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Suffolk... Sussex...Kent.

77 Horatio Nelson, given to him by the King. Aged 39, Mr. John Whitaker. Mr. J. The Crest is the stern of a man of war, and Goodram, Public Librarian of this City. the supporters, a failor bearing the British Also, aged 62, Mr. Robert Edwards, felLion, trampling on the Spanish colours. The monger. Motto " Faith and Works."-The whole is At Clare, Mr. Robert Hawes, furgeon. Beatly executed by Mr. Ninham, of Nor. At Denton, aged 77, Mrs. Harmer. wich.

At Little Livermere, in his 88th year, From the report of a Special Meeting of Mr. W. Adkins, 55 years parish clerk of the Commisioners, held under the Yarmouth Ampton. Haven and Pier Act, on the 3d instant; it At East Wilton, in her 76th year, Mrs. appears, that the fum of 29,000l, is necef Alice Thomson. sary to put the same into proper repair. The At Elmstead Lodge, Mrs. Blagg, house. concurrence of the counties of Norfolk and keeper to Mark Lay, esq. Suffolk, and of the Norwich Corporation, At Potter Heigham, aged 32, Mr. Leonard with the Borough of Great Yarmouth, he Flaxman. ing requisite towards an application to Par At Swaffham, in her 85th year, Mrs. liament for that purpose, a meeting of the Daltan. Aged 13, Mrs. Bewly. Norwich Corporation was summoned on the At Lowestoft, Mrs. Howard. 36ih, but poftponed, to give a previous op At Norman Cross, near Stilton, Captain. portunity of consulting some skilful and ex Lieutenant and Adjutant Wm. Tapp, of the perienced engineer, on the expediency and East Norfolk Militia. propriety of the measure.

Married.] At Norwich, Mr. Harvey, to A very large encampment is spoken of to Miss Smith.

be formed in the Eastern part of this county At Yarmouth, the rev, Gibson Lucas, to early in the spring. Vigorous preparations are Mifs Salmon, daughter of the rev. B. W. Sala making for the erection of barracks at Ringmon, of Ormesby.

The spot selected for this purpose is At Beccles, Lieutenant Hudson, of the remarkably pleasant, airy, and adjoining to Royal Navy, to Miss Catharine Mills. an excellent turnpike road.

At Cringleford, Mr. John Pope, of Wilo Died.] At Ipswich, after a few hour's illton, to Miss Mary Barnes, of Newfound. ness, Mrs. Chriftie, wife of Captain Chriftie,

At Lynn, Richard Hamilton, efq. Captain len, of this town. of the Royal Artillery, to Miss Newman, only At Brighthelmstone, aged 85, Mrs. Simon, daughter of Mr. Charles Newman, of Lynn. relect of the late rev. Peter Simon, Rector of Mr. Hanflip, to Miss Brooke.

whickirk and Welfton, in Yorkshire. At Diis, Mr. William Hey, filk-maunfac At Michelham, near Lewes, aged 91, Mrs turer, to Miss Theobald, of Bury,

Henry Child.
Died.] At Norwich, in her rooth year, At Lewes, Miss Mary Madgwick.
Mrs. Hiiling. Mr John Whitaker.

At Strode, Mrs. Leland, wife of Licnt. · At Lynn, Mr. W. Wardell.

General Leland, M. P. At Maslingham, Mts. Bewly, widow of the At Ringmer, in the 84th year of his age, late Dr. Bewly.

Mr. Henry Marten, Miller. At Attleborough, aged 67, Mr. Wm. Thosold, formerly an eminent butcher, but who A young woman, of the name of Carver, Bad retired from bufiness.

house-maid to Capt. R. Pearson, of Greenwicka At Dils, in her 84th year, Mrs. Rodwell, Hospital, proves to be the daughter of the late of the Ship Ing.

Capt. Carver, of great Transatiantic celebrity, At Norwich, Mr. Robert Sewter.

who acquired a vast tract of country in the back At Lynn, in his 75th year, Mrs. Pigge, settlements of America. This the Indians have reli&t of the late Mr. Thomas Pigge, of Rain faithfully guaranteed, and preserved for his

Jegal representative, who is at length indisputa

bly discovered in the person of the fortunate Married.] At Bury, J. D. Cock, wine young woman above mentioned. The territory, merchant, to Miss Sufan Pilchers,

in times of peace, is estimated at 100,000l. At Shimpling, Marcus Corry, efq. Captain A centinel over his Majesty's stores at Farnof the sth Regiment of Dragoon Guards, to ingham, lately shot himself through the head Miss Eliza Piske, second daughter of the rev. with his musket, by taking off his fhoe and John Fiske, of the said parish.

stocking from the right foot, and puihing the The 'rev, Mr. Howorth, master of the trigger with his toe. Grammar School at Needham, to Miss H. Married.] At Dover, Mr. Pain, to Mik Fletcher, daughter of the rev. Mr. Fletcher, Sarah Tucker. Mr. King, surgeon, to Miss of Dedham.

Francis Boyton. Mr. Thomas Steel, of Debden, to Miss At the parish church of Boxley, Samuel Bu. Bigg, of Stanstead.

fanquet, jun. esq. of Forest House, Effex, to Died.) At Bury, Mr. Thomas Robinson. Miss Whatman, daughter of James Whatman, Aged 83, Mr. Wm. Page. Aged 74, Mrs. efq. of St. Vinter's, in this county. Woolmer. In his 75th year, Mr. Sheen. At Canterbury, Mr. John Goldfinch, to Miss








[Jan. Mary Cullen. Henty Goffrey Fauffett, efq. At Herne, aged 78, Mr. Charles Palfey. In of Heppington, to Mifs Nott, daughter of the his 67th year, Mr. Richard Tort. Mrs. late Fettiplace Nort, esq. of Mariton-Hall, in Larkins. the county of Warwick. Mr. Richard Lefter, At Woolwich, Mr. W. Groves, late master to Mifs Down. Mr. Wm. James, to Miss of the King's Head, Rochester, who was shot, Larkins.

fome time since, in the head, by a gang of footAt Canterbury, Mr. John Eggier, to Mrs. pads. S. Sharp. Mr. John Weaks, to Mits Margaret At Greenwich, Mr. Thomas Cobham, many Pottifor.

years a furgeon in the Royal Navy. The Mr. Wm. Shipwright, of Deptford, aged 23, day previous to his decerse, he had a party of to Miss E. Driver, of East-lane, Bermondsey, friends to dine with him, and went to bed at aged 42.

night, at his ufual hoor, in perfect health, but At Blackheath, Mr. George Enderby, to was fisund dead in the morning. His death is Mifs Sampfona

lupposed to have been occafioned by an apoAt Ashford, the rev. Stephen Long Jacob, plectic fit, or from a sudden attack of the gout Fellow of Worcester College, to Miss Bond, in his ftomach, to which he was very subject. eldest daughter of the rev. James Bond, vicar of At Sandwich, Mrs Emmerfon, wife of Mr. Afhford.

Richard Emmerson, banker.
At Milton church, next Gravesend, T. At Ashford, aged 93, Mr. Janneway.
March, efq. of Borden, to Miss P. Matson, of
the former place.

Married.} At St. George's, Soachwark,
At Smarden, Mr. Stephen Hooerk, to Miss Mr. B. Hull, of Bermondley, to Mifs M,
Sufannah Smith. Mr. Ihrnael Gurr, to Miss Hull, of Devizes.
Ann Pearson.

At Lambeth Church, Mr. James Cortie, Lieutenant H. Weir, of the Navy, to Mifs of the Nine Elms, to Mrs. E. Price, of Philadelphia Wakeman.

South Lambeth. Died.] At Canterbury, Mr. Evenden. Aged At Reigate, Mr. T. Pickítone, to Miss 75, Mr. Moses Levi. Mrs. Blunden." Mr. Hoare, of the former place. Wm. Flackton, a respectable bookfeller of that Died.) At Peckham, Richard Rayley, efq. town. Mr. Richard Boghurst, sen. Mr. Pierce. At Camberwell, Mr. Thomas Macgregor, Mr. Stockford, surgeon of the Oxford Fen of Messrs. Cox and Greenwood's Office. cibles.

At Botleys, in the parish of Chertsey, after At the same place, Mr. Hodge, surveyor of a long illnessy. Miss Emily Mawbey, aged 18, Excise, in confequence of falling into the math youngest daughter of Sir Jofeph Mawbey, Bart. tab of scalding wash, at Meslis. Bishop's dif At Reigate, Mrs. Cooper, wife of Mr. tillery.

James Cooper, of Swithin's-lane, merchant. At Blackheath, the Lady of Capt. Patton. At Ether, fuddenly, in an advanced age, After a lingering illness, Wm. Allen, eiq. John Wright, efq.

At her apartments in Greenwich Hospital, Mrs. Lobb, widow of the late Capt. Lobo, of Married.] At Wincheffer, Mr. Scott, brothe Royal Navy, and one of the Matrons of ther-in-law to Lord Oxford, to Miss Ogle, the Hospital.

daughter of the dean of Winchester, and filter At Northfeet, by a fall from the Chalk in-law to the celebrated Mr. Sheridan, Cliff, Mr. Ward, of the Leather Bottle inn. At Southampton, Leonard Wray, cfq. to

At Upper Delph's Farm, near St. Margaret's, Miss M. Cornud, of Chelsea. Rochester Mr. Richard Boghurit, fen, gentle At Newton, John Gossling, eíq. of Upper man farmer.

Fitzroy-itreet, to Miss E. Curtis Cherry, At Whitstable, Mr. James Adley, fen. coal- 'dinghter of George Cherry, esq. Chairman of merchant. Aged 45, Mr. James Canbourn. the Vizualling Board. At Chillham, aged 35, Mrs. White.

Died.] At Southampton, suddenly, whilft At Margate, after a long and painful illness, on a visit to her brother, the matter of the cereMrs. Attwood.

monies at that place, the beautiful and accomAt Deal, in child-bed of twinsy Mrs. Barber. plished Mrs. Thornhill. Allo Major Lockhart In her 81st year, Mrs. Mary Alien.

Ruffel. . At Dover, Robert Colt, efq. of Auldame, At Apple!haw, Jolin Butcher, efq. a justice brother-in-law to Henry Dundas, esq. Sud of peace for the county of Hants. denly, in an apoplectic fit, Mrs. Atkins. Mr. At Milford, near Lymington, eged 41, Mr. Thomas Yeardle, of the Customs. Mr. John John Jennins. Netherfole, attorney. Mr. Elias Worthington, On Milford Hill, Mr. Wm. Whitlock, boat-bailder. Mr. Hugh Price, of the Three cheesemonger. He was a man of a very finguKings public-house. Mrs. Goodwin.

lar turn of mind, and, for thele lait seven years, At Folkestone, to which place he went for kept a coffin in his bedchamber. Pursuant the recovery of his health, Wm. Collens, esq. to the express directions of his will, his corple Aged 54, Mrs. Rutton. In her 73d year, was conveyed to Pitton, his native village, in a Mrs. Button.

waggon, followed by two mourning coaches. At Deptling, aged 8:, Mrs. Cütt.

At Arlesford, on his way to Winchester, At Faveríhain, aged 36, Mr. George Cow to vote at a contefted election of freemen, Mr. land.

Oliver Beckett,





1798. ] Berkshire...Wiltshire... Somersetshire, &c.

79 At Hawyard Farm, Stratfieldsay, after a Chapman, efq. of Tarrant Gunville, Dorset. Hort illness, Mr. Wm. Tubb, aged 49. Mr. Happerfield. Mrs. Trottman.

At Fareham, in her 84th year, Mrs. Kinchin. At Wells, the rev. T. Payne, A. M. one At Chelbulton, Mr. John Tredgold,

of the Canons Residentiary of the Cathedral At Christchurch, in the prime of life, Miss Church, Rector of Langattock, and brother Lucy Jeans, eldest daughter of Dr. Jeans. to the Countess Dowager of Northampton,

At an advanced age, Mr. John Foote, many and Lady Frances Seymour. years master of the free school at Tytherlay. At Honiton, Miss Ann Sweeting.

At Downend, Mr. Wm. Emmett. Died.] At Reading, after a lingering illness, The rev. Mr. Hawes, many years Curate of Mr. Hannington, of the Wheat Sheaf inn. Box, near Bath. Aged 71, Mr. Bartlett. In her 83d year, Mrs. Near Bath, in an advanced age, Mr. Mula Willis. Mr. Hornblow.

pratt. At Burghfield suddenly, Col. Robert. Blane. By the bursting of a blood vessel, Mrs. Jen

At Abingdon, Mr. Thomas Kendall, who nings, of Hooper’s-court, near Walcot Church, regularly, in his line of business, made the cir Bath. cuit of England twice a year, for a series of At Widcomb, unlamented by a fingle years.

fellow-creature, Jacob Isgar, of notorious At Harehatch, near Maidenhead, Mr. John memory, who has long been a terror to the Young

poor and distressed inhabitants of Widcomb, At Mongewell, after a short: illness, in his and its neighbourhood. Isgar was deeply imEfth year, Mr. Wm. Hulcup.

plicated in the transactions relative to the will At Windsor Cattle, suddenly, Mrs. Corbyn. forged by Sir John Briggs, and only got clear She dropped down in an apoplectic fit, as the by turning evidence.

His wife, who was was walking after dinner, and expired im- fubpænaed in his behalf on that trial, died the mediately.

day previous to its coming on. Since that

period he has lost five chiliren out of fix. The Duke of Marlborough, according to At the same place, Mrs. Mary Houle. annual custom, gave, on the 6th inft. a dona At Long Ahton, in an advanced age, Mrs. tion of seven fat oxen, and an adequate pro Collinson, mother of the late rev. John Cole portion of bread, to be distributed among the linfon, Vicar of that parifu. poor in the neighbourhood of Blenheim

At Yatton, Mrs. Young. Married.] At Bowood Park, Robt. Smith, At Glatunbury, in her 77th year, Mrs. efq. to Miss Vernon.

Bond : She had a presentiment of her decease, Died.] At Salisbury, after a severe and and went, in consequence, to tako teave of lingering illness, Mr. Brownjohn.

her children and grand-children, 91 in nomber. At Ramsbury, Mrs. Chitty, of the Bell At Worle, Mrs. Wollan. Inn.

At Godney Farm, aear Glastonbury, Mr. At Yeovil, Onefphorus Worry, efq. Comer, grazier. At Sopworth House, in her 12th


Miss At Wincantɔn, aged 68, Mr. Deane.
Hardwicke, only daughter of the rev. Di.
Hardwicke, Rector of Supworth.

A supply of fresh water from the Boiling At Dean, in her 420 year, Miss Mary Rock, for the accommodation of the inhas Lynch, one of the Nuns, at Dean's Mantion bitants of Weymouth, is already brought House.

within the turnpike gate of that town, which At Swindon, Master Henry Goddard, stood in great need of this indispenüble necesyoungest son of Ambruse Goddard, esq, one sary of lite. of the Representatives for Wilts.

Married.) At Dorchester, Mr. john Tapp,

jun. to Miis Stickland. Married.) At Bath, the rev. James Bre. At Blandford, James Randolph, efq. of therton, to Miss Ponting. Pascoe Grenfeil, Bath, to Miss K. St. Barbe, of Landlowa eiq. of Taplow, in the county of Bucks, to Crescent, Bach, the Hon. Georgina Sentleger, fiftor of the Died.] At Weymouth, Mr. Lonnon, mais! present Lord Viscount Doneraile. Alu Mir, of the Bear inn; and, a few days after, Master Crumpton, of the Theatre, to Miss Ann Coi Sherry, his son-in-law. tel, daughter of the late Mr. J. Cortel, pumper at the Het Bath. Mr. John Penny, to Miss Tie rev. John Kidd, a clergyman, in the Mary Ann Howell,

North of Devon, was lately reduced to fuch At Lindham, the rev. Mr. Hodge, of great ditress, as to folicit rclief by public fubClastonbury, to Mrs. Lane, of the former scription. He had a wife and live infant place.

children, whom he had long supported on the Died.] At Bath, in his 6 ift year, Kuight scanty pitrance of his curacy; and his chaMitchell, efq. a gentleman of large property racter appearing to be unblemithed, the fuba in Cambridgeshire. Mr. Lydeard, plumber. fcription was liberally supported by the suMr. Richard Egan, aged 85. Mrs. Purdie, perior clergy and gentry of his fiocese. The mother of Mrs. Pritchard, of the Parade Bishop of Exeter, greatly to his honour, with Coffee-house. Mr. Oakley. Lady Deane. out any other knowledge of this worthy min, Mifs Anderdoa. George Core, efq. Anchony than what arose from ottiefe public circut

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80 Agricultural Report, &c.

[Jan. ftances, has now crowned his good fortune, by At Cardiff, Robert Clutterbuck, esq. of bestowing on him the Vicarage of Coleridge, Watford, Herts, to Miss Capper, eldest daughter near Chumleigh, worth 1ool. per annum.

of Colonel Capper. Three large barrels of counterfeit brass and Died.) At St. Petroch's, Mrs. Pritchard, copper coin, imported from Bristol, have been wife of the rev. Mr. Pritchard. lately seized at Barnstaple by the officers of the At Beaumaris, in his 78th year, William Cuftoms.

Lewis, efq. of Llandynfon, Father of the Married.] At Exeter, Mr. White, carpet- Corporation of Anglefea. manufacturer, to Miss Wireston. Mr. A. To

IRELAND. zer, linen-draper, to Miss Pickard.

Died.) November 18, Mrs. Edgeworth, At Barnstaple, Lieut. Paddon, of the 20th wife of Mr. Edgeworth, of Edgeworth's Town, Regiment of Foot, to Miss Chappel.

in the county of Longford ; a moft amiable Died.) At Exeter, aged 73; Mr. Thomas and universally beloved, and much lamented Balle. Miss White. Mrs. Bals. Mrs. Daw.

At Whitestone, near Exeter, aged 68, Mrs. Mary Holman.

Died.] At Cambree House, Fifeshire, Sir At Dawlith, in his 25th year, Mr. Thomas John Sinclair, bart. of Longformacus. Palmer.

At Edinburgh, Mr. James Gordon, Prin. At Farringdon, Mrs. Cholwick, wife of cipal Accomptant to the British Linen Bank, John Burridge Cholwick, esq. and daughter of cstablished under Royal Charter for the the late, and fifter of the present Sir John encouragement of the linen manufacture in Duntze, bart.


At the same place, aged 72, Charles SteuMarried ] At Falmouth, Mr. James Coad, art, esq. formerly Surveyor-General in North to Miss Bryant.

America. At Flushing, Mr. Sana uel O'Brien, to Miss At Middleton, near Edinburgh, Robert Mary Paddy.

Hepburn, esq. of Clerkington, one of the Died.] At Flushing near Falmouth, Mr. Commissioners of the Honourable Board of John Williams, of the Customs.

Customs for Scotland. At Helstone, Mrs. Mary Robinson, a maiden At Forres, in Scotland, Baillie Thomas lady, daughter of the rev. Wm. Robinson, and Eddie, Chief Magistrate of that Borough. grand daughter of the late Sir Richard Vyvyan, At Bascardine, at the extraordinary age of bart.

108, John Mac Gregor. He was born in the

year of the batt'e of Killicrankie, and ended Married.] At Pembroke, the rev. John his life on the anniversary of his birth, ChristHolcombe, of Chosheston, to Miss Roberts, mas-day, old tile, 1797. He was present at daughter of Capt. Roberts. At same place, the battle of Sherriffmuir, and afterwards Mr. Webb, of Greenhill, to Miss Thomas, served in the Scotch Brigade, in Holland. of Corstyn. Mr. Foxcroft, of Nottingham, He lived in the service of the family of Balto Miss Bowling, of Pembroke. At Cardigan, cardinė upwards of 50 years ; retained his Mr. Howell Williams, of Tenby, to Miss faculties to the very latt; and, till the precedo Phillips.

ing year, walked frequently about.



AGRICULTURAL REPORT FOR JANUARY, 1798. HE mild state of the weather in the latter part of the present month, has been highly

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been done, especially in the more northern parts of the Illand. In places where the nature of the soils would admit, some farmers have began to fallow the turnip grounds for the next crop, and others are plowing the grounds from which the turnips have lately been eaten off, as a preparation for barley. The fields in general look green, and winter corn has for the most part a promising appearance, but this is not by any means the most dangerous month for them.

Grain. The markets for all sorts of grain are on the whole rather dull, but more para ticularly so for oats, beans, and pease.

The average price of wheat throughout England and Wales, was, on the 20th of January, Sis. 5d. and of barley, 28s. rod.

MEAT. Butchers meat continues to hold its price, or perhaps is rather on the rise.
Beef on the last market day fetched from 3s. to 4s. 2d. and mutton from 3s. 8d. to 45. 68.
Hops. These are also getting higher.

The prices of Kentish Hops vary between 705. and 1055. for bags, and 80s. to 12os. for pockets.

THE ENQUIRER will be resumed again in a month or two, as will the articles from the Peruvian Mercury. Communications of Biographical Anesdotes of persons recently deceased, are always acceptable.

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The Four Volumes of the MONTHLY MAGAZINE, which are now.completed, may he had complete of any Bookseller, price Thirty Shillings, neatly half-bound, or any.

y single Number, or Volume, may be had separate, at the Pleasure of the Purchaser.


his eyes,

To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. " in my life," was his answer. From that

moment he became very gracious towards IN the year 1783, I went in the itage- me. I was then preparing to go abroad;

coach from London to Salisbury. Up- and imagined that I could derive fome use on entering it, I perceived three gentle ful information from a character fo emia men, one of whom Itrongly attracted my nent for learning. “What book of tranotice. He was a corpulent man, with a vels, Sir, would you advise me to read, book in his hand, placed very near to his previously to my setting off upon a tour eyes. He had a large wig, which did not to France and Italy?" Why, Sir, as appear to have been combed for an age :

to France, I know no book worth a groat: his cloathes were threadbare. On feating and as to Italy, Baretti paints the fair myself in the coach, he lified

fide, and Sharp the foul; the truth, perand directed them towards me, but in an haps, lies between the two." Every step instant they refumed their former employ- which brought us nearer to Salisbury, ment. I was immediately struck with increased my pain, at the thought of his resemblance to the print of Dr. John- leaving fo interesting a fellow-traveller. son, given as a frontispiece to the ( Lives observed that, at dinner, he contented of the Poets;” but how to gratify my cu

himself with water, as his beverage. I riosity I was at a loss. I thought, from I asked him,“ Whether he had ever tasted all I had heard of Dr. Johnson, that I bumbo.?” a Weft-Indian potation, which Ahould discover him if, by any means, I is neither more nor less than very Itrong could engage him in conversation. The punch. No, Sir," faid he. I made gentleman by the side of him remarked, lome. He tasted; and declared, that if « I wonder, Şir, that you can read in a ever he drank any thing else than water, coach which travels fo fwiftly; it would it should be bumbo. When the fad momake my head ache.” “Aye, Sir," re

ment of separation, at Salisbury, arrived, plied he, “ books make some people's

“ Sir," said he, « let me fee you in head ache.” This appeared to me Fobn- London, upon your return to your nasonian. I knew several persons with whom tive country. I am forry that we muk Dr. Johnson was well acquainted : this part. I have always looked upon it as was another mode of trying how far my the worst condition of man's destiny, conjecture was right. « Do you know that persons are so often torn afunder, Mils Hannah More, Sir?” “Well, Sir : just as they become happy in each other's the best of all the female versifiers." This society.” phraseology confirmed my former opinion.

Perhaps, Mr. Editor, you may think We now reached Hounslow, and were

this little narrative worthy of a place in served with our breakfast. Having found your excellent Repository. Although that none of my travelling companions many writers have detailed the private knew this gentleman, I plainly put the life of Dr. Johnfon, so that his character question," May I take the liberty, Sir, is completely understood, yet every little to enquire whether you be not Dr. John- anecdote, hitherto unpublished, respecting son " " The same, Sir." “ I am hap- such a prodigy of literature, caunot, I py,” replied 1; “ to congratulate the hould suppolė, bę altogether uninterest learned world, that Dr. Johnson, whom the ing. I remain, Sir, your's, : papers lately announced to be dangerously Wiltfoire,

H.B. indisposed, is re-established in his health. Feb. i?, 1998. }" The civileft young man I ever met with Month, MAG, No. XXVIII,


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