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Three canal appraisers; '

Three state assessors, who with the commissioners of the land office constitute the board of equalization;"

Two loan commissioners in each county for loaning certain moneys of the United States, who may be designated as the loan commissioners for the county for which they are appointed;'

Three inspectors of state prisons;'

A superintendent of the Onondaga Salt Springs; An agent for the Onondaga Indians;*

A superintendent of the Brothertown Indians;

A commissioner for the St. Regis Indians;*

A receiver of the profits of the state pier at Sag Harbor;'

So many directors of incorporated banks as the state is authorized by acts of incorporation to appoint;'

A county treasurer for each county except that of New York;"

A health officer, a resident physician, and a health commissioner, for the city and county of New York,' and for the cities of Albany and Hud


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A health officer for each county except that of New York;'

Three commissioners of excise in each county who constitute a board, designated as the board of commissioners of excise of such county;"

Fifteen wreck-masters in the county of Suffolk; twelve in the county of Queens; three in the county of Kings; two in the county of Richmond, and two in the county of Westchester;'

A county sealer of weights and measures of each county;*

A town sealer of weights and measures of each town;

Three inspectors of plank and turnpike roads in each county in which there is any such road;"

Eleven harbor-masters for the port of New York, and one for the port of Albany;'

Nine port-wardens who constitute a board, designated as the port-wardens of the port of New York, and two special wardens for that port;"

Five commissioners of police for the metropolitan police district, who together with the mayors of

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the cities of Brooklyn and New York, constitute the board of police for that district ;'

Five pilot commissioners in the city of New York who constitute a board, designated as the board of commissioners of pilots.'

One, two, or three inspectors of damaged goods, whenever their appointment is necessary in each of the cities of Albany, Troy and Hudson, and in each other county, except that of New York, Kings and Richmond ;'

Such other officers as are chosen to fill offices created by or under the authority of the general laws for the government of counties, cities, towns and villages, or of the charters or special laws respecting the same; or of the Health Laws, the School Laws, the Militia Laws, the Election Laws, the Poor Laws and the Fiscal Laws.

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SECTION 66. Certain executive officers elected.

67. County treasurer.

68. State superintendent of public instruction.

69. Regents of the university.

70. State superintendent of weights and measures.

71. Officers appointed by the governor with consent of the


72. Their terms of office.

73. State assessors.

74. Qualifications, &c., of police commissioners.

Certain ex. ecutive officers elected.

County treasurer.

State Superintendent of public instruction.

SECTION 75. Port-wardens and officers of health of New York.

76. Officers appointed by the governor.

77. Their terms of office.

78. Inspectors of damaged goods.

79. Commissioners of excise.

80. Inspectors of plank and turnpike roads.

81. Sealers of weights and measures.

82. Commissioners of the St. Regis Indians.

§ 66. The mode of election of the governor, the lieutenant-governor, the secretary of state, the comptroller, the treasurer, the attorney-general, the state engineer and surveyor, the canal commissioners and the inspectors of state prisons, is prescribed by the Constitution.

Const., art V, XIV.

§ 67. The county treasurer in each county is elected at a general election, enters upon the duties of his office on the first day of January next after his election, and holds his office for three years. 1 R. S., 326, § 17.

1 R. S., 326, § 17. In the county of Kings, by § 19, Ib., and in the county of Monroe, by Laws of 1859, ch. 26, the county treasurer enters upon his office at a different time; but the rule, it is supposed, ought to be uniform.

§ 68. The state superintendent of public instruction is chosen by joint ballot of the senate and assembly, on the first Tuesday in April, in the 1860, and in every third year thereafter.


School Laws, 1 R. S., Laws of 1854, ch, 97.



§ 69. The governor, the lieutenant-governor, the Regents of secretary of state and the state superintendent of public instruction are regents of the university by right of office. The other regents are chosen by the joint ballot of the senate and assembly, and be removed by joint resolution.


1 R. S., 863, § 4; Laws of 1854, ch. 97.

70. The state superintendent of weights and measures is appointed by the governor, lieutenantgovernor and secretary of state, or any two of them, at a meeting called for that purpose by the secretary of state.

2 R. S., 4, §§ 16, 18.

§ 71. The following executive officers are pointed by the governor with the consent of


The bank superintendent;' the insurance superintendent; the canal appraisers;' the state assessors;* the inspector of gas meters; the loan commissioners for the several counties; the superintendent of the Onondaga salt springs; the harbor-masters for the ports of New York and Albany; the port-wardens and special wardens of the port of New York; the five commissioners of police for the metropolitan police district; the health officer; the resident physician, and the health commissioner for the city and county of New York; the agent for the


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State super

intendent of weights

and mea



ap- pointed by nor with



consent of the senate.

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