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She shall exalt him above his neighbours; and in the midst of the congregation shall he open his mouth.

He shall find joy and a crown of gladness; and she shall cause him to inherit an everlasting name.

But foolish men shall not attain unto her ; and sinners shall not see her. For she is far from pride, and men that are liars cannot remember her.

Praise is not seemly in the mouth of a sinner ; for, it was not sent him of the Lord.

For praise shall be uttered in wisdom; and the Lord will prosper it.

Say not thou, it is through the Lord that I fall away: for thou oughtest not to do the things that he hateth. Say not thou, he hath caused me to err: for he hath no need of the sinful man.

The Lord hateth all abomination; and they, that fear God, love it not. He himself made man from the beginning; and left him in the hand of his counsel. If thou wilt, to keep the commandments, and to perform acceptable faithfulness.

He hath set fire and water before thee: Stretch forth thy hand unto whether thou wilt.

Before man is life and death, and whether him liketh shall be given him. For the wisdom of the Lord is great, and he is mighty in power, and he holdeth all things : and his eyes are upon them that fear him; and he knoweth every work of man.

He hath commanded no man to do wickedly ; neither hath he given any man licence to sin.

Desire not a multitude of unprofitable children, Heither delight in ungodly sons.

Though they multiply, rejoice not in them ; except the fear of the Lord be with them.

Trust not thou in their life; neither respect their multitude: for one that is just is better than a thousand; and better it is to die without children, than to have them that are ungodly.

For by one that hath understanding, shall the ci:y be replenished: but the kindred of the wicked shall speediiy become desolate.

Many such things have I seen with mine eyes; and mine ear hath heard greater things than these.

In the congregation of the ungodly shall a fire be kindled; and, in a rebellious nation, wrath is set on fire.

He was not pacified towards the old giants, who fell away in the strength of their foolishness.

Neither spared he the place where Lot sojourned; but abhorred them for their pride.

He pitied not the people of perdition, who were taken away in their sins: nor, the six hundred thousand foormen, wiro were gathered together in the hardness of their hearts.

And, if there be one stiff.necked among the people, it is marvel if he escape unpunished : for mercy and wrath are with him; he is mighty to forgive and to pour out displeasure.

As his mercy is great, so is his correction also : he judgeth a man according to his works.

The Lord hardened Pharaoh, that he should not

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know him ; that his powerful works might be known to the world.

His mercy is manifest to every creature, and he hath separated his light from the darkness, with an adamant. '

Say not thou, I will hide myself from the Lord: shall

any remember me from above? I shall not be remembered among so many people : for what is my soul among

such an infinite number of crea. tures ?

Behold, the heaven, and the heaven of heavens, the deep, and the earth, and all that therein is, shall be moved when he shall visit. The mountains also, and foundations of the earth, shall be shaken with trembling, when the Lord looketh

upon them.

No heart can think upon these things worthily: and who is able to conceive his ways?

It is a tempest which no man can see: for the most part of his works are hid.

Who can declare the works of his justice? or, who can endure them? for his covenant is afar off ; and the trial of all things is in the end.

He, that wanteth understanding, will think upon vain things: and, a foolis.? man, erring, imagineth follies.

My son, hearken unto me, and learn knowledge; and mark my words with thy her't. I will shew forih doctrine in weight, and declare his knowledge exactly:

The works of the Lord are done in judgement from the beginning : and, from the time he made them, he disposeth the parts thereof.

None of them hindereth another, and they shall never disobey his word.

After this the Lord looked upon the earth, and filled it with his blessings. With all manner of living things hath he covered the face thereof; and they shall return into it again.

The Lord created man of the earth; and turned him into it again.

He gave him few days, and a short time; and power also, over the things therein. He endued him with strength by himself; and made him according to his image; and put the fear of man upon all flesh, and gave him dominion over beasts and fowls.

He received the use of the five operations of the Lord; and, in the sixth place, he imparted him understanding ; and, in the seventh, speech, an, interpreter of the cogitations thereof.

Counsel, and a tongue; and eyes, ears, and a heart, gave he them to understand.

Withal, he filled them with the knowledge of understanding ; and shewed them good and evil.

He set his eye upon their hearts, that he might shew them the greatness of his works.

He gave them to glory in his marvellous acts for ever; that they might declare his works with un

derstanding. And the elect shall praise his holy


Beside this he gave them knowledge, and the law of life for an heritage. He made an everlasting covenant with them, and shewed them his judgements. Their eyes saw the majesty of his glory; and their ears heard his glorious voice.

The number of a man's days, at the most, are an hundred years.

As a drop of water unto the sea, and a gravel stone in comparison of the sand, so are a thousand years to the days of eternity.

Therefore is God patient with them, and poureth forth his mercy upon them.

He saw and perceived their end to be evil; therefore he multiplied his compassion.

The mercy of man is toward his neighbour; þut the mercy of the Lord is upon all flesh : he reproveth, and nurtureth, and teacheth, and bringeth again, as a shepherd his flock.

He hath mercy on them that receive discipline, and that diligently seek after his judgements.

My son, blemish not thy good deeds; neither use uncomfortable words when thou givest any thing.

Shall not the dew assuage the heat ? so is a word better than a gift. Lo! is not a word better than a gift? but both are with a gracious man.

Learn before thou speak, and use physic or ever


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