Paolo & Francesca: A Tragedy in Four Acts

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Dodd, Mead, 1924 - 120 страница

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Страница 103 - PAO. Remember how when first we met we stood Stung with immortal recollections. O face immured beside a fairy sea, That leaned down at dead midnight to be kissed! O beauty folded up in forests old! Thou wast the lovely quest of Arthur's knights — FRANC. Thy armour glimmered in a gloom of green.
Страница 10 - Peace to this house of Rimini henceforth! Kinsmen, although the Ghibelline is fallen And lies out on the plains of Trentola, Still have we foes untrampled, wavering friends. Therefore, on victory to set a seal, To-day I take to wife Ravenna's child, Daughter of great Polenta, our ally; Between us an indissoluble bond. Deep in affairs my brother I despatched, My Paolo — • who is indeed myself — For scarcely have we breathed a separate thought — To bring her on the road to Rimini.
Страница 84 - Now they two were alone, yet could not speak ; But heard the beating of each other's hearts. He knew himself a traitor but to stay, Yet could not stir: she pale and yet more pale Grew till she could no more, but smiled on him. Then when he saw that wished smile, he came Near to her and still near, and trembled; then Her lips all trembling kissed.
Страница 71 - If any hear me, it were ill for him! Old man, there is within this purse a calm Decline for thee to death, and quiet hours. Take it, and give me in exchange some drug That can fetch down on us the eternal sleep, Anticipating the slow mind of God. PUL. Is this thing for thyself, or for another? PAO. 'Tis for myself! PUL. I will not sell to murder. But unto any weary of their life I sell a painless issue out of it. Yet you are young!
Страница 44 - He shall be Not far to seek : yet perilous to find. Unwillingly he comes a wooing : she Unwillingly is wooed : yet shall they woo.
Страница 48 - As to a soul new-come the murk of hell Grows more accustomed, gradually light, So I begin to see amid this gloom. Let me explore the place and walk in it! [He rises slowly to his feet.] We must live on, Lucrezia — we must still Pace slowly on, and set our teeth until Relief is sent.
Страница 57 - PAO. I have fled from her; have refused the rose, Although my brain was reeling at the scent. I have come hither as through pains of death; I have died, and I am gazing back at life. Yet now it were so easy to return, And run down the white road to Rimini! And might I not return? [He starts up and looks at the towers, red with sunset.] Those battlements Are burning! they catch fire, those parapets! And through the blaze doth her white face look out Like one forgot, yet possible to save. Might I not...
Страница 23 - Spared ! to be spared what I was born to have ! I am a woman, and this very flesh Demands its natural pangs, its rightful throes, And I implore with vehemence these pains. I know that children wound us, and surprise Even to utter death, till we at last Turn from a face to flowers : but this my heart Was ready for these pangs, and had foreseen.
Страница 111 - O, then!" is all. [As in a frenzy.] And now their love that was so secret close Shall be proclaimed. Tullio, Carlo, Biagi! — They shall be married before all men. Nita! Rouse up the house and bring in lights, lights, lights! There shall be music, feasting, and dancing. Wine shall be drunk. Candles, I say! More lights! More marriage lights! Where tarry they the while, The nuptial tapers? Rouse up all the house!
Страница 45 - Not far to seek" Points back to Rimini, this little town, To one, perhaps, mad for Francesca's face, That lurks about us. Gio. Wary now, yet swift ! Luc. Here at our gates, or nearer still. Gio. Say, say ! Luc. Perhaps, perhaps, within this very house. Gio. O barren restless woman, at what sight Do you give cry at last ? Gio.

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