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Then why fhou'd the d---n, when whores are fo cheap, Be put to the peril and toil of a r---pe. VIII. If fortune fhou'd please to take fuch a crotchet, (To thee I apply, great SM---Y's fucceffor,) To give the lawn fleeves a mitre, and rochet; Whom would't thou refemble? I leave thee a gueffor. But I only behold thee in ATHORTON's shape, For fo domy hang'd, as thou for a r--pe.


Ah! doft thou not envy the brave col. Cн--s,
Condemn'd for thy crime at threescore and ten?
To hang whom all E---ND would lend him their garters;
Yet he lives, and is ready to ravish again.

Then throttle thy felf with a yard of ftrong tape;
For thou haft not a groat t'atone for a r---pe.

The d---n he was vext, that his whores were fo willing;
He long'd for a girl that would ftruggle and fquall.
He ravifh'd her fairly, and fav'd a good filling:

But here was to pay the devil and all.

His troubles and forrows now come in a heap;
And hang'd he must be for committing a r---pe.
If maidens are ravish'd, it is their own choice;

Why are they fo wilful to ftruggle with men?
If they would but lie ftill, and ftifle their voice;
No devil, nor d---n could ravish 'em then.

Nor would there be need of a ftrong hempen cape, Ty'd round the d---n's neck, for committing a r---pe. XII. Our church and our ftate dear EN---D maintains ;

For which all true proteftant hearts fhould be glad. She fends us our b---ps, our jud--s and d---ns,

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And better would give us, if better she had.


But lord! how the rabble will stare, and will gape
When the good EN-SH d--n is hang'd up for a r---pe.


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Grubftreet Journal, No 24.

An Efay on the DUNCIAD.


Exalt the foul, or make the heart fincere ;
To arm our lives with honesty severe;
To shake the wretch beyond the reach of law;
Deter the young, and touch the bold with awe;
To raise the fall'n, to hear the sufferer's cries;
And fanctify the virtues of the wife;
Old fatire rofe from probaty of mind,
The nobleft ethicks to reform mankind.

As CYNTHIA'S orb excels the gems of night:
So epic fatire fhines diftinctly bright.
Here genius lives, and ftrength in ev'ry part,
And lights and fhades, and fancy fix'd by art.
A fecond beauty in its nature lieės,

It gives not things, but beings to our eyes:
Life, fubftance, fpirit animate the whole;
Fiction and fable are the fenfe and foul.
The common dulnefs of mankind array'd

pomp, here lives, and breathes a wond'rous maid;
The poet decks her with each unknown grace,
Clears her dull brain, and brightens her dark face.
See! father CHAOS o'er his first born nods,
And mother night, in majefty of gods?
See QUERNO's throne, by hands pontific rife
And a fool's pandemonium ftrike our eyes!
Ev'n what on **** the public bounteous pours
Is fublimated here to golden show'rs.

A DUNCIAD or a LUTRIN is compleat,
And one in action; ludicrously great.
Each wheel roles round in due degrees of force:
E'en EPISODES are needful, or of course;
Of course when things are virtually begun
E'er the first ends; the father and the fon:
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Or elfe fo needful, and exactly grac'd,
That nothing is ill-fuited, or ill-plac'd.

True epic's a vast world, and this a small :
One has its proper beauties, and one all.
Like CYNTHIA, one in thirty days appears,
Like SATURN one, rolls round in thirty years.
There opens a wide tract, a length of floods,
A height of mountains, and a waste of woods:
Here but one fpot; nor leaf, nor green depart
From rules, e'en nature seems the child of art.
As unities in epic works appear:
So muft they fhine in full diftinction here.
E'en the great iliad moves with flower powers:
That forty days demands, this forty hours,

Each other fatire humbler arts has known,
Content with meaner beauties, tho' its own:
Enough for that, if rugged in its course,
The verfe but rolls with vehemence and force
Or nicely pointed in the horatian way £
Wounds keen, like fyrens mifchievoufly gay.
Here, all has wit, yet muft that wit be ftrong,
Beyond the turns of epigram, or fong.
The thought muft rife exactly from the vice,
Sudden, yet finish'd, clear, and yet concife:
One harmony must first with last unite ;
As all true paintings have their place and light:
Tranfitions must be quick, and yet defign'd,
Not made to fill, but just retain the mind.
And fimilies, like meteors of the night,
But give one flash of momentary light.

As thinking makes the foul, low things expreft
In high rais'd terms, define a DUNCIAD beft.
Books and the man demand as much, or more
Than he who wander'd to the latian fhore :
For here (eternal grief to DuNs's foul,
And B's thin ghoft!) the part contains the whole
Since in mock-epic none fucceeds but he
Who tastes the whole of epic poefy.


The moral must be clear, and understood; But finer ftill, if negatively good:

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Blafpheming CAPANEUS obliquely fhews.
T'adore thofe gods ENEAS fears andknows.
A fool's the heroe; but the poet's end
Is to be candid, modeft, and a friend.


Let claffic, learning fanctify each part,, e story mil Not only fhew your reading, but your art. The charms of parody, like thofe of wit, If well contrafted, never fail to hit; One half in light, and one in darkness dreft, (For contraries oppos'd ftill fhine the best.) When a cold page half breaks the writer's heart, By this it warms, and brightens into art. When rhetorick glitters with too pompous pride, By this, like CIRCE, 'tis undeify'd. So BERECYNTHIA, while he offspring vie, In homage to the mother of the sky, (Deck'd in rich robes, of trees, and plants, and flow'rs,} And crown'd illuftrious with an hundred tow'rs,) O'er all PARNASSUS cafts her eyes at once,

And fees an hundred fons - - and each a dunce.

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The language next: from hence new pleasure fprings
For ftyles are dignify'd, as well as things.
Tho' fenfe fubfifts, diftinct from phrafe or found,
Yet gravity conveys a furer wound.


The chymic fecret, which your pains wou'd find;
Breaks out, unfought for, in CERVANTE's mind;
And QUIXOT's wildnefs, like that kings of old,
Turns all he
touches into pomp and gold.
Yet in this pomp difcretion must be had
Tho' grave, not ftiff, tho' whimsical, not mad:
In works like thefe if FUSTIAN might appear,
Mock-epics, BLACKMORE, Wou'd not coft the dear.
We grant that BUTLER ravifhes the heart,.
AS SHAKESPEAR foar'd beyond the reach of art;
(For nature form'd thofe poets without rules,
To fill the world with imitating fools.)
What burlesque could, was by that genius done;
Yet faults it has, impoffible to fhun:
Th' unchanging ftrain for want of grandeur cloys,,
And gives too oft the horse-laugh mirth of boys

€ 3


The fhort-legg'd verfe, and double-gingling found,
So quick furprize us, that our heads run round;
Yet in this work pecular life prefides,
And wit, for all the world to glean befides.

Here pause, my mufe, too daring and too young!
Nor rafhly aim at precepts yet unfung. ⠀⠀
Can man the mafter of the DUNCIAD teach?
And these new bays what other hopes to reach?
'Twere better judg'd, to ftudy and explain
Each ancient grace he copies not in vain
To trace thee, fatire, to thy utmost spring,
Thy form, thy changes, and thy authors fing.


The following Copy of Verfes is taken from the Carmina Quadragefimalia; to which a Translation is fubjoin'd by an unknown Hand.


N caufæ fint fibi invicem caufæ ? aff.
Authore invito, tenues mandare libellos
Furtivis folitus bibliopola typis,
Ultores pueros deceptus fraude maligna
Senfit ab excuffo miffus in aftra fago.
Nec fatis hoc: menfa late porrectus acerna
Supplicium rigidæ fert puerile fcholæ:
Jam virga impatiens pueris convitia fundit ;
Vicinique crepat jurgia nota fori.


Flagra minas mifero extorquent repetia; minasque
Quo magis ingeminat, vapulat ille magis.
Whether Caufes can be mutual? They may
[UCH had pyritic Mun by pamphlets got;
For print he would, if authors would, or not.
By vengeful boys decoy'd, he takes ten flights
From blanket, loftier than from GRUBSTREET hights..
Nay more: ftrech'd out at length on maple board,
Feels the fharp pains in rigid fchools abhor'd.
Impatient of the rod, "ye dogs uncivil,
He cries," by ----I'll fue you to the devil.
Blows urge his threats, his threats more lashes bring:
The more Mun raves, the more thofe hornets fting.

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