surgeon of the said School. this Place, and Dentist of the Royal The volume before us contains the paHospitals.

thology of the learned author, whose Ana. This work is the result of 40 years ex- tomy, Materia Medica, and new physical perience and observation ; it embraces all Observations on the rearing, preserving, the distempers and diseases of the mouth, and multiplying of Cattle, have obtained and points out the most proper and effi- considerable praise. cacious means for preserving the teeth. 12. La Práctica moderna de la Inocula

8. Disertacion acerca del verdadero Ca- cion, con Oplervaciones y Reflexiones fundaratter y Método curativo de las Heridas de das en un Discurso sobre la Urilidad de esta Armas de Fuego, &c. por D. Agustin Pe. Operacion, y un compendio de ju Origen y laez, primer ndjutante de Cirujano-mayor estada actual, particularmente en Eipanā, de los Reales Exercidos. A Dissertation c. escrito por el Dr. D. Timetes O-Scalan. on the true Character of Shot-wounds, The modern Practice of Inoculation, with and the Method of curing thém, &c. by a brief Account of its Origin and present D. Agustin Pelaez, chief Assistant of the State, particularly in Spain, &c, by Dr. Surgeon-general of the Royal Armies. Timetes 0- Scalan.

9. Experimentos acerca de la Digestion en el Hombre y en diversas Expecies de Ani. 1. El Ţeatro de la Legislacion universal


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