The History of English Poetry: From the Close of the Eleventh Century to the Commencement of the Eighteenth Century. To which are Prefixed, Three Dissertations: 1. Of the Origin of Romantic Fiction in Europe. 2. On the Introduction of Learning Into England. 3. On the Gesta Romanorum, Том 1

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T. Tegg, 1840 - 524 страница
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Страница cxxxii - The story of Cambuscan bold, Of Camball, and of Algarsife, And who had Canace to wife, That owned the virtuous ring and glass, And of the wondrous horse of brass On which the Tartar king did ride; And...
Страница 3 - We look back on the savage condition of our ancestors with the triumph of superiority ; we are pleased to mark the steps by which we have been raised from rudeness to elegance...
Страница 16 - BLOW, northerne wynd, Sent thou me my suetyng. Blow, northerne wynd, blou, blou, blou! Ichot a burde in boure bryht, That fully semly is on syht, Menskful maiden of myht, feir ant fre to fonde ; In al this wurhliche won, A burde of blod ant of bon Never 3ete y nuste non lussomore in londe.
Страница 17 - Heo is coral of godnesse, Heo is rubie of ryhtfulnesse, Heo is cristal of clannesse, ant baner of bealte ; Heo is lilie of largesse, Heo is parvenke of prouesse, Heo is solsecle of suetnesse, ant ledy of lealte.
Страница cxlix - — but scarce his speech began, When the strange partner seem'd no longer man: His youthful face grew more serenely sweet; His robe turn'd white, and flow'd upon his feet; Fair rounds of radiant points invest his hair; Celestial...
Страница lxiii - Anlaf, over the turbid sea, in the bosom of the ship, sought the land for deadly fight. Five lay in that battle place, young kings, by swords quieted : so also seven, the earls of Anlaf, and innumerable of the army of the fleet — and the Scots. There was chased away the lord of the Northmen, driven by necessity 275 to the voice of the ship.
Страница lxiii - Anlaf; and of the ship's-crew unnumber'd crowds. There was dispersed the little band of hardy Scots, the dread of northern hordes; urged to the noisy deep by unrelenting fate! The king of the fleet with his slender craft escaped with his life on the felon flood; — and so too Constantine, the valiant chief, returned to the north in hasty flight.
Страница cxcvii - L. i. 20. the poet couches the difficulties of an ardent lover in attaining the object of his passion, under the allegory of a rose, which is gathered in a delicious but almost inaccessible garden. The theologists proved this rose to be the white rose of Jericho, the new Jerusalem, a state of grace, divine wisdom, the holy Virgin; or eternal beatitude, at none of which obstinate heretics can ever arrive. The chemists pretended, that it was the philosopher's stone ; the civilians, that it was the...
Страница 21 - ASE y me rod this ender day, By grene wode to seche play, Mid herte y thohte al on a may, suetest of alle thinge ; Kythe, ant ichou telle may al of that suete thinge.
Страница clxxxiii - J'ayme les historiens ou fort simples, ou excellents. Les simples, qui n'ont point de quoy y mesler quelque chose du leur, et qui n'y apportent que le soing et la diligence de r'amasser tout ce qui vient à leur notice, et d'enregistrer, à la bonne foy, toutes choses sans chois et sans triage...

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