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1798.) Proceedings of the National Institute.

37 struction established by it, ought to have of each of the particular powers existing no connection with the various religious within her limits. The second memoir worship: MENTELLE has given to offers a picture of the productions of this maxim, an expansion which was Italy, of her manufactures, of her comnever less superfluous than in the cir- merce, of the privileges and refraints cumftances under which he read his which favour or shackle it. memoir. He requires that the instruc FLEURIEU read, during several fito. tion be directed, above all, towards sci- tings, various fragments of a relation ence, duties, and manners : he desires of a Voyage round the world, made in that the public teachers become the 1790,1791, and 1792, by CAPT.STEPHEN guardians of morals, and that they per- MARCHAUD,commanding the ship Solide, form, even in the heart of the countries fitted out by the house of Beaux, at where they may reside, some of those Marseilles, to establih a traffic in Peliry, kind, sometimes for the fulfilling of

on the north-weft coast of America. in which the ministers of worthip were an introduction, which precedes the formerly called upon. Continuing to 'narration of this Voyage, Fleurieu occupy himself about the central schools, sketches out a brief history of the discoMENTELLE combats the project of ei- veries in th: north-west of America, sentially changing the system of these fince FERNANDO CORTEZ, down to new fchools.

Stephen Marchand. This period of two DELILLEDE DE SALLES read me centuries and a half, includes the expemoir, entitled The Three Kinds of ditions of Coronado, of Drake, of Fuca, Morality. Of man, considered indiviof Admiral Fuenti, those of Cook and dually i confidered with relation to his of Peyrouse, and in short, those of country; and with his relation to all many other navigators, as well Russian, other countries; or, as may be faid, of Spanish, Englith, and Americans. In the human species. The three moral retracing summarily the ancient disco. confiderations, among which bad politi- veries, of which fome were almost forcal institutions have often established fa- gotten, and the modern navigators, which tal oppositions, tend (according to our have extended the sphere of commercial author) to harmonize together, accord- {peculations, Fleurieu applies himself ing as the social science advances towards to reduce to a just value, the hopes perfection.

which the first were capable of inspiring, A Roman law limited the power of and the fruits which have been gathered devising by will, and tended above all, to from the second : he seeks to unfold the keep women out of fucceffion; this was motive which has determined each excalled Voconia lex. 'The learned are not pedition, and ascertain the successive agreed about the extent of the difpo- increase to the stock of human knowfitions of this law, concerning which lodge which has resulted from them all ; the eftablishment, or abrogation, inuft and thus, through this introdu&tion, the necessarily have had to considerable an history of the discoveries to the northinfluence upon society, as to render west of America is blended, as it were, it worthy of examinarion. Bov. with the political and commercial history CHAUD, afrer having made known the of Europe. author, and the epoch of the Voconian The voyage of Captain Marchand is law, applied himself to determine its the lecond voyage round the world, unchief principle, and to give its true sense. dertaken and accomplished by the French; He has discovered what was the punish- until that time Bougainvillé had had in ment incurred by those who contravened France neither a model nor an iinitator. this law; and has pointed out the di- Fleurieu has compared this relation with vers modifications it successively under. a journal, kept by Chanel, second capwent, until it was entirely abolithed. tain of the Solide, and who, in the

A country filled with great events, courle of the voyage was employed in upon record, and which is again become rwconnoitring the coasts, in elevating the object of great expectation, italy, plans, and in astronomical operations. has furnished ANQUETIL, with the Fleurieu bas farther made use of a subject-matter of two memoirs. In the journal of Roblet, first surgeon of the first he has treated of the History and Thip, but in working upon these various Character of the different Governinents memoirs, the author has compared the of this herctofore fo distinguished part recitals which they contain, with the reof Europe. He has 'corsidered the po. lations published by the Spanilh and litical interests of Italy in general, and English navigators. The work includes, MONTHLY MAG. XXVII.




Proceedings of the College of France.

[Jan besides, a great number of descriptions, It is farther to be remarked, that in the many nautical and geographical discuss course of twenty months, in the midst of fions, with political and commercial con- fatigues and privations, inseparable from fiderations. In a short extract of a work

an expedition of this nature ; traverfing of this extensive nature, we can only ra- all the climates, experiencing all the vapidly trace the route which Captain Mar- riations of the temperature, the Solide out chand took :

of fifty men, which composed her ship's The Solide set fail from Marseilles the crew, loft only one man, who died in a 14th December, 1790, and after having fit of apoplexy. doubled Cape Horn, came-to in the port It became 'necessary to awaken the at. Madre de Dios, in the island of St. Chrif- tention of the French navigators to the tina, one of the isles of the Archipel de use, too much neglected among them, Mendoca, discovered by Mandann in of aftronomic methods. This relation, 1595, and visited by Captain Cook in which the press is going to render pub1774. In quitting these islands, and lic, will show them that it is to the con. making way for the north-west, Captain ftant employment of the exact methods, Marchand discovered, in this direction, a adopted by Captains Marchand and Chasecond Archipelago, until then unknown. nal, that they owe the safety of their Thence, after having taken a plan of this courses, the shortness of their voyage, and new cluster of ifles, the ship rạp before the advantage of making land with prethe wind towards the north-west coast, cision upon those points which they deand they anchored in the Bay of Guada signed to touch at. lupa des Espagnols, named since by the COLLEGE OF FRANCE. English, Norfolk Bay, and, a trafic for On the 15th of November last, this inskins and furs was entered into. The So- ftitution opened its course of ftudy, in lide next visited Queen Charlotte Lands, the presence of the minister of the home to which the English have added also this department, the greater part of the foname, although Peyrouse made the first reign ministers, and a full assemblage of discovery of it in 1786. The feason was spectators. too far advanced for Captain Marchand to The fitting was opened by Poissonnier, continue to trade on the coast of America. . who pronounced an eulogium on this an

le resolved to go to China : after having cient asylum of the sciences, which, since passed through the Sandwich Islands and the time of Francis ), has constantly prothe group of Marianne Iles, he let go Juced great men, and which, like a rock, the anchor at Macao.

always immovable, amid the storms and An imperial edict had juft prohibired tempests of the revolution, has furvived the introduction of furs in China. He the ruin of all the other establishments. was compelled to renounce the design of Lalande proceeded to describe the fitu. exchanging the cargo for the merchandize ation of the exact sciences, their progress, of Asia. Thus after having repaired and the discoveries made in them, and the victualled the thip, Captain Marchand labours of learned and scientific men dur. betook himself by the Straits of Gajpa, and ing the last year, by those of the Sunda to the port in the François, allisted by his wife, Lalande's north west side of the Ilie de France. niece, observed, during the last year, There he let the crew enjoy some re 6,000 new stars, which brings the number pose, who, during thirteen months and a of those hitherto observed to 42,700. half, had kept the sea, and had been but These astronomers trust that they will thirty days in harbour all that time. The foon be enabled to carry them to 50,000. Solide left the Isle de France the rith of A new comet, discovered this year, April, 1792, touched at the Ifiand of St. brings to ninety the number of those Helena the 4th of June, and, on the 13th whose orbits have been calculated up to of August, cast anchor in the road of this time. Tables of the moon, published Toulon.

by Detaplace, and an analysis of the

great This voyage is remarkable for the labours executed to complete the measure shortness of time the Solide took up in of the earth, make up the inventory of making the tour round the world, in tak. altronomical acquisitions. ing her route by Cape Horn, and making A letter from Buonaparte to Lalande her return by China. The duration of was read. In this letter, the general althe voyage was only 608 days, and even fures him that the funds of the society of only 498, if we subtract the days passed in Verona will be respected, and that its obharbour ; and the space run over, is 14,328 servatory, damaged by the bomb-lhells, sea leagues, or 18,000 common leagues. will be repaired. Buonaparte farther



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1798.] Lyceum of Foreigners. ... New Publications.

59 states that he has made a present of an who have secured the success of this astronomical clock to the society of establishment, would concur successfully, Milan,

and bestow on it a new lustre. A ComThe following pieces were read. Amittee of literature will accordingly be Dissertation on the Ancient Nation of the especially charged to examine the works Arcadians, by Dupuy. A Fragment on which authors will be invited to send to Xenophon, by Gall. A Treatise, by the Lyceum. The pieces which shall be Coffin, on the Richness, Copiousness, approved by the Committee, will be and Advantages of the Greek language. read each decade (in the course of every Another, by Bocquillon, on the Greek ten days) in a Gtting set aside for that and Latin Languages. A Discourse, by purpose. At the commencement of each Cousin, on Education, and Republican half year, a subject for a prose discourse Institutions. And, lastly, a Poem, by will be proposed, and the prize distributed Gournand, on the Four Seasons of Life. in the course of the half year. The au

Lalande closed the fitting, by paying a thors whose productions shall be read public tribute of gratitude to the great three times at the Lyceum, will be preservices rendered to the learned this year, sented with an admisfion for the season. by the Prince of Peace and the Portu- Those who thall have obtained a prize, guese ambassador, and to their zeal in the will have a perpetual admisfion as memfurtherance of the sciences.

bers of the society. In the first quarterly LYCEUM OF FOREIGNERS. courses, the following subjects will be On the 21st of November last, this foci- treated : Treatise on Epic Poetry, by sy opened its fittings. The wish to revive Mezoser. Complete Course of Experithe arts and industry, to excite emulation, mental Philofophy, by Dubois. Course and more especially, to offer resources to of Moral Philosophy, by Demoustier. In literature, has determined the administra- 'each decade there will be besides, two tion to make new facrifices. To obtain circles set aside for music and dancing. these objects, it has considered that a The reading-room will be abundantly fociety of the most distinguished literary supplied with journals, periodical publicamen, united to the different professors, tions, and the most interesting pamphlets.


A CORRECT LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. The following is offered to the Public as a complete List of all Publications within the · Montb.– Xulbors and Publishers who desire a corre&t and early Notice of their Works, are intreated to transmit copies of tbe fume. ASTRONOMY,

The Candid Friend ; addressed to a young LECTURES on Astronomy, by Margaret Gentleman, being Instructions to him on enBryan, of Ma:jate, 4to. plates, Il. 55. tering Life, Is. 6d. bound.

Lowe. in boards. recommended by Dr. Hutton, of

Discours sur l’Article, compoté pour l'Ecole Woolwich.

des Meffieurs Strahans, à Enfield, & lu dans

une Société de Gens de Lettres; par M. Observations on the various Systems of Ca- l'Abbé de Lévizac.

Dulan and Co. nal Navigations, by William Chapman, 4to. The Youth's Miscellany; or, a Father's 6s.

Gift to his Children, by W. Mavor, LL.D. 49. The Coffee Planter of St. Domingo, with

Newberry. an Appendix, containing a View of the ConAtitution, Government, Laws, and State of A general View of the State of Portugal, that Colony, previously to the year 1789, by cort ising a topographical Description thereof, P. 7. Laborie, boards, 1os. 60. with 22 and includirg an Account of the physical and plates.

Cadell and Davis. moral State ef the Kingdom, by James Muro

pohy, royal 41o. 15 plates, 275. boards. The Castle Spectre, in five acts, by M. G.

Cadell and Davies. Lewis, M.P. 25.



Memoirs of the House of Medici, from its The Beauties of History, by L. M. Stretch, Origin to the Dsath of Francisco the Second, M.A..abridged into one volume 12mo, 38. 6d.

Grand Duke of Tuscany, and of the great bound.


Men who flourished in Tuscany within that The Youth's infallible Instructor, comprizing period ; translated from the French of M. Tenche different degrees of Literature necessary to

hove, with Nete, ond Observations, by Sir complete an English Scholar, by W. Card, in

Richard Clayton, bari, 2 volsquarto, 21. 28° four parts, 2s, cach.








35. sewed.


23. 6d.


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List of New Publications in January,


A new edition of Heraldry in Miniature, Reports of Cases argued and determined in

Law, &c. the Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer The Masquerade ; or, a Collection of New Chamber, in Easter and Trinity Terms, 1797, Enigmas, Logogriphs, &c. &c. vol. II, cone by J. B. Bofanquet and C. Puller, 5s. taining the Solution of vol. I, to be continued Buiterworth. annually, Is. 6d.

Wilkie. A Digest of the Acts of Parliament for An Economical and New Method of raising the Provisional Cavalry, by E. Bofwill, Cookery ; describing above 80 cheap, whole Hatchard. fumc, and nutritive Dishes, by Elisa Melioe,

Chapple. A Treatise o: Leeches, wherein the proper

Etrennes Nouvelle & Royale, ou Almanac ties, use, &c. of that valualle reptile is clear. Historique, Politique, & L ttéraire, pour l'An ly set forth, by George Thorn, 15. 63. 1798. de la Naissance de J.C. & pour l'AD 6

Symonds. dí Règne de Roberspierre & de ses Success A new Edition of Dr. Wallis on the Art of seurs, par M. V, 25. Dulan and Co. preventing Diseases and restoring Health, with Cünliderations on the original and proper considerable Alterations and Additions, 7s.6d. Olijeets of the Royal Hospital of Bridewell, bound.

Robinson. addresled to the Governors, hy William Wado Enchiridion Syphiliticum ; or, Directions for dington, Esq. Is. 6d.

Rivingtons. the domestic treatment of Venereal Complaints, MILITARY AND NAVAL by A. P. Buchan, M.D. 25. 6d. Callow, The Monthly Army Lift, for February,

An Essay on the Gou“, with a candid Exa with Corre&tions to the last Month, and with: mination, &c. of Dr. Latham's Principles, by the present Head Quarters of every Regiment George Wallis, M.D. &c. 45. Robinsons. of the Regulars, the Fencibles, and the Mili

A Lecture introductory to a Course of Popu- tia; in the manner of Steel's List of the Nuvy, lar Instruction on the Constitution and Manage

Hookham and Carpenter, ment of the Human Body, by Thomas Bed.does,

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, &c. M.D. 8vo. 19. bit.

Johnson. A New System of Physiology, compre

hending the Law by which Animated Beings METAPHYSICS. Elements of the Critical Philofopi.y, con

in general, and the Human Species in particuraining a concise Account of its Origin and

lar, are governed, in the various States of

Health and Disease, by R. Saumarız, furgeon Tendency; a View of all the Works of its Founder, Kant; and a Glossary for the Ex

to the Magdalen Hospital, 2 vols. Svo. boards, 145.

Cox. planation of Terms and Porales. To which are added, three Philological Eflays, from the

Essays on the Microscope, by the late German of 7. C. Adelung, by 2. F. M. Wil George Adams, the second edition, with con

liderable Additions and Improvements, by lick, M.D. Svo. 6s. boards. Longman. Frederick Kanmacher, fellow of the Linnæan MISCELLANIZS. Society, 4to. 32 plates, 28s.

Jones. The posthumous works of the Au: hor of a Geometrical and Graphical Efsays, containVindication of the Rights of Wonan, containing ing a general Description of the Mathematical the Wrongs of Woman, a Fragment ; Leiters, Inftruments used in Geometry, Surveying, &c. and Miscellancous Pieces, in 4 vols. 145. inr' &c. Second Edition, corrected and enlarged: boards. Also, in I vol. same size, price 3s. 6d. by W. Jonesy 2 vols. 8vo. 145. Jones. with a portrait, by Opie and Heath, Memoirs of the Author, by William Godwin. Johnion. The Castle on the Rock; or, Memoirs of

A new edition of Kearlley's Annual Tax the Elderland Family by the Author of Derwent Tables, rod.

Pritry, 3 vols. ros. 6d. boards. Symonds. Thoughts on the Necessity of Moral Dil

Estelle, by M. de Florian, translated by cipline in Prifons, by Thomas Birin, M.A. Mrs. S. Cummyng, 2 vols. 12 mo. 55. boards. Rivingtons.

Wright. The Economist; or, Englishman's Maga Parental Duplicity; or, the Power of Antizine, No. 1. for January, 1798, price three fice, a Novel, ios, 6d.

Kcarsley. halfpence, or 250 for il. is.

Miliftina ; or, the Double Interest, 2 vols. 8s, Ridgway's Annual Town Guide, or Com

Lowe. plete Register of Taxes, to the Sth of Fe The Heir of Montague, 3 vols. 1os. 60. bruary, 1798, containing a copious Abstract rewed.

Lana. of every Clause in the Affeffed Tax Multipli

PHILOLOGY. ca:ion Act, 6d.

EITEA NITEPOENTA ; or, the Diversions The Four Ages, to?ether with Esays on of Purley, by 7. Horne Tooke, A.M. formerly varivus Subjects, by William Jackson, esą. of of St. John's College, Cambridge, published, Exeter, Svo. 75. boards. Cadell and Co. by Subscription, in 3 vols. 4.to. price 21. 2s.

A Catalogue of Books now on Sale, by -The First Volume is now ready to be deli. Thomas Payne, bookseller, 'Is.

vered to Subscribers.

Johnson. Religious and Philanthropic Tracts, addresied to Friendly Sucieties, by J. Cowe. M A. The Columbiad ; an Epic Poem, on the Dir. viiar of Sunbury, 25. 6d. Robson. covery of America and the West Indies, by






1798.] Lift of New Publications in January.

61 Columbus, in twelve books, by the Rev. Parliament is particularly considered, by the I. L. Moore, 8vo. 155. buards. Rivingtons. Earl of Lauderdale, Is. 60.

Debrett. An Elegy to the Memory of the Rt. Hon. Proposals for liquidating Sixty-lix Millions, E Burke, by the Rev. I. C. Euftace, 4to. IS. &c. of the 3 per cents. by converting the Land

Rivingtons. Tax into a permanent Annuity, is. Wright. Miracles, a Scatonian Prize Poem, by Proposals of a Substitute for Funding in William Bolland, M.A. IS. Rivingtons. time of War, by John Prinsen. Debreit.

Infant Institutes, Part the First, or, a Nur The Jacobin's Lamentation; or, the Pour serical Ellay on the Poetry of the earlier Ages, too Rich. is.

Hatchard. with an Appendix, 8vo. Is. 6d. Rivingtons. The Patriot's Pocket Companion for 1798, The Progress of Satire : an Essay in Verse, 15. 8 d.

Williams, with Notes, containing Remarks on the Pur Txis Lettres à my Lord ***, sur les Af. fuits of Literature, Is. 6d. Bell. faires de Pays-Bas.

L'Homme, The Invincible Illand, with introductive An Address 10 the Rt. Hun. W. Pitt, occaOllervations on the Present War, by Percival fioned by his Proposal of the Triple Affeff. Stockdale, 8vo. 25.

ment, is.

Beckett. An Epistle from Lady Grange to E. D, The Third Report of the Society for betterEsq. written during her Confinement in the ing the Condition of the Poor, 13. Beckett. Mand of St. Kilda, 29. Cadell & Davies. Emigration to America, candidly considered,

The Warning Voice !!! 25. Cawthorn. in a series of Letters from a Gentleman, refiThe Grove, a 'Satire, 35. Westley. dent there, to his Friend in England, is. 6d. Nancratia, or Naval Dominion, by H. I.

Rickman. Pye, Esq. 5s.

Nicol. Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire du JacoThe Druriad; or Strictures on the principal binisme, par l'Abbé Barruel, tume 3, 5s. boards. Performers of Drury-Lane Theatre, a Satire.

Dulau & Co.


A Sermon delivered at Providence Chapel; The Case of the People of England, ad on Dec. 19, 1797, by W. Huntington, S.S. is. dressed to the Lives-and-Fortune-Men, both in

Baynes, and out of the House of Commons, as a A Sermon, on the same day, by the Rev. Ground of National Thankfyiving, by One of Edm. Poultier, is.

Cadell & Co. the 80,000 incorrigible Jacobins, is. 6d. Fifiy-ne Sermons by the late Rev. Richard

Westley. Southgare, with a Biographical Preface by Geo. Mr. Harper's Observations on the Dispute Gaskin, D.D. 2 vols. 125. bds. Rivingtons. between the United States and France.

Three Letters addressed to the Readers of

Debrett. Paine's Age of Reason, by One of the People The Parliamentary Register, No. I to VIII, called Christians, 6d. Darton & Harvey. price is. each, of the Present Seffions. Debrett. The Dury of Thanksgiving : a Sermon

A Letter to the United Parochial Com- preached at the Foundling Hospital, Dec. 199 mittees appointed to oppose the Afieffed Tax 1797, being the Day appointed for a General Bill, by a London Householder, 3d.

Thanksgiving, by the Rev. John Hewlett,

Evans and Bone. B.D. morning-preacher to the said Charity, A General View of a Plan of universal and

810. Is.

Johnson gival Taxation, 6d. Cadell and Davies. A Sermon preached in the Parish Church

An accurate List of the Members of the of Swindon, at the Visitation, and published House of Commons, who voted on Mr. Pitt's at the request of the Rev. Arthur Cohum, A.M. Aseffed Tax Multiplication Bild, with their by the Rev. I. Hane, A.M. 25. Rivingtons. Reasons for supporting it: also, a Lift of the A Sermon on the late Thanksgiving, by Minoriry, and a General List of those Mem- the Rev. 7. T. Langhorne, is. Rivingtons. bers who hold Places and Appointments under A Sernion, on the same occasion, by the Government, 6d. or ico Copies, 21. Ridgway. Rev. W. Goode, A.M. 1s. Rivingtons.

Journal Historique & Politique, de l'Ad. A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the ministration de la République Française, per- Diocese of Durham, in 1797, by Shute, dant l'Année 1797, par Sir Francis d'Ivernois, Bishop of Durham, 4to. 25.--8vo. Is. 55. Elmly & Bremner.

Rivingtons. Analyse sur la justice du Commerce du The Duty of Thanksgiving for National Rachet des Esclaves de la Côte d'Afrique, par Biesings, a Sermon on the 19th of December, I. I. de Cundu da Azureico Continho Portugaie, by W. Mavor, LL D. is. Rivingtons.

Dulau & Co.

VOYAGES, TRAVELS, &c. The eloquent and interesting Speech of the A Sketch of modern France, in a Series of Rt. Hon. C. 7. Fox, on the third reading of Letters to a Lady of Fashion, written in ile Alleffed Tax Bill, 6.

Jordan. 1796 and 1797, during a Tour through France, A Letter to the Earl of Warwick on his by a Lady, edited by C. L. Moody, LL.D. Opposition to the Resulutions of the Inha. F.A.S. 8s. bds.

Cadell & Davies. bitants of Warwick, against the Assessed Tax Travels in the Two Sicilies and some Parts Bill, 6d.

Johnson. of the Apennines, translated from the original A Letter on the Present Measures of Italian of the Abbe Lazzaro Spallanzani, 4 Finance, in which the Bill now depending in yols. 8vo. with 11' Plates, 11. 8s, bds. Robinsons.



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