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thou be sick. Before judgement, examine thyself; and in the day of visitation thou shalt find mercy,

Humble thyself before thou be sick; and in the time of sins shew repentance.

Let nothing hinder thee to pay thy vow in due time; and defer not until death to be justified.

Before thou prayest, prepare thyself; and be not as one that tempteth the Lord..

Think upon the wrath that shall be at the end; and the time of vengeance, when he shall turn away his face.

When thou hast enough, remember the time of hunger; and when thou art rich, think upon poverty and need.

From the morning until the evening the time is changed ; - and all things are soon done before the Lord.

A wise man will fear in every thing; and, in the day of sinning, he will beware of offence : but a fool will not observe time.

Go not after thy lusts, but refrain thyself from thine appetites.

If thou givest thy soul the desires that please her, she will make thee a laughing stock to thine enemies that malign thee.

Take not pleasure in much good cheer; neither be tied to the expense thereof.

Be not made a beggar by banqueting upon borrowing, when thou hast nothing in thy purse :

for thou shalt lie in wait for thine own life, and be

talked on.

A labouring man, that is given to drunkenness, shall not be rich: and, he that contemneth small things, shall fall by little and little.

Wine and women will make men of understand. ing to fall away: and he that cleaveth to harlots will become impudent.

Moths and worms shall have him to heritage; and a bold man shall be taken away.

He that is hasty to give credit, is light minded; and he that sinneth, shall offend against his own soul.

He that can rule his tongue, shall live without strife; and he that hateth babbling shall have less evil.

Rehearse not unto another that which is told unto thee; and thou shalt fare never the worse.

Whether it be to a friend or foe, talk not of other men's lives; and if thou canst without offence, reveal them not: for he heard and observed thee; and, when time cometh, he will hate thee.

If thou hast heard a word, let it die with thee; and be bold, it will not burst thee.

A focl travaileth with a word, as a woman in labour of a child. As an arrow that sticketh in a man's thigh, so is a word within a fool's bellya

Admonish a friend, it may be he hath not done it: and, if he have done it, that he do it no more.

Admonish thy friend, it may be he hath not said it: and, if he have, that he speak it not again.

Admonish a friend: for many times it is a slander; and believe not every tale. There is one that slippeth in his speech, but not from his heart; and - who is he that hath not offended with his tongue?.

Admonish thy neighbour before thou threaten him; and, not being angry, give place to the law of the most High.

The fear of the Lord is the first step to be accepted of him; and wisdom obtaineth his love.

If a servant say to his master, I will not do as it pleaseth thee, though afterward he do it; he angereth him that nourisheth him.

He that hath small understanding, and feareth God, is better than one that hath much wisdom, and transgresseth the law of the most High.

There is a wicked man that hangeth down his head sadly; but, inwardly, he is full of deceit, casting down his countenance, and making as if he heard not: where he is not known, he will do thee a mis. chief before thou be aware. And, if for want of power he be hindered from sinning, yet when he findeth opportunity, he will do evil.

A man may be known by his look; and one that hath understanding by his countenance, when thou meetest him.' A man's attire, and excessive laugh. ter, and gait, shew what he ise

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There is a reproof that is not comely: again, some man holdeth his tongue, and he is wise.

It is much better to reprove than to be angry secretly: and hè, that confesseth his fault, shall be preserved from hurt.

How good is it when thou art reproved, to shew repentance! for so shalt thou escape wilful sin.

There is one that keepeth silence, and is found wise : and another, by much babbling, becometh hateful.

Somc man holdeth his tongue, because he hath not to answer : and some keepeth silence, knowing his time.

A wise man will hold his tongue, till he see opportunity : but a babbler and a fool will regard no time.

He that useth many words shall be abhorred; and he that taketh to himself authority therèin, shall be hated :

There is a sinner that hath good success in evil things: and there is a gain that turneth to loss.

A wise man by his words maketh himself beloved: but the graces of fools shall be poured out.

The fool saith, I have no friends; I have no thank for all my good deeds; and they, that eat my bread, speak evil of me.

How oft, and of how many, shall he be laughed to scorn! for, he knoweth not aright what it is to have: and it is all one unto him, as if he had it not.

To slip upon a pavement, is better than to slip with the tongue : so the fall of the wicked shall come speedily.

An unseasonable tale will always be in the mouth of the unwise. A wise sentence shall be rejected, when it cometh out of a fool's mouth: for he will not speak it in due season.

A lie is a foul blot in a man; yet it is continually in the mouth of the untaught.

A thief is better than a man who is accustomed to. lie: but they both shall have destruction to heritage.

The disposition of a liar is dishonourable; and his shame is ever with him.

A wise man. shall promote himself to honour with his words: and he, that hath understanding, will please great men.

He, that tilleth his land, shall increase his heap, and he that pleaseth great men, shall get pardon for iniquity.

Wisdom that is hid, and treasure that is hoarded up, what profit is in them both? 'Better is he that hideth his folly, than a man that hideth his wisdom..

My son, hast thou sinned ? do so no more; but ask pardon for thy former sins.

Flee from sin, as from the face of a serpent : for, if thou comest too near it, it will bite thee: the teeth thereof are as the teeth of a lion, slaying the souls of men. Alliniquity is as a two-edged sword, the wounds whereof cannot be healed.


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