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Meeting of board of trustees.


Control of finances, etc.

Powers of trustees.

out and certify a statement thereof, which shall be filed with the clerk of the village.



$1. The board of trustees shall meet at such places within said village, and at such times as they shall, by resolution, direct; they may also meet at any time and in any place within said village, when called upon for that purpose by the president, or notified by the clerk; and the clerk shall call special meetings of the board of trustees at any time on the written request of any two trustees; and all such meetings may be adjourned from time to time.


$ 2. The president, when present, shall preside at all meetings of the board, and shall have a vote upon all questions. In his absence any one of the trustees may be appointed president for the time. A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

$3. The trustees shall have the management and the control of the finances, and all the property, real and personal, belonging to the said corporation; and may keep all buildings and other property belonging to the corporation insured against loss or damage by fire; and said trustees shall have power and authority, within said village, to make, ordain, enact, establish, publish, modify, amend and repeal rules, regulations, ordinances and by-laws for the following purposes:

1. To prevent and suppress vice and immorality; to preserve the public peace; to protect the citizens and their property.

2. To establish and maintain a competent police; to promote the order and good government of the said corporation, to appoint and empower night watchmen, and to prescribe their powers and duties.

3. To erect and maintain a lock-up, or designate a place of detention for persons arrested under this act, or under any by-law or ordinance, and to confine and detain said person therein.

4. To apprehend and punish idlers, vagrants and disorderly or boisterous, or riotous or unruly persons,

and persons unnecessarily congregated upon the sidewalks and corners, and persons disturbing any public assembly.

5. To employ an attorney, or attorneys, in the prosecution or defense of any action by or against this corporation, or for the transaction of any business of the corporation requiring professional skill.

6. To suppress and prohibit gaming houses, and to prohibit the keeping of any public billiard tables, gaming tables, or bowling alleys, and to prohibit all instruments or devices for gaming, and to destroy instruments or devices used for such purposes.

7. To suppress and restrain houses of ill fame, and all disorderly, drinking, and tippling houses.

8. To prevent incumbering the streets, squares, sidewalks, crosswalks, lanes and alleys, with teams, carriages, carts, sleighs, sleds, wheelbarrows, boxes, lumber, timber, fire-wood, coal, or any other substance or material whatever.

9. To prevent or regulate the erection or construction of any projection from or opposite of any buildings in, over or upon any of the streets or sidewalks in said village, and to cause the same to be removed at the expense of the owner or occupant of the premises.

10. To establish and maintain a public pound, appoint a keeper thereof, and to regulate his compensation and fees.

11. To restrain the running at large of cattle, sheep, horses, swine or geese, and to authorize the distraining, impounding, and sale of the same, for the penalty and costs of keeping and proceedings.

12 To provide for lighting the streets.

13. To erect and maintain fire engine houses, hook and ladder and hose houses.

14. To provide for the purchasing and repairing of fire engines, hook and ladder, hose carts and hose, and all other necessary apparatus belonging to the


15. To construct and maintain a sufficient number of reservoirs or cisterns, and supplying them with water for fire engines, and generally for providing all precautionary and proper measures and things to

prevent and remove danger from fires; to provide for the extinguishment of fires; and for the removal and protection of property exposed to the destruction by or injury from fires.

16. To regulate or prevent the burning of tar barrels and bonfires, and the firing of guns, pistols, crackers, rockets, squibs and fire-balls; the flying of kites, or any other act, amusement or practice endangering property, or having a tendency to frighten horses, or annoy persons passing through the streets, or over the sidewalks of the village.

17. To regulate and prevent the running at large of dogs within the said village.

18. To protect trees; to provide for keeping the sidewalks in said village clear from snow, ice and dirt, and other obstructions, and to direct the sweeping and cleaning of the streets in said village, by the person owning or occupying the premises fronting thereon.

19. To regulate swimming and bathing in the waters within or bounding said village.

20. To prevent immoderate riding or driving within the corporate limits; leaving horses untied in the streets; and to authorize any officer to stop any one who shall be guilty of immoderate riding or driving in any of the streets of said village.

21. To regulate the time, place and manner of keeping and selling meats, fish, vegetables and other farm products, and the location of slaughter-houses, and houses or places for storing gunpowder.

22. To compel the removal or abatement of any public nuisance, and if not done within such time as the trustees may allow, to cause the same to be removed or abated at the expense of the village, and to declare such expense to be a lien upon the lot, and to enforce the collection thereof by selling the premises in the manner prescribed in this act, or by action against the owner of the lot, or any other person who may have created or maintained such nuisance.

23. To prohibit or regulate all exhibitions of natural or artificial curiosities, caravans of animals, theatricals, or other shows or exhibitions, circuses or other performances or exhibitions for money or hire, or

authorize the same on such terms as the trustees shall deem expedient.

24. To restrain and prohibit hawking and peddling in the streets; to regulate, restrain or prohibit sales by auction, and grant or withhold license to auction


25. To provide for the safety of the public lamps, and to regulate the use of candles, lights and fires in barns and stables and other places peculiarly liable to take fire.

26. To regulate and control all existing public cemeteries and provide for the establishment of new ones, and to prevent all interments within the bounds of the corporation, except within those herein provided for.

27. And generally, the said trustees shall have power to make and establish, from time to time, all such by-laws, ordinances, rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the laws of the United States and of this State, as may be necessary and proper for carrying into full effect the purpose of the said corporation, and the powers and privileges granted by this act, and not inconsistent with this act, and for the better enforcement of such by-laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. The said trustees shall also have power to prescribe such penaltes as they may deem proper, for a violation thereof, not exceeding two hundred and fifty dollars for each offense; but all such by-laws, ordinances, rules and regulations shall be posted in a conspicuous place in said village before they shall take effect.

Further powers of

54. The board of trustees shall have power, by resolution, upon view, or upon testimony of wit- trustees. nesses, and after reasonable notice to the owner or occupant hereinafter specified, and after hearing the proofs and allegations of such persons, if they shall appear on such notice:

1. To compel the owner or occupant of any grocery, tallow chandler shop, soap factory, tanning stall, privy, sewer, pig-sty, or any other unwholesome offensive or nauseous house or place, to cleanse, remove or abate the same, from time to time, as often as, in the opinion of the trustees, the same

Prescription of powers of other officers.

Fire department.

Exemption from juries.

may be necessary for the health, comfort or convenience of the inhabitants of said village; and in case such owner or occupant will not proceed forthwith, as directed, to cleanse, remove or abate the same, to cause it to be done at the expense of such owner or occupant, and to sue for and recover the expense thereof in a civil action.

To require the removal, burial or destruction of any dead carcass, or other unwholesome or offensive substance likely to become unwholesome or offensive, from any street, lot or building, by the owner or occupant thereof; and in case such owner or occupant will not proceed forthwith, as required, to remove, bury or destroy the same, then to cause the same to be done at the expense of such owner or occupant, and to sue for and recover the expense thereof in a civil action.

$5. The trustees shall prescribe the powers and duties of the treasurer, clerk, street commissioner, pound-master, firewardens, watchmen, and of all the officers appointed by the said board of trustees, and the amount of their compensation.

$6. The trustees are authorized and empowered to organize and establish a fire department to consist of one or more fire companies, one or more hook and ladder companies, and one or more hose companies; to appoint a sufficient number, not exceeding thirty to each fire engine company, and not exceeding ten to each hose and hook and ladder company, with the consent of the individuals so to be appointed. foreman for each company shall be chosen by the members of each company in the manner to be directed by the trustees, and subject to their approval and ratification.


$7. Every member of the fire department shall, so long as he shall remain such member, be exempt from serving on juries in any court, and from paying. all poll-tax, and from serving in the militia, except in the case of war, invasion or insurrection, and every person who shall serve in such fire department five years successively, including the time he shall have served continually as a fireman in said village before the passing of this act, shall thereafter be entitled

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