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shall burn in them, and not be quenched; it shall be sent upon them as a lion, and devour them as a leopard.

He, that is merciful, will lend unto his neighbour; and he that strengtheneth his hand, keepeth the commandments.

Lend to thy neighbour in time of his need; and pay thou thy neighbour again in due season. Keep thy word, and deal faithfully with him; and thou shalt always find the thing that is necessary for thee.

Many, when a thing was lent them, reckoned it to be found, and put them to trouble that helped them.

Till he hath received, he will kiss a man's hand; and, for his neighbour's money, he will speak submisiy: but when he should repay, he will prolong the time, and return words of grief, and complain of the time.

If he prevail, he shall hardly receive the half, and lie will count as if he had found it : if not, he haih keprived him of his money, and he hath gotten him an enemy without a cause : he payeth him with cursings and railings; and for honour, he will pay him disgrace.

Many, therefore, have refused to lend for other men's ill dealing, fearing to be defrauded. Yet, have thou patience ivith a man in poor estate; and delay not to shew him mercy.

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Help the poor for the commandments' sake, and turn him not away because of his poverty,

Lose thy money for thy brother and thy friend; and let it not rust under a stone to be lost.

Lay up thy treasure according to the commandments of the most High; and it shall bring thee more profit than gold. · Shut up 'alms in thy storehouses : and it shall deliver thee from all affliction. It shall fight for thee against thine enemies, better than a mighty shield and strong spear.

An honest man is surety for his neighbour : but he that is impudent will forsake him. Forget not the friendship of thy surety; for he hath given his life for thee.

A sinner will overthrow the good estate of his surely: and he that is of an unthankful mind, will leave him in danger that delivered him.

Suretiship hath undone many of good estate, and shaken them as a wave of the sea : mighty men hath it driven from their houses, so that they wandered among strange nations.

Help thy neighbour according to thy power, and beware that thou thyself fall not into the same.

The chief thing for life is water and bread, and clothing, and a house to cover shame. Better is the life of a poor man in a mean cottage, than deli. cate fare in another man's house. Be it little or much, hold thee contented; that thou hear not the reproach of thy house.

For it is a miserable life to go from house to house : .for where thou art a stranger, thou darest not open thy mouth..

Thou shalt entertain, and feast, and have no thanks : moreover, thou shalt hear titter words: come, thou stranger, and furnish a table, and feed me of that thou hast ready; give place, thou stran. ger, to an honourable man ; my brother cometh to be lodged, and I have need of my house.

These things are grievous to a man of understanding : the upbraiding of house-room, and the reproaching of the lender.

He that loveth his son, causeth him often to feel the rod; that he may have joy of him in the end.

He that chastiseth his son, shall have joy in nim, and shall rejoice of him among his acquain. tance.

He that teacheth his son, grieveth the enemy : and before his friends he shall rejoice of him.

Though his father die, yet he is as though he were not dead : for he hath left one behind him that is like himself.

While he lived, he saw and rejoiced in him: and when he died, he was not sorrowful.

He left behind him an avenger against his enemies, and one that shall requite kindness to his friends.

He that maketh too much of his son, shall bind up his wounds, and his bowels will be troubled at every cry.

A horse, not broken, becometh headstrong: and a child, left to himself, will be wilful.

Cocker thy child, and he shall make thee afraid :

play with him, and he will bring thee to heavia


Laugh not with him, lest thou have sorrow with him ; and, lest thou gnash thy teeth in the end.

Give him no liberty in his youth ; and wink not, at his follies.

Bow down his neck, while he is young; and beat him on the sides, while he is a child, lest he wax stubborn, and be disobedient unto thee, and so bring sorrow to thine heart.

Chastise thy son, and hold him to labour ; lest his lewd behaviour be an offence unto thee.

Better is the poor, being sound and strong of constitution, than a rich man that is afflicted in his body.

Health, and good estate of body, are above all gold; and a strong, body above infinite wealth. There are no riches above a sound body; and no joy above the joy of the heart. Death is better than a bitter life, or continual sickness.

Delicates poured upon a mouth shut up, are as messes of meat set upon a grave.

What good doeth the offering unto an idol? for, neither can it eat, nor smell : so is he that is per-, secured of the Lord.

Give not over thy mind to heaviness; and afflict not thyself in thine own counsel.

The gladness of the heart is the life of man; and the joyfulness of a man prolongeth his days.

Love thine own soul, and comfort thy heart; re.

move sorrow far from thee : for sorrow hath killed many, and there is no profit therein.

Envy and wrath shorten the life; and carefulness bringeth age before the time. A cheerful and good heart will have a care of his meat and diet.

Watching for riches consumeth the flesh; and care thereof driveth away sleep. Watching-care will not let a man slumber, as a sore disease breaketh sleep.

The rich hath great labour in gathering riches together, and, when he resteth, he is filled with his delicates.

The poor laboureth in his poor estate; and when he leaveth off he is still needy.

He that loveth gold shall not be justified; and he that followeth corruption, shall have enough thereof.

Gold hath been the ruin of many; and their destruction was present. It is a stumbling-block unto them that sacrifice unto it, and every fool shall be taken therewith.

Blessed is the rich that is found without blemish, and hath not gone after gold. Who is he? and we will call him blessed: for wonderful things hath he done among his people.

Who hath been tried thereby, and found perfect? then let him glory. Who might offend, and hath not offended ? or done evil, and hath not done it? His goods shall be established, and the congregation shall declare his alms.

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