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Such batts, and owls, as woods afford;




other any The little ones preserve in rum, I'll pay you for it, when you come.

And now, for fear of an embargo,
When you've made up this noble cargo,
A little lye is innocent,

When told with fuch a good intent:
For if you're threatn'd to be preft,
Or laid hold on by an arreft,
Tell them you are fent by J-
To pick up curious fhells and ftones,
By order of her majesty,



The corals, fhells, and bits of horn,
The grottos royal must adorn.
The foffils white, or black, or gray,
The birds, or beafts, & cætera,
Collected are, as you may fay,.
For knowledge natural, and phyfick,
And for the ease of those that be fick:
For botany, the bulbous roots;
And for the queen, outlandish shoots,
To keep in pots, at KENSINGTON:
And then you must be let alone.
No worthy, or ingenious man,
I mean, that is a gentleman,
Will trouble you, in any nation,
When thus you've my recommendation.
Who e'er to you fhall civil be,

Will meet the like, tell them, from me,


I am, &c.

Mr.BAVIUS read the following EPIGRAM, printed in the Courant of JUNE 11.


HREE fons of dullness, an illuftrious race,
Pride of the goddefs, and the realm's disgrace,
In one free kingdom and a learned age,
In factions caufe most stupidly engage:

In merit equal is each fav'rite cub;


Alike admir'd are D'ANVERS, FOG, and GRUB::
Dullness her felf three more can never cull,
From all her fons, fo impudent and dull.

Mr. MAVIUS faid, he thought it was a fine Encomium upon our Journal; and prefented the following Lines, by Way of grateful

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N one bright age three fam'd GRUBEANS born,

The fame bright cause with various art adorn;
With thoughts and styles, which none before e'er hit on:
The first furprizing turns of wit displays;

Sound fenfe, the next, in mood and figure, lays:
To form the third the powr's of both confpire,
OSBORNE's grave force, and ULRICK's fprightly fire.

Grubftreet Journal, No 77.

Dr. CHAMAERLEN'S Pedestal, made of Marble, is already fet up in WESTMINSTERABBEY, but the Docters Effigies, with its Embellishments, is not yet fix'd. On the Front of the Pedestal is a Latin Infcription, in three Columns which is as follows.



UGONIS ac petri utriufque medici
Filius ac nepos

Medicinam ipfe fæliciter excoluit et egregie honestavit
Ad fummam quippe artis fuæ peritiam,


Summam etiam in dictis et fa&tis fidem,
Infignim mentis candorem,
Morumque fuavitatem adjunxit ;
Ut, an languentibus an fanis acceptior effet,
An medicus an vir melior,
Gertatum fit inter eos

Qui in utroque laudis genere primarium fuiffe
Uno ore confentiunt.

Nullam Ille medendi rationem non affecutus,
Depellendis tamen puerperatum periculis,
Et avertendis Infantium morbis
Operam præcipue impendit;
Eaque multoties cavit

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Ne illuftribus familiis eriperentur hæredes unici,
Ne patriæ chariffimæ cives egregii,
Univerfis certe prodeffe quantum potuit voluit;
Adeoque diftra&ta in partes republica
Cum iis a quorum fententia difceffit
Amicitiam nihil ominus fancte coluit,
Artifque fuæ præfidia lubens communicavit.
Fuit ille

Tanta vitæ elegantia ac nitore,
Animo tam forti tamque excelfo,
Indole tam proponfa ad munificentiam,
Specie ipfa tam ingenua atque liberali,
Ut facile crederes

Profapiæ ejus nobilem aliquem extitiffe Auctorem
Utcunque ex præclara ftirpe veterum comitum de tankerville
Jam a quadragentis illum annis ortum nefcires.
In diverfa quam expertus eft fortunæ forte
Quod fuum erat quod decuit femper tenuit,
Cum magnis vivens haud demiffe fe geffit,
Cum minimis non afpere, non inhumane;
Utrofque eodem bene merendi ftudio complexus,
Utrifque idem æque utilis ac charus.
Filius erat mira in patrem pietate,
Pater filiarum amantiffimus,
Quas quidem tres habuit,

Unam e prima conjuge, duas ex altera,
Caftas, bonas, matrum fimillimas;


Cum iis

omnibus ufque ad mortem conjunétiffime vixit:
Tertiam uxorem fibi fuperftitem reliquit.
Ad humaniores illás ac domefticas virtutes
Tanquam cumulus acceffit

Rerum divinanum amor non fictus,
Summa numinis ipfius reverentia ;
Quibus imbuta mens,
Exuvias jam corporis depofitura,
Ad fuperiora fe erexit,

Morbi diutini languoribus infracta permanfit ;
Et vitam tandem minime vitalem,
Non diffolute non infructuofe actam,
Morte vere christiana claudens,
Ad patriem cæleftem migravit,
Obiit 17 junii, A. D. 1728.
Annis fexaginta quatuor expletis
Provectiori ætate fane dignus;
Cujus ope effectum eft, ut multi
Non inter primos pene vagitus extincti,
Ad extremam fenectutem poffint pervenire.
Viro integerrimo amiciffimo,
Ob fervatem in partu vitem,
Ob reftitutam fæpius

Et confirmatam tandem

Monumentum hoc fepulchrale
Ejus effigie infignitum pofuit
Appofitis hinc inde ftatuis

Ad exemplum marmoris antiqui expreffis,
Quæ et quid ab illo præftitum fit
Et quid illi redditum licet adhuc debetur
Pofteris teftatum faciant.


Grubftreet Journal, N° 78.

A Bill of Fare for the WAX-CHANDLERS Company on LORD-MAYOR'S DAY, OCT. 29, 1478.

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HOU'D D- ----S


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print how once you robb'd your brother, Traduc'd your monarch, and debauch'd your mother; Say what Too dull for laughter, for reply too mad, for eng'd on D----s can be had Of one fo poor you cannot take the law; On one fo old your fword you fcorn to draw. ----Uncag'd then let the harmless monfter rage, Secure in dullness, madness, want, and age.

Rangalizon T D'arsi K of that mer trood


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