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R. S. PATTON, Director

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Index map of charts.


1. General information..

The coast.

Harbors and ports, repairs, holidays, distances, etc.

Pilots and pilotage...

Quarantine and marine hospitals.

Aids to navigation, United States Lighthouse Service-

The United States Hydrographic Office..

The United States Engineers--

The Bureau of Navigation and Steamboat Inspection.

The United States Coast Guard...

Radio Service..

List of Berne publications-

Time signals--

Requests for assistance from vessels in distress.

Radiotelegraphic weather broadcasts... -

Radiobeacons and distance finding-

Radio direction—finder stations.

Conversion of radio bearings to mercator bearings.

Radio navigational warnings---

Free medical advice to seamen by radio.


Storm warnings.

West India hurricanes.

Tides and currents.--.

Currents, Cape Henry to Key West-

The Gulf Stream.

Wind currents.

Variation of the compass.

Inland waterways.

The Intracoastal Waterway-

Route across Florida -

The Atlantic-Gulf Ship Canal.

New York State canal system.

Lakes to Gulf waterway--

Other river channels tributary to the Mississippi River.


2. General sailing directions, outside coast-

New York to Straits of Florida -

New York to Cape Hatteras-

New York to Chesapeake Bay -

Delaware Bay to Cape Hatteras..

Chesapeake Bay to Cape Hatteras.

Cape Hatteras to Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, Fla.

Straits of Florida and the Florida reefs..

Straits of Florida to Cape Hatteras, via the Gulf Stream.

Entering the Straits of Florida through Providence Channels.

3. Outside Coast Cape Henry to Cape Lookout--

4. Waterways 1 from Norfolk to Albemarle Sound.


Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal route.-

Directions, Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal route-

Dismal Swamp Canal route----

Directions, Dismal Swamp Canal route...

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5. Inland waters of North Carolina..

Albemarle Sound.

Directions, Albemarle Sound.

Currituck Sound..

Croatan Sound..

Roanoke Sound.

Pamlico Sound..

Directions, Pamlico Sound.

Pamlico River..

Directions, Pamlico River

Directions, Pungo River--

Bay River

Neuse River.

Directions, Neuse River.

Core Sound

6. Cape Lookout to Cape Fear, including Beaufort and Wilmington, N. C.

Coast from Cape Lookout to Cape Fear.

Beaufort Harbor.

Directions, Sea buoy to Beaufort Harbor and Morehead City -

Beaufort entrance to Cape Fear River..

Cape Fear River.

Directions, Cape Fear River.


7. Cape Fear to Charleston entrance.

Cape Fear to Winyah Bay

Winyah Bay--

Directions, Winyah Bay


Winyah Bay to Charleston entrance..

8. Charleston.--

Charleston Harbor.

Directions, Charleston Harbor-

Port of Charleston..

9. Charleston entrance to Tybee Roads - .

Charleston entrance to St. Helena Sound.

St. Helena Sound.--.

Coast from St. Helena Sound to Tybee Roads_

Port Royal Sound -

Directions, Port Royal Sound.

Calibogue Sound..

10. Tybee Roads entrance to Savannah --

Tybee Roads and Savannah River--

Directions, Tybee Roads and Savannah River.

Port of Savannah --

11. Tybee Roads to St. Johns River.

Coast from Tybee Roads to Wassaw Sound..

Wassaw Sound --

Coast from Wassaw Sound to Ossabaw Sound..

Ossabaw Sound.

Coast from Ossabaw Sound to St. Catherines Sound.

St. Catherines Sound..

Coast from St. Catherines Sound to Sapelo Sound.

Sapelo Sound.--.

Coast from Sapelo Sound to Doboy Sound-

Doboy Sound and Darien..

Altamaha Sound --

Coast from Altamaha Sound to St. Simon Sound

St. Simon Sound and Brunswick Harbor..

Directions, St. Simon Sound...


Coast from St. Simon Sound to St. Andrew Sound.

St. Andrew Sound..

Coast from St. Andrew Sound to Cumberland Sound.

Cumberland Sound and St. Marys Entrance-


Directions, St. Marys Entrance-

Coast from Cumberland Sound to St. Johns River-

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