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Give Ridge and Himky, generous fouls !
Of Whisky punch convivial bowls ;
Rut let the kindred Burkes regale

potent draughts of Wickloav Ale ; To Ck next, in order turn you,

grace him with the vines of Furney!



Now, Doctor, thou'rt an honest sticker,
So take your glass, and chuse your liquor ;
Wilt have it steep'd in Alpine snows,
Or damask'd at Silinas' nose ?
Will Wakefield's Vicar fip your tea,
Or to Thalia drink with me?
And, Doctor, I wou'd have you know it,
An honeft, I, tho' humble poet ;
I scorn the sneaker like a toad,
Who drives his cart the Dover road;
There traitor to his country's trade,
Smuggles vile scraps of French brocade;
Hence, with all such ! for you and I,
By English

wares will live and die. Come, draw


chair and stir the fire : Here, boy !-a pot of Thrale's Entire!


T 2


I T E R,





F A B L E.

Written some time since by D. Grama, EsQ:


[ERE Hermes, says Jove who with nectar was

, mellow, Go fetch me fome clay-- I will make an odd fellow : Right and wrong shall be jumbled, “much gold, and

some drofs : Without caufe be he pleas’d, without cause be he cross; Be sure as I work, to throw in contradictions,

great love of truth; yet a mind turn'd to fictions ; Now mix these ingredients, which warm’d in the

baking, Turn to Learning, and Gaming, Religion, and Raking, With the love of a wench, let his writings be chatte ; Tip his tongue with strange matter, his pen with fing

taite, That the Rake and the Poet o'er all may prevail, Sct fire to the head, and set fire to the tail:

For the joy of each sex on the world I'll bestow it : This Scholar, Rake, Christian, Dupe, Gamefter, and

Poet, Tho' a mixture so odd, he shall merit great fame, And among brother mortals-be GOLDSMITH hie When on earth this strange meteor, no

appear, You Hermes shall fetch him.-to make us sport here !


more thall


The following Jue d'Esprit, is the production of the prefent DEAN OF DERRY, Dr Barnard, who advanced in conversation with Sir Joshua Reynolds and other wits, that he thought no man could improve when he was "past the age of forty-five." Johnson (Samuel) who was in company, with his usual elegance and polished graces, immediately turned round to the facetious Dean, and told him that he was an instance to the contrary, for that there was great room for improvement in him (the Dean) and wished he'd set about it; upon which, the Dean the next day fent the following elegant bagatelle to Sir Joshua Reynolds and the same company.

[blocks in formation]


Cou'd e'er improve paft forty-five,

And ventur'd to assert it ;
The observation was not new,
But seem'd to me fo.just and true,

That none could controvert it.

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