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Ireland....French Merchants Loan.

67 care , unless you have a pledge for a Some affidavits have been made re. reform, as your security for the good specting the trial of the late Mr. Orr. which you intend, you are venturing into Arthur Johnson and Archibald Thompa country where men ofyour frankness fon, two of the Jury, who were imare not a match for the insidious arts panelled to try the deceased, have which will be practised against you. Tworn that fpirituous liquors were inYou are invited only for the prirpore troduced into the Jury room, while of putting an end to the war, in order they were considering the verdict, with that the system which you stille for the which several of the Jury were inmoment, may be re-established.” After toxicated; that the deponent, Thompmaking cogent arguments on the Bill, fon, was so intimidated by one of the he concluded with drawing an affect. Jurors by threats, &c. as to be induced ing picture of the state of Ireland. to concur in a verdi&t contrary to his

Mr. Pitt replied to Mr. Fox and the opinion. Another of the Jurors de. other members of opposition. On the posed, that had he 'known that the question that the Bill be now read a consequence of returning a verdict of third time being put, the House di- guilty upon that occasion, would have vided,

been followed by the death of the ac.. Ayes 196-Noes 71-Majority 125. cused, he should not have agreed to The Bill was then sent to the Lords, such verdiet. where it was passed, and received the

FRANCE. Royal allent by Commission a few days In a public fitting of the Directory afterwards.

on the 21st of December, a deputation On the uth of January, Mr. Dun- from the principal Bankers and Merdas presented a message from the King, chants of Paris, presented an address, purporting that his Majesty had re in which they inireated the Directory ceived various advices of preparation to send a message to the legislative made in France, in pursuance of the body, inviting them to open a loan for design repeatedly profeffed, ofattempt- the purpose of procuring a speedy and ing the invasion of these kingdoms, effećtual means for making a descent that he was firmly persuaded that by 'upon England. The Directory com. the zeal, courage, and exertion of his plied with the intreaties of the depu, subjects, struggling for whatever was tation, and sent a message the same most dear to them, such an enter- day to the Council of Five Hundred, prise, if attempted, would terminate requesting them to adopt measures for in the ruin and confusion of thofe who raising a loan for the desired purpose. might be engaged in it; but that he in After the address and message were oranxious concern for the welfare of his dered to be printed, Jean de Brie rose, people, felt it incumbent upon him to and asked “Who was the citizen that omit no suitable precaution which did not burn to revenge the wrongs might contribute to their defence. done to France by the government who His Majesty, therefore, in pursuance created La Vendee, the Chouans, and of the Act passed for providing for the the Chauffers, and who alone had pro. augmentation of the Militia, thought longed the evils of war? Yes! laid he, it right to make this communication to we will verify the opinion of the the Commons, to the end that the said Member of the English Parliament, Militia might be drawn out and en who said that the obstinate resistance bodied, and to marchas occasion should of Pitt to peace, had only tended require. The House of Commons on to consolidate the Republic. Let Engthe 12th of January, adjourned to the land that has to frequently disturbed Sth of the following month.

the tranquility of our country, tremble IRELAND.

in its turn for its own safety!" The melancholy detail of the suffer The Council referred the message to ings of Ireland has often been dwelt à Committee, and ordered a report to upon, and we believe generally for be made as soon as posible, the laudable purpose of rendering the This project of invading England, deplorable situation of that country as and of ruining it by every possible public as poslible, in order that per- means, was in the month of January lons in England, who have it in their the order of the day in France, and power to relieve its misfortunes, might appeared to acquire new energy at have no opportunity of pleading ig every step; donations were pouring in norance of their existence.

from every quaiter, to defray the ex,


K 2


France... Infurrection in Italy... Public Funds. (Jan. pence of the proposed descent. The


. addresses with which these gifts were We shall now proceed to give the accompanied, were marked with the outline of anextraordinary event which same degree of extravagance as the took place at Rome on the 27th of De. messages of the Directory to the Legis. cember. lative Body upon this subject. The The brother of the Conqueror of Central Bureau of Paris, however, fur- Italy; Citizen Buonaparte, Ambassa. passed all competition in the violence dor from the Republic of France to of its invective. It accused our Go- the Court of Rome, has written a very vernment of having enslaved and re- long letter to the Minister of foreign duced the people of England to the affairs, giving the particulars of an condition of brutes; and it compared insurrection which took place there on the agents of the government to wolves the 27th of December. feeding upon human flesh. The prin The leaders in this affair called re. cipal motive for the popular fury, peatedly upon the Ambassador, Buowhich prevailed in these addresses, naparte, requesting him to protect this was derived from the calumnious state- popular movement. This he opposed ment of the Directory, which accused with all his power, and was soon conus of refusing the means of subfift- vinced of the real views of the insurence to 20,000 French prisoners of gents ; his palace was affailed by the war now in England.

niultitude, and by the troops of the The measure upon which the Di. government, who, on the other hand, rectory seemed to place more reliance kept up a constant fire upon the former. than upon its projected plan of invasion,; The Ambassador, Buonaparte, went was that of annoying our commerce out accompanied by General Duphot, in all its points of communication with and the Adjutant-general Sherlock, the Continent. This measure was the with the hopes of appealing the difsubject of a message dated the same turbance, and of inducing the insurday as the news was received in Paris gents to quit the French jurisdiction; of the taking poflession of Mentz by he foon, he says, had reason to be conthe Republican troops.

vinced that they had a design upon his After having caused all the Eng- life. General Duphot was shot by the lish goods and merchandize, with which papal foldiery, and the Ambassador all the magazines and warehouses was obliged to have recourse to flight throughout the Republic were stocked, for safety. Fourteen hours after this to be seized in one day, the French assailination, and notwithstanding the government proceeded to desire, that Ambassador's frequent message to the a, law fhould be enacted, declaring, Secretary of State, no person was sent that vessels belonging to every foreign by the Roman Government to country, laden with English merchan- quire into the state of things. The dize, or having goods on board, ei- Ambassador filled with indignation, as ther as the whole or part of the cargo, he says, against a weak and murderous should be deemed legal prizes; and government, resolved to quit Rome, that no foreign ship, which in prose- and solicited paisports for that purs cution of her voyage, should have en- pose, and went immediately to Floa tered an English port, should be ad- rence, whence he wrote to Paris. The mitted into the ports of France, unless Ambassador speaks in the warmest in cases of distress.

terms of the attention he received from The French have divided the coun- the Tuscan and Spanish Amballadors, tries on the left bank of the Rhine who braving all dangers, came to visit into fix departments; namely, the De- him in his palace. partinent of the Roer, chief town, Crevelt; the Department of the Liffel,

PUBLIC FUNDS. chief town Coblentz; the Depart Stock Exchange, January 27, 1798. ment of the Rhine and the Moselle,

Stocks yesterday experienced a rise of nearly chief town, Bonn; the Department of one per cent previous to which they had the Rhine and the Nahe, chief town;

gradually funk. Consols, which were done for Mentz; the Department of the Sambre the opening at 49 3-4ths, opened at 47 3-4ths, and the Moselle, chief town Deux. material deprefion will take place till after the

ex. div. The prevailing opinion is, that no Ponts; the Department of Mount bargain for-the loan. Tonnerre; chief town, Worms.

5 PER CENT. ANN, opened on the 22d of this month, at 70.

4. PER



Marriages and Deaths in and near London.


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4. PER CENT. CONS. were, on the 29th Mr. Henry Hal, of Watling-street, to of last month, at 59 1-4th, and continued Miss Livert, of Albermarle-street. without much variation till yesterday, when Mr. Thomas Jones, of. Little Meor-fields, they rose to 59 3-4ths.

to Miss Seward, of Foster-lane. 3 PER CENT. CONS. opened on the 19th Died.] In Grosvenor-square, John Wilkes, of January at 47 3-4ths, and with little varia Chamberlain of the City of London.tion continued till yesterday, when they rose to For a particular account of whom fee the 48 3-4ths.

former Part of this Number. LOTTERY TICKETS are on the rise

At his house in Chatham-place, Black-
Present price in the market inl. 155. a 175. friar's Bridge, Samuel Brooke, esq.

Dividends are now paying on 3 per Cent. In London, Sir Ralph Milbanke, bart.
Consols, 1726–5 per Cents--India Stock father to Lady Melbourne.
South Sea Stock--Imperial Annuities-and In Newgate-street, Mr. Andrew Lawson,


In his 78th year, Mr. Thomas Edgerton, of
Marriages arid Deaths in and near London. Giltspur-street, Well Smithfield.
Married.] At St. Botolph, Aldgate, Mr. At his house ir little Ruffel-ftitet, Blooms-
Thomas Everett, of Horningham, Wilts, to bury, Thomas Waken, el. of Eastcot.
Miss Mary Eustace, of the Tower.

In Warwick-itreet, Charing-cross, whilft Mr. Benjamin Broomhead, of King-street, on a visit from the count:y, Miss Margaret to Miss Eaton, of London-wall.

Griffith, of Caernarvon.
At St. Martin's in the fields, Mr. James At his house in Nottingham-street, of a
Welfo d, of King-street, to Miss Grove, of scarlet fever, John Webb, esq. aged 39; and

four days after, likewise of a scarlet fever,
Mr. Brown, jun. Hlborn, to Mifs Sarah Mr. John Webb, his son, aged 16.

Mr. Martin, attorney, who defended the At St. Martin's Church, Mr. Weatherbey, cause of Williams for publishing Paine's Age of Newmarket, to Miss Hill.

of Reason. In London, Charles Lutwidge, efq. Cap In Cheapsida, Mr. Robert Hillcock, fen. tain in the Royal Lancashire Militia, to Miss

chinaman. Dodgfon, daughter of the late Bishop of Lon In an apople&tic fit, Francis Kemble, esq. don.

of Swithin's-lane.
In London, Capt. Lowndes, of the Buck Wm. Stone, esq. of Robert-street, Adelphi.
inghamshire Militia, to Miss James, daughter In an advanced age, Mr. Preston, musical-
of Robert James, esg. of Corbyn's Hall, dear instrument-maker, and music-seller, in the

Strand. He was allowed to be the best guitar-
At St. Mary's Abchurch, Canon-ftreet, maker in the kingdom, and the original in-
Charles Stayner, esq. Governor of Church ventor of tuning that instrument with a watch-
hill Factory, Hudion's Bay, to Mifs S. E. key.
Bayless, of Woad-treet, Spital-fields.

At Hackney, Mifs Eliz, Beach.
Mr. Wm. Reeve, law-stationer, of Lyon's In London, Mr. T. Breary, a yeoman of
inn, to the second daughter of Mr. Bingley,
Bookfeller, of Red Lion-paffage, Fleet-ftreet. in London, Mrs. Ballachey.

Thomas Seward Beachcroft, Esq. to Miss At her house in Upper Grosvenor-street,
Charlotte Lewis, of Frederick's-place. Dowager Lady Beauchamp Proctor, widow of

At St. George's Church, Hanover-square, the late Sir Win. Beauchamp Proctor, of Major Hutchinfon, to Miss King, daughter of Langley Park, in Norfolk. the late Dr. King.

In Fenchurch-street, aged 74, Mrs. Han.
At. St. Andrew's Church, Holborn, Lieu. nah Lewis.
tenant-Colonel Rattray, 'of Craighall, in the In Tower-street, Mr. Horton Crippen.
county of Perth, to Miss Julia Simpson, In John's-street, St. George's in the Eait,
daughter of James Simpson, esq. Chancery aged 87, Mr. J. Pinchbeck.

Ac his house, Edgware-road, W. Mawhood,
In London, Lieutenant-Colonel Ronald efq.
Ferguson, to Miss Munro, daughter of Lieu At the house of Sir Hugh Palliser Walters,
tenant-General Sir Hector Munri), K. B. bart. Miss Ann Gates, lecond daughter of

Mr. Wm. Murray, of Laurence Poultney the late John Gares, esq. of Dedham, and lane, to Mrs. Devenith, of Gower-itreet. filter to Lady Walters. Her death was oc.

At St. James's, Clerkenwell, Mr. Wm. casioned by a cancer in her left breast, which Scott, attorney, of Pentonville, to Miss Bel had baffled the skill of the most eminent phylemy,

fjcians and surgeons for nearly two years. Mr. Haywood, of Toolcy-street, to Miss After a lingering illness, Mrs. Keyfall, wife Crawley, of Welvyn, Hants.

of the rev. John Keyfall, of Millman-street, Mr. Bingley, of Red Lion-paffage, Flect Bedford-row. Greet, to Mrs. Baffett, widow of the late In London, in his 68th year, Mr. John Capt. Balleti, in the East India trade.

Lewis Baumgartner, merchant. At St. George's Hanover-square, Mr. Pope, At his house in the Crescent, Minories, Mr. to Mrs. Spencer, both of Covent-garden. Wm. Midford, surgeon:

the guards.

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70 Marriages and Deaths in and near London Deaths Abroad. [Jan.

At her brother's house at Hounslow, Mrs. After traversing the Atlantic in safety, the Allen, wife of Ralph Knight Allen, esq. of vefsel foundered in light of land. He was New House, in Eflex.

once more saved, and got on fhore near PlyIn Henrietta-street, Covent-garden, Ed mouth in 1780, from whence, coming to Lonward Hall, esq. a gentleman who, from the don, he was admitted into Greenwich Horfirst inftitution of the Whig Club of England, pital. Marrying afterwards, and becoming filled the important office of Secretary with an out-pensioner, he settled near Portsmouth, the universal and constant approbation of the his wife having a pension from the Trinitgo Society. The integrity and consistency of his Houle. On the small income thus arising, political life, and the native urbanity of his about 81. 36s. per annum, and the produce of manners, will long endear his memory to his their joint labour, they maintained themselves friends, and to all the lovers of political liberty. and their child, now an orphan, of 11 years

In Upper Harley-Itreet, in an apoplectic old, and totally deftitute, his mother dying in fit, J. Kingstone, esq.

August last, and leaving no relative capable of in Pall-Mall, Mrs. Phillips, wife of Wm. giving him fupport. Phillips, esq.

On Monday, the 15th, at her fon-in-law's, At Knightsbridge, Mrs. Elizabeth Mac- Mr. Jofeph Weald, Blackman-it. Southwark. donald, eldest daughter of Major Macdonald. In the 76th year of her age, Mrs. Ex

In Queen Ann-street, West, Mrs. Black- perience Noble, relict of the rev. Daniel wood, wife of Capt. Blackwood.

Noble, who was for many years. the respectaAt her house, in her 81st year, Mrs. Gni ble Paftor of a general Baptist Church in nard.

Barbican (now meeting in Worship-street) and At Ho.nerton, after a lingering illness, Mrs. of a Sabbatarian congregat in Mill-yard, Liddiard.

Goodman's-fields. This worthy woman, after At Pimlico, Mr. Yeates, sen.

a long life of activity and usefulness, suffered At St. George's in the East, aged 65, Mrs. a gradual decay of body and mind. Pemberton.

short peeiod previous to her diffolution, the lay At her house in Curzon-street, May-fair, in in a state of insenlibility, and at laft became her 82d year, Mrs. Whitten.

unable to receive her accustomed nourishment. In Earl-street; Blackfriars, Mr. John Crozier Such is the humiliating condition to which our Hart, son of the late Alderman Hart.

frail nature is subject, but this imbecility will On the 21st of November, 1797. died, in be amply recompenced at ebe resurrection of Gravel-lane, Southwark, John Macquire, aged 65, whose eventful lite might furnish materials for an interesting history, if the

DEATHS ABROAD. humble annals of the poor could lay claim to At Hanover, on the 2d Inst. the well. public attention.

known Hanoverian General Freytag, in the He was originally bred a gardener, but from 77th year of his age. circumstances became a seaman, in which At Hamburgh, on the 11th Inft. Scheven, cap.city he served his country on board the the rich banker. He was supposed to be Medway man of war, when that thip, under worth a million, and with this immense prothe command of Commodore John Bladen perty was

a miser of the most penurious Tinker, efq, afifted at the fiege of Pondi caft. cherry, in the old French war; and shared in At Calcutta, Hugh Mac Leod, esq. Subthe bounty of the Nabob of Arcot, on that' Secretary of the Government, and eldest on occation.

of Daniel Mac Leod, esq. of Geanes, in Ross Returning on the conclusion of peace to the Shire. occupation of a day Jabourer, he worked oc At Dacca, in Bengal, Charles Taylor, erg. cafonally at a foundry in Southwark, till the a senior inerchant in the Hon. East India Comtime of the American war, when his active

pany's service. {pirit again prompting him to the service of In the East Indics, Lieutenant-Colonel John his country, he entered on board the Mary Coxe. Letter of Marque, of London, commanded At Spanish Town, Jamaica, Henry Munro, by Capt. Robert Beatly, in which ship he esq. surgeon, of St. Thomas in the Vale. made a voyage to the West Indies.

On his passage from the West Indies to On his return, being taken into the navy, Ameriça, Robert Masters, M. D. Physician he served on board the Acteon man of war, to the British forces at St. Domingo, and late in à voyage to Africa and the West Indies, of Great Pultney-Street, Bath. whence he was transferred to the Grampus store At Tobago, Lieut. J. M. Hardey, of che hip, bound to England.

Cyane Noop, only son of Charles Maddocks From this thip, dismafted, water-logged, Hardey, esg. of Charlotte-street, Portland, anu foundering, he was almost miraculously place. sàved by his oid commander Captain Beatly, At Pisa, in Italy, Ralph Lambton, esq. who fortunately came in fight, when the Member for:Durham. Grampus was in the greatest distress.

At the same place, in his 20th year, Mr. He was now again conveyed to the West Charles Lubbock, youngest fon of William Indies, and having become an invalid, was Lubbock, esq. of Lammás, in Norfolk. lent home in a Transport.


the juft.

J. E,

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PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES: Including Accounts of all Improvements relating to the Agriculture, ibe Commerce,

ibe Economy, the Police, Sc. of every part of the Kingdom; with Notices of eminent Marriages, and of all the Deaths recorded in the Provincial Prints ; 10 which are added, Biographical Anecdotes of remarkable and distinguished Characters, * For the Convenience of our numerous Provincial Readers, this Department of the Magazine is clafjed, at confiderable Expence and Trouble, into distinci

Counties, which are arranged Geographically. 6 Communications (POST PAID) 10 this Department of the Monthly Magazine,

particularly of biographical Memoirs of eminent and remarkable Charaxters, will always be received and noticed with Gratitude,

NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. At Norton, near Stockton upon Teese, Mr. A

T a late meeting of the Grocers in New Ralph Davison. towards supporting and extending the humane A corn market, to be held weekly, every inftitution of the Cork or Life Boat, at South Friday, under the sanction of the Earl of Shields, of which circumstantial mention is Egremont, will be opened at Heiket News made in our last month's Magazine.

Market, on the 2d day of February. The Charles John Brandling, efq. has been great distance of any other market gives ground elected Representative in Parliament, for the to hope, that in point of time, trouble and extown of Newcastle, in the room of his father, pence, both buyers ani sellers will reap etienwho has resigned his feat.

tial benefit from this establishment. Married.). At Newcastle, Mr. John Dot A low, kept at Hollowmire, near Ulverston, chin, to Miss Dorothy Mackay. Mr. Timothy which was only four years old last September, Dobson, of the Star and Garter inn, to Miss has farrowed 229 pigs, which, on an average, Watson. Captain Wm. Rutherford, of Oure is 57 per year; and, except the firft time, burn Bridge, to Miss Hannah Bedlington, of always brought up 13. Within 19 weeks and Byker-Hill, near Newcastle.

three days, the farrowed twice. This affords a Mr. Thomas Elliot, surgeon in Newcaftle, plain proof, that, as soon as the pigs are taken to Miss Curry, daughter of Robert Curry, efq. off, the fow will breed again directly. The of Bishop-Oak, county of Durham.

animal in question went to the male the very At Bolden, Mr. Wm. Jowsey, of North next day, and the young were taken away, at Shields, to Miss Roberts, daughter of the late three weeks old, which is contrary to the Joseph Roberts, esq. of Morpeth.

generally received notion. The owner of this At Stockton, Mr. Pincher, of Newsam, pig has cleared 40 pounds by her, within these near Yarm, to Miss Vipond, of the former four years. The last year but one, he cleared place.

131. 145. Such success ought to encourage At Alnwick, Mr. Peter Charlton, of New- farmers in the breed of pigs, which might be castle, to Miss Upsal, of the former place. rendered a great national and individual benefit.

Died.] At Newcastle, in her 67th year, • Henry Fisher, of High Bark-House, in the Mrs. Elizabeth Mounsey. Mr. Richard Dobo parish of Setmurthy, lately put an end to his fon, attorney. Aged 72, Mrs. Tabitha Smith. own existence, by hanging. He had frequentiy Mr. Jacob Hall. Aged 60, Mr. Wm. Tickle, given intimations of his design tg his wife, who sen. clock and watch maker, Mr. John not only was particularly vigilant herself to deSpooner, of the customs.

feat his purpose, but engaged leveral of the Likewise, Mr. J. Weatherhead, nater : He neighbours to watch him in his solitary walks., was employed in packing flates at Spencer's One day, however, whillt fome boys were playQuay, near the Javel-groupe, when he un- ing near his barn, he entered it, locked the fortunately fell into the River, and was door after him, and thrust the key under it, fi drowned.

as to be easily observed. From the general At Yarın, after a tedious illness, Mr. Wm. complexion of the circumstances, it appears, Dowson, merchant.

that his intentions were rather to create an At Stockton, aged 77, Mr. Wm. Wilkin. alarm, than actually to destroy himself. But, fon, rope-maker.

upon the door being unlocked, the unhappy Achis son's house, near Sunnifide, aged 91, man was found dead. He had hung himsel, Ms. John Forster.

and the rope breaking, he fell over a cart, by At Netherton, after a short illness, Mr. J. which accident he broke his back. Potts, steward to the earl of Carlisle.

Married.] At Carlisle, Walter Scott, efq. At Sunderland, in his 57th year, Mr. Tho. advocate, to Miss Margaret Charlotte Carnas Hayton.

penter, daughter of the late John Carpenter, As Rothbury, Miss Catharins Wilkis efq. of the city of Lyons. Mr. Anthony


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