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mutton, roasting of pullets, geese, turkeys, &c. are the several modes of meat-roasting. And as the general Quality of meat-roasting, with its feveral modifications, as to beef, mutton, pullets, &c. does not inhere in any one part of the Jack ; so neither does Consciousness, with its several Modes of sensation, intellection, volition, &c. inhere in any one, but is the result from the mechanical composition of the whole Animal.

IBID. p. 123.

DIVERSITY OF GENIUSES. I SHALL range these confined and less copious Geniuses under proper classes, and (the better to give their pictures to the reader) under the names of Animals of some sort or other ; whereby he will be enabled, at the first sight of such as fall daily come forth, to know to what kind to refer, and with what authors to compare them.

1. The Flying Files : T'hese are writers who now and then rise upon their fins, and fly out of the Profund; but their wings are soon dry, and they drop down to the bottom. G. S. C. G.

A. H.

2. The Swallows are authors that are eternally kimming and fluttering upand down; but all their agility is employed to catch fliesi L. 7. W. P. Lord H.

3. The 3. The Ostriches are fuch, whose heaviness rarely permits them to raise themselves from the ground; their wings are of no use to lift them up, and their motion is between, flying and walking; but then they run very faft. D.F. L. E. The Hon. E. H.

4. The Parrots are they that repeat another's words, in such a hoarse odd voice, as makes them seem their own. W. B. W. H. C. C. The Reverend D. D.

5. The Didappers are authors that keep themfelves long out of fight, under water, and come up now and then where you least expected them. L.W. G. D. Esq. The Hon. Sir W. r.

6. The Porpoises are unwieldy and big; they put all their numbers into a great turmoil and tempeft; but whenever they appear in plain light (which is seldom) they are only shapeless and ugly monsters. I. D. C.G. 1. O.

7. The Frogs are such as can neither walk nor fiy, but can leap and bound to admiration : They live generally in the bottom of a ditch, and make a great noise whenever they thrust their heads above water. E.W. L. M. Esq. T. D. Gent.

8. The Eels are obscure authors, that wrap themselves up in their own mud, but are mighty nimble and pert. L. W. L. T. P. M. General C.


9. The Tortoises are flow and chill, and, like paftoral writers, delight much in gardens : they have for the most part a fine embroidered shell, and underneath it, a heavy lamp. A. P. W. B. L.E. The Right Hon. E. of S.

These are the chief Charakteristics of the Bathos: and in each of these kinds we have the comfort to be blessed with sundry and manifold choice Spirits in this our island. THE ART OF SINKING IN POETRY,

V. 4. p. 150.


BATHOS. THUS have I (my dear Countrymen), with incredible pains and diligence, discovered the hidden sources of the Bathos, or, as I may fay, broke open the Abysses of this Great Deep. And having now established good and wholesome Laws, what remains but that all true moderns, with their ut. most might, do proceed to put the same in execution? In order whereto, I think I shall, in the fecond place, highly deserve of my Country, by proposing such a Scbeme, as may facilitate this great end.


As our number is confeffedly far superior to that of the enemy, there seems nothing wanting but Unanimity among ourselves. It is therefore humbly of fered, that all and every individual of the Bathos do enter into a firm association, and incorporate into One regular Body; whereof every member, even the meaneft, will fome-way contribute to the support of the whole; in like manner as the weakest reeds, when joined in one bundle, become infrangible. To which end our Art oughť to be put upon the same foot with other Arts of this Age. The vast improvement of modern manufactures ariseth from their being divided into several branches, and parcelled out to several trades: For instance, in Clockmaking, one artist makes the balance, another the spring, another the crown-wheels, a fourth the case, and the principal workman puts all together : To this oeconomy we owe the perfection of our modern watches ; and doubtless we also might that of our modern Poetry and Rhetorick, were the several parts branched out in the like manner.

Nothing is more evident than that divers persons, no other way remarkable, have each a strong disposition to the formation of some particular Trope or Figure. Aristotle faith, that the Hyberbole is an ornament fit for young Men of Quality ; accordingly we find in those Gentlemen a wonderful propensity towards it, which is marvellously improved by Travelling: Soldiers also and Seamen are very happy in the fame Figure. The Periphrafis


or Circumlocution is the peculiar talent of Country Farmers; the Proverb and Apologue of old men at clubs; the Ellipfis, or Speech by half words, of Ministers and Politicians; the Apofiopefis, of Courtiers; the Litotes, and Diminution, of-Ladies, Whisperers, and Backbiters; and the Anadiplofis, of common Criers and Hawkers; who, by redoubling the fame words, persuade people to buy their oysters, green hastings, or new ballads. Epithets may be found in great plenty at Billing/gate, Sarcasm and Irony learned upon the Water, and the Epiphonema or Exclamation frequently from the Bear-garden, and as frequently from the Hear him of the House of Commons.

Now each man applying his whole time and genius upon his particular Figure, would doubtless attain to perfection : and when each became incorporated and sworn into the Society (as hath been proposed) a Poet or Orator would have no more to do but to send to the particular Traders in each Kind; to the Metaphorift for his Allegories, to the Simile-maker for his Comparisons, to the Ironift for his Sarcasms, to the Apophthegmatist for his Sentences, &c; whereby a Dedication or Speech would be composed in a moment, the superior artist having nothing to do but to'put together all the Materials.

I therefore propose that there be contrived, with all convenient dispatch, at the public expence,a Rhetorical Cheft of Drawers, consisting of three Stories; the higheit for the Deliberative, the middle for the


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