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To speed their chearful brimmers round,
And confecrate the draught.
Blefs'd by thofe lips, which touch divine,
Might wafting life repair,
To nectar it converts the wine;
To gladness every care.

Give me that balm to ease my pain,
My cordial when I faint:
And let the relique ftill remain,
To witnefs for the Saint.

An EPIGRAM occafion'd by the PEACHSTONE.


RINK on, my friends, drink * YEOMAN dry,
Nor fear a want of wine;


A PEARCH-STONE can that want supply,
As fings a bard divine.


If fo, how blefs'd are ASTROP BEAUX ?
What happiness they boaft?

MARIA fparkling wine bestows :
BEATA gives a toast.

ADIALOGUE betwixt Mr. Mævius and Mr. BowMAN, occafioned by the Preface of the latter to his Defence of the Miracle of CURSING the FIG-TREE.

M. THY fleeps your learn'd defence, ftill keep in ftore,


The learn'd defence you promis'd o'er and o'er?

B. Ob

* YEOMAN, the perfon who keeps the tavern at ASTROP WELLS.

B. Objections all I have maturely weigh'd;
And find that nought worth answering is faid:
The whole confutes itself. M. You make me wonder
Thousands declare your SERMO N's all a blunder.

B. Let them rail on: their judgment I despise:
It reasonable feems to all the wife.
Of mankind all the wife difcerning part
Cenfure their conduct, and applaud my art.

M. Of these wife men what number may there be? B. All that believe, or write, or fpeak like me.

Grubftreet Journal, No 92.



O more may chymift boast an unknown art, Of changing brafs to gold by ftone divine: MARIA to a PEACH-STONE can impart

The pow'r of turning all things into wine.
Hnre ASTROP waters, for their steel so fam'd,
We by this magic PEACH-STONE fo refine
No longer they're chalybeate waters nam'd,


But change to heav'nly draught, nectareous wine.

O may this ftone my conftant chymift be,
Whether at YEOMAN's, or at home I dine.
How fhall I praise its virtues, when I fee

The very water change to very wine!

Ah Poets! happy 'twere, if by this stone

We NECTAR DRINKERS Cou'd preferve our coin, But fee, alas! our guineas all are flown:

Ev'n thofe are chang'd by magick into wine.

V. Thrice


Thrice happy ASTROP, real HELICON,
The chofen feat of all the heav'nly nine.
In fair difguife CALLIOPE this ftone-

Beftows, to change thy waters into wine.
Still, ftill, O goddefs! blefs the happy spring;
Infpire its bards in lofty veríe to fhine:
Teach them your bounties merit still to fing,
And learn to praise the donor of their wine.

See! fee! fhe comes: behold the Angel's charms,

Amaz'd I ftand, - I figh, I faint, I'm gone,


Thus chang'd, born maid,


How is't, that fhe, who hermits bofoms warms,
Congeals my blood, and turns me to a stone?


from thofe fair lips, thou heav'n

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O! breathe upon this ftone one balmy kifs:
Once more reviv'd by your life-giving aid
The flinty frame fhall be diffolv'd in


Grubftreet Journal, N° 93.

VERSES on the fudden Stop in the fale of Mr. B's Sermon, and the Publication of bis Defence of the Miracle, &c.


HEN YORKSHIRE SERMON lately took its flight, Like paper lanthorn at the tail of kite; Non-cons and cons, with pleasure, or difmay, Saw the new meteor gild th' aerial way. But to the weakeft eyes it brightest shin'd; And fixed feem'd, tho' tofs'd with every wind. A while it blaz'd, then fudden down it fell; Its light extinguish'd with a naufeous smell. The gazers mark'd its fall; and fearching round Nought but a blasted, barren fig-tree found.


Grubftreet Journal, No 94.


Rumpitur invidia, quod amamur, quodque probamur
Rumpatur, qunquis invidia.

MARTIAL. Epig. vi. 69.

HOLDERS of a certain County, verfified.


O my brother freeholders these lines I indite,
"Twill fhew 'em at least how well I can write;
But chiefly to tell 'em, in my prefent condition,
I've no inclination at all to petition.

1 You all know how I thought myself highly abused,
That a fcrutiny was by the fheriff refused,
Though I'd promised indeed no more trouble to give,
And tho' I cou'd have one, 'tis plain, without leave.
But now I have had one, I've reason to think,
The more we ftir fomething, the more it will ftink:
For of all the bad votes that have made fuch a fuss,
There are ten for myself, where there's one for fir-----
The acts of Q ANNE (and who wou'd not blame her,
For not taking care to make her acts plainer ?)
Are fo very obfcure, that not double fee,
What's illegal for him, can make legal for me.

I thank you howe'er for your steady affection,
It may do me fome good in another election:
For those who not fcrupled to fwear me a bad one,
Wou'd doubtless have giv'n a good vote, if they'd had one.
To oblige you I laid down the title of fquire,
Tho' in hopes to exchange it for knight of the fhire:



Of which difapointed, I can take up with ease
That of CATO or JUBA, or just what you please.
Before I conclude, I think it but fit,
To affure you I ftood with intention to fit;
So if I can't serve you, I hope 'twill be thought,
Tho' 'tis my misfortune, it is not my fault.
But courage, my lads, for your brother freeholder,
In a year or two will be a year or two older;
And then, my lads, then, ina year or two more,
We may come off as well as we came off before.

Grubftreet Journal, No 95.


HE following verses, publifh'd last year upon the R. Hon. the prefent LORD MAYOR, having been lately criticis'd, by a pedant who could not conftrue them, occafion'd the following tranflation; which we thought not improper to publifh at this time, feveral of the lines being as applicable to his elect, as to his prefent lordship,

The faid pedant is defired, for the future, not to abuse the laborious SMETIUS,the chief fountain of all his learning, by conftruing ecclefiaftici, & alii quidam pofteriores poeta, monkish and other bad writers, in order to prove SIDONIus fuch one, because his name is ranged among them. He would have done well to have mention'd fome of the monks contain'd in that catalogue; in which his admir'd author has placed ENNIUS, CATULLUS, HORACE, JUVENAL, MARTIAL, AUSONIUS, &C.

In fhort, all he fays proves nothing, but that he is himfelf, according to his own way of arguing, a monkish fcrib



HILOSOPHUM non barba facit, non laurea vatem : Eft EQUES, eft MILES, nobile calcar habens. Plurimus eft MILES, qui nunquam preliæ tentat; Multus EQUES, qui vix pendulus hæret equo.


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