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meeting - And they came into the land of Goshen.

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Here Jofeph presented himself unto his father; and he fell upon his neck, and wept a good while: And Ifrael said unto Joseph, Now let me die, since I have seen thy face, because thou art yet alive. ,

The interview between Jacob and Joseph may be conceived, but cannot be described. To have surmounted the length of the way, to have escaped the dangers of the journey, and to find himselffafe in the arms of his favourite son, is more than the old man can bear; the measure of his earthly happiness is complete; he has nothing further to wish'or desire in this life-_ Now let me die, since I have seen thy face, because thou art yet alive.


Is there then to the hoary Patriarch nothing more worth living fur? And is he content to resign this mortal life, the very moment he begins to enjoy it? It is even fo_For he has seen the accomplishment of God's promises

He has seen, though many obstacles intervene; though the blessing be long delayed, God will at length effeet his purpose —He is convinced, that the counsels of the Almighty cannot be frustrated, and that he will never forsake his chosen servants. In this faith, he desires to die. Having tasted an earnest of his inheritance, he longs for the full possession of the proinised rest. The arms of Joseph may yeild him a momentary support, but the bofom of God, the encirclings of the everlasting Love, is his final happiness and hope.

Can we contemplate this scene, and not think of aged. Simeon, a just man and devout, who waited for the confolation of Ifrael; and it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not fee death, till he had seen the Lord's Christ. The consolation of Israel after the flesh, was Joseph; but the consolation of the true Israel of God, is Jesus. When the venerable man saw the child Jesus brought into the Temple, then took he him up in his arms and blessed God, and said, Lord now lettest thou thy fervant depart in peace, for mine eyes have seen thy falvation.

The confolation of our infirm and suffering humanity is Jesus Christ. We do not indeed see him with the bodily eye, or embrace him with the arm of flesh, but by faith we behold his falvation, and rely on his all-fuffin

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ciency. Has the world any thing comparable to him! The desirable things of the world lose their lustre when posfeft; and even desire itself faileth; the chilly hand of age benumbs our capacities of earthly enjoyment; but the confolation of Israel, the knowledge of the excellency of Christ Jesus, is a bright sun shine that gilds the winter of human life, and through the dark mifts of mortality beams with the lustre of eternal glory

Why should we wilh to live, but that we may see the salvation of Christ not that we may enjoy the world, for of itself it is not worth enjoying, but that we may be fit to die. How pathetically does the Psalmist urge his suit on this headHear my prayer, O Lord, and let thine ears consider my cal ling, hold not thy peace at my tears, for


I am a stranger with thee, and a fojourner, as all my fathers were ; 0 Spare me a little, that I may recover my strength, before I go hence, and am no more feen. We may

desire to live a little longer, that we may serve God better, that we may get strength to amend our lives, to correct our faults, and to do fome little good among those with whom we live. The love of life is a divine instine implanted in man; it is coeval with our birth, nor quits us till we die. Wearied and worn out with age and infirmities, we still love the feeble remains, which become the more precious, in proportion as their tenure grows the more uncertain. Besides, who can tell what ends Providence may

have yet to answer by his longer continuance upon earth ? Or what future blessings he may yet be destined to receive, or be the happy inftrument

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