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-72 Cumberland and Weftmoreland....Lancashire. [Jan. Benn, of Henfingham, to Miss Frances Years, His faculties were uninpaired to the day of his of Carlisle.

death. At Whitehaven, Mr. William Wells, of

LANCASHIRE. Workington, to Miss Catharine Blades, of the The Harriet, of Liverpool, belonging to former place.

T. Barton, efq. has made no less than 33 At Bampton, Mr. Thomas Noble, of High voyages from that port to Barbadoes, and How, to Miss Ann Nicholson, of Knipe, both back, during the last 10 years and three months; in that parish.

an, intance of commercial expedition scarcely At Crofthwaite church, near Keswick, Mr. to be paralelled. In the course of her sucDaniel Jopson, of Borrowdale, to Miis Betty ceflive voyages, she has taken and retaken a Wilson.

conliderable number of vesels from the enemy, At Ulverston, Mr. Wm. Turner Seatle, to and rescued several others from falling into the Miss Isabella Trinkhall.

hands of the French. At Cockermouth, Mr. Clark, jeweller, to The officers of the Rochdale Volunteer Mifs Dover.

Corps have agreed to give a premium of 10 At Morelby, Mr. Wm. Lawson, to Miss guineas to every volunteer who shall have, in Jane Slater.

lawful wedlock, twin male children born alive, At Wigton, Mr. Sanderson, merchant, to and that such of the officers as the parents Miss Todd.

fall approve of, shall fand godfather on the At Wabburthwaite, Mr. Jonathan Whin occasion. These gentlemen had lately an opserah, of Ravenglas., to. Miss Hannah Bor portunity of appropriating this humane and rowdale, of the former place.

judicious donation, the wife of one Alhworth, At Brampton, the rev. Thomas Ramshay, a private in Capt. Hamer's company, having to Miss Ewart, only daughter of the late David been s:fely delivered of two fine boys. Ewart, esq. of Brampton.

Murried.] At Lancaster, Capt. Quilliams, Died.] In Whitehaven, in the prime of life, of the ship Flora, to Miss Bland. Mrs. H. Skelton. In her 511t year, Mrs. At Manchester, Mr. John Grime, of Bolton, Mary Nutsford. Suddenly, Mr. John Sower to Mi's Mary Broadbent, of the former town. by, mariner. Mr. Robert Twedie. In his Mr. Maurice Lewis, to Miss Daniel. Mr. 234 year, Mr. Thomas Fleming.

John Knowles, to Mrs. Robinson. At Carlisle, suddenly, Mr. Thomas Smith, İfachar Thorn, jun. to Mifs Sidoall. Mr. town-major.

Thomas Perkins, to Miss Charlotte Finney. At Kendal, in an advanced age, Mr. Joseph Mr. James Grindrod, corn-faclor, to Miss Gough. Miss Elizabeth Chambre. Mr. Stones. Giles Battv. On his return from Madeira, At Liverpool, Mr. James Brown, surgeon, aged 26, Mr. Wm. Wakefield ; and, on New to Miss Sarah Skelhorne, of Everton. Mr.. Year's day, aged 28, his brother, Mr. Edward Jonathan Dixon, to Miss Owen, daughter of Wakefield, sons of John Wakefield, banker, in the late rev. Mr. Owen, of Angelsea. Capt. Kendal.

Gawn, to Miss Johnson. Mr. Jonathan At Warnell-fell, in the parish of Sebergham, Garrett, to Miss Elizabeth Matthew. Capt. Duncan Robinson, aged 100 years.

He bore John Kendall, of the Prince, to Miss Ann arms in the service of George the First, during Baldwin.

Mr. John Tobin, to Miss Althe rebellion of 1715. He ferved afterwards in pinall. the wars, and was present at most of the me At Crosby, near Liverpool, Mr. Thomas morable battles and feges, that Great Britain Wright, of Leeds, to Miss Tempeft, youngeit was concerned in, till the year 1760.

daughter of the late Stephen Tempeft, ely, of At Threepthwaite, near Whitehaven, aged Broughton-Hail. 94, Mr. D'Arcy Curwen.

At Salford, Mr. John Gregory, to Miss At Neft, near Keswick, aged 93 Mr. Joseph Harkman. Hodgson.

Mr. Wm. Reece, of Oldham, cotton-manuAt Chesnut-Hill, likewife near Keswick, facturer, to Miss Whitehead. Mr. James Culling.

At Rochdale, the rev. Wm. Hodgson, to Ac Gil hwaiteriss, near Kendal, Mr. Tho.

Miss Hay. Baynes.

At Ormskirk, Mr. S. Shearson, to Mifs At Workington, aged 73, Mrs. Sarah Riddihough. Cowx. Aged 87, dr. joseph Steele. Mis. At Blackburn, Mr. Russel, of Manchester, Mary Heron.

to Miss Ainsworth, of the former town.. At Dinington, in her 81st year, Mrs. Doro Died.] At Lancaster, aged 74, Mr. John thy Heikett.

Foster. At Harrasdykė, at the advanced age of 95, At Liverpool, Mr. John Clarke, the oldest James Ladly, who, for many years, was

clerk in the Custom-House of that port. Aged the habit of walking the streets of Whitehaven, 93, Mrs. Wilfun. Mrs. Gregory. After a with a wooden leg, and leading an ass, with severe and tedious illness, Mr. Robert Tyrer, befoms for sale. By this occupation, and joiner. Aged 80, Mrs. Greetham.

Miss fome fmall relief from the parish of Halt Rebecca Brown. Mr. Henry Rigby: Mr.). whistle, in Northumberland, (the place of his P. Sutton. Miss Usher: Mrs. Baillie. nativity) he was enabled to fupport himself" At Manchester, aged 73, Mr. John Daniel. decently, till within a few weeks of his deceafe, Mrs. Hatfield.



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Yorkshire- Lincolnshire.

73 In his 89th year, the rev. T. Walker, At South-Ottrington, .Mr. Thomas Bramminister of Douglas chapel, in this county. ley, jun. to Miss Gilby, late of London. At Flixton, aged 76, Mrs. Gilbody.

At Whitby, Mr. Storr, shipmaster, to Miss At Bolton le Moors, in consequence of a Robinson. fall down stairs, Mrs. Scofield.

At Hull, Lieut. Adamson, of the Surry At Blackburn, Mrs. Sharples, widow. Militia, to Miss Christiana Sotheran. And, At Anderton, Mr. J. Clayton.

on the same day, Mr. Vernon Sotheran, jun. After a long and painful illness, Mrs. Had to Mrs. Rousby, of Croom, near Malcon. field, of Travis Mill.

Died.] At York, Mrs. Deighton. In his At Leigh, suddenly, in his 62d year, the rev. 87th year, the rev. John Whittell, formerly James Hartley, of Martinfcroft, near Warring- pastor of a congregation of proteftant diffenters, con, vicar of Leigh, and minister of Holenfare, at Brighthelmstone. He had been confined to both in this county.

his house for the space of 19 years, from the · At Ouseborough, near Blackburn, at the misfortune of a broken thigh, imperfectly set. very advanced age of 103, Mr. T. Singleton. He retained the use of his faculties to the last,

At Armley, aged 102, Mrs. Ann Simpson. and bore his long confinement with exemplary
At Warrington, Mrs. Wilson.

fortitude and resignation. At Liverpool, in his 67th year, William At Leeds, Mr. Hurst, attorney. Mr. David James, efq.

Lupton, second foi of Mr. Arthur Lupton,

merchant. Mr. George Pattison. Mr. Wm. The Twelve Church Burgesses, at Sheffield, Hardon. have subscribed 50 guineas annually to the At Ackworth, the rev. Charles Butter, viear New General Infirmary at that place.

of Bolton upon Dearn, and chaplain to the The Corporation of Hull have very pa

countess dowager of Mexborough. triotically resolved to subscribe sool. towards · At Beverley, aged 40, Mrs. Brownrigg. the exigences of the State, in this alarming Ac Pontefract, of an apoplectic fit, Mirs orifis. For this purpose, the salary of the Foss, only daughter of the late Mr. Fofs, of Mayor is to be discontinued; and an address. Bawtry. In his 40th year, Mr. Noble, fura has been agreed to, recommending his Worship geon and apothecary. to give no more public dinners, on any account At Scarborough, in his 44th year, Mr. Wila whatever.

liam Williamson, landing waiter in the Cure Beilby Thompson, esq. besides a donation of toms at that port. two fat heifers and a quantity of wheat to the At Leyburn, in the North Riding, aged 73, poor of Efcricke and Whildrake, has trans- George Boustead. mitted the sum of rcol. to the Lord Mayor of At Barton upon the Humber, aged 92, Mr. York, to be distributed among the necessitous Marris, formerly in the profession of the law, poor of that city.' To render this liberal bene from which he had retired several years. faction as diffufive as posible, the parish officers At Bretton, near Wakefield, Mr. Noble, have been requested to furnith lists of proper many years agent' to the late Sir Thomas objects in their respective districts, among Blackett, bart, and fince to Colonel Beauwhom it will be distributed in small sums. mont, of Bretton-Hall.

Married.] At York, Mr. John Morley, to At Gainfborough, aged 79, Mr.Wm.Gunor. Miss E. Beale, of Dringhouses.

At Market Weighton, Mr. Wm. Breighton. At Leeds, Mr. Wm. Bingley, of Chapel At Hull, suddenly, Mr. Millson, book. Allerton, to Miss Gledhil. Sir Francis Lind- feller and stationer. In his 26th year, the rev. ley Wood, Bart. of Bowling. Hall, to Mifs Thomas Browne, late of Bridlington, nephew Buck, eldeft daughter of Samuel Buck, esq. of to Mr. Thomas Browne, bookseller, in Hull. New Grange, near Leeds.

In his 69th year, General Adams, formerly in At Sheffield, Mr. John Hoyle, to Miss the East India service. Sarah Fox.

At the same place, in the course of his At Bridlington, Mr. White, surgeon in the second Mayoralty, and in the 81st year of his 34th Regiment, to Miss Taylor.

age, the Worshipful John Banks, efq. At Huddersfield, Mr. Keir, of Horrforth, to Miss Metcalfe, daughter of Mr. Metcalfe, The Bilhop of Lincoln's exertions to establish supervisor at the former place. Allo Joseph a fund for the relief of the widows and orphans Haigh, esq. of Gulcar-Hall, to Miss Amelia of clergymen belonging to the county of Lins Fenton, second daughter of Wm. Fenton, efq. coln, have been crowned with great success. of Spring-Grove.

From the printed lift of benefactors and fube At Beverley, Capt. Trollope, of the 40th scribers, it appears, that the benefa&tions alregiment of foot, to Miss Mary Ford, second ready received amount to 5191. 11 s. and the daughter of the rev. Dr. Ford, of the former annual subscription to 603 l. 15s. Both these place.

sums, it is confidently hoped, will be confiderAt Oftley, Mr. Thomas Shaw, surgeon and ably increased, before the firtt annual meeting, apothecary, to Miss Catharine Stanhope Had next Midsummer. don, youngest daughter of the rev. P. Haddon, Married.] At Walsall, Mr. Thomas Heppicar of Leeds.

wood, of Aldridge, to Mrs. Mary France, of

Gold Farm, a maiden lady, aged 63,



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74 Northamptonshire...Derbyshire... Cheshire... Shropshire, &c. [Jars

At Louth, Mr. Brown, mufician, to Miss At Berrington, Mrs. Lawrence. Denniss.

At Ellesmere, Mr, Edwards. ** Died.] At Lincoln, Mr. Robinson. Mrs. At Claremont Hill, Mr. John Leech. Poyntell, fister of Mr. Wm. Taylor, at the At Nefkcliff, aged 87, Mrs. Hayward. public office for news-papers, Warwick-Square, London.

Married.] At Seigford,

near Stafford, At Stamford, Mrs. Aprey. Mr. Thomas Wm. Phillips Inge, efq. of Thorp ConftanRobinson, grocer. Miss Lilly.

tine, to the Right Hon. Lady Elizabeth Eu. At Bridge Cafterton, near Stamford, Mrs. phemia Stewart, daughter of the Earl of Robinson.

Galloway. At Corrington, Mrs. Rutherford.

At Checkley, near Cheadle, the rev. Ms. At Heighington, near Lincoln, Mr. John Langley, to Mrs. Okeover. Brown.

Died.] Near Stafford, aged 50, Mr. BrindNOTTINGIAMSHIRE.

ley, supposed to be the fattelt man of his Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. W. Wain- height in the kingdom. wright, jun. to Miss Elizabech Hornbuckle, At Newcastle under Line, Mr. Robt. Smith, of Barston, Leicestershire. Mr. Billiard, son to Mr. James Smith, bookletler. hofier, in Narrowmasih, to Miss Tunnicliffe, of Afhborne, Derbyshire. The rev. R. Woles Orders have been given by G. Western, efq. ley, to Miss M. Middlemore. Mr. Wilson, of the General Polt-office, that all letters, to Miss Morley. Mr. J. Martin, to Mifs put in at Mountforrel, shall be forwarded to Henthaw.

Leicester and Loughborough on the day of their Richard Welby, esq. of -North Muskham, being delivered, and in like manner from those to Miss Bristowe, of Beefthorp Ha

places to Mountforrel Died.). At Nottingham, Mrs. James. Marr.ed.] At LeiceAter, Mr. Coxs to Miss · At East Retford, William Holland, M.D. Bruce. DERBYSHIRE.

At Branston, Mr. Gregg, of Garthorpe, to Married.] Mr. Spencer, surgeon of Duf- Miss Henshaw, of the former place. held, to Miss Elizabeth Hancock, of Derby. At Leicester, Mr. Cort, to Miss Ann Robin. The infant daughter of Sir Nigel Bowyer son, second-daughter of the rev. Mr. Robinson. Gresley, bart. of Drakelow.

At Sebfon, Mr. Shenston, to Mifs Lydia

Sheniton. Married.] At Chester, Mr. Wm. Harrop, Died.] At Leicester, Mr. J. Barfoot. Aged to Miss Mary Cwen.

87, Mrs. Bland. Died.) At Chester, Mr. R. Duke, a re At Ashby de la Zouch, on the 17th inft, in Spectable school-malteie Mr. Benjamin Yox- his 78th, year, after an illness of two months, all. Mr. Henry Clubbe. Mrs. Ledtham. Thomas Kirkland, M. D. Member of the At Nantwich, Mr. R. Spencer.

Royal Medical Society, Edinburgh, and of the At Maipas, at the advanced age of 93, James Medical Society in London, Author of Medical Povey, a pauper. The longevity of many of Surgery, and many other valuable publications. the inhabitants of this town, is frequentiy in. By his death, the community has lost a zealous Stanced as a proof of the falubrity of its air. enquirer after science, and a most successful

At Tarvin, after a long and levere illness, practitioner, whose ardeur in his pursuits for Mr. Thomas Sadler.

the improvement of his profeffion, did not

abate but with his death. It is hoped, that a *, Married.] At St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, third volume of his work, “An Enquiry inte Mi. Dixon, of Liverpool, to Miss Boorce, of the pretent State of Medical Surgery,” whick the former town.

he had nearly finished before his last illness, will At Ludlow, Mr. James Nash, to Miss be given to the worid, by some of his proBoulcot: Mr. Edward Harries, to Mrs. Shep- fessional friends. pard.

At Loughborough, after a fhort, but fevers At Wen, Mr. Edwards, grocer, to Miss Hlness, Mils sophia Farrow. Martha Harper. Mr. Badger, of Elleimere, At Sution Broughton, suddenly, in the midst to Miss Jeffreys, of Wem.

of conversation, and whilst making tea fur Died.) At Shrewsbury, Mr. Thomas Cor- company, Mils A. Beal, aged 20. rie, partner in the mercantile house of Corrie

At Kegworth, Mrs. Aitey. and Craig. In his 57th year, after a severe At Foton, in her 8gth year, Mrsie Ken. and lingering illness, Mr. Charles Fowler. nerley. Mrs. Morhall, Aged 87, Mrs. Pearson. At Blaby, aged 17, Mr. Richard Flude.

At Ludlow, - aged 72, Mr. Hammonds, At Rearsby, Mr. Morley, grazier. baker. Mrs. Tipton.

At Thornton, the rev, Mr. Abbot, vicar of
At Market Drayton, Philip Hinton, efq. that place.
His "lofs will be severely felt by the poor in that A Great Glyn, aged 81, Mr. George

At Whixall, Mrs. Price, wife of the rev.
Mr. Price, Curate of that place.

The Counteis of Northampton has made a At Worthen, Mr Thomas Davies. prefent of gowns, petticoats, and thoes, to 83






1798) Cambridgeshire...Huntingdonshire, &c.

75 poor women in the neighbourhood of her seat weighed empty, and duly registered in the in this county.

town books. Married.) At Oakham, John Parker, efq. Married.] At Birmingham, Mr. Thomas of the Northamptonshire Militia, to Mrs. Rea, of London, to Miss Ann Wheeler, of the Fancourt Jessop.

former place. And, on the same day, Mr.

Wm. Rea, of London, brother of the above, The drover and guard of the Wilbeach mail to Miss Ann Wheeler, liter of the former coach were convicted, at the Cambr dge Quar- brile. ter Sessions, of having fuffered a gentieman of Andrew Hewkett, jun. esq. of Moxhullthe university to drive the carriage, whereby it Park, to Miss Adderley, only daughter of was overturned, and a woman much hurt. But' Ralph Adderley, esq. of Coton, Staffordshire. on paying all expences, and making satisfaction At Birmingham, Mr. T. Randall, to Miss to the injured party, they were reprimanded Fleuk. Mr. Christopher Schooley, of Pen. and discharged.

teride, to Miss Bannister, of the former town. Married.] At Cambridge, Mr. W. Brooks, At Shustock, Mr. John Bush, to Miss Mary to Mifs Eiizabeth Wiles. The rev. Philip Boughe : Wynter, late fellow commoner of Sidney Coi. Died. At Birmingharn, Mrs. Netchell, lege, to Miss Beales.

of the Bull's Head. Mr. Josiah Rose. Mr. At West Wratting, Mr. Edward Haylock, to John Reynolds. Miss D. Browning, of Weston Colvile.

At Coventry, Miss H. Hervey. At March, in the Isle of Ely, Mr. Hanslip Mr. Wm. Grove, of Penn-wood. This Long, an opulent and relpectable farmer at gentleman, some time since, very liberaily Lynn, to Miss Kirkby, of the former place. presented a service of communion plate to the

At Ely, Mr. Luke Dench, att-rney, to Miss church of Penn.

Christupher Wren, esq. of Wroxhall,
Died.] At Cambridge, Mrs. Adains. Mrs.
Hannah Willoughby.

Murried.) At Worcester, Mr. Humphrey In Thorney Fen, Mr. Philip Bailey, farmer Ruf, to Miss Warder. Mr. Jones, to Miss and grazier.

Lloyd. At Baffingbourn, Mr. James Ind,, late of Died.] At Bromsgrove, the Rev. John St. Ives, Huntingdonshire.

Beft, vicar of Chaduesey Corbett, and master At Over, Mrs. Frances Stevens.

of the free school at Bromsgrove,


To obviate the inconvenience arifing to Died.] At Eyneibuıy, near, St. Neot's, Mrs. graziers and other dealers, from the want of a Coulens.

Fair being established at Ledbury, between At Buckden, suddenly, Mrs. Norman. Christmas and Easter, it has been resolved to At Eaten-Socon, suddenly, Mr. Blofield. hold an annual Fair, toll free, on the tirit Mon.

At the same place, likewise suddenly, Mrs. day in February, for the sale of cattle, horses, Sarah Bolcon.

Theep, pigs, and other commodities usually fold

on such occasions, Married.) At Hardingstone, near North Married.] At Knill, Samuel Romilly, efq. ampton, the rev. Athton Vade, to Miss Mary of Lincolns-inn, to Mifs Garbett, eldeit Walpole, daughter of the Hon. Richard Wal- daughter of Francis Garbett, efq. of Knillo pole.

At Piddington, the rev. T. W. Barlow, At Staunton upon Arrow, Mr. John Smith, Prebendary of Bristol, and Fellow of Trinity farmer, to Miss Ann Davies. College, Cambridge, to Miss Bockett, of Died.) At Berrington, on the 15th instant, South Mims.

in the 66th year of her age, the Hon. Mrs. Died.] At Northampton, Mr. Jeremiah Harley, Lady of the Right Hon. Thomas HarRudsdell.

ley. At Stanion Mill, Mr. Wm. Osborn, who had for several years retired from business, Married.] At Caldecott, Mr. Alexander on the smallest stream, but, perhaps, with Young, merchant, of London, to Miss Mary the largest property of any miller in the county. Wife, of the fir.ner place.

At Oundle, in an advanced age, Mrs. William Curre, esq. of Itton Hall, to Miss Cook.

Bushby. At King's Cliffe, aged 73, Mr. Robert


Married.] At Bristol, Mr. H. Hunt, ta WARWICKSHIRE.

Miss Sixsmith, of Clifton. Mr. Wm. Tho. The frauds practised by the carriers of coals más, exciseman, to Mrs. E. Pofton. Mr. in the vicinity of Birmingham, have deter- Nott, to Miss Perrin. mined the overseers of the poor to issue in At the same place, Capt. Tornhill, of Ireftructions to the keeper of the weighing ma- land, to Miss Edwards, of Bath. chine not to specify on the tickets which he At Haresfield, George Monro, efq. to Miss iffues, the weight of any waggon or cart, unless Whitcombe, coheiress of Edw. Whitcombe, such waggon or cart has been previously efq. of Orlett, Worcestershire,









Oxfordshire... Buckinghamshire... Efex...Norfolk. [Jan. * At Tewkesbury, Mr. John Vaughan Bar At Fordham, Mr. Dobito, auctioneer, ta ber, of Walsal, to Miss Elizabeth Wickes, Mrs. Redgrave, of Exning. daughter of the late rev. Dr. Wickes, of Tet At Kempton, the rev. George Bell, to Miss bury.

Denbiggins, of Northampton. At Berkeley, Mr. Ayland, of that town, to Died.] At Watford, Mr. Thomas Green Miss Izard, of Tewkesbury.

hill. At North Nibley, the rev. John Rogers, of At Hatfield, Dr. Francis Penrose, of StoneBeaminster, Dorset, to Eliz. Long, of the house, near Plymouth. former place.

At Laurence End, Charles Hawkins, third At Painswick, Mr. Nath. Dimock, of Stone. son of Henry Hawkins, efq. of that place. house, to Mrs. Blake, of Brownshill.

At Bishop's Stortford, aged 57, Mr. Edward Died.] In College-Green, Bristol, the rev. Jones. Mr. Winter, of Lady Huntingdon's connexion. At Great Barfield, after a fevere and lingerMrs. Mary Concanen. Mrs. Arding. Mrs. ing illness, Mrs. Clarke. Wilcox. 'Mr. Wm. Jenkins, late an eminent Carpenter in this city. He had been severely The south-west corner of that venerable afflicted with the gout for upwards of seven pile of antiquity, Great Waitham Church, has years. At the same place, Miss Sarah Wysom. given way, and a confiderable part of the fabric In Queen-square, in this city, Mr. Robert has, of consequence, fallen down. The cause Salmon. Mr. Edwards. Mr. Pring. Mr. of this sudden ruin is attributed to the weight Richard Horsley. Mrs. Phillips, milliner in of the bells, as it was first observed during the Redcliff-street. Mrs. Henley, wife of Mr. ringing a peal. If supporters had not been Richard Henley, clerk at the stamp-office. placed some time since, it is supposed the whole Aged 88, Ann Kestell. Mr. Thomas. At his iteeple would have participated in the fall. house in Prince's-treet, aged 80, Thomas Married.] The rev. David James, of Stam, Deane, esq. fenior alderman of this city. His ford le Hope, to Miss Browne, of Cripplegate extenfive mercantile concerns rendered him Without. eminently useful to his fellow citizens.

At Ham, J. Pheil, esq. to Miss Harriet At the Hot Wells, Miss Margaret Brooke, Bowman, of the Upper Terrace, INington. daughter of Mr. H. F. Brooke, of Bristol. Lord Died. ] At Chelmsford, Mr. Charles Brown. Lille, of Ireland. Mr. Henry Morgan. Miss Mifs Ei Cooper, daughter of the rev. Mr. Penny.

Cooper, diffenting minister. At Clefton, after a long illness, Miss Eliza At Great Coggeshall, Mrs. Mary Brightwen, beth Morgan. General Sir John Dalling, K.B. for many years a speaker in the Quakers' meet

in Thornbury, suddenly, in an apoplecticing-house in this town. Mrs. Anna Unwin. fit, Mr. Jelle Cossham.

At Braintree, Mr. Lambert, sen. At Gloucester, Mr. Charles Cole, formerly At Upminster, aged 75, T. London, esq. a mercer in that town, but who had' retired At Colchester, Mr. Glandfield, plumber. from business. Miss P. Jones.

Mrs. Leaver. At Barnwood, in the 84th year of her age, At Upton, Mrs. Brown, wife of Mr. Tho. Mrs. Molloy, fifter of the late Henry Pye, esq. mas Brown, of Guuld-square. of Farringdon, Berks.

At Boxted, aged 34, Mrs. Hooker, wife of At Cleve-hill, near Bristol, Sir John Dal the rev. Thomas Hooker, vicar of Rottingling, bart.

deane, Suflex. · At Evesham, suddenly, Mrs. White, of the At Wormingford, aged 64, Mr. Crisp: White Hart,

At Laytonstone, Mrs. Vezey. OXFORDSHIRE. At Oxford, in her 720 year, Mrs. Pasco. The following memorial of the glorious Mr. Thomas Young, many years Collector of naval action of the 14th of February, 1797, Excise in the Oxford District. Aged ;3, Mrs. has been lately erected in the Council ChamWinter. After a long and very painful illness, ber of the County Hall, at Norwich. An James Remert Stockford, Lieutenant of the anchor, from the ring of which is suspended a Oxford Light Dragoons, and surgeon to the yard and fail, fupposed to be turn in action, on Regiment. Also Mr. Joseph Newnam. which is inscribed : -" The sword of the Spa

In the 74th year of his age, the rev. « nith Admiral Don Xavier Winthuysen, who Timothy Neeve, D. D. Rector of Gedding « died of the wounds he received in an enton, Prebendary of Worcester, and Margaret gagement with the British Aeet, under the Professor of Divinity in the University of Ox “ command of Admiral Earl St. Vincent, ford.

14th of February, 1797, which action ended At Broadstone Hill, near Chipping Norton,

“ in the most brilliant victory ever obtained Mrs. Cogan.

“ by this country over the enemy at lea;

“ wherein the heroic valour and cool deterMarried.) At Milton, Mr. Wm. Ratliffe, to " mined courage of Rear Admiral, Sir HoMiss Ellen Worley, second daughter of Mr. « ratio Nelson, K. B. had ample scope for Worley, of Mear's Abbey, Northamptonshire, « display. He being a native of Norfolk, ho

“ noured the city by presenting this sword Married.] At Hinxworth, Mr. Thomas " surrendered to him in that actiun,”—The Kutiel, of Liddlington, to Miss Williamson, of Sword is suspended from the Aukes of the Anthe formes places

chors underneath is the coat of arms of Sir





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