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the attor

and surveyor, bank superintendent and insurance

Fal the state superintendent shall be kept in the new state hall,


and survey in the city of Albany.

or, and the

bank and insurance superin


Certain officers to account of their fees.

Purchases to be for

cash; form

1 R. S., 408, § 19; Ib., 1170, § 267; Laws of 1859, ch. 366, § 6.

§ 140. It is the duty of the secretary of state, the comptroller, the treasurer, the attorney-general, and the state engineer and surveyor, to attend the legislature during its session, and to report upon all matters referred to them respectively by the legislature or by either house.

1 R. S., 407, § 14.

§ 141. The secretary of state, the comptroller, and the state engineer and surveyor shall, on the first days of January, April, July and October, in each year, file with the treasurer an account in writing of all fees received by them respectively during the preceding quarter, and pay the amount thereof into the treasury.

Ib., § 15.

§ 142. All purchases for the use of any departof vouchers. ment, office or work of the government, shall be for cash and not on time. Each voucher, whether for a purchase or for a service, or other charge, shall be filled up at the time it is taken; and in all cases where the payment is not made directly by the governor or treasurer, proof in some apt form shall be furnished, on oath, that it was so filled up at the time it was taken, and that the

money therein mentioned to have been paid was in fact paid in cash, or by draft on some specified bank. The auditor, in all cases where monies are paid from the canal fund, loans or revenues, and the comptroller, in all cases where payments are made from any other fund or revenue, shall, from time to time, prescribe forms and regulations to secure the faithful observance of this section, and may in all cases, if they shall deem it necessary, require proof on oath of the payment of the money.

1 R. S., 408, § 20; Laws of 1855, ch. 535.

§ 143. Whenever the governor, the secretary of state, the comptroller, the treasurer, the attorneygeneral, the state engineer and surveyor, the auditor of the canal department, the state assessors, the bank superintendent, and the insurance superintendent, or any of them, shall legally require proof, by affidavit, in any matter pertaining to his office, the officer requiring the proof may administer the necessary oath.

1 R. S., 405, § 1. We have added to the officers enume-
rated in that section the names of the auditor of
the canal department, the bank superintendent, and
the insurance superintendent.

have power
to adminis-
ter oaths.

ment of

§ 144. The comptroller, the attorney-general, Extinguishand the state engineer and surveyor, or any two claims. of them, with the consent of the governor, may, from time to time, extinguish any legal claim on

Sales for quit rents if invalid.

Source of

real property sold under the authority of this state, or granted, for a valuable consideration, under its authority. The money required for the purpose shall be paid out of the treasury; but in no case shall the aggregate of all sums paid for the extinguishment of such claims exceed the principal money, with interest at six per cent per annum, for which the real property was sold.

1 R. S., 406, § 2.

§ 145. Whenever it appears to the comptroller, the attorney-general, and the state engineer and surveyor, or any two of them, that any sale of real property for arrears of quit-rents has been improperly made, or that such sale cannot, for any reason, be made effective, it is the duty of the officers so acting, or any two of them, to subscribe a certificate of the fact, and of the reasons why, in their judgment, such sale was improper, or why it cannot be made effectual, and file the same in the office of the comptroller; and thereupon the comptroller may cancel such sale on his books, and refund to the purchaser, his heirs or assigns, the amount of the consideration money paid, with interest at the rate of six per cent per annum from the time of such payment, not exceeding six years in the whole.

Ib.. 406, §§ 3, 4.

§ 146. Whenever such repayment is made, and refunding. whenever monies are refunded by the comptrol

monies for

ler, for payments erroneously made into the treasury, on account of quit-rents, one-half shall be paid out of the common school fund and the other half out of the literature fund.

1 R. S., 406, § 5.

for public printing.

§ 147. The printing for the senate and assembly, Contract and for all of the state officers, shall be done under contract as follows: The comptroller and secretary of state shall give at least twenty days' notice, in two newspapers published in each senate district in the state, that they will, on or before a specified day, receive sealed bids for such printing for two years, to be performed in the same style of execution, as to type and paper, as that theretofore furnished, and that they will receive separate bids for the printing to be done for the senate, assembly and state offices, or any portion of the printing to be done for the state offices. At the expiration of the time specified, they shall open the bids and enter into contract, to continue in force two years, with the person making the lowest bid, he giving a bond to the people of the state, to the satisfaction of the comptroller and secretary of state, for the faithful performance of the contract. But they need not accept any bid unless they deem it advantageous to the state.

1 R. S., 402, and last clause of § 13.

for public

§ 148. At the same time and in the like manner Contract they shall advertise for bids for the binding of the binding.

Contract for printing the statules.

Guaranty to be annexed to bids.

Legislative printing.

journals and documents and enter into contract therefor, for the same time and upon the like conditions.

1 R. S., 404, § 13.

§ 149. They shall annually, in the like manner, advertise for bids for the printing of the statutes, and enter into contract therefor, for one year, and upon the like conditions.

1. R. S., 402, § 2.

By this and the preceding section the contracting is reduced, by modification in unimportant particulars, to a uniform system; except that the contract for printing the statutes are made annually; the others biennially.

150. To every bid made under one of the last three sections, there shall be annexed a guaranty that the bidder will, if accepted, enter into a contract according to the terms thereof, and give the security required by law, within the time specified; and to every such guaranty a certificate shall be annexed of the secretary of state, comptroller, attorney-general, treasurer or county judge of the county where the guarantor resides, that the guarantor is a man of property and able to make good his guaranty.

1 R. S., 403, § 5; 405, § 15.

§ 151. The printers to the senate and assembly must each print:

1. During each session of the legislature three hundred and ninety-nine copies of the journals of

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