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He that hateth to be reproved, is in the way of sinners; but he, that feareth the Lord, will repent from his heart.

He that buildeth his house with other men's money, is like one that gathereth himself stones for the tomb of his burial.

The congregation of the wicked is like tow wrapped together : and the end of them is a flame of fire to destroy them.

The way of sinners is made plain with stones; but at the end thereof is the pit of hell.

He that keepeth the law of the Lord, getteth the understanding thereof: and the perfection of the fear of the Lord is wisdom.

He that is not wise, will not be taught: but there is a wisdom which multiplieth billerness.

The knowledge of a wise man shall abound like a flood : and his counsel is like a pure fountain of life.

The inner parts of a fool are like a broken vessel; and he will hold no knowledge as long as he liveth.

If a skilful man hear a wise word, he will como mend it, and add unto it : but, as soon as one of no understanding heareth it, it displeaseth him, and he casteth it behind his back.

The talking of a fool is like a burden' in the way: but grace shall be found in the lips of the wise. They enquire at the mouth of the wise man in the congregation ; and they shall ponder his words in their heart.


As is a house that is destroyed, so is wisdom to a fool: and the knowledge of the unwise is as talk without sense.

Doctrine unto fools is as fetters on the feet; and like manacles on the right hand.

A fool lifteth up his voice with laughter; but a wise man doth scarce smile a little.

Learning is unto a wise man as an ornament of gold; and like a bracelet upon his right arm.

A foolish man's foot is soon in his neighbour's house : but a man of experience is ashamed of him.

A fooi will peep in at the door, into the house : but he, that is well nurtured, will stand without.

It is the rudeness of a man to hearken at the door : but a wise man will be grieved with the disgrace.

The lips of talkers will be telling such things as pertain not unto them: but the words of such as have understanding, are weighed in the balance.

The heart of fools is in their mouth : but the mouth of the wise is in their heart.

When the ungodly curseth Satan, he curseth his own soul. A whisperer defileth his own soul, and is hated wherefoever he dwelleth.

A slothful man is compared to a filthy stone, and every one will hiss him out, to his disgrace.

A slothful man is compared to the filth of a dung-hill: every man that takes it up, will shake his hand.

An evil nurtured son is the dishonour of liis father that begat him; and a foolish daughter is born to his loss.

A wise daughter shall bring an inheritance to her husband: but she that liveth dishonestly, is her father's heaviness.

She that is bold, dishonoureth both lier futher and her husband; but they both shall despise her.

A tale out of season is as music in mourning : but stripes and correction of wisdom are never out of time.

Whoso teache:h a fool, is as one that glueth a potsherd together; and, as he that waketh one from a sound sleep.

He that telleth a tale to a fool, speakech to one in a slumber: when he hath told his tale, he will say, what is the matter ?

If children live honestly, and have wherewithal, they shall cover the baseness of their parents.

But children, being haughty through disdain, and want of nurture, do stain the nobility of their kindred.

Weep for the dead, for he hath lost the light : and weep for a fool, for he wanteth understanding. Make little weeping for the dead, for he is at rest : but the life of the fool is worse than death.

Seven days do men mourn for him that is dead; but for a fool and an ungodly man, all the days of his life. Talk not much with a fool, and go not to hin


that hath no understanding : beware of him, lest thou have trouble, and thou shalt never be defiled with his fooleries: depurt from him, and thou shalt find rest, and never be disquieted with madness.

What is heavier than lead ? and what is the name thereof, but a fool? Sand and salt, and a mass of iron, are easier to bear, than a man without understanding.

As timber, girt and bound together in a building, cannot be loosed with shaking : so the heart, that is established by advised counsel, shall fear at no time.

A heart, settled upon a thought of understanding, is 2s a fair plaistering on the wall of a gallery.

Whoso casteth a stone at the birds, frayeth them away: and he that upbraideth his friends breaketh friendship.

Though thou drawest a sword at thy friend, yet despair not: for there may be a returning to fa


If thou hast opened thy mouth, against thy friend, fear not: for there may be a reconciliation; except for upbraiding, or pride, or disclosing of secrets, or a treacherous wound: for, for these things every friend will depart.

Be faithful to thy neighbour in his poverty, that thou mayest rejoice in his prosperity, abide stedfast unto him in the time of his trouble, that thou mayest be heir with him in his heritage : for a mean

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estate is not always to be contemned; nor the rich, that is foolish, to be had in admiration.

As the vapour and smoke of a furnace goeth before the fire ; so reviling before blood.

I will not be ashamed to defend a friend: nei. ther will I hide myself

from him. And if any evil happen unto me by him, every one, that heareth it, will beware of him.

Who shall set a watch before my mouth, and a seal of wisdom upon my lips ; that I fall not suddenly by them, and that my tongue destroy me not ?

Hear, Oye children, the discipline of the mouth : 'he that keepeth it, shall never be taken in

his lips.

The sinner shall be left in his foolishness: both the evil speaker and the proud shall fall thereby.

Accustom not thy mouth to swearing: nei. ther use thyself to the naming of the holy one :: for, as a servant that is continually beaten, shall not be without a blue mark: so he that sweareth, and nameth God continually, shall not be fault. less.

A man that useth much swearing, shall be filled: with iniquity; and the plague shall never depart: from his house ; if he shall offend, his sin shall be upon him: and if he acknowledge not his sin, he maketh a double offence; and if he swear in vain, he shall not be innocent, but his house shall be full of calamities. There is a word that is clothed about with death :

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