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To Mrs. M. H. on her working a Coat in Silks.

p. 19

A King at Arms disarmod at Law. A Ballad,

On Mr. M--res going to Law with Mr. Gilliver, infcribd

to Attorney Tibbald.

An Epigram.




An Epigram.


Epitaph on the Monument of the Honourable Robert Digby,

and of his Sister the Fionourable Mary Digby, in the

Church of Sherbone, in Dorsetfhire, ercated by their Fa-

ther the Lord Digby.


In Imitation of the Xix Idyllium of Theocritus.


An Epigram or the celebrated Print inscribd to Sir R---



On John Short, Porter at the General Pop-Office.


An Epigram.






A Selfion of the Cambridge Criticks.


The underwritten are by the Author of the Ode to his Grace

the Duke of Buckingham.


A Copy of Verfes fent by a Gentleman who writes himjelf



To Mr. Bonewitz, on his drawing a curious Picture of a

Chelsea-Pensioner, aged 110.


The Complaint ; a Lyric Rhapsody.

On Stephen Duck.


To Mr. Stephen Duck the celebrated Wiltshire Poet and

Threber, cn his late Prefer ment by her Majesty. ibid.

To Mr. Bavius, Secretary to the Society of Grubftreet. 37

The Order of the Procesion, in Hercic Verse, written at

the latter End of the English Auguitian Age, by that

celebrated Dramatick Poet, and learned Ornament of

the Society of Grubftreet, Tho. Jordan, Gent.


An Epitaph on Mr. Fenton,


Ta the Right Honourable Humphrey Parsons, Ejg; Lord

Mayor of the City of London.


To Alderman Parsons, our new Lord Mare.


A Ballad, by a Lady.


Ad Epitaph.



P: 48



To the Memory of Mrs. Anne Oldfield.

An Epigram from Newbold-Super-Avon. A Song

ibid. An Epigram.

51 An extempore Reply to an off-band Answer.

ibid. To the Author of that inimitable Paper, called the FreeBriton.

52 To Mr. Stephen Duck,

$3 An Epigram.

ibid. An extempore Anfrer to a Question of Mr. C---b---r's, when he was dress'd fit for his Part at the Play-house.

54 Apollo's Revenge on Daphne.

ibid. Fog to Gulliver.

ibid. An Epigram on the late Mrs. Oldfield.

55. An Epigram. Anotber.

ibid. Another.

ibid. Another.

57 A Quction by Anonymus.

ibid. An Answer by Mr. Mævius.

ibid. Answer to an. Epigran, Verses by Mr. Pope.

ibid. An' Epigram.

59 Another.

ibid. Another.

60 Verses from the New York Gazette.

ibid. Ode for Nerw-Year's Day.

61 An Epitaph on the late Rev. Mr. William Rollo. 63 On the two Doktors going to Lazy about Mr. Hurdman's Death.

ibid. Epitaph on Mrs. Oldfield.

ibid. Pandora.

64 From the Fleet-Prison. Epitaph on Sir Isaac Newton.

68 On a Lady's writing to the Grubftreet Society upon their Performances.

ibid. On a beautiful Lady who was Blind.

69 The City Ladies and Country Lass.

ibid. Upon Vit.

70 A Let



* * *

* * * * *


*A Letter from Burton in Staffordshire.

p. 71 The Waterman's Reply to the Doctor's Answer, ibid. To'Mrs. M. H.

72 On Mr. James Moore's pretty Verses on the Birth-day of the Lord Andover.

ibid. An Epitaph upon a learned Gentleman lately deceased. ibid. A Matto on a great Lawyer's Coach.

73 On the curious Sermon at the Oratory, concerning the unknow?! God.


ibid. To J--- G-- Fla; W--- of the Fl.--t.

75 An Epigran.

76 TO F.' Osborne, Ela;

ibid. Defign'd on the Monument of Sir Ifaac Newton.

77 On receiving a Present of an Orange from Mrs. G. L. now Countess of Aboyne.

ibid. To a Lady who presented the Author with a China Orange. Ar Epigram.

ibid. The Contrast between the late Duke of Buckingham, and the Author of the Contrast.

79 A Fable in answer to one, by J. W.

ibid. A Replication to the Answer.

80 A Letter by Anti-quack.

81 To Mir. T---s B---t---d, D------ty --d--on of the Fl---t.

83 On seeing Mr. C---r's Picture just publisid.

ibid. A Bill of Charges of William Mingay, Ela; Register to

the Bishop of Norwich, and Mayor of the said City, when he feasted the Duke of Norfolk, &c.

84 A Letter to Mr. Bavius. Poeta nascitur, & fit.

86 Instructions for Christopher Hilliard, Foremat-man on board the---Man of War.

87 A Letter from Anglesey, containing, as we are affur'd, Matter of Facz.

89 The Instructions of Mr. J.-- J---s to Christopher Hilliard.

90 An - Epigran. Answer.

294 A Latin



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