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Grubftreet Journal, No 43.

The Order of the Proceffion, in Heroic Verfe, written at the latter End of the ENGLISH AUGUSTIAN Age, by that celebrated Dramatick Poet, and learned Ornament of the Society of GRUBSTREET, THO. JORDAN, Gent.

In proper habits orderly array'd,

The movements of the morning are difplay'd.

ELECTED citizens i' th' morning all


At feven a clock do meet at GROCERS-HALL.
The masters, wardens, and affistants joins

For the first rank, in their gowns fac'd with foins.
The fecond order, do in merry moods,

March in gowns fac'd with budge, and livery hoods.
In gowns and fcarlet hoods, thirdly, appears,

A youthful number of foins batchelors.

Forty budge batchelors the triumph crowns,
Gravely attir'd in fcarlet hoods and gowns.

Gentlemen ufhers, which white ftaves do hold,

Sixty in velvet coats and chains of gold.
Next thirty more in plush and buff there are,
That feveral colours wave, and banners bear.
The fergeant trumpet thirty-fix more brings,
All of them filver trumpets, and the kings.
The fergeant wears two scarfs, whofe colours be,
One the lord mayor's, th' other's the company.
The king's drum-major, follow'd by four more
Of the king's drums and fifes, make LONDON roar.
Seven drums and two fifes more in vests of buff,
March with wafte-scarffs, and breeches of black stuff.

[blocks in formation]

Two city marshals mounted and attended,
Are by the company with scarffs befriended.
And (next to th3 Drums) do troop it in the rear,
But the foot marshal doth the next appear;

Who puts
them all in rank and file, and wears
A fhoulder fcarf as broad and rich as theirs.
Attended by fix-perfons that dare do

Whate'er their marshal may command them to.

Next the fence-mafter troops; and (to defend him)
Divers with drawn broad bright swords do attend him.
Many poor penfioners that march i'th' rear,
With gowns and caps, ftandards and banners bear;
A numerous troop of perfons that are poor,
In red gowns and flat caps, one hundred more ;.
With javelins and with targets are all actors,
And bear the arms of their good benefactors..

Being thus prepared,

By the foot marshal's judgment they are guided,
And into fix divifions are divided:
Rank'd out by two and two---the first that stirs
Are the poor company of penfioners;

But in the front of them orderly be
Placed the enfigns of the company.

I'th' rear of them four drums and one fife more;
Then penfioners in coats defcribed before.
Perfons of worth, who do in martial manner,
Bear each of them a ftandard or a banner.
Four trumpets more to them, and in their rear
Two of the Grocers enfigns march, which bear
(As by the herald painter is expreft)

The draught of their fupporters, and their creft:
Six gentlemen-ufhers in order trudge,
And after them the batchelors in budge;
Marching in measur'd distance, and endu'd
With order, this divifion doth conclude.
I'th' rear of them fix trumpets do appear;
And after them two gentlemen, that bear


Two coats of arms, which appertaining be
To th' city, and the grocers company.
Then do march up eight gentlemen that wears
The golden chains; then the foins bachelors,
In amicable measure, move like friends,
Fill'd with one joy: fo this divifion ends.
Two gentlemen in velvet coats array'd,
March after them with two banners difplay'd;
Then fucceed them ten gentlemen-ufhers more,
In coats and chains of gold defcrib'd before;
And gradually after them you'll fee

A very worthy large Society,

With each of them a gown and livery hood,
And all lord mayors in the potential mood.
I'th' rear of these (with filver founds to fit ye,}
Do fall in divers trumpets of the city:
And after them two gentlemen accord,
To bear the arms of the city and my lord:
And then the gentlemen with equal distance-
That ufher in the grave court of affiftants.

I'th' rear of them, four drums, fix trumpets, ba
Order'd to bring up the catastrophe..
Three gallants gradually follow them,
Bearing the banners of the diadem;

Kings, queens, and cities enfigns, which engages
Six gentlemen to wait on them as pages.

The mafters and the wardens bring up all.

And thus equip'd, they march from GROCERS-HALL
To my
lord's house, where th' aldermen and he
Take horse, and rank according to degree,

Which being done, the whole body in ftate
Doth march towards GUILD-HALL: but at the gate
The new lord with old lord mayor unites,
Guarded by gentlemen, efquires, and knights..

Then thus attir'd, with gown, fur, hood, and scarf, March all thro' KING'S-STREET down to THREE-CRANE WHARF.

Where the lord mayor and the aldermen discharge
A few gentlemen-waiters, and take barge:


At the weft end o'th' wharf; and at the eaft
The court-affiftant, livery, and the best
Gentlemen-ufhers: fuch as ftay on shore
Are ushers, foins, and the budge batchelor :
Who for a time repose themselves and men,
Until his Lordship fhall return agen.
Who now with several companies make hafte
TO WESTMINSTER.---But in the way is plac'd
A pleasure boat that hath great guns aboard,
And with two broad fides doth falute my lord.
They row in triumph all along by th' STRAND:
But when my lord and companies do land

At the NEW-PALACE-STAIRS, orderly all
Do make a lane to pafs him to the hall:
Where having took an oath that he will be
Loyal and faithful to his majefty,

His government, his crown, and dignity,
With other ceremonials faid and done,
In order to his confirmation;

Sealing of writs in courts, and fuch like things,
As fhew his power abstracted from the king's;
He takes his leave of the lords and barons, then
With his retinue hè retreats agen

To the water-fide; and (having given at large
To the poor of WESTMINSTER) doth re-imbarge;
And fcud along the river 'till he comes


TO BLACK-FRIERS-STAIRS, where guns and thund'ring


Proclaim his landing; when he's fet afhore,
He is faluted by three vollies more.

By (the military glory of this nation) the company of artillery-men, they being all in their martial ornamants of gallantry, fome in buff with head-pieces, many of them of mafly filver.

From BLACK-FRIERS-STAIRS they march before the lord mayor and aldermen thro' CHEAPSIDE to GUILDHALL. Those that went not to WESTMINSTER, VİZ. the penfioners and banners, being fent in order, ready to march, he foot marfhal, in the rear of the artillery-com


pany, leads the way along by the channel up LUDGATEHILL, thro' LUDGATE, into St. PAUL'S CHURCHYARD, and fo into CHEAPSIDE, where his lordship is entertain'd by the first scene or pageant.

The following EPITAPH on Mr. FENTON was written by a celebrated POET.


HE modeft ftone, what few vain marbles can,
May truly fay, here lies an honest man;

A poet bleft, beyond a poet's fate;

Whom heaven kept facred from the proud, and great.
Foe to loud praife, and friend to learned ease,
Content with fcience in the arms of peace;
Calmly he look'd on either life, and here
Saw nothing to regret, nor there to fear;
From nature's temp'rate feast rofe fatisfy'd;
Thank'd heaven, that he had liv'd, and that he dy'd..

To the Right Honourable HUMPHERY
PARSONS, Efq; Lord Mayor of the City of

Ccept, great fir, on this triumphant day,
These verses written in no vulgar way;
By one, who flatt'ry hates, and scorns to name
Topics of praise which all the world proclaim :
And chufes rather the fam'd fource to fing,
From whence your pow'r and his own poem fpring,
Whatever working hands or heads produce,
Whatever ferves for ornament or use,

In cellar, fhop, or lofty garret made,
Owes its perfection to the brewer's trade.

When tir'd with work, good liquor can restore
The work-man's former ftrength, and give him more:
His brains new fpirits move, his nerves new springs;
He drinks, he laughs, he works, and fweats, and fings.


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